What’s a Jack Johnson? Update




The episode in which Glacia discovers that she is old…..old, old, old.   I have no idea who Jack Johnson or Mark Ronson are.



But in other music news, Morrissey is coming out with a new phonograph in 2009.  Crank up your Victrolas!


The Lady Was Dead Depressed Because She Like That Geezer Who Was Well Fit and She Was a Right Minger.*


Sally asks Rosie to pick up a cd for her while she is in town.  She wants the new Jack Ranson album…turns out she means Jack Johnson, the guy who does that thing with the guitar.




Anyway, Rosie gets it and teases her mom a bit about who the present is for.  (I think she’s being a bit of a bitch to mom, imho.)   Sally gives it to John who says cheers and then takes Fizz home for a bit of Johnson.


In the Who Cares Department

Ashley and Claire are being civil to one another, but Claire makes it clear to Jerry that this does not mean they are getting back together.


Maybe It Was The SCENE Your Family Made at the Hospital

Turns out kids who aren’t feeling well in the Morton household get pop for breakfast.  Jerry passes Finley a coke to go with his cereal in the morning…I didn’t see if Finley just poured it over the sugar coated maple bits or not.


Anyway, there’s ongoing argy bargy with Jody and Jerry about family responsibilities and a girl’s freedom to live it up.  (moveout, moveout, moveout, moveout).


In the end Jody storms out of the house and leaves Jerry in charge.  She goes over to the Rovers to see if Lloyd is up for a drink.  He says, maybe some other time and gives her that squishy face look that says, ‘don’t hold your breath for ‘some other time.’’.   So it would appear he’s gone off her.  Personally, I don’t think it’s the fact that she has family responsibilities, I think it’s the argy bargy in her family that puts him off.


Sarah Louise, Still Pissed

Yep, she’s still angry about the dress, David, and everything.   After griping to Maria in the salon, she’s informed by grandma that brother dearest is coming back to work.  Sarah storms out claiming that she is gone …FOR GOOD!


Later she tries to get some sympathy from Jason, but he’s more concerned about the fact that they won’t be able to get their own place with neither of them working.   Sarah thinks Jason is an ass and storms out.


Is it just me, or does it seem like Becky is just waiting in the wings for her shot at Mr. Gorgeous?


Oh the reason that David is back at the salon is because he asked to come back even though Gayle thinks it might be too much.  He soooo loves working there, I swear if in 5 years he doesn’t inherit the Salon from Audrey and takes his place as the Sneaky Snake Straight Hairdresser I’ll cry.   I’d like to see him become a bit of a Des Barnes…not truly evil, but not so nice either.


Oh BOY, Did I Say the Wrong Thing

Violet feels the baby kick in the morning but is a bit pissed when Sean touches her belly without her permission.   He’s a bit hurt by this and doesn’t understand, but Marcus talks to him and tells him that preggy women don’t like to be manhandled like that.  


Violet meanwhile goes shopping with Jamie for some new baby clothes, insisting that she’s not keen on handmedowns and she can well afford it on her p/t barmaid salary.


Back at the Rovers, Violet comes in and shows off the clothes to all and sundry.  When Sean offers to help pay for the clothes V adamantly tells him that it’s not necessary, tyvm.


When someone suggests that Steve donates some of Amy’s clothes, Jason says, ‘Well, that won’t do much good, she needs boy’s clothes.’


Shit, meet fan.


Violet is very upset about the fact that everyone knew the gender of her baby before she did and is not about to forgive Sean easily.  Later in the Ladies’ loo she tells Michelle that she resents the way Sean is getting involved with this baby because he’s just the DONOR, not the FATHER.


Glacia throws her hands up at this point.  We told you it would all end in tears!  Not excusing Sean’s behaviour with the baby’s gender, but I hate to say it, he is the father.   WTF did she think?  Her roommate, her coworker and someone she’s kind of declared as her best friend impregnates her…the same guy who happens to be SEAN…and you thought he was just going to sit back as ‘donor’?  


Call me old fashioned, but I think Sean does have the right to be the sprog’s dad and that quite frankly the sprog has the right  to have a relationship with his dad. 


Glacia’s got a feeling this is going to all go bad, very, very bad in the end.


Spiderman vs. Batman

Heavy debates at Streetcars.  John, I’ll just let you take this one.



*Guess the novel.

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19 Responses to What’s a Jack Johnson? Update

  1. John says:

    It wasn’t Spider-Man vs. Batman. It was Spider-Man vs. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. The argument is moot because they both fight on the side of good and would never battle each other.

    But if they HAD to, I’d say Spider-Man would take it, if Lara’s jubblies didn’t send his Spider sense a-tinglin’.

  2. whitehorsefan says:

    Jack Johnson is a surfer guy from Hawaii who plays very laid back, mellow music. Kinda hard to define. He did the soundtrack to the Curious George movie, if that helps. Very nice music.

  3. John says:

    Also, Jack Johnson is the inventor of J.J. Casuals, the shoes that look like feet:

  4. pip says:

    Jack Johnson is a snore, he does nothing for me. He’s like the 21st Century’s answer to Perry Como.

