Corrie’s Best Loved, Least Used Characters

5 more days of Olympics left, kids, and we’ll get our Corrie back. In the meantime, who would you like to see more of in the show when it returns to our screens?

Here are a few people I think could use a little more screen time:

Amber Kalirai

Amber first came to our screens as the newly revealed daughter of shopkeeper Dev Alahan. Her snarky backtalk to her fading lothario father was welcome around here, with some going so far as to declare her “the new Bet Lynch” as early scenes of Bet from the sixties compare quite strikingly with Amber’s introduction.

Amber briefly worked in Kevin’s garage and reportedly had a knack for mechanics. Dev, being sexist, said he didn’t want his daughter doing men’s work but Amber countered that she didn’t want to be Asian stereotype and work in a shop.

Since then, it’s been revealed that she has an unreciprocated thing for David Platt. Other than that, we rarely see her, other than to offer reactions to David’s shenanagins. Like David, she is funny and more intelligent than many of her peers. This is a character with tons of potential just waiting to be used.

Devendra Alahan

And speaking of Amber’s dad, whatever happened to the street’s aging ladykiller, cornershop magnate, and loyal customer of Sex Panther cologne? Dev made a name for himself bedding the ladies of the street, including mother-daughter pair Deirdre and Tracy Barlow (not at the same time! Don’t be gross!).

Ever since Sunita left with the twins after discovering his retconned existence as the baby daddy to several of his shop girls, Dev’s been rarely seen. He occasionally offers advice to the lovelorn and had a weird, one-episode relationship with salad creme, but other than that, he’s been reduced to a background player.

I’d like to see more of Dev, particularly as he copes with middle age.

Wiki Dankowska

Wiki (yes, it’s spelled like it sounds) came to street as a newly arrived Polish employee at Underworld, taking on extra shifts for low pay. She is working to support her son back home in Poland. She also has a university degree.

Despite some anti-migrant worker sentiments from the other stitchers, Wiki was recently promoted to Hayley’s old post of floor manager (or whatever it’s called). She also has improved her English to the point where her vocabulary now exceeds Becky Granger’s.


She looks discombobulated.


Oh now, you can’t just go making words up, love.

Wiki adds a dash of realism to the show as few modern working class neighbourhoods today would be as culturally homogenous as Coronation Street nearly is. She has also hinted at an interesting life that she left behind in Poland. I’d love to something develop from that in the future.

Sophie Webster

Whenever elder sister Rosie experiences the heartbreak of her goth boyfriend going to Berlin, or has an affair with an older teacher, Sophie is always there, snarking behind her back in a thick Lancashire dialect. Sure she’s hard to understand sometimes but it’s worth the effort as the comic rewards are rich.

Chesney has a crush on her, which she is thus far not reciprocating. But if Tyrone and Molly are 2nd generation Jack and Vera, I could see Ches and Sophie as third. Give it twenty years of failed relationships and I’m sure it would happen.

What do you all think? Who would you like to see more of on the street?


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42 Responses to Corrie’s Best Loved, Least Used Characters

  1. geenee says:

    I agree with all the above – except Sophie. If only I could understand her, she would be great. She really looks the part but has to learn to enunciate clearly!

    I’d also like to see more of Tyrone and thought he was great with Jack and Vera. Can’t wait for Paul to show his true colours and prove Tyrone was right.

  2. Yanyan says:

    I agree with ALL. This is a great idea! I’d also like to see Becky’s character developed a little more, altho I think they are starting to do just that, with the whole Jason flirtation thingy.

  3. Skeezix says:

    I thought that the actor who plays Dev had a big durg problem more than a year or so again, so detox/treatment/etc. might explain his reduced screen time.

  4. kunzie says:

    Say no to durgs.

  5. mayfairgirl says:

    team amber!

  6. Michigander Fan says:

    I would definitely like to see more Amber – she’s awesome!

    I am warming to Becky, and would like to see something there too.

    Also, there are characters who have been around a while who I don’t think get used to their potential- like Eileen and Rita.


