Update For Episode #6699, September 12, 2008

The muse that inpsires the writings of Papa Smurf

The Book

Lloyd looks at the ‘under new management’ sign in the window of the Turf Accountant (aka The Bookies) with a pensive expression.

The two newest characters on the cobble, Harry and Dan Mason, pull up a short while later driving some fine examples of German engineering. Harry the dad asks Dan the son what sort of naff car he is driving (looks to me like an Audi A3) and how he could afford it. Dan tells his dad that he has it on trial, and it is all part of creating the right image in the neighbourhood. Harry still thinks it looks like something a hairdresser would drive.

Harry gets a call on his mobile (this will happen a lot it would seem) from what appears to be his divorce lawyer. They debate what car his wife/ex can gave in the settlement. Harry gets another call on his mobile. It is the wife/ex this time. He does not want to speak with her.

Lloyd and Steve discuss the outstanding 400 pound debt Lloyd had with the old bookie, and whether or not the new bookies will try to collect on it. Eileen tells here colleagues about the pajamas she received from a catologue but was never charged for, and how she can’t wear them in fear of men with clubs coming to repossess them while she sleeps. Dan comes in looking for Lloyd Mullaney. Lloyd pretends to not not know the whereabouts of Lloyd, doing a poor job of lying to the new bookie in the process. Dan leaves and Lloyd thinks he has got away with something.

Dan goes back to tell his dad that Lloyd was obviously lying to him and is either a smooth operator or the dumbest man on the planet. (the latter choice seems closer to the mark) Harry tells his son to go easy on Lloyd, it is only 400 pounds after all. Harry gets another call from his lawyer on his mobile, and they discuss why the wife/ex would need two cars.

Dan goes into The Rovers for a pint and chats up Michelle for some information about Lloyd. She tells Dan that Lloyd is definitely not a fighter, more of a teddy bear really. Lloyd comes into the pub and falls for the oldest trick in the book when Dan calls out his name and Lloyd responds. Clever one there Lloyd. The have a discusssion about the money owed, Lloyd tries to talk his way out of it, Dan gets a bit menacing, Lloyd promises to sort things out.

The Crook

Vern and Liz discuss the ominous news of the appearance of Jim.

Steve tells Liz that he is off with Amy to the Cash and Carry, and then proceeds to meet Jim at the park so he can spend some time with his granddaughter. Jim waxes eloquent about the importance of family, how he wants to be a good grandfather, and all he wants from life now is is a wee job, a roof over his head and a good boozer to go to for a pint. Quite reasonable really. Before long though Steve tells his dad that they have to go, so that Liz won’t get suspicious. (you think Liz would notice the lack of purchases from the Cash and Carry) Jim notes that it still feels like visitng time in the big house.

Ken and Deirdre, alive and well it would seem, are in the pub chatting with Liz about the news of Jim returning to the street. They comment on how stressed Liz appears. Liz admits she would die for a smoke right about now. Ken congratulates Liz on having quit smoking and how strong she is being in resisting temptation. Deirdre tells Liz that she has a pack of smokes stashed at home that she will share with Liz after she finishes her drink. Ken is less than impressed with his wife the enabler.

The Hook

Liam and Maria are talking in the street and seem to have come an agreement for Maria to have an abortion, and he promises to be supportive of her in any way he can. Maria goes off to work and Michelle comes out of the shop and playfully asks Liam ‘how’s it going big daddy?’ Liam tells his sister what he and Maria have decided to do, and asks Michelle to keep all of it quiet.

We next see Liam outside the house of Tony, playing at being a private investigator. (how Tony could fail to notice the hideous car that Liam drives parked in front of his house escapes me) When Tony leaves Liam fires up his car and is about to follow Tony when Lindsey knocks on the window, gets in the car and proceeds to tell Liam about all the supposedly horrible things she knows about Tony, and how in spite of it all she still loves him. (sounds like Lindsey might be related to our old friend KC)

Liam shows up at the factory and confesses to Carla that he has been checking Tony out. Carla wonders if Liam thinks he is Columbo, and points out the somewhat insane behaviour he is exhibiting. They have a heated discussion about her relationship with Tony and what Lindsey had to say about him. In the end Carla, in a veiled reference to Paul, asks if Tony used to drink drive, slept with prostitutes, or cheated at golf. Liam tells Carla that she wouldn’t be where she was today without Paul. She points out that the same is true about Liam. The heated discussion continues.

Poor Vicky, having drawn the short straw, comes by the office to see if the girls can go for dinner.

Carla wonders if Liam is jealous of her relationship with Tony, and asks if Liam wants rip off her clothes and ravish her in the knicker reject bin right then and there. In the end Carla tells Liam that nothing is ever going to happen between the two of them.

