Monday September 15th – The Coming Together, Breaking Apart Update

Ok Canucksters I have to come clean here. I am not all that interested in the Carla, Liam and Tony thing. It just doesn’t do anything for me. And, I believe I can find sympathy from a number of you when I say that I am similarly disinterested by the Mortons. So, I launch into this particular update with somewhat little excitement.

Still, I present to you, the update for Monday September 15th 2008. UK time Monday December 3rd – episode 2.

Liam and Maria needed a moment. Now, I know I am thinking with a rational soap opera mind, but a snap proposal after an unplanned pregnancy from a dude who acts all sketchy around his dead brother’s Manchester-glam widow would make me a little nervous. But, maybe these kids would make it work. Let’s all hope against hope. I would like to see more of a nice functional relationship. I guess we have to rely on Molly and Tyrone for that.

Audrey has to sit outside of her own business to wait for the two to emerge with Maria’s yes or no answer. Oh, romance is alive in the salon. When they come out, everyone is pleased with the result, there will be another wedding on the street.

As they stroll down the street feeling dead romantic Tony comes by to confront Liam about his conversation with his ex. Tony is pissed and lets Liam know he was out of order.

At Underworld Tony and Carla talk about Liam and his behaviour. I guess Tony doesn’t really mind that Liam is checking up on him and assumes it is for business reasons – I think. I wasn’t really paying attention here. All I know is that Tony asks Carla if they can hang out later and she puts him off.

At the end of the day Carla ends up on Liam’s doorstep. She comes in to talk about Paul, but it looks like she is there for something else, if you get my meaning. It looks like she is going to tell him that she has feelings for him, but Liam drops the ‘I’m marrying Maria’ bomb. Maria then shows up with beer and crisps – the perfect girlfriend. Carla does a crap job of being happy for them and leaves.

Outside, she is clearly heartbroken and then calls her back-up man, Tony, to come pick her up. I am finding it really difficult to empathize with Carla. You could slice bread on that woman’s forehead. They do an excellent job making her look harsh.

Steve met the Masons. He met dad Mason outside the bookies and had an amusing exchange about pubs, sons, moms and Elieens. Later, in the pub, Steve catches bookie son hitting in Michelle. They have yet another funny exchange and Steve is hilarious. He accuses him of trying to cop off with his bird after his dad tries to nick his staff. Hilarious. Bookie son gets the message and backs off.

I gotta say, I agree with Sarah Lou. I would not at all like some other woman was flirting with Papa Smurf text messaging my man throughout the day and signing off with the triple X. We all know what that means. She has every right to be upset and Jason should understand and stop texting Becky. Too bad he isn’t texting Becky and it is actually David. He stole Becky’s phone and is now being a jerk and causing trouble. I wonder if it will become clear that Becky’s phone was stolen and I wonder what is plan is when he’s found out. Even though I am kind of sick of David, I’d like to see him get caught for this, and I want to see him get what he deserves in the end. Yes, Corrie, you got me.

Eileen and Jerry had a special night planned. She got dressed and assumed they were going out. No! Since Jerry, like the rest of the street, is afraid of the babysitter they stay in with Kayleigh and Lloyd Jr. Finley.* Kayleigh is flipping channels and being amazingly rude.

Eileen’s had enough. Outside the house she dumps Jerry away from the prying eyes of his and Lloyd’s kids. Jerry takes it a little too well for Eileen’s liking, but the relationship is done. Jerry lost a great catch there.

*Considering the Street’s history of crazy babysitters, Baby-stalkers and baby-stealers you can’t blame them.

In Other News:

Liz told Deirdre that she wants Jim to sling his hook as she is happy with a man who loves are and doesn’t have the tendency to get hammered and beat the pulp out of everyone who looks at him sideways. To me, it sounded like she was trying to convince herself, not Deirdre.

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16 Responses to Monday September 15th – The Coming Together, Breaking Apart Update

  1. glacia says:

    I really hate that kid Kayleigh. She’s really quite disgusting and it saddens me that smacking kids upside the head has fallen out of favour with western culture.

    Seriously, she needs a smack.

    No worries, Corrie Canucks, Glacia really doesn’t promote hitting children. I just really hate that kid.

