Update: Thursday September 5, 2008 – Somebody’s Watching Me.

The Stalkers

Sally announces to the family she is going to go out Christmas shopping. (Which really makes you feel we are really behind in Canada) Rosie asks Kevin if he wants a tea while he waits for Ashley before they go to football. Kevin says he will have a pint in the Rovers while he waits and goes.

Outside the house, Kevin calls Ashley and said he can’t watch the match with him as there has been an “emergency breakdown”. John tells Fizz the play he is working on won’t need him after today. The wheels in Fizz’s mind are turning.

Kevin pulls up to Fizz who asks if they are mental. Kevin said they should just get this over with and then they leave their separate ways.  Fizz on her cute little scooter.

Kevin finds Sally in a department store, peering through the racks. Looking like a real perv.

John goes into the school and is in the gymnasium. Fizz arrives on her scooter. She looks through the window and sees John with a few props. She smiles – looks relieved and leaves on her bike. Immediately afterwards, John comes out with the props and shoves them in his car and he droves off.

Sally is looking at a shirt, maybe perhaps his Christmas present? Kevin looks through clothes is watching her. A shop assistant/security person asks if he can help and if he has lost any thing. Kevin says only his marbles and tells the guy he is going to leave.

The Stalked

John pops through the back gate of the Webster’s house. Rosie asks John where he has been. He tells her at the school so he has witnesses. He says his car is half a mile away and is tired from the jogging. They both go inside.

John and Rosie are in bed and she asks him to say some poetry. Just then Kevin comes shouting in the house.  Rosie and John are shocked as they hear Kevin about to come up the stairs. Just then there is a knock at the door. Fizz says John is doing a play. Kevin says Sally is shopping. John says he does not want to make this any worse but thinks Fizz has just come in. Sally comes in and Fizz says she wanted to say sorry and offer them a drink in the pub. Sally says she will get her coat and is about to head back upstairs.  John and Rosie lay still in bed, not knowing what to do.  (Maybe get your clothes on?) Kevin shouts her and says it is sitting on the settee. They all head out to the pub.

Rosie looked over the banister of the stairs and shouts to John, it was all clear. John puts on his clothes (thank, god) said he was going and has aged ten years. He says, if he shows himself in public to keep up his appearance it will be better for both of them.

John heads to the Rovers where he finds the three of them. He offers them all a drink.  Fizz says to Sally that he looks exhausted. John is at the bar and Sally says he gives up all his free time to help the pupils. Fizz says you wont find anyone more dedicated. (Funny, but gross)

In other News:

Norris has proposed to Doreen. She has THREE proposals. Which one will she pick. Better question: can she give me tips? I  need one boyfriend.

Jerry is thinking, maybe is a neglectful father. Hmmmm. Really?

Gail tells Sarah to stop sweating the small stuff – and to trust Jason.

Violet and Sean have made up and are all kissy kissy. But how long will it last?

A question: Why was Ashley wearing a Hibs/Celtic scarf? When Manchester is either red or blue. (Yeah, blue!)

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6 Responses to Update: Thursday September 5, 2008 – Somebody’s Watching Me.

  1. kunzie says:

    Actually, when Roger’s shirt was open, you could see the words “Weatherfield” on his strip. My guess is that the local Weatherfield footy team wears Celtic colours – but isn’t the bhoys obviously. This is why you’d stand at the side of the pitch with coffee & sannies – it’s a regional club.

  2. geenee says:

    One of the most aggravating things about cheaters is trying to make the spouse look jealous and ridiculous. Fizz is right, but there she is apologizing for what she knows deep down is the truth; she just can’t prove it. I hope she gives him a thick ear one of these days!

  3. Piper77 says:

    I missed Doreen and her 3 proposals. Did they show Ivor and the other guy (can’t remember his name) propose? I was wondering if CBC cut that scene?

  4. geenee says:

    I only saw the one from Norris and I’ve watched all week. Maybe they cut the other 2 or we just have to assume they proposed as they’re all waiting for answers. I’m surprised Rita hasn’t latched on to one of them.

  5. mayfairgirl says:

    i noticed how they didn’ show the other men’s proposals as well. which i think is a bit of a shame.

    i think rita is too proud to fancy either of the other men.

  6. DarkEmpress says:

    I love Doreen, she is such a player. Rita could learn from her. Doreen and Eileen are my favourite characters.

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