Update For Episode #6695 September 8, 2008

Ibiza, the crown jewel of The Balearic Islands

The Deposit

Sean tracks down Jamie and Violet in the pub and tries to give them the 500 pounds for a deposit on their flat. They politely turn him down. Later at home he tries again to give the money to Violet but she tells him that Jamie won’t accept the money. Some sort of guy thing apparently.

The Career

When Ryan comes home from school Michelle surprises him with a stack of video games. He wonders how his Mom got cool all of a sudden. She explains to Ryan that they are from his Uncle Paul, and he can play them to his heart’s content, after he finishes his homework. Later Ryan destroys Steve in a match of FIFA 2008, before Michelle sends him to bed.

The Essay

Mister Stape tries to talk to Rosie about her attempt at an English essay, wondering if she had done it ‘on the bog’. Rosie thinks John is being a bit too familiar, and that she was unable to complete the requisite homework assigment as she was busy getting busy on the weekend, if you know I mean. John shows a bit of backbone and tells her that she has to do the essay again, much to the chagrin of young Rosie.

John comes by the Webster household later to give Sal her lesson, and is greeted at the door by the resident harlot. Rosie then employs a bit of blackmail to insure that she will be getting good grades without having to put out too much hard work. So to speak. When Sal is moaning in the dining room about how difficult her studies are Rosie flounces by and tells her that ‘are better ways to get a good grade’.

The Cage Dancer

A cab pulls up on the street and an attractive young woman gets out. ‘Six pound eighty’ the cab driver tells her. She gives him a passionate kiss and asks him much the fare is now. ‘Six pound eighty’ he says. She gives him a fiver and makes her way into the pub, here she proceeds to offend Betty and make a big impression on Ashley and Kevin, who she renames Norman and Enrique.

‘What kind of champagne do you have?’ she asks. ‘Newton & Ridley’ replies Betty.
‘What kind of crisps do you have? she asks. ‘Poncy’ replies Betty.

Violet and Sean come into the pub and are shocked to discover that the new strumpet of the street is none other than Lauren, sister of Violet, who has retruned from her cage dancing gig on the island of Ibiza. They have a bit of a catch up, Lauren manages to embarass both Sean and her sister when she discovers that Sean is the father of the unborn baby.

‘Get me a stiff one’ she says. ‘That’s what Violet said’ replies Sean.

The Chin

Liam chases after the woman who clouted Carla, catching her in the street and calling her a mad bitch. She threatens to charge him with assault, which Liam finds somewhat ironic. It turns out that she is the ex of square chin Tony, and she claims they were still together when Tony started seeing Carla.

Meanwhile Carla is in the loo composing herself, before she makes her way back to the office, offering up an excuse to the girls about how what just happened was some sort of training exercise. Liam comes back and explains what he found out but Carla seems to be in a state of denial. Carla then phones Tony and invites him over to ‘measure the length of her skirt’. (the smurfman has heard that one many times before) The chin comes by and he and Carla hash everything out , and end up snogging on the steps of the factory, much to the disgust of Liam.

Maria, who has quite a bit on her mind at the moment, is being treated rather poorly by Liam, who is experiencing what one might call jealousy. They go to the pub, end up chatting with Michelle – who slags off Carla and her family at some length – before Maria tells Liam that she just wants to home and watch some telly in bed. He agrees, but then gets distracted by the arrival of Carla, who he has to confront about her behaviour with Tony. Carla wonders why it is any of his business, before an annoyed Maria drags him out of the pub.

Bits and Bobs

Still no sign of Dev, Deirdre, Ken and Blacnhe.

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29 Responses to Update For Episode #6695 September 8, 2008

  1. beanie says:

    Great photo of Ibeza !!! Many years ago I had a mad desire to go there… now I’m far too old. I’m trying to decide what made Carla look more unprofessional a)getting smacked by a mad woman in front of your staff or b)sucking face with your fella at the door of the factory in the daytime and SOBER.
    Papa Smurf everytime I see Rosie I can’t stop thinking jubblies jubblies LOL

  2. beanie says:

    Am I the only one who missed Tony’s chin? I must take a closer look tomorrow.