  2. glacia says:

    oh, and ‘Lloyd Jr.’ made me snort tea out of my nose.

  3. Michigander Fan says:


    My grandma would say that she needs a good swift kick up the backside. And I completely agree.

    Plus, it’s kids like her that would call Child Services on you after a swat.

    Little snot. I’ll lay money that she’s going to be the next Sarah-Lou preggers at 13-ish kid on the Street.


  4. kunzie says:

    Can’t stand Kayleigh either. And…even if they were staying home…did Gerry and Eileen have to spend it squashed on that tiny sofa with the kid between them, like marshmallows shoved into a matchbox? What’s wrong with some wine / conversation at the table? It seems that many of the Corrie youngsters are very rude to adult guests with absolutely no consequence. I’m with Glacia on this one – discipline!!

    Aside from that I am utterly alone. I can hear the wind howling out on Dufferin Street. I may as well be standing on the moor. Why? Because I LIKE Carla – she has really grown on me. And I thought she had great intensity with Liam. But I may as well be yelling down an empty gift-wrapping tube. To myself. Helllooooooooo.

  5. Michigander Fan says:

    Debbie – Finlay TOTALLY looks like Lloyd!

    And I feel you about Bob & Carol and Ted & Alice. I’m still a little cheesed that whats-her-face fell to her death at the factory and Carla never paid the penalty for that. Bad deeds are supposed to get punished on soaps. That’s part of their appeal to me. Also, I was noticing (after she got slapped) that she makes a way better Morticia than Carolyn Jones ever did. Carolyn actually had a sweet face, where Carla just looks hard and mean.

    Felt kind of bad for Eileen, but you don’t have an intense passionate relationship with a guy like Jerry Morton. So she shouldn’t be surprised that he didn’t punch the wall (or her).

    I also got the impression Liz was trying to convince herself about Jim vs. Vern. I know who I’d pick.
    (cough. not vern. cough.)


  6. Mandy says:

    I would pick Jim but only if I knew he wouldn’t abuse me! But don’t you all remember how most people fell in love with Vernon (or liked him a little more) when Liz cheated on him and he said he’s not the kind of guy to hit her and stuff? That was sweet. And I really do think he means well.

  7. papasmurf1964 says:

    That picture is heeelarious!

  8. beanie says:

    Since we’re talking about looks….has Liam looked at his future bro-in-law? Could you imagine having a child that looks like a wee Kirk. Nice guy but the maternity nurses been overwhelmed.

  9. debbie1975 says:

    I fell for Vern when he walked through the pub singing “Its a Fine Time to Leave me Lucille”

  10. Glacia says:

    I flip back and forth with Carla…but most times I don’t hate her.

  11. missusmac says:

    I mostly like Carla. I think I like her more after hearing about her mom with the slipper habit, etc…you gotta pull yourself up a big mountain to get to where she is now. I really did not like her at first.

    She and Liam have great chemistry, first big-time spark I’ve seen since Karen and Steve or Jim and Liz, really.

    Eileen — he just isn’t that into you. Now, here’s betting Jerry and Gail console each other. That would be a hilarious pairing!

  12. Mandy says:

    Oh, and by the way, I, like Sarah, would NOT be cool with some girl texting my boyfriend all day with even ONE x!!

  13. geenee says:

    But why hasn’t it dawned on Sarah and Jason that maybe David had something to do with all that texting? Jason is really slow but come on!

    Jerry’s just not worth putting up with those horrible kids. Mel is the only decent one of the bunch and Jerry should have been a politician; lies lies and more lies. Promise them anything for a quiet life. Eileen is well out of it.

    The Carla/Liam/Maria triangle is just too predictable.

  14. lovethestreet says:

    You could slice bread on her forehead…? Hilarious!

    And, beanie, as much as I hate to have anyone dis R Kirk, the thought of his poor old mug on a baby body is pretty horrendous. (BTW, I miss R Kirk and R Ches — are they buried under rubbish and they can’t get up?)

  15. TrudyC says:

    Sarah is always flying off the handle and confronting everyone – why hasn’t she gone to confront Becky – then would find out she doesn’t even have her phone.

  16. Michigander Fan says:

    lovethestreet said: I miss R Kirk and R Ches — are they buried under rubbish and they can’t get up?



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