Having been rejected by his former sister-in-law, in a calm and well thought out manner, Liam makes his way to the salon where Audrey and Maria are sharing some lunch. Maria tells Liam the she will done in five minutes and they can talk then but Liam, in one of the least romantic moments in televison history, just blurts out ‘marry me’. Poor Audrey nearly chokes on her sandwich. Liam then gets down on one knee and tells Maria that he has had a moment of pure clarity and can’t wait another second, and then asks again, Maria Sutherland, will you marry me?

Bits and Bobs

Stephen is coming to visit Audrey soon.

Eileen and Jerry are planning a big date.

Still no sign of Dev.

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41 Responses to Update For Episode #6699, September 12, 2008

  1. geenee says:

    This is such an educational site, I’ll just ask: how does one run up a tab with a bookie? Is it from phoning in bets, or like a charge account? Do they have their own credit cards and the usual high interest rate?

    Lots of new characters lately: Lauren, 2 new bookies, Tony’s ex., Jim back and Steven coming for a visit. I thought Liz and Steve overdid the fear of Jim. After all it was Jim trying to save Steve from the evil dope dealer that put him in the slammer. It seemed pretty recent that Liz couldn’t wait to re-marry Jim and now she’s afraid?

    Ken and Dierdre almost seemed like new characters, they’ve been gone so long on extended vacations. I suppose Ches and Kirkie are away too.

  2. Michigander Fan says:

    Was it just me or was that park very lush and verdant for late November/early December? Don’t leaves fall off trees in merry olde England? Or… were they Texas Live Oaks – the leaves fall off in March? (JFK reference)

    So far I like Jim.

    It was kinda nice to see Ken & Deirdre, but still no sign of Blanche!!! Where is the nasty old biddy?! I heart her!

    Geenee, I have no clue how you run up a tab at a bookies, except that I have a funny feeling that if you owe one money, you are probably not getting the best interest rate.

    Just my guess.


  3. Gayle says:

    What I can never understand is the clothing that the characters wear never seem seasonable. We had Gail wearing gloves and people in the park wearing winter jackets, yet Carla wearing a tank top (like we wear in July).

  4. kunzie says:

    I also noticed Carla dressed in breezy summer pink. But then, go into any club in T.O. in January and you’ll find plenty of girls wearing spaghetti strings.

    My guess? – Jim MacDonald gets himself a job as the bookies’ enforcer…and his first client will be Lloyd!

    Marcus grows on me more and more every time I see him. I hope he’s going to be around for a while. I’d like to see him interact with more characters than just Sean and his clique.

    It’s funny how Michelle used to hate Steve’s lying all the time…and now, while not condoned, it’s accepted (as long as he lies to everyone but her). And yes, as a “family” she SHOULD expect to mind Amy from time to time without objecting, just as Steve will look after her lovely and charming son.

  5. Glacia says:

    Okay, just consulted my English friend and here’s the situation.

    Of course bookies are totally legal in the UK. The big bookies like Tote and William Hill make you pay on placement. Smaller bookies if they know you will let you run a tab. If you don’t pay, they can collect through legal means.

  6. debbie says:

    Who is this woman?

  7. geenee says:

    Glacia: thanks for the info. I guess that’s what happened with Lloyd.

    I’ve often wondered about the way people on the street dress in winter. I would freeze but I suppose they keep the Rovers overheated to promote thirst!

  8. Michigander Fan says:

    OK, after watching the omnibus again, I stand by what I said at the park – there were leaves falling, but at the same time, that grass was GREEN. Psychadelically green. Now, I realize the climate isn’t going to be the same in the UK as it is in Michigan/Ontario, but shouldn’t the leaves have dropped by then? SHouldn’t the grass look dead-ish? And it was awfully sunny for late November.

    And people do dress unseasonally on the Street. My sister studied in Manchester for a semester, and according to her, it doesn’t get THAT cold in that region, but of course these things are relative. Still not tank top weather.

    But young women are expecially noted for “suffering for beauty’s sake”.


  9. Michigander Fan says:


    Good info. (Am I betraying my ignorance by admitting I don’t know if bookies are legal in the US or in Canada?)

    It still sounds like Dan Mason is looking into mafia-esque ways of getting the money from Lloyd though. (Possibly he’s seen Goodfellas.)

    BTW, can I just say that Dan Mason and Daddy Mason look like they are actually related? Great casting job there.


  10. Michigander Fan says:

    Memo to Liam Connor:

    When you are on a stakeout, it is a good idea to be in an INCONSPICUOUS CAR. This is why cops don’t do stakeouts in squad cars.

    Your car is the polar opposite of inconspicuous.

    Just sayin.