  3. geenee says:

    I think that was Tony’s sinister look! Was that woman – (who looked very familiar) his wife, ex-wife, ex-live-in-lover or what? Carla should be a bit more skeptical after her experience with Paul. Liam is definitely not that into Maria.

    When you say “resident harlot” I think of Sally, and Rosie is just like her mom in her behaviour.

    It will be another challenge trying to understand Lauren. I think she could be funny – and a lot more fun than Violet but I missed a lot of what she said. Betty was great as usual.

  4. glacia says:

    I thought the actress playing Lauren was trying a bit too hard…the constant sucking in of the cheeks was getting on my nerves. It’s like she took her acting lessons from John Inman.

    I’m getting old maybe, but it seems like every new character has to be introduced in a ‘bold as brass’ way…just so we viewers ‘get’ that this character, this character here is a cheeky monkey so hold on to your teacups, it’s gonna be a *crazy* ride.

  5. Mandy says:

    I actually don’t think Lauren is anything to look at at all compared to Violet. She’s got a weird nose and a manly face and before Violet got prego she had a better body. This girl annoys me already. Oh, and she fake bakes. Ew.

  6. antik says:

    er.. “fake bakes” .. ?? .. I don’t follow..

  7. missusmac says:

    Lauren struck me as Cilla Lite. So much innuendo in one so young. Just seemed weird and far too over the top.

    So Vi has a dad and a mom still living? I always thought there was some huge tragedy in her life that had her looking so teary-eyed, but apparently it wasn’t mom and dad dying a horrendous death.

    Loved, loved loved the background info on Carla’s family that came up at the bar, i.e. mom going to court in her slippers, brothers nearly killing Ryan accidentally. Now, that’s Corrie!

  8. Mandy says:

    Fake bake = laying in a tanning bed for a good portion of the day trying to get a tan to look hot. Usually ending up looking orange and crispy.

  9. Mandy says:

    Oh, and I really think it’s weird how disconnected Violet is with her family. So her parents don’t know she’s pregnant now… did they know last time? Did they know she miscarried? Weird.

  10. Gayle says:

    Glacia, I was thinking the same as you regarding the actress playing Lauren.

    Mandy, I would like to know more about Violet’s family. If they are anything like Lauren, no wonder Violet seems so sad all the time.

    I am not looking forward to the Lauren character at all.

  11. Glacia says:

    Yeah she came off a bit drag-queenish.

    BTW – when would have Sean met her?

  12. Mandy says:

    Violet doesn’t really come across as all that sad to me, more like just a serious person. But honestly I never got the opinion that she was sad or anything. We’ve seen lots of times where she’s been having a blast with Jamie or Sean or Eileen. She is a bit jaded I think but I do remember reading somewhere that she left home at an early age to live with an older man who broke her heart or something. That would explain why she’s jaded. I mean, she’s no more sad all the time than, say, Maria.

  13. geenee says:

    I always found Violet to be sad and depressed most of the time – except when she gets what she wants ie. Jamie. Maria can be pleasant but more so when she started and was with Tyrone. She’s had a lot of let-downs since then and I think she’s in for another with Liam.

    Betty may be a good judge of character when it comes to Lauren, but at least Lauren is cheerful.

  14. Emily says:

    I was also wondering how Lauren & Sean knew each other. Although, I had read somewhere that Violet & Sean knew each other before they came to the street… so maybe Lauren also knew him.

    If not for her very feminine voice, I would have thought Lauren to be a drag queen.

  15. Michigander Fan says:

    I actually thought it was Shania from Ibiza for a minute.

