Update – Thursday July 31st, Birthday Surprise

The best birthday song ever.

Sally and Ken are putting up banners and balloons for Sophie’s 13th birthday. Thank heavens someone is recognizing her, for once. Sally mentions that at 13 she was only interested in magic tricks. Boooring…

Gail reminds them that Sarah was pregnant at that age. Ouch.

Sophie is opening her presents when Rosie sees her gorgeous John leaving the Kabin. Apparently there is a coffee emergency at the household. Rosie asks John what he is doing – and has ideas how they could spend their time together. (wink, wink, gross) Rosie cries a sickie and ditches her sister’s birthday and bowling to spend it with the wannabee prof, as I like to call him.

Hold your stomachs please. Prepare yourself.

Rosie and John are in the front room. Rosie has only her bra on – and John has his shirt and trousers undone when the doorbell rings. The hurry and try to get their clothes on. Rosie pretends that Fiz is at the front door, but really it is some kids. Of course John is ready to have a heart attack. John wants to leave but Rosie undoes her top and claims they don’t get enough time together – so John stays.

A car pulls up the driveway and once again they throw on their clothes. The family along with Chesney, arrive back at the house and John makes some pathetic excuse for being there. He suggests to Sally an extra lesson for the upcoming Monday evening. Rosie smiles when John says that he enjoys the lessons every bit as much as Sally does. I feel sick.

At the Platt household, Gail comes downstairs to see how David is doing on the couch. Gail asks David if would like to see a counsellor, I’m sorry – she needs to ask? He says he is not sure and that he will think about it. Sarah sighs and says she is the one who needs some counselling. David says sorry for ruining the honeymoon – Sarah gets upset (understandably so) and runs upstairs. David tries to go upstairs to “console” her. Sarah won’t have any of it.

Later at the cafe, Sarah is ranting at Jason over the unfairness of David getting his room back. Apparently, the two of them can’t move out as Jason doesn’t have any money coming in. Sarah loses it snaps at Jason and then stomps out. She goes to the cab office and asks Eileen if she can move in with her – and the rest of the crew at her house. Eileen tells her it is already too crowded and Sarah leaves frustrated. I don’t blame her!

Jason comes back to his home at the Platts. Sarah and Jason start a new fight as a married couple. Awww, how sweet. She is upset that he has been out having a drink with Todd. Jason is upset that Sarah went behind his back about moving out. David tries to tell them that he does not want them to go. Sarah points out that David is just winding them up. Can’t we just all get along?

Jason leaves the house and says a touching good-bye to Todd – who heads back to London. We’ll miss you, Todd!

In other news:

Liam is already trying to get Ryan to dogsit Ozzy

Father Morton comes back home, no one really cares, they prepare for bonfire night.

Who/What is Guy Fawkes: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guy_Fawkes_Night

Question of the Day: What were you into – when you turned thirteen?

My answer: wearing black, Robert Smith hair, the Smiths (wait that is still the same…)

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20 Responses to Update – Thursday July 31st, Birthday Surprise

  1. debbie1975 says:

    Boys, being too shy to talk to boys, dancing in my room while listening to overly sweet pop music, hating my mother, crying for no reason, dreading the day get my period, fashion television, listening to Ashley Lothian tell me about sex (until my mother stopped us from hanging out), Writing in my diary about Dane Minns.

  2. debbie1975 says:

    P.S. I’m real happy I missed this episode.

  3. John says:

    When I turned 13, I was into punk, Star Trek, and Clare Grogan from Altered Images.

    Interesting note about Clare Grogan: She went on to play Kristine Kochanski on “Red Dwarf.” She was the object of affection for main character Lister. Who played Lister? Craig Charles, aka our Lloyd Mullaney.

    Circle of Life, kids. Circle of Life.

  4. Mandy says:

    Nice update! There was some stuff in there I guess I missed when I was watching.

    Okay, what’s up with Michelle calling Maria ditzy? I could see that coming from Carla since Carla (I THINK) has a thing for Liam, but Michelle? Bitchy move! The only slightly daft thing Maria has done lately is give the dog to Liam. Sure, she didn’t tell anyone about the note, but that’s cause Sarah wanted her not to, not cause she was too stupid to.

    When I was thirteen I was still playing with Barbies, lol… but that’s because I had a 9 year old sister!

    Ok, can someone please help me here… no Corrie tonight? For two weeks? Will it be on the CBC website? Heeeelp!

  5. geenee says:

    Rosie and John are sickening! He’d better watch himself or Sally will pounce – and she’s way too old for him!

    When I was 13, I was still climbing the big tree after supper to avoid doing dishes; fighting with my brothers, riding the farm horses and sneaking the dark lipstick on after I left the house for school.

  6. Michigander Fan says:

    Ahhhh. 13. I think it was right around 13 when I discovered heavy metal, rap music, Monty Python and exactly how idiotic my parents were.

    I seem to have blessedly blocked a lot of that period out of my memory.

    I still like Monty though!


  7. Michigander Fan says:

    My favorite part of the episode? Amber coming over to see how Demon Seed is, then watching him vegetate on the couch and decide to leave. Then, when Gail asks her “how he seems” she says, “Exactly like normal.” Amber’s smart!


  8. Mandy says:

    Someone answer my question, lol! Please he he!

  9. John says:


    According to the schedule on CBC’s site, it’s business as usual this week. It’s next week when things start changing before the hiatus.

  10. papasmurf1964 says:

    2 epiosdes on Thursday – Friday is the opoening ceremonies of the Smoglympics.

  11. Piper says:

    I definitely missed the John and Rosie scene where she pretended Fiz was at the door. Was I just not paying attention or was this a scene the CBC felt the need to snip out???

  12. papasmurf1964 says:

    I missed the Fiz interruption as well…

  13. pip says:

    I didn’t see the ‘Fizz scene’ either. Did the CBC cut it out? Will it be in the omnibus showing on Sunday?

    I can’t believe how stupid John is, but it’s almost like he’s par for the course. I swear, if they did an IQ test on everyone on the Street the average would definitely be below 100. The only smart ones are David (unfortunately), Todd (but he doesn’t count any more), Ken, Chesney, Eileen, Carla and Amber (especially Amber). Maybe Sophie’s smart, but who can tell. It’s unbelievable that Dev is a successful businessman with a chain of corner stores the way he acts sometimes. The same goes for Steve with Streetcars and the Rovers.

  14. Mandy says:

    And then what happens the week of the Olympics? Can we catch the episodes on line? Sorry for all the questions lol!

  15. Gayle says:

    Piper, I didn’t see the scene either. I’m glad though. This “affair” sickens me, what the hell is wrong with Rosie? If I was as beautiful as she is he’d be the last guy I’d hook up with. What does she see in him?

    Pip, I completely agree with you regarding the I.Q.’s on the street.

  16. papasmurf1964 says:

    There are no episodes online during the Olympics as far as I know.

  17. beanie says:

    I missed that scene too. Mayfair, were you drinking Glacia’s absinthe? Great update as usual.I loved Amber’s reaction (or lack of) to David.

  18. Mandy says:

    So are we just going to miss out on a whole week of episodes, or will they start us off where they left off?

  19. papasmurf1964 says:

    It will pick up where it left off.

    Thus sayeth the smurfman. And there was much rejoicing.

  20. Mandy says:

    Yay! Thanks. I can rest easy now :)!

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