The New CBC Corrie Site

CBC has revamped its main Corrie site. The main page now includes a photo from this evening’s episode, as well as a three sentence synopsis of tonight’s show, as well as for each of this week’s broadcasts. Keep in mind, however, that the synopsis could be considered spoilerish so proceed with caution if you want ZERO info on tonight’s show.

In addition, there is a new forum where you can discuss the show, although the examples of topics given suggest storylines from the current UK broadcast rather than the Canada one.

And, of course, they are still streaming episodes.

Looks pretty good, I must say.

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10 Responses to The New CBC Corrie Site

  1. Skeezix says:

    It does look good. But they removed Betty’s hotpot recipe (!), which was the only worthwhile component of the old site.

  2. debbie says:

    That Hot Pot recipe is easily found on the net. I actually sent them a message about the wee spoiler on the site. I just want to make sure they don’t go ruining plot lines because they don’t pay enough attention.

    Beyond that, it does look great. I love that picture of Claire that is up right now.

  3. Skeezix says:

    Oh, I know that the recipe is on the net. I have it at home. I just thought it was a nice thing to find on for someone who is new to Corrie, who might not otherwise think to google hot pot recipes.

  4. fondue123 says:

    imagine my surprise and consternation…I didn’t watch yesterday’s episode, I planned to watch it online today. Ao where is yesterday’s episode??
    I swear it was there yesterday, but today the online eps go up to Aug 7 only. what gives, anyone know?

  5. fondue123 says:

    Ok in the words of Roseanne Rosannadanna “Never Mind”. They were kinda sneaky though, I swear Aug 26 episode was in the “film strip”, now it’s not, it’s a popup…arghh.

  6. fondue123 says:

    …and here I am again…on closer examination, the popup is merely a “synopsis”. So I ask again, anyone know what’s happened to yesterday’s episode?

  7. Piper77 says:

    I believe the episodes were up, but if you head over now they have a forum where they have announced they will only be uploading the episodes after every omnibus – which makes absolutely no sense!! There tons of complaints in the forum so go over and speak up if you wish.

  8. John says:

    It does look like there are a few bugs to work out, doesn’t it?

    I’m a bit puzzled by the decision to move the online episodes to Sunday after the omnibus. I’m not sure what would have prompted that decision. And last I checked, the episode descriptions are in the wrong order.

    CTV is able to run shows right after they air on their website, so I’m not sure why CBC can’t do the same.

    Overall, I still like the new look and widescreen player but I think they still need to do a little fine tuning.

  9. mayfairgirl says:

    piper77 and john – i agree it is infuriating that cbc has decided to post the episodes after sunday.

    with the daily posts of videos – they have found something the public wants and loves – then they change it. argh!

  10. MBfan says:

    I watched half of Monday’s episode early yesterday morning and went to finish it at the end of the day and it was gone!!! I actually love the videos – no shameless CBC self-promotion (does anyone actually watch Heartland?) and no Depends ads. And I think we get the whole thing with no scenes cut. I’ll have to make my views known to CBC about waiting for the omnibus to post the videos. Ridiculous.

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