Update – August 7, 2008 – Movin’ on Up (Two Episodes)


For some strange reason John is moving into the flat with Fizz and Maria. I think people at a certain age should not want/have roommates. Maria says she doesn’t mind him moving in, but the flat seems small for the three of them. Although Fizz thinks he will change is mind about everything.

Later on Sally sees them both unloading items to the flat and says in a slightly smug voice to Fizz, “I hope it works out for you” Meanwhile you know she is thinking, “I hate you, I wish it were me”.

Kev arrives home to tell the family he had seen John moving in with Fizz. Sally says she saw them earlier. The look on Rosie’s face is priceless, she is confused, upset and puzzled why she wasn’t let in on the news. She goes into the kitchen and starts texting. I wonder who??

John gets the text and makes an excuse to meet Rosie and skips out on his sarnie.

In the back alley John meets Rosie – he can only stay a minute. John has finally sees the light and tells Rosie it is over. Rosie is dismayed and he explains that he is in a position of authority and it would be wrong. Gee, really?


Jerry Morton asks Jodie if she is feeling okay, after being dumped by Lloyd. Hint: no one likes being dumped… Jerry later sees Lloyd outside and tries to convince Lloyd that he should go out with Jodie again. Considering he is at fault for most of it, he better get talking. But Lloyd points out that she seems to have a lot of family commitments. Jelly says that she is a popular girl. Lloyd can hardly believe his ears and shakes his head.

Lloyd sees Jodie in the street and mentions the conversation with her dad. And says she had nothing to do with it. Who would admit that?

Jerry arrives at the shop and Jodie delivers her decision. She is going to live in London with a friend. Meaning: right NOW. She wants a life without being interfered by him or anyone else – and be in control. She literally packs her bag and she is off to London. The Morton family are at the bus stop to see off Jodie. Could they not drop her off at the bus station?


Liz and Vern come back from their trip – looking like prison escapees or Marcel Marceau. Steve offers to get the bags and takes them in the back room. Where they meet Ozzy and discover that Ryan and Michelle have moved in. They later discuss the housing arrangements and are convinced that Michelle will want to move out sooner than later.

In Other News:

Carla’s Scottish hottie proposes to launch a new high-scale lingerie line.

Sean is going to meet Marcus’ family.

Episode 2 – High School Confidential


Jason and Sarah are talking in the café and she complains that he is not pulling his weight in terms of taking care of Bethany. What – who let her out of the cage? Sarah gets frustrated and leaves the café.

Jason starts to chat with Becky. He said that Charlie’s view was that men and women shouldn’t live together. Becky asked him if he agreed with that. Jason quickly said that he was just saying what he thought. Yeah – and look where he ended up…She goes on that men just want to hang out with other men, drink beer and pull women.

In the salon, Audrey finds Sarah crying. Asking her what was wrong, it seemed that the strain of her working at two jobs and lack of support from Jason was getting to her.

Later in the pub Audrey tries to relieve the situation by giving money to Jason so he can take it out on the town. He tries to refuse the money, but she insists.


It is Rosie’s first day back to her non-private high school. Rosie comes down the stairs dressed in what looks like a French maid’s outfit. Sally describes it as Paris Hilton (Too much clothing for Paris). Sophie makes the funniest comment by saying Paris is skinnier. LOL. Sally thought she would have to scrape the boys (meaning John) up off the floor. Rosie is adamant this is what she is wearing.

Rosie comes in late to class and blames the traffic. John introduces her to the class and says she will be joining from today. John asks her if she has a copy of The Tempest. Rosie replies she doesn’t, and thrusting her chest forward and leaning towards him asks if that is the one about the storm. (Lord, roll eyes here)

Rosie and Leigh (the class cutie) offers to share a book with her. She rubs her legs up and down for the benefit of John and Leigh. What a minx!

Obviously Rosie did not get the message and is determined to get his attention. School is out for the day and Tina starts calling Rosie a tart. I guess she calls it like she sees it. Rosie calls her small minded and flat-chested. The cat fight starts. I hate using that term, but it really is. John runs out and starts to cheer and brings out the camcorder (just joking) – he breaks them up and tells them to go and see the headmaster.

At the factory, Carla said she was going off to a “meeting” and would leave Vickki in charge. Sally blurts out that Vikki has only been working there two minutes and hardly speaks the language. Sally then gets a call on her phone from John. She seems quite pleased until she realizes that he is ringing her about Rosie.

After seeing the headmaster Rosie goes back into John’s classroom and he asks what the headmaster said. He just said not to do it again. Rosie leans over on the desk and asks, “Are you not going to punish me, then”.

Sally is at the high school and gets to the classroom door but suddenly stops and pauses. She gives herself a quick makeover with her compact.

On the desk, Rosie calls John sexy – and leans in just about to kiss him.

At that moment, Sally reaches for the door.

In Other News:

Kayleigh’s gym clothes are dirty – fixed with air freshener by Jerry.

