Update For Episode #6694 September 5, 2008

The Ongoing Tawdry Affair

John spots a flower that has fallen onto the street from the display in front of the corner shop, picks it up and tucks it in behind the ear of his beloved. Fiz that is. How gallant. Sal comes out her door and bumps into the two, and bangs on about going to the dentist that morning for some root canal work. John offers to postpone their lesson later that day but Sal insists on carrying through with it, and then gives a longing look as John and Fiz walk off together.

At school Rosie is flirting with Lee, telling him how much of a bad girl she is. Mister Stape comes by, Lee wanders off and Rosie and her teacher/lover discuss what a close call they had on the weekend whilst doing the horizontal limbo at Chez Webster. John wonders if their almost being discovered in flagrante was a sign of sorts, that he almost had a heart attack, and don’t forget that he is almost twice her age. Rosie calls John a dirty old man and flounces away.

In class everyone is handing in their English assignments. John makes a joke about how it will make good bed time reading. Rosie makes a comment, sotto voce, that if she had a girlfriend like Fiz, all she would in bed is read. When John collects the assigment from Rosie, it is obviously incomplete, and when he questions her about it, she tells Mister Stape that something happened over the weekend that got her ‘distracted’ and she was unable to finish her homework.

The Other Ongoing Tawdry Affair

Tony drops Carla off at the factory early in the morning, in an effort to be discreet. This being Coronation Street, nothing ever happens that remains unobserved. As Carla gives Tony a sloppy kiss goodbye Kelly and Vicky come around the corner and see the romantic moment, much to the chagrin of Carla. Kelly wonders what Carla has that she doesn’t have. Vicky aks her if she really wants to know.

Kelly and Vicky discuss whether or not they are suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, and how they should get a prescrition for a holiday.

In the factory, in an effort to improve her grasp of the English tongue, Kelly teaches Vicky all the different words for kissing. Carla is not amused.

Michelle bumps into Carla on the street and they have a chat about how their lives are going. Carla confides that she might ‘like him like him’ when the topic of Tony comes up, then goes on about a strange dream she had about kissing the wrong bloke.

Liam and Carla are in the office. Carla is on the phone with Tony having a wonderful chat. Liam looks less than impressed as he doodles on a pad of paper. Kelly comes in with some tea and coffee and diagnoses the doodles as an indication of Liam being wound up and frustrated.

A woman comes into the factory looking for Carla Connor. When Carla comes over to meet her the woman gives her a wallop and tells Carla to stay away from her husband Tony, and that Carla is just one in a very long line of slappers, and then storms off. I wonder if Carla will still ‘like him like him’ after this delightful little moment.

The Ongoing Pregnancy

Sean and Violet have some fun sharing some laundry and playful banter. She can’t believe that he has both Jasmine and Green tea to choose from. Variety is the Spice Girls of life he tells her. They discuss the plan for her and Jamie to move in together.

Sean and Marcus have a pint in the pub. Sean tells his boyfriend that he should work for the UN, since he is so good at bringing warring factions together and all. Sean then tells Marcus of his Machiavellian scheme to lend Violet and Jamie 500 Pounds for the deposit on the flat, so that he will have helped put a roof over his the head of his baby, and Violet will feel obligated to let Sean be part of his life. Marcus is not impressed.

The New Pregnancy

Maria shows up late for work and Audrey tears a strip off her, telling her a client has been waiting for a long time, and wondering if there a lot of traffic or if the trains were not running on time. Maria tells her boss that she had to stop in at the chemists before work but Audrey tells her a hangover is no excuse for being late.

Maria continues to work slowly and not very well, and when Audrey tries to find out what is wrong Maria she tells her that she is pregnant. The two women have a tender heart to heart chat about what Maria should do and Audrey, bless her soul, does a wonderful job of consoling Maria in her moment of need and telling her that no matter what happens, she will never be alone in the days to come.

Bits and Bobs

Ryan tells Michelle that he plans on becoming a professional gamer. No doubt this will work out as well as the plan the Smurfman had to support himself as a gigolo when he was younger.

Dev is nowhere to be seen.

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9 Responses to Update For Episode #6694 September 5, 2008

  1. geenee says:

    Will the pregnancy ever end!? Will Sean ever shut up and leave well enough alone? I doubt it.

    I didn’t have Tony pegged as a married man. What a shocker!

    Rosie just loved almost getting caught and secretly John probably did too.

    Ken, Dierdre and Blanche seem to have left the country.

  2. Gayle says:

    Audrey really irritated me when she told Maria off in front of the customer. Completely unprofessional. Where were Sara and David? Is Sara supposed to be a trained hairstylist? I can’t wait for Snape and Rosie to get caught I don’t like either one of them.

  3. missusmac says:

    It took me a moment to remember the details of Maria’s first pregnancy. Didn’t she get pregnant by sleeping with Toyah’s teacher boyfriend? And did she get an abortion?

    Yes, teachers are a randy, slimey bunch on this program. Makes you wonder what Ken got up to in his fancy teacher cardigans…

  4. geenee says:

    Ken had his share of shinnanagans, but not with students, that I can remember. There was an older principal pursuing him for awhile.
    Other than that, he confined himself to teaching the curriculum and trying to promote higher education.

    Can’t remember if Maria had an abortion or miscarried but think she miscarried.

  5. kunzie says:

    An OLDER principal? How old was she, eighty? ;-).

    I’m not likin’ the “manufactured” suspense regarding Rosie & John getting exposed. Enough already – like the Richard Hillman cards, this storyline has gone on too long – time to move it to the fallout stage.

    Tony shocked me, too! It never crossed my mind. Now, this does pave the way for Liam and Carla…no wait, Liam’s current GF is pregnant….OK, I just figured out why Maria’s pregnancy is even happening….

    I do miss seeing Amber – she’d give Rosie a right telling-off: “Like…man…wot kind of a saddoe sleeps with their teach-eh?”

  6. geenee says:

    Remember, when Corrie started, Ken was still a student! He went on protest marches etc. The principal was gray-haired and Ken was much younger looking – about 20 years ago.

    We don’t see enough of Amber.

  7. Michigander Fan says:

    OK – sign no. 423 that he is just not that into you: He picks up a flower off the street (where shoes go, dogs pee, and people EXPECTORATE) and PUTS IT IN YOUR HAIR.



  8. debbie says:

    Kunzie, that was a GREAT Amber impression. I can even picture her face saying it.

    Regarding Maria. She did indeed have an abortion after she got knocked up by Toyah’s boyfriend.

  9. beanie says:

    Dudes….Ken was pretty freakin’ old when he had the fling with Principal Sue Jeffers and she was freakin’ ancient. She was after Ken BIG TIME when he returned to teaching and she told him she had to lay off a staff member and he had the least seniority. Then Ken laid Ms. Jeffers. I remember it because I was so grossed out. Diedre let herself into #1 (they were on the verge of reconciling) and found old lady shoes and handbag and heard them upstairs. Eeewwww.

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