Monday August 25th – It’s About Time Update

UK Time Monday November 12th 2007 – Episode 2

Yesterday two of my co-workers hovered around my desk asking nervous questions about the street and CBC programming. I had to assure them several times that yes the street will be on, no they will not just jump two week, no there will not be double episodes for a couple weeks and sadly the Morton family will still be on the show.

Yes, last night was the triumphant return of the soapiest of soaps. But, I found that I didn’t really remember where we left off. So, if you are in the same boat just scroll down and give Mayfair’s update a quick skim.

I have to tell you that I think last night’s episode was a delivery system for Jamie and Violet. Who agrees with me? They finally kiss again. I was pretty happy. I love these two characters together. I think they also have street longevity.

It doesn’t matter that the kiss came after a drunken “I love you man!” moment and that he actually said “you mean a lot to me” or something to that effect. But you don’t have to be hopped up on baby hormones and filled with your gay best friend’s fetus to want that to mean “I love you” and in this case, I think she’s right. So, after a night of drinking in the pub Jamie and Violet finally kiss by the door with Michelle watching making the same face I was making but without the ice cream and chocolate sauce. Oh, bless.

Another lovely moment came with the Platt-Grimshaws. No, I’m not talking about the moment when Jason came down stairs in a tight white long sleeve t-shirt chosen because it lay across his abs so beautifully. I mean when he took Sarah to dinner on her gran’s dime and read a ridiculous story to her that illustrates his love/bafoonery. It was dead sweet. It was also sweet that Sarah responded with “You know what I’m going to do when I get home? Consummate.” I wondered if she planned to do that on her own.

When they got back to number 8 it really hit home for me that they were gonna get it on in her mother’s house, probably one room over, in a bedroom they share with Bethany. That’s why Sarah wanted to do it on the couch. To add to the creepy factor, David watched them make out. Weird.

Lloyd and Steve’s bromance continues to blossom. I’m so glad they got over the whole Kelly thing. Lloyd and Steve are running the worst cab company in all of England and can’t get any drivers to take them into town for a big night out. That’s ok, because they really only need each other.

Claire, on the other had doesn’t need anyone. Although, she swears that she is going to start dating and move on from Ashley. Sure you are, honey.

It looks like Rosie Webster has totally gotten rid of her tart training wheels and launched into full tart mode. The show actually opened with her kissing John Stape. What happened here … Rosie slinked around the classroom, her mother came by to get her and convinced John to resume their lessons. Rosie successfully made John jealous by flirting with a boy her own age – the minx – and John drove them home. Fiz got pissed with John.

In Other News:

Wicky loves the Human League. How could she not. Like Jason and that Rubbish sea lion, she is only human, flesh and blood, born to make mistakes.

Jerry continues to neglect his children whatever their names are.

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18 Responses to Monday August 25th – It’s About Time Update

  1. geenee says:

    I agree; it was launch time for Vi and Jamie, though why it would work this time when he got bored with her before, I don’t know – but it’s a soap. I’m kind of getting a kick out of watching Rosie vamping around. She is a little devil and will soon have John wrapped around her little finger. Sally is so blind to it all and will be in for a shock when they finally get caught.

    Steve does have the most unreliable cab company ever. If they’re not on vacation, they’re in the Rovers.

    Jason and Sarah had some sweet moments and that hardly ever happens anymore.

  2. Glacia says:

    I’m calling child services for Finley. All he does is eat sugar and play video games. No wonder he doesn’t speak. It’s like he’s being raised by a pack of wolves.

  3. Gayle says:

    Awesome update! Loved, loved the pictures!

  4. Michigander Fan says:




  5. Michigander Fan says:

    Was anyone else mildly surprised that Demon Seed tippytoed upstairs rather than watch the nookie on display right in front of him? It seemed almost… discreet.

    Jamie & Violet – Jamie could write a book: The Lazy Man’s Guide to Nookie. Neighbor, neighbor, stepmom, neighbor…

    Was anyone else shocked (SHOCKED!) that Mel has become the new Jodie? Perhaps that’s how they are going to write off the Mortons – just have each child in order get PO’d and move to Lunnun.