  7. pip says:

    I’d definitely like to see more Amber, Becky and Wiki, but what I’d like even more is some good, consistent story lines. The John/Rosie thing is creeping me out and I haven’t recovered from Frankie/Jamie yet (btw, anytime Danny Baldwin wants to return would be fine with me). I know that the Violet/Sean/unborn baby plotline is going to be tedious ad nauseum (grow up, the lot of you!). Now that Jodie’s gone from Gerry’s household I don’t know where that plotline’s going but it had better be good (I was rather looking forward to a sweet romance between Lloyd – another character not used enough – and Jodie). Ashley and Claire just need to reconcile and live a quiet life until Freddy grows into his head.

    I’m a big fan, but frankly, I’ve enjoyed the Olympic break from Corrie. *ducks*

  8. S. Poole says:

    Yes, more Amber, especially scenes with the Devster, please and thank you.

    Becky is a given, must say I prefer her interaction with Royston to the Jason flirtation but still a fun, interesting character. What was her quote a few weeks back “…. there were three fires at my place, two of which I had nothing to do with…” loved it.

    Also I shall second a request for a return of Danny Baldwin, the short time he and Liam shared the Underworld office was a treat. Hell, lets bring back Reg Holdsworth and Curly Watts in a perfect world.

    And although he is a royal pain and somewhat of a ninny, I like Norris, bring a new angle – play him off Blanche, fun to watch them take shots at one another.

  9. S. Poole says:


    Speaking of crushes, some time ago Chesney said he was a fan Claire Peacock, now there is a scandal waiting to be written a few years from now, after Rosie and John are expunged from everyone’s memory bank. 😉

  10. Gayle says:

    I agree with the list but would also like to see more Lloyd. I also really liked the cab driver “Patrick” whatever happened to him? I just love Wicki!

  11. missusmac says:

    I especially agree with the Amber and Dev suggestions. Dev coping with middle age would be a hoot, and Amber’s take on anything is always worth a listen.

    Hmmmm, no one mentioned Ken, or Deirdre, who we haven’t seen of late. Or Emily. I could do with more Emily, Rita and Cougar Woman conversations…

  12. Millie says:

    I want more grownup stories. Say no to Gail’s wimpering stupidity, say yes to more pub action, say no to Sarah and David anything, say yes to Norris, Doreen, Rita, Emily, Drearie, Ken, Blanche, Jack and Vera, say no to Sophie’s tasteless cleavage, say yes to our Chesney and Kirkie’s bachelor lifestyle, say no to Clur’s independence, say yes to Eileen finding a true love, say no to Violet’s pout, say yes to Fiz whatever she does. I could go on..
    Love to love ya Corrie

  13. Mark Daye says:

    I’d love to see more of Sophie Webster, much less of her mother who is the spitting image of my second (and same named) wife! I can’t wait for the Olympics to end, this Corrie drought is making me nuts.

  14. geenee says:

    The library has DVDs – thank goodness.

  15. eila says:

    More Amber (love her!) Wicki, Sophie (she is hilarious!) and Becky. (Bring back Hayley’s son for Becky.)More sarky comments from Eileen. And, please, please, please: way less whining and bickering and snivelling from Gail and family (I’m to the point that I wish they’d drowned in the canal) and, also, not too much Deirdre or Liz!! :o)


  16. beanie says:

    I admit I don’t like Dev. Reason=Dev Did Debs on a oneoff which is fine but he bragged about it a few hours later in the pub to Vicram(nephew,cousin?) and Natalie (Pub owner and Debs sister) heard him. I just think that men who have to brag about their conquests have ISSUES. Seriously it was beyond tacky and I was disappointed in Dev.

  17. missusmac says:

    That was Dev in his wild Lothario days. Now he’s reduced to passionate musing about salad cream. Sad, isn’t it?

    Isn’t it funny that a few years later he doesn’t say A WORD about all his shop spawn?

  18. Margaret says:

    Amber and Sophie are hilarious. Together with Chesney they are the most practical, sensible and down to earth characters on the street. More very clever dialog from these three please! I caught the end of an episode before I started watching regularly was Dev standing in the dark rain soaked reet calling out as Sunita drove away. And since then nothing so I appreciated the brief backstory, John — thanks. Golfing with the lads is not a storyline.