    Was there ever any explicit agreement between Sean and Violet that he wouldn’t have anything to do with the baby if she didn’t want him to? I thought they’d always assumed he’d be involved. Violet’s problem is that impending fatherhood is bringing out Sean’s self-centred needy insecurity to its fullest (or is that insecure, self-centered neediness?) and she can’t handle it. As well, I think secretly she’d like to get back together with Jamie and have him be the baby daddy without any strings attached to Sean. Which is pretty self-centered of her. The baby is entitled to a relationship with his real father. And by the way, wouldn’t any woman – once she got over the unfortunate shock of finding out the gender of her baby – melt into maternal bliss thinking about her ‘little boy’. It just gives an added dimension to the baby you’re carrying and finding out its gender early may have spoiled the fun, but it didn’t change the reality. She really needs to take a chill pill and concentrate on what’s best for her baby, and not on her poor unfortunate self. (I’m seem to rant a lot lately, maybe I need a chill pill).

  5. thebigseester says:

    No, Pip – you need a double dose of Perry Como, stat! That’ll calm you right down!


  6. geenee says:

    Violet is a great big pain in the backside. I never did take to her character as she is always so miserable. She and Sean made a deal quite awhile ago that if she didn’t meet Mr. Right, they would have a baby together. She was particularly annoying tonight. I don’t see what the big deal is anyway. So she’s a bit disappointed; get over it!
    And the touching of the tummy can be aggravating from a stranger, but you would think he touched her privates the way she goes on. I shudder to think what kind of a mother she’ll be.

  7. thebigseester says:

    Yes, I think Becky switched gears somewhere along the line from flirtateous to really interested in Jason.

    I can’t really blame Lloyd for getting frustrated. OTOH, he DID tell Jodie that she wasn’t going to get rid of him that easily a few weeks ago. But then, I learned from experience that when you have a family who has those little (I don’t really know what to call them, but they’re almost scripts – you KNOW that Jerry’s going to do X and then Jodie’s going to do Y) – a person really has to make an effort to break out of that pattern, and it is hard. It’ss frustrating as hell to watch from the outside, because you KNOW you’re going to have to spend the next hour(s) dealing with that person venting (spewing?) all over you, but yet it will continue to happen. And after awhile, you just decide that you can’t hack it anymore. Plus Lloyd tends to not like aggro particularly.


  8. papasmurf1964 says:

    All this talk of jubblies is getting my smurfy sense tingling

  9. missusmac says:

    I know who Jack Johnson is because I have teenage daughters. They and their friends were completely enamoured of a song dealing with making banana pancakes.

    Yes. Banana pancakes. Even Perry Como didn’t stoop that coma low. Snoooooorrrreee.


  10. missusmac says:

    Of course, we all know that ain’t gonna be a Jack Johnson CD right? I mean, Rosie bought it.

    My guess? A littel Barry White…

  11. thelighthouse says:

    are you going to tell us the book? great quote.

  12. debbie says:

    Excellent update.

    That isn’t a novel, its the story of my life!

  13. debbie says:

    Or Jane Eyre, something like that.

  14. debbie says:

    In defense of Violet, I really have to say that a lot of pregnant women are annoyed by people who somehow feel that pregnant bellies are communal property and everyone is allowed to touch them without asking. I think Violet was well within her rights – I have a similar issue with my hair. For some reason people think it’s ok to put their hands in my hair and get all indignant when my reaction is super nasty.

    The difference with pregnant women is that we expect them not to get upset because everyone wants to share in their miracle. But why is it rude to grab my hair, but not rude to grab a pregnant woman’s belly?

    I have to say that she was delusional to think that Sean was going to be a detached donor. Hello, the man has daddy issues and it’s not like he knocked you up behind the middle school.

  15. glacia says:

    Bingo! Inspired by the paper John was marking on Great Expectations, I decided to do the Norris Cole Notes version of Jane Eyre.

    On a seperate note, Glacia touches Debbie’s hair, rubs Kerry’s belly and runs flapping away.

  16. missusmac says:

    I never liked it when strangers or co-workers tried to touch my belly, and completely understand that sentiment of hands off!

    However, in this instance, I see Violet as being just a little rotten here. He IS the baby daddy, (that donor part wasn’t ever really hammered out between them) AND he lives in the same house AND they are supposed to be best friends. It would never have occurred to Sean to ask.

    As Glacia mentioned, Violet had a stomach-turning attempt at turning our Sean straight for her own purposes, in a manner which made Sean feel uncomfortable and cheap. So she’s had her own share of ‘this is all about me.’

    Sean has been a jerk, no doubt about it, but Violet has been a moaning jerkette for quite some time.

  17. debbie says:

    Wasn’t it Kelly who tried to turn Sean straight?

  18. missusmac says:

    Her too, on a bet I think. But Kelly is a bit of an idiot! Violet also tried, in hopes of getting pregnant, and she`s his supposed best friend. She couldn`t believe Sean wouldn`t go for it, and I felt she was nasty about it.

    A whole lot of passive/agressive `and you say you`re my friend but you won`t sleep with me` stuff happened.

  19. Kerry says:

    The next person to touch my belly gets a swift kick in the arse…Glacia included.

    I’m also getting random old ladies stop me in the grocery store and tell me how they used to be midwives and then go in to awkward detail about when me and J should have sex so that we have a girl next time.

    Oh…and Lara Croft would TOTALLY kick Spiderman’s ass…he may be a superhero, but he’s still a man and what man, or woman for that matter, wouldn’t be in awe of her, um, qualities?

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