  6. Michigander Fan says:

    PS: I totally called Jayshun’s confusion at the word “consummate”. Still cracked me up though.


  7. eps says:

    Whew! What a relief – Just For Laughs: Gags is back! Man I missed that show.

  8. eps says:

    Seriously, I am quite disappointed that CBC didn’t decide to give us an hour of C ST – well, considering the numerous ads, 38 minutes or what ever.

    Jerry is really over the top but I don’t think Mel is going to put up with him like Jodie did. And why are the females stuck in the shop?
    Where was GYB? (Greasy Yucky Boy)

    Nice to see Vicki being more included, looking forward to seeing Becky.

  9. missusmac says:

    GYB?!?!?! Greasy Yucky Boy? It’s perfect! What a great moniker.

    Vi and Jamie huh? And didn’t Jase really look nice in that shirt? (Is it the Corrie equivalent of Colin Firth in the Pride and Prejudice white shirt shot)

    I too was happy to see Jason and Sarah have FINALLY a genuine lovely moment after the disastrous wedding and wedding pre-‘celebration’.

  10. beanie says:

    GYB…..I love it eps LOL
    Deb great one. I think I missed you more than Corrie. I thought fer sher you’d download Human League but that’s OK I’ve been singing it in my head ever since Wicky
    said it.
    I was workin’ as a waitress in a cocktail bar……..

  11. corrierules says:

    Excellent update, merci. I can’t decide who I hate more…. Rosie, for being such a spoiled, selfish poptart or John, for a) telling Rosie her mother has a crush on him (that was really mean), b) being such a weak snivelling weasel, c) cheating on the very lovely Fizz, or d)being a complete and total prat. It’s a tie, really. They’re both despicable.

    The men on this show have a history of being weak. But they usually have some redeeming qualities. Steve strays, but he’s softhearted (and is good to his mother). Ken has a wandering eye, but he has such lovely cardies (and is good to his mother in law, and let’s face it Deidre’s no saint)Ashley falls prey to a nutcase, but has been trying mightily to atone… well you get the idea. There is affection for these characters. But John, nothing there that says “let’s cut the guy some slack”, nothing whatsoever. Feh

  12. the pink lady says:

    The sound of the Corrie theme song was the sweetest sound I’ve heard since August 7th.

    Glacia: you are right about Findlay. I think the actor who plays him may be (distantly) related to the twins who play Bethany.

    What does consumate mean? 🙂

  13. mayfairgirl says:

    i agree Michigander that was hilarious!

    what is with rosie prancing around in the silk dressing gown and sally in the ragged cotton one?

    seems weird.

  14. Michigander Fan says:


    That would be prudence on Sal’s part – it’s easy to “splurge” on a fancy robe when you aren’t trying to pay bills or put food on the table.

    I noticed that too. Reminded me of how my Gram would take my Mom’s “too old and ratty” panties and wear them. She knew Mom was being a little snotty. She wasn’t above wearing them.


  15. debbie says:

    No way!
    I would never wear someone else’s old ratty panties. I love that WWII mentality. But, you gotta draw the line. I don’t even wear my own ratty panties.

  16. Michigander Fan says:


    Well, the thing was, they weren’t really ratty in any true sense of the word. Mom has always had sort of unrealistic expectations about these things. They were maybe 6 months old, and she would get it into her head that she needed new and simply throw them away. Gram would fish them out of the trash, a fight would ensue, and Gram would take the egg money to pay for new for Mom, and wear the old.

    Interesting side note: Gram raised 4 kids, lived frugally and left quite a nice nest egg. Mom is 65 and I fully expect to have to pay for her final arrangements, never mind a nest egg. Because she still spends money like water.


  17. kunzie says:

    I can’t stop saying “ratty panties” in a British accent…..

  18. glacia says:


    My mom and dad (war generation) were totally able to raise 7 kids on a single salary and also have a nice nest egg.

    My sister is 60 and oh hell yeah, I’m in the same boat as you. I just thank god for national health care.

    oh and, RATTY PANTIES!

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