    What about Becky with Dev? Hmmmm.

  19. geenee says:

    No!! He’s too old for Becky. And if they use Sophie, they’d better get subtitles! I know new TVs have them but mine doesn’t. It seems that Becky will be there for Jason when his marriage runs into trouble and the way things are going that shouldn’t take long.

    I do enjoy Gail and Eileen’s feud and love to see Eileen put one over on her. I’m also looking forward to Jim coming back and wish he would stay.

  20. Gayle says:

    I wouldn’t be at all sad if the entire Plstt family left the show. I know that will never happen but I am really tired of Gail and her kids.

    A few years ago when CBC used to carry Emmerdale, they got a new producer who eliminated a lot of characters, and brought in new more interesting ones. In my opinion it greatly improved the show. Perhaps that’s what we need for Corrie. Just my humble opinion.

  21. kunzie says:

    As much as we’re a sports household, I also miss Corrie! I watch it weekdays – such a treat after a busy workday. So:

    MORE: Becky (with Christian, Hailey’s son would be cool), Kirk & Ches, Kevin’s garage (no scenes in there ever these days), Carla & Liam, all the Seniors (they’ve grown on me and are SO under-represented on TV), Lloyd (and Steve), Danny (welcome back ANY time – sorely missed), Eileen. I really liked seeing Todd again – great brother scenes with Jayshun. Club nights with Sean, Jamie (under-used!).

    LESS: Whiney Violet (unless Sean sues for custody or something), Michelle and her too-short hair, Gail and Oedipus.

  22. fondue123 says:

    Millie: I think you must mean ROSIE’s tasteless cleavage, not our little Sophie!!
    I would like to see much less of Violet, Chesney (sorry fans, I find him sort of annoying!), MICHELLE, Ashley and Claire, Liz.
    And much more of Steve (with a new girlfriend or let’s bring back Karen – I miss her!), Eileen, Lloyd, Emily, Blanche (who rules btw!) and Jamie.

  23. geenee says:

    Karen and her yelling were getting on my nerves weeks before she left, so it was a relief to see her go. On the other hand, she and Steve were much better together than Steve and Michelle. I also liked Steve with the hairdresser (years ago) and the Irish girl who was only there a couple of times.

    I agree: Violet and her whining can go any time but I like Chesney and think Liz can be a good character – depending on the writing. I love to see the gang in the cab office and Blanche. Love Betty’s one-liners too.

  24. fondue123 says:

    I think if we were to take a poll there would be as many people who disliked Karen as liked her. For me, the appeal of Karen and Steve was how volatile their relationship was; they played it as though fighting was an aphrodisiac…And I’m impressed with how strong an actress Suranne Jones is. She just blew me away in the story line about Steve’s infidelity. Very raw emotion, very well played. Most of the actors on Corrie are competent, some very good, but Suranne Jones really stood out for me.

  25. pip says:

    Yes, more Steve please, he’s just so funny. I never did like the girlfriend that we referred to as ‘Moley’. I don’t mind Michelle, but I really think Steve would be best suited to someone with a better sense of humour. If only Eileen were 15 years younger (and 20 pounds slimmer) he might go for her. Now they would be fun to watch!

    Basically, I’d like to see more of the boys together: Steve, Dev, Lloyd, Jamie, Sean etc.

  26. nwtrunner says:

    Short lists:

    More – Norris, Amber, R Sophie, Blanche

    Less – Wail, Violet, Claire

    But on the whole they do a good job mixing it up and pretty much always have in my mind (have been watching regularly since mid-1980s).

    While I’ve enjoyed the Olympics muchly (did you see Simon Whitfield in the triathlon?!) – will be some friggin’ kinda good to get Corrie back!

  27. fondue123 says:

    who was “Moley”, Pip?

  28. geenee says:

    Was Moley the one who had a husband with a rival taxi company? I’d forgotten about her.

    I agree that Suranne Jones is a good actress but the writers just milked that storyline to death as they often do – dragging it out too long. Most of the cast are good actors but the writers need some fresh ideas.