  16. papasmurf1964 says:

    A visit Shania would be a fun twist, but I think she/he hailed from Malta…

  17. kunzie says:

    Agree with all…Lauren is very over-played, too bad because Corrie gives us such great subtleties. Would have been much more intriguing if Lauren came in low-key.

    Sorry Violet supporters, I think she’s a sad-sack. She’s prickly, easy to offend, touchy, opinionated. Exactly the kind of friend you’d be constantly apologizing to. Yes, she is fairly smart and has some depth…but I’d probably screen her calls.

    I find Liam and Carla absolutely electric. Their chemistry is palpable. And he’s just not that into Maria. I found Maria’s comment a white ago very poignant: “Wait until he discovers there’s less to me than meets the eye.” I don’t feel that way about her…but she’s headed for tears.

    All I can keep thinking regarding Fiz is how much Kirk loved her. She wanted to expand her horizons and look what she got.

  18. Gayle says:

    Kunzie, funny you should mention Kirk…where have him and Chesney been? I miss them.

    Does anyone else think Michelle treats Ryan like a baby? How old is he supposed to be, all he ever seems to do is sit around and play video games.

  19. kunzie says:

    How about David Platt & Rosie together? That would make Kalifornia look like a cakewalk.

  20. Mandy says:

    I guess Violet has been emotional lately with the baby and stuff, but I don’t think she’s always been this way. I mean, I’d rather hang out with someone like that than Sarah Platt. Who can be nice and generally is a nice person, but when you’re on her bad side, watch out!

    Does anyone think Lauren looks like a shorter-haired, manlier, more annoying (that’s stretching it here) version of Candice?

    But seriously, even if Violet is a downer, it totally suits that she’s with Jamie. He’s a downer too! Sean is the only light-hearted one in that trio lately, even with all that he’s going through.

  21. missusmac says:

    Sorry, but Vi has always been this way, not only lately with the baby, etc.

    I’m with kunzie. I’d be her friend — probably — but I’d screen her calls. Shes’ the martyred friend we all have. The one who is such a downer, you mostly avoid her. But when you do make an effort to get together, she continually points out sadly how much you avoid her…and the cycle begins again.

  22. S. Poole says:

    Mandy, I thought it was Candice, glad I am not alone.

    As mentioned, Sean and Vi are old friends so I presume Lauren met him back in their pre-Corrie Street days.

  23. Emily says:

    My husband also thought it was Candice at first glance.

  24. Diane/tvor says:

    I think Violet has made references to not getting on at all with their parents so i’m guessing she’s not had a great family life. She’s known Sean quite awhile so Lauren probably has met him in the past too.

    I hate Lauren already. She’s manipulative, a liar and a troublemaker. I can spot it a mile away.

  25. Lyta says:

    I thought Lauren was Candice at 1st too. But I really think she’s a reincarnation of Cilla. She even makes the same scrunchy face when she gets told off by Betty.

  26. glacia says:

    Okay, my brain is mush. How were Sean and Violet old friends? I thought Sean was friend of Karl and that’s how he got introduced to the show. Did he know Violet seperatly and it was just a happy coincidence that they both live on the street?

  27. Glacia says:

    I got it…she’s like that transvestite on Showcase’s ‘Kink’. I think her name was ‘Alexis’ and she had that bad news boyfriend in jail.

    BTW – I did the Candice double take too.

  28. missusmac says:

    I think Violet came on the scene to visit Sean one day? They are supposed to be really close, old friends.

    I think Sean was introduced via Todd and Karl, he was one of Karl’s circle of friends. Next thing you know, he’s selling beauty aids to Eileen, and camping out — and being campy — on Eileen’s couch.

    At least that’s how I remember it, but I could be totally confused!

  29. S. Poole says:

    When Sean was introduced I do believe it was mentioned that he and Vi once worked in a pub together in their pre-Corrie/Rovers days.

    Glad I was not alone in thinking Candice was arriving a few weeks late for Sarah’s wedding. And doubly glad the actress who played her has not aged really badly.

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