The Northwest Teen Sex Show

Attention Rosie Webster, please watch this video.

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5 Responses to The Northwest Teen Sex Show

  1. thebigseester says:

    That was pretty funny.


  2. eps says:

    I thought this was quite amusing. I noticed that the small print under the screen identified it as the “Northwest Teen Sex Show” rather than Midwest. There is an area in N Washington State south (any area “south” is by its very nature a bit odd, I’ve always thought, although “south” is a relative term) of the Canadian Border that is almost spooky – a real show like this could be produced there. OK, I guess anywhere.

  3. John says:

    Actually, the reason I put “Northwest” in the title was because Coronation Street is set in the Northwest of England. It was just a play on the actual title of the video, which is produced in the Midwest USA.

  4. eps says:

    John: I get it. I was being America-centric and didn’t think about NW England.

  5. geenee says:

    Very funny. The young girl reminded me of Janice Battersby for some reason.

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