  29. fondue123 says:

    Pip, just to mix it up a bit, they might want to try putting Steve and Eileen together, stranger things have happened, and on this show (thinking Frankie and Jamie, thinking Fred and “Orchid”, thinking {ugh} Rosie and John). There’s only 13 years difference between them and they really seem to be compatible, good friends. And to be honest, Steve is a pretty old looking 34, if you ask me!

  30. fondue123 says:

    Just joshing btw!

  31. Millie says:

    If Steve’s 34 and his mum just turned 50 ~ well, I guess it happens. Yes fondue123 I indeed meant Rosie’s tasteless buds, not our dear sweet sophie. No picking on our Chesney. He’s an award winning little actor who will be around for a long while I hope. Just look at that sweet face and his street smarts.. He’e a good kid considering where he comes from. Those scenes with his mom Cilla before she left were so touching.
    Did someone say they could live without the platts.. Oh yeah. At the very least give us a very long break from them all. Give Becky as much airtime as she can take though, She’s gobby but she’s fresh.

  32. pip says:

    Yes, Moley was the girlfriend with the thug of a husband who owned a rival taxi company.

    I’m confused about the ages of some of the characters, too. Did Liz really have Steve and Andy when she was only 16? How old are Eileen, Gail and Sally supposed to be? What about Liam and Michelle, what’s the age difference between them?

  33. geenee says:

    I thought Liz was 17 when she got pregnant with the twins and married Jim but could be wrong. I’m always surprised that the characters are younger than they look. Gail has really aged in the last few years and no wonder, with what she’s been through. Sally was supposed to have been quite young when she married Kevin. They started in the 80’s and would have been late teens or early 20s then.

  34. Millie says:

    Well, here’s a rundown on the ages of some of the gals of corrie.. Liz is 50, Drearie is 53(though those ‘fags’ have aged her some). Her straightshooting mum Blanche is 72. Then there’s the lovely Rita at 76yrs. Still looking good and working hard.
    Our seldom seen Betty is 88!~and still making her hotpots and subbing in the odd shift at the rovers.. She’s allowed to complain. You wouldn’t think so, but Emily is younger than Betty by 9 yrs at only 79yrs. Miss Audrey still hooking the men and fluffing the do’s at the age of 68 and her whiny daughter who sucks on too many lemons in life is 50. Sally, looking okay for 41, though I think her daughter is about to age her quickly.
    Who gets the prize as the best aging dame on Corrie? ..

  35. eps says:

    Rita’s friend from their fan dancing days seems to be aging fairly well. She certainly remains full of vim and vinegar.

    What’s Vera’s age? Eileen?

  36. Di says:

    I would really like to see things get stired up… more action..

    Let Karen come back for a vist… stir that pot.

    Bring in some more new faces..
    Liked Celas incounter with the old guy,, to bad he got knocked off so quick..

    Let David Take a turn for the worse.. be a really bad boy.. then have some followers..(minney me gang) and he is the leader,, bring that to Corrie..?

    Let Sophie turn out to be a big sucess.. a model agency comes in and snatches her up.. and her sister becomes quite the street walker… and Jealous.. Mom is put in her place.. because she really never paid much attention to Sophie.. like that girls humor..

    I could go on forerver..

    But I think Corrie needs action and longer run times…

    This is the only time I kick back and relax..

    Love it..

  37. beanie says:

    Millie….fabulous rundown of the gals. That totally cracked me up. Thanks.

  38. Leah says:

    “JIm coming back”????!!!!


  39. Millie says:

    Well eps, Vera is 71 and Eileen is 47 (3 years younger than Madonna!) You GO Eileen!! Doreen (Rita’s friend) is only 72, the same age as Blanche. Just goes to show you ~ age is attitude, and Doreen is having the most fun for sure.
    Di- please go on and on… your story line suggestions are better than I’ve seen on the show in a long time.
    Looking forward to having corrie back in the living room on Monday night. Wonder what happens with the vixen child and her warped, totally creepy ‘teacher’? Will mother Sally be shamed yet again?????!?

  40. geenee says:

    Oops! Sorry for the spoiler.

  41. sandrar says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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