  11. Michigander Fan says:


    I like Marcus too, and enjoyed his ribbing of Norris. Perhaps he may be allowed to break out of the trendy gay couple mold and interact with others, although if (as I suspect) Sean and Violet reconcile and he plays a part in raising Baby Gloom, there may be storylines therein.

    However, I am concerned of what I call “the Ellen factor” wherein every storyline involving a gay character must be about their gayness. As if they don’t also have other issues in their lives.


  12. kunzie says:

    That was my point about Marcus – I want him to be in stories with themes other than his orientation.

    LOVE IT – Baby Gloom. LOL!!!!

  13. papasmurf1964 says:

    I spent a Christmas season in the UK one year and spent most of it in shorts – and the greenery was quite green.

  14. glacia says:

    Did I hear right or did Tony’s wife (or whatever) ask Liam if he was a cop. Um…didn’t she meet him at the factory when he went chasing after her and didn’t he explain that he was Carla’s brother-in-law?

    I missed the announcement of the return o f Stephen. I wonder if they’ll hire the same American to play the Canadian.

    Also, Jim cracks me up. Here I am defending him, and what is the first thing he does but goes to the Rovers. Oh and he wants a regular boozer? Didn’t he say 5 seconds ago that he gave up the drink?

    I heart Jim.

  15. Michigander Fan says:


    Seriously? Then Kelly has noooo business complaining about Seasonal Affective Disorder. They have no clue how long and grey winter can actually be. (At least we get some sun in Michigan.)

    I would LOVE to see green in December!


  16. Michigander Fan says:


    I noticed the same thing about Jim – one day it’s “a big strong cup of coffee” and the next day it’s “I just want to be able to sit and have a pint in my local”.

    Too funny!

    I will be fascinated to see this American actor to which you refer. Depending on where he’s from, it could be quite amusing: California surfer dude trying to wangle Canadian vowels would be hilarious. Like, ohmigawd, eh?

    Re: Lindsey. I think she was trying to be funny. Not successfully. She’s either a bad actress or the character is a major stoner. Or both.


  17. Michigander Fan says:


    Doctor Who starts Friday!!!!


  18. Gayle says:

    Michigander fan, Please don’t get too excited about seeing the “brother” Stephen. I couldn’t stand him the last time he appeared, he is a very bad American actor trying to Canadian. The guy had the personality of a doorknob and not much to look at either. I am dreading his appearance. If they wanted to have a Canadian character why in God’s name did they not hire a Canadian actor.

  19. Michigander Fan says:


    I’m excited because he could be a source of endless amusement for us, of course! Think of the Corrie Canuckers really coming up with some snappy one-liners. Think of the snark that Debbie and Papa could get up to with this! (And Glacia’s probably already stocked up with a case of vodka just for the occasion.)

    As for why they didn’t hire a Canadian actor, I cannot possibly say… Maybe they don’t understand the subtle and not-so subtle differences that make us 2 distinct cultures…

    As for him being not much to look at… (wow does this sound mean) – he’s Gail Platt’s brother, right? So he looks like a pasty giant snapping turtle.

    (taking the witch hat off now)


  20. Michigander Fan says:


    To be fair, Jim doesn’t actually KNOW you are defending him. Considering that all this actually happened 9 months ago. Except that it’s happening now. But it was really happening then. (This kind of stuff messes with my mind – the space time continuum. It has made Doctor Who easier to follow however.)


  21. glacia says:

    Okay, when he first came on I thought he was a Brit trying to do a Canadian accent and getting it wrong by doing some weird American accent with extended vowels. I guess the actor thinks that Canadians speak that way.

    Even the most American sounding of Canadians (I include myself in that) I think have that non-descript Peter Jennings accent.

    Maybe there’s no unemployed Canadian actors in the UK.

    My favourite bad casting was ‘In Bruges’ – the ‘fat’ Americans were actually British and Irish actors and the Canadian character was played by an actor from Slovenia.

  22. OrangeJoy says:


    In addition to be a FABULOUS writer and a really, really good speller, you are the sweetest man that I know. Oh yeah- AND you are the dreamiest…..

    love, oj

  23. Glacia says:

    wow Papa….none of the rest of us got mash notes.

  24. papasmurf1964 says:


  25. Michigander Fan says:


    Total agreement. And I know what you mean about the non-descript accent as well – my soon to be BIL, who grew up in Windsor, sounds completely nondescript (insert ominous tone here): You’d never know he was Canadian (dunh-dunh-DUNH!) except when he says one of three words (at least that I’ve noticed so far).