Violet forgives Sean for finding out the baby’s sex.

John likes reality t.v. – Sally doesn’t believe a word.

There is nothing wrong with being flat-chested! (Ahem, Kate Moss)

Favourite Line:

Audrey to Jason – “There is a lot more going on in that head of yours than people give you credit for”


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38 Responses to Update – August 7, 2008 – Movin’ on Up (Two Episodes)

  1. Modge says:

    My favourite line – Rosie to Sally: “He’s just giving it to me now instead of you”. They were discussing John’s instruction in English literature, but that wasn’t the way I took it. I think my howls must’ve woken up the neighbours’ kid.

  2. Chris says:

    Hey Rosie, 18 yet? Hey Rosie, 18 yet?

    /Glenn Quagmire

  3. geenee says:

    Very funny update! I also loved the above line. I think the actress who plays Rosie must have had lots of fun with last night’s episode. She went for the sexy secretary look big time, complete with high heels.

    Poor Sally can’t win; the call from John was about Rosie and Carla just doesn’t think her past qualifies her to be forewoman.

    Jodie finally escaped! It will be a zoo in that house now.

    If Steve thinks his mom’s moving out, he doesn’t know her very well! She spends all her money on clothes and hairdos and Vernon is always broke. I just can’t see those 2 paying rent someplace else. And the threesome at Fizz and Maria’s will all end in tears no doubt.

  4. Modge says:

    I wonder if a “threesome” is The Snake’s intention?

  5. Margaret says:

    Was I the only one sqirming with the utmost discomfort watching 29 year old John do *nothing* to stop 16 year old Rosie as she leaned into his personal space whipping out double entendre after double entendre? Bordered on kiddie porn. It’s all about Rosie. Such a dumb girl oblivious to his “career”. And now we have to wait as Sally opens the door … during the Olympics. Yikes.

  6. blueheadlights says:

    they will never be caught, well not this time round. still, i can hardly wait for these silly games to be over. rosie made an absolute fool out of herself but of course only her fellow 16 year olds (well the girls anyways) could see it. good grief

  7. beanie says:

    Loved the update Mayfair !!!!!!!
    My parents wouldn’t have let me out of the house dressed the way Rosie was. AND TO SCHOOL !!!! Are Kev and Sal smoking crack? When did it become OK to let your 16yr old dress like a hooker? Am I that old and out of it?

  8. Modge says:

    Margaret: No, you were not the only one squirming…I’m thinking the squirm took on the characteristics of “the wave” as the show aired in the various time zones. Yet somehow I can’t help feeling sorry for Rosie..she’s only growing into a woman with the examples of the behaviour of her stupid, deluded mother, not to mention that of various neighbours. She is still a child in many ways.

  9. Gayle says:

    Regarding Sally being called to the school.
    Why did she not take her own car? Why would she even be telephoned, made no sense to me. If she were notified it would be by the “head” not the individual teacher. At least we were Gail and David free in those episodes.

  10. kunzie says:

    Actually, why wouldn’t Kev go? He’s self-employed – could he sort something out for an hour or so? I’m assuming John called because he’s a “family friend” and wanted to speak to Sally before the head.

    Hey – what if Rosie’s pregnant?? There’s a story!

  11. Millie says:

    they may have given mr. stape a new hairdo.. but he’s still super icky, soft and doughy and pasty with a hairy back and no backbone. He could have been a nice guy if he stuck with our fizz in a proper way, but to imagine him as a wanton man by those webster girls is beyond believing. Anyway, poor rosie. She’d be way cooler if she’d run off with our craig to germany. Imagine, from our craig to john stape. uck.

    I just discovered this site, and look forward to sharing my thoughts while cbc runs some sports thing instead of corrie. Are there not enough of us corrie weirdos (fans) to create an uproar and tell them that being so far behind england is just not right?

  12. geenee says:

    Where was the other kid’s mother? They should both have been called.

    Love the idea of a “squirm wave.”

  13. Michigander Fan says:

    I’m still cheesed off that we are going to have to wait THREE WEEKS to find out if Snake and Rosie get caught.

    If I were Maria, I wouldn’t want Snake living with Fizz and me in that tiny flat. Creepy!

    I didn’t like the Scotch Egg before – he was a little stalky of Carla a little too soon after Paul’s death, but being unnecessarily rude about Kelly and Janice was uncalled for.

    If God made you good looking, you ought to be grateful about it, and not snarky about other people, who maybe aren’t that lucky. Jerk.


  14. Michigander Fan says:

    I’m glad Jodie got out. I hope that Mel doesn’t take her place as the little mother.

    I’m just not warming up to that family.


  15. eps says:

    Where in the heck has little Amy been? Do you think she is tucked away in the suspended animation chamber in the Barlow house? It is where her mother frequently lived as a child although Ken and Dear-drah seem to be using it a lot lately.

