OY, Give Us the Update Already, Eh?

Okay, so my favourite scene of the evening is Doreen, Rita and Doris kibitzing the the Kabin. Why is it my favourite?

  1. We find out that Rita has wicked def Yiddish skillz when she pulls the word ‘schlep’ out of her hat.
  2. Doris reveals that he is totally in tune with Gen X when he talks about finishing his Douglas ‘COOP’land novel.

Glacia and John have discussed this scene at length and have come to the conclusion that Corrie is giving a shout out to Canadian Jews everywhere. Perhaps a secret message to William Shatner, Leonard Cohen, my uncle Nate, the spirit of Lorne Green and Mr. Glacia?

To be sure I ran the video tape backwards and this is what I got, ‘Stay away from the Maple Leaf deli meats.’

Sean, Marcus, Jamie, Violet and Baby Makes 5

Violet invites Jamie to the back of the pub for a chat while she’s on her break. They discuss getting back and while Jamie is all for it, V confesses that she’s not sure if she could trust him again. (Glacia is a bit shocked that V is using COMMON SENSE for once.).

Later, after the pub closes they go back to his place for dinner where she decides that she is madly in love with him after all and they form a couple. V worries that Jamie may not be up for being a dad to someone else’s baby, but he brushes that off by dismissively saying that it’s not someone else, it’s SEAN for god sake. (Sean being without a soul apparently). He further continues that V isn’t tied to some guy forever just because she’s having his baby.

Okay, never in a million years would I have thought I’d have said this but, ‘What about the child? Won’t someone PLEASE think about the child?’ Seriously, is there no part of V that recognizes the baby’s right to a relation to his biological father?

Meanwhile, Sean is singing the blues to Marcus about being regarded only as the donor (aka Sperminator) to V’s baby. Marcus points out that Sean will have a right to see the baby. I totally agree, no matter what was agreed upon verbally (and I never remember them saying Sean would only have limited access….I seem to remember it as them hugging each other in ‘we’re gonna have a baby’ giddiness.), Sean is going to have legal access to that child.

On a side note, I love the relationship between him and Marcus, the writers have done a great job of building it and removing the big neon sign that says, ‘Gay couple here, we’ve got a GAY couple on the show.’. They just are, and that’s lovely.

Educating Sally
Fizz is upset with John over the tutoring job and they have a bit of a grumble on her way to work. He tries to placate her, but when they try to kiss goodbye, Sally LITERALLY sticks her nose in between them and asks if she’s interrupting anything.

After a hard day of trying to keep his classroom under control and getting creepy kissy faces from Rosie, John meets up with Fizz in the Rovers where they finally have a proper kiss and make up. He tells Fizz that he feels responsible for Sally because he encouraged her to study but now she’s in over her head because she’s ‘not all that bright’.

Clurr Pulls
Okay, I think my favourite character right now is Fat Brenda. Even though we’ve never seen her, I’m loving this gal already. Steve announces to Clurr and Llyod that Fat Brenda is getting a boob job. Tell me, how am I NOT perfectly suited to play F.B.?

Anyway, Clurr is looking to go out on the town and do some pulling. She’s ready to date again and makes sure that Ashley is well aware of this when she asks him to babysit so she can go out on the town with Lloyd to a singles night.

Steve thinks that Clurr may be too fussy and wonders how she’s going to find Mr. Right After Ashley, if she’s not willing to go out. Will she have her mom knit a man?

In Other News
Steve has no issues with smoking 4 feet away from a pregnant woman.

Sarah would like Jason to adopt Bethany. Maria thinks ‘Bethany Grimshaw’ sounds lovely.  Yeah, and so does ‘Zazu Pitts’.

Rita and Doreen go out for dinner, clearly to fight over Norris bragging rights.

Sally and Kev have tried parsnip crisps, but they don’t think that they’ll do that again.

During the break, we saw the least enviable man in the world, Michael McCain .

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10 Responses to OY, Give Us the Update Already, Eh?

  1. Kerry says:

    When Steve, Lloyd and Cluur were discussing Fat Brenda’s boob job in the Rovers, Steve suggested that maybe Clurr should have one too…maybe they could get a 2 for 1.

    Is Steve BLIND? I know Cluur covers them up pretty good, but, hell, I’d have a boob job TO LOOK like Cluurs!

  2. Gayle says:

    Glacia, awesome update! Personally you are probably too slim and lovely to play Fat Brenda I was thinking I would be better suited!! I completely agree with you regarding Marcus and Sean (I LOVE Marcus!) I know Sean does go over the top, but I think Violet is treating him like crap. I think he would be a very loving father.