    If you want to do the “which side of the border are they from?” game, get the person in question to say one of the following 3 words in a sentence:

    In all seriousness though, what I have noticed with ANY person trying to master any other accent, the vowels get you every time. With the exception of Hugh Laurie, who is not only dreamy squared, but also does the absolute most convincing American accent ever, any time a British actor tries to do an American accent, some vowel they pronounce weirdly gives them away.

    As you can see, I have given this way more thought than necessary.


  26. Michigander Fan says:

    Papa, you have a fan club!


  27. Michigander Fan says:

    Serious question:

    Did anyone else watch the nightly eps AND the omnibus this week? I have gotten into the practice of watching both, because there are always scenes in the omnibus which get cut from the weeknight eps… except I didn’t notice any this week. Can anyone reference a scene in the omnibus that had previously been cut from the weeknight airing?

    If not, is that because they stopped cutting weeknight scenes, or (gasp) because they are also cutting them from the omnibus?

    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


  28. TrudyC says:

    I remember that Stephen did have the personality of a doorknob. Don’t know how Alma fell for him. Let’s hope it’s someone new.

  29. missusmac says:

    Stephen may have listened to Alma, a habit Mike never seemed to pick up except when Alma was dying.

    I never actually saw Stephen before, and I don’t remember his impending visit coming up anywhere other than Audrey saying “stephen called” when talking to Gayle on the street.

  30. debbie says:

    Who is this OTHER woman crushing on Papa Smurf. Back off! Get your own Smurf!

  31. glacia says:

    Smack down for Smurf 2008.

  32. antik says:


    Pretty sure there were extra ‘moments’ in the omnibus. Seem to remember.. it wasn’t ..an entire scene.. that was excised from the weekday episode .. more like a scene that was truncated. Can’t recall what it was now.. but didn’t feel I’d missed much.

    One thing I did miss until the 3rd or 4th go-around (watching in various time-zones.. pathetic.. I know) .. was Carla talking to Liam at the bar.. as Maria was waiting for him at the door .. Carla telling Liam.. to get back to his.. ‘airhead’ .. Seemed shocking somehow.. .. Say what you will about her roughest-family-on-the-estate origins .. she does seem to have pulled herself up above that sort of petty nastiness.

    Also agree.. Liz does seem to be making Jim out to be worse than I remember.. He did have a temper.. but they had a soul-mate sort of feel to them back when.. until he threw her out of the car.. .. Still.. I think I’d go for Jim before Vernon..

  33. Mandy says:

    I thought the park looked weird too! Didn’t Sally just say she was going Christmas shopping?

    Please, SOMEONE tell me, does Rosie own any other shirt than that horrible ruffled one that looks like Jerry Seinfeld’s pirate shirt?

  34. geenee says:

    Maybe they’re having a green Christmas – like we sometimes do – only the leaves here have fallen.

    Jim usually has good reason to lose his temper and wouldn’t be anyone’s “enforcer” – so he wouldn’t. Remember when Steve pushed him and he fell over the scaffold, which made him crippled for months. Then Liz bedded the physiotherapist? I want him to stay; Vernon can go! And take the Mortons with him. And bring back Curly and Gary.

  35. Michigander Fan says:

    Geenee said: And bring back Curly and Gary.

    Don’t forget Moe.


  36. Michigander Fan says:

    Mandy said: Please, SOMEONE tell me, does Rosie own any other shirt than that horrible ruffled one that looks like Jerry Seinfeld’s pirate shirt?

    Arrr, Matey!

  37. Michigander Fan says:

    So far I like Jim. I don’t have the history with Jim that some of you do (I’m so jealous!), but so far I enjoy him.

    (Plus he’s cute.)

    I get a laugh out of Vernon, but of the 2, I know who I’d prefer.

    He is definitely more intense than Vern.


  38. Michigander Fan says:


    OK. Extra moments in a scene I can see as possible. But sometimes there’s a whole scene or two that appear on Sunday that don’t get seen during the week (which is why I started taping the omnibus and watching it Sunday afternoons).

    I feel better because I thought I was losing my mind! (Which may still be true.)


  39. Michigander Fan says:

    OK. I looked into the actor who plays Stephen Reid (courtesy of Corrie Net):

    American father
    British mother
    Grew up in: NYC; Frankfurt, Germany; Chicago; Sao Paulo, Brazil; Australia.

    Poor guy – no wonder he doesn’t sound Canadian – I’m amazed he can put together a sentence in any one language and have it make sense!

    Vowels indeed!


  40. papasmurf1964 says:

    There are palm trees that grow freely on the west coast of Scotland. Really. Something to do with The Gulf Stream. Ergo leaves and green grass in Manchester at Christmas might not be out of sorts.

  41. glacia says:

    I think there was a palm tree at Tony’s place. I mentioned that it was kind of depressing, why should a palm tree have to hang out in grey cold Man?

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