Employers on the Street – Good and Bad

Weatherfield Street has a fair number of employers, some good and some not so good. Who do you think are the best and worst people to work for on the cobbles?

Kevin Webster – Runs the garage with a fair hand, balancing camaraderie with leadership in equal dollops. Tyrone and the black Adonis (and Tommy before he got bonked on the noggin) all seem quite content working there.
Ashley Peaccock – The butcher shop seems to be a thriving business in spite of Ashley seemingly never being there. Kirk enjoys working there although I predict an accident involving involuntary amputation any day now.
Jerry Morton – One might think that Jerry eats half of what the kebab shop produces and treats his staff (his wee bairns) like serfs. And you would be right.
Rita Sullivan – The queen of The Kabin rules her domain in a strong but fair fashion, keeping Norris in line and content at the same time, no simple task as we all know.
Leanne Battersby – The new restauranteur seems out of her depth in charge of the Italian, using intimidation and sarcasm to keep her staff motivated and working.
Roy Cropper – In spite of the many odd mannerisms of the owner of the cafe, all the women who have worked there in recent days seem quite happy working there.
Bill Webster – Is doing an admirable job of keeping Jason on task while teaching him the tricks of the trade, as well as being a listening ear away form the job site.
Audrey Roberts – The owner of the salon, in spite of her rampant nepotism, runs a tight ship, keeping a combustible collection of staff working and her clients happy.
Carla Connor – Cruella cares only about making money, and will do whatever is required to get the most out of her staff. Not very cuddly, but effective.
Dev Alahan – His empire of seven shops shows Dev has an acute business acumen, but the collection of children he has amassed shows he has difficulty keeping his quill out of the company ink.
Steve McDonald – In spite of his laissez faire approach to running things, going on vacation at the drop of a hat and the like, Streetcars and The Rovers seem to keep chugging along with the staff mostly happy – most of the time.
Liam Connor – The good cop to balance Carla the bad cop. After a rough start running the factory Liam seems to be getting the hang of managing the girls (and Sean) which would be no simple task.

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14 Responses to Employers on the Street – Good and Bad

  1. blueheadlights says:

    I love Steve as a boss and also Kevin. I would hate to work for Leanne and she seemingly has no skills and blames others for everything that goes wrong. It also seems that you would constantly be working from behind the 8 ball with her.

  2. missusmac says:

    I agree. I would never work for Leanne. I also wouldn’t work for Liz. Vernon-groping not optional at all, thank you very much.

    The Croppers I’d work for in a minute — all the tea you can drink and baked beans on toast?

    I’m not sure Kevin is all that fair an employer. Every once in a while he has these meltdowns/power trips that aren’t pretty.

  3. geenee says:

    I think Carla would be the worst. She is very nasty in her comments to the women and her safety record is bad; then she lies about it. Molly seems to be OK working for Dev. but she wouldn’t give him any encouragement pen and ink-wise. Liz would be OK as long as Vernon wasn’t interested.

    Jerry would probably be the worst; unreliable and not to be believed; shifts changed without notice, etc. But then, you would get a lot of laughs.

    Kevin does lose his temper, ranting and raving, flying off the handle etc. He and Ashley shout a lot when annoyed. If you like a boss who goes away a lot, Ashley and Steve are the ones to work for.

    In the past, Mike could be a tyrant at times.

  4. Mark Daye says:

    I’d work for Audrey just so I could listen to her say ‘salon’

  5. TrudyC says:

    I think Steve is a great boss. He’s a big softie. Look how Eileen can get time off at the drop of a hat.

    Roy would be good also – but his new “green” focus would be hard to live by.

    My question is – when everyone runns off on vacation at the drop of a hat – do they get paid? If they don’t – how do they survive. I’m sure working on the street isn’t that well paying.

  6. whitehorsefan says:

    I don’t think I would like to work for Liz. At the very beginning, I think she felt out of her depth about how to be a manager. Now I think she can just be inconsistent. Often when staff are dealing with a personal matter she is understanding, but she can also get annoyed and bothered about staff not doing shifts.

  7. Modge says:

    I’m sure that Steve being a “big softie” is nice – if you’re his current chew-toy or you’re his friend/substitute mother figure, Eileen. But what about if you’re not either of those? Somebody else has to pick up the slack when he lets somebody slough off her responsibilities and I bet he doesn’t seem like such a great boss to those who are not his flavour of the month. And you’d have to deal with the additional irritations of Liz & Vernon. Who is really running that place?
    I don’t think I’d want to work for anybody on the street. Well, at one point in time, I would’ve loved to have worked for Charlie Stubbs…..

  8. kunzie says:

    My feeling is that it’s not about being a softie, or nice. The best bosses to work for are the decisive, organized ones. Your shifts are consistent, your holidays usually happen and your customers are satisfied, which reduces workplace pressure. For that reason, you would find me at Bill Webster’s. Have you ever noticed that, with the exception of Sarah, no one stops by the builders’ yard to bug them when they’re working? And Sarah would only want to bug Jaysun, not me anyway.

  9. Working From Home Today says:

    I wish they spent more time in Dev’s shop. It feels like they’ve seriously neglected a goldmine. I’d much rather watch Amber than Rosie. You’d have Amber and Molly taking the piss out of Dev, which is always fun.

  10. Gayle says:

    Kunzie, I agree with you completely. I have had all different types of bosses. The best one(s) I ever had were young, cool very hard working group of young professionals. It was only a two week temporary job, hard physically but very rewarding.

  11. beanie says:

    Papa Smurf….what can I say? What a great topic and well done. I’m not sure I would want to work for any of those employers. I am curious though…how does one just become a knicker-stitcher? I sew a few things around the house…in fact more than anyone I know but I am not skilled enough to be paid for it. Things that make you go Hmmmm

  12. fondue123 says:

    Question: Does Leanne have another chef working at the Italian besides Paul? There have been scenes with a panicked Leanne calling Paul: “Where are you?”, and you can see the restaurant has customers, then other times when you know Paul is not at the restaurant, but Leanne is serving customers, no problem. We never met another chef did we?

  13. nwtrunner says:

    Carla is not cuddly? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, not in my world!! I’d cuddle her in a heart beat 🙂

    But yeah – wouldn’t wanna work for her…

  14. eila says:

    I agree: more Amber and Molly, ragging on Dev.

    I’d go insane trying to work for Liz. She’s bad enough, but having to work ‘with'(ie: around) do-nothing Vern would be entirely too much!


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