  3. eps says:

    Does our Clurr not remember that she is still MARRIED?? I do not recall any formal finalization re: the dissolution of the marriage – just the Mrs. getting on her very high horse. After all, isn’t she the one to first get hooked by wacko chick? Didn’t she violate the (para) professional boundaries set by the volunteer agency (the Samaritans, perhaps) and introduce wacko chick into the family?
    She certainly cannot maintain that her judgement and thinking surpassed Ashley’s. They are just reasoning with differing parts of their anatomy.

    I used to really like Clare. I think she used to be level headed albeit somewhat goofy.

    Re: the guys on the Street: I think Tyrone the good ol’ boy is the most loyal and steadfast. He’d be a boring date but compared to John… So much for faux intellectual intercourse (in the old sense of the word). Kirk, also, now that I think of it. Gee, I guess ignorance IS bliss.

  4. Michigander Fan says:

    Random Musings*: (*Smart word: I’m trying to impress John, so he’ll think I’m brighter than Sal.)

    OK, so that WAS the Jpod guy. I wondered. Perhaps there’s a man crush involving Alan Thicke. Just saying.

    When they were talking about Clurr and her boobage, all I could think about was Papa Smurf talking about her jubblies. It’s moments like that I wish we had live chat during the show.

    I hate John Snake more and more each day.

    I also like Sean & Marcus, but if I were Marcus, I’d stay out of this particular kerfuffle. There tends to be a lot of collateral damage in a Sean and Violet blowout.

    Speaking as an observer in the fun-filled Canadian Listeria Party, I thought it was actually impressive that they got on TV and apologized. I don’t think that would happen in the States. I see… lawyers… and non-committal non-apology statements. (You know, like when people “apologize” by saying that they are sorry if your feelings got hurt, as opposed to “sorry I acted like a blankety blank.” So, something along the lines of “Gosh, I’m really sorry if your immune system wasn’t strong enough to protect you from our robust meat.”) So, maybe I’m being hopelessly naive about this, but I actually thought it was pretty… adult.

    Does Maple Leaf meat taste like maple?

    Is “pondering” a smarter word than “musing”?


  5. S. Poole says:

    Had to hit the go-back button on the trusty PVR to make sure Doreen really said she was reading a Coupland novel. Mind blowing. Patiently waiting for her to mention listening to Surfer Rosa while waiting on the Freshco bus…. 😉

  6. geenee says:

    I am ancient and I love Coupland novels and didn’t mind the TV version of JPod.

    Apologies don’t bring back the listeria victims. I would rather have amore understandable list of stuff to be thrown out. Does cooking kill this bug? etc. Every day they seem to add to the list and there were more items this morning.

    Lots of people who are still married have legal separations and consider themselves free to date. A legal separation is the same as divorce except you can’t marry so Claire is doing nothing wrong – and certainly nothing that Ashley didn’t do when married. I feel sorry for poor, mistrusted Claire whose own husband believed a nut job instead of her.

  7. Glacia says:

    I’ve never felt comfortable with the meat industry and their practices, and a hell of a lot of their products (i.e. lunchables) which is why I’ve always tried eat as little meat as possible or spend the $$$ to buy organic or game meat. (Yeah, if I had true commitment and will power I would have gone completely veg…but bacon exists in the world so…).

    However, this whole incident has made both Mr. and I make a new pledge to go veg, but if I fall off the wagon you can be sure it won’t be for any Maple Leaf products or really any deli meat again.

  8. debbie says:

    Call me a crazy, but I don’t have an issue smoking within 5 feet of a pregnant woman. I drink in front of them too. Sometimes to excess. I offer them wine and don’t judge if they are smoking or drinking or both. Mind you, no one wants to see a pregnant woman face down in the gutter with a smoker’s cough and a hangover.

    I loved the parsnip crisps line. Sally Whittaker is actually very funny. They should let that out more.

    I really want you to play fat Brenda.

  9. eila says:

    I agree that Violet’s treating Sean very badly.

    I don’t know about British law, but in Canada, he’d have parental rights. (Maybe he could check with Joshua’s ‘other daddy’ on that issue!)


  10. missusmac says:

    I thought I remember Sean saying he’d be just as involved with the baby as Violet wanted him to be? (Or maybe I was drunk and just thought I heard that…) Looks like Violet doesnt’ really want him to be involved?

    It’s silly that there would be this tension, because Vi, Jamie and Sean are very close friends, so one would think this particular family grouping would work very well — parenting without too much aggro.

    I’m just wondering who Clurr will pull? This could be the moment when Ashley starts looking like Brad Pitt!

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