  16. Johnnie says:

    Ok, so… Is there anyone who might be up to giving coles notes version of the last year of Corrie going-ons? I left for the land down under a year ago and haven’t seen any Corrie since then. And now I’m back in Toronto and I’m watching the last few eps on CBC, and I’m very, very lost. Who are some of these people?!

  17. glacia says:


    Good suggestion – maybe I’ll do a quickie Coles notes later in the week.


  18. kunzie says:

    Does anyone know where to view a good, non-spoiler map or illustration of the street & surrounding streets, showing the houses and businesses?

  19. geenee says:

    Does anyone know how many bedrooms there are in the Rovers? The 2 kids can’t really share so there would need to be at least 4.

    I know people complain that they don’t see the kids but can you imagine how boring and slow the storylines would be if the kids kept interrupting – just like real kids.

  20. mayfairgirl says:

    here is an updated map of the Street:


  21. stickybee says:

    Just a thought: Why doesn’t Liz & Vernon move into Steve’s old appartment – didn’t Michelle & Ryan just move FROM there. Doesn’t it belong to Steve?

  22. mayfairgirl says:

    According to corriefactbook.com:

    There are two flats above the betting shop
    One flat above the Kabin
    One flat above Jerry’s vacant

    Sarah and Jason need to move out ASAP.

    How about a cash wedding gift from Audrey and Gail?

  23. whitehorsefan says:

    I can’t remember, did Liz and Steve both put up the money for the Rover’s? Steve in particular seems to feel entitled to the flat.

  24. geenee says:

    I thought Steve sold his old apartment to get the money to buy the Rovers.

    Audrey and Gail already gave Jason and Sarah the tickets and money for the honeymoon – and what a waste that was! They must have also paid for the reception, dresses, etc. I thought Richard left Gail broke anyway but she seems to always come up with money for weddings, car for David, etc.

  25. geenee says:

    I don’t think Liz put any money up for the Rovers.

  26. fondue123 says:

    I watched last Thursday’s double-header on line, and I think they left out a few scenes. What the hell happened between Rosie and that other girl to lead them to a slap fight? To me it seemed right out of the blue, although I thought there were hints that they’d known each other before Rosie went off to Oakhill.

  27. Gayle says:

    Rosie was flirting big time with (I don’t know his name) who offered to share his textbook with her. Apparently he was the girl’s ex-boyfriend.
    I also wanted to slap Rosie, what a get-up she was wearing, I’m surprised they didn’t say something at the school. What l6 year old wears stiletto heels to highschool?
    She was dressed more hooker like than Leeanne ever did.

  28. papasmurf1964 says:

    I think Steve gave up the apartment so he could take the money he paid in rent there and apply it to the monthly payments on the loan for the pub

  29. missusmac says:

    Liz didn`t put any money into the pub. However, her name had to go above the door because Steve is an ex-felon and so can`t own a public house.

    If I recall, Liz didn`t have anywhere to stay either at the time, so installing here in the pub was a good move.

    3 bedrooms in the Rovers? I mean, Eileen has to have 3… Eilien`s, Sean`s, Vi`s, so the Rover`s must have 3.

  30. geenee says:

    The Rovers would need to have 4 though to accommodate all those people unless Amy is in with Steve and Michelle. It probably does have 4 since it’s a pub. Don’t they rent rooms?

  31. eps says:

    Liz met Michelle when she and Vernon were apartment hunting. Michelle had some connection to V’s band – had tried out for the post as singer or something. I cant’ remember why they stopped looking for their own place. I believe Liz had been living with Steve in his small apartment and she brought V home. Naturally, he stayed.

  32. DarkEmpress says:

    I didn’t know that Steve was a felon… what did he do?

  33. DarkEmpress says:

    Also I think Gail should be an honourable mention on the bad mum list… look how awful her children turned out.

  34. TrudyC says:

    I thought the houses on Coronation Street were a standard 2 up/2 down. But that doesn’t make sense in the Barlow & Grimshaw households. When Tracey lived there would have been her and Amy, Blanche, Deidre & Ken and then the herd at the Grimshaws, so I guess they have 3 bedrooms.

  35. geenee says:

    I think Steve was arrested for smuggling cigarettes or booze from Europe. He was trying to raise money to buy his partner’s share in the taxi business. The partner was Dev.s cousin (name forgotten) who had a gambling problem.

  36. Michigander Fan says:


    One thing I seem to recall is that Blanche sleeps in the front room at Ken & Deirdre’s (like the living room). That’s why they are always in that kitchen/dining area.

    Other than that, no clue!

  37. missusmac says:

    I thought Blanche had an upstairs bedroom? Didn’t they put Ray, Tracey’s Dad, in the front room when he was sick?

    Dev’s cousin was Vickram, he actually started dating Karen first. I always thought there were three bedrooms upstairs in these places, but have no real basis for that.

  38. antik says:

    Blanche couldn’t handle an upstairs room.. what with her Polish ‘ip and all..


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