Update, September 17 – Hangin’ on the Telephone

“Dad, what’s a ‘phone booth‘?”

The Telltale Ringtone -or- If Only Sarah and Jason Lived in Canada with Our Extortionist Cell Phone Fees, This Storyline Need Never Have Happened

Jason and Sarah are in the builder’s office when his phone goes off. He offers to Sarah, claiming not to have anything to hide. Sarah looks at it and it’s a text from Becky’s phone (which is still in the hands of David), offering to meet up later. Sarah, with Jason in tow, flies into Roy’s and lits into Becky with the family hour insults like “minger” and “slapper.” It comes to fisticuffs and the fight is broken up with Sarah saying, “You want him, have him, if you haven’t already,” as she exits.

With Sarah gone, and with Roy’s help in connecting A with B, Becky, Jason, and Roy come to the conclusion that the text messages are linked to the disappearance of Becky’s phone.

“Whomever has stolen that phone is most likely behind the text messages,” says Roy, making a conclusion in two minutes that neither Jason nor Sarah could come to in two weeks. To his credit, Jason quickly deduces that David is responsible.

He goes back to Salon where Sarah, Audrey, and David are assembled. After taking some more accusations from there, he dials Becky’s number and her phone rings…inside David’s jacket. After Sarah and Jason take turns strangling him, David tells Sarah that she doesn’t need him to wreck her marriage, she can do that herself. Sarah tries to apologize to Jason but he brushes past and goes back to work.

Later, Sarah finds Jason in the office where he’s feeling down, as they’ve been married five weeks and Sarah doesn’t trust him or believe. He goes off to the pub (as you do), leaving Sarah on her own.

The Bookies Are Bad ‘Uns

Lloyd finds a wheelclamp on his taxi. He confronts Dan and Harry Mason about but they claim that they may be able to help him with his problem, kind of implying that when he pays them the £400, the wheelclamp will be gone.

Lloyd tells Steve he should call the cops. Steve says, no, that’s a guy you pay back whatever money you owe, lest you not have a car the next time.

In the pub, Lloyd gives them £400 and Harry hands him back £100, saying that’s for the wheelclamp and asks him to buy them a couple of pints. Lloyd agrees and seems content. Later, Dan asks his father what that was about. Harry tells him that he bought the old debt for far less than £400. Now Lloyd thinks they’re ok guys and will be back in to make more bets.

“I’ll make back that £400 many times over now,” Harry says.

The Blue Car

K.I.T.T. The Blue Car that Ryan has seen around his school is now on Coronation Street, watching him as he makes his way to the bus stop. Ryan decides to stay home, telling Michelle he feels sick. Michelle tells him to go school as he’ll not be up in his room, playing the video games.

Later, he’s caught coming home early and when confronted by Michelle and Steve, he tells him the truth: he’s being followed by some guy in a blue car and he’s too afraid to go to school. Michelle and Steve wonder if he’s lying but Steve says he seems far better at than he ever was.

In Other News

Afraid that Jack and Vera will sell the house on which he took out a reverse home equity loan (or something), Paul suggests to Leanne that they take out a loan against the restaurant to pay back the loan he took out against his grandfather’s house. Leanne tells him, quite sensibly, to sort out his own mess.

Maria tells Kirk she’s getting married (“Wot?! Right now!?”) and is pregnant. Kirk goes over in his best suit and shirt and tie (which don’t match) to ensure Liam has the best of intentions. He tells Liam that he should not marry Maria just because she’s up the duff, he should do it because he loves Maria.

Liam lies and assures Kirk that he does, and, of course, Kirk believes him. Everyone’s happy! Pints all around!

Guess I should go take the baby out of the dishwasher now…

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28 Responses to Update, September 17 – Hangin’ on the Telephone

  1. lovethestreet says:

    It was fun watching Roy break up the cat fight in his cardigan and oven mitts! It was also fun to see R Kirk again. I don’t remember how he and Maria came to the street, but was there anything in the storyline about him being dropped on his head when he was a baby? And why is he allowed to look after R Ches whose IQ must be at least twice as high? Nonetheless, Kirkee is darned sweet, and his suit was a lovely touch.

    BTW, are any other Corrie fans bothered by Steve’s front tuft of hair? I feel bitchy bringing it up because 1)Steve is easily one of my favourite characters and 2)Lord knows, I’ve never won any prizes for my own looks, but the “power alleys” on his forehead are getting might deep.

  2. Michigander Fan says:

    Rogaine! Rogaine all around!!! Actually, it didn’t bother me until he got it buzzed. It makes it that much more obvious somehow. But he’s still one of my faves.

    Wow: Jason seems to have begun to realize that Sarah is slightly psycho. (Those of us who remember the stalky Sarah from a year ago with the rabbit fur jacket could have told him that for free, but would he have listened? Nooooo.)

    I enjoyed the Kirk scenes. I wish they’d give him a storyline. I did drop my sister on her head as a baby. She seems fine though.


  3. Michigander Fan says:

    Could that be Ryan’s dad? I think I remember Michelle making a passing reference to the father, but very generally. We never hear hide nor hair about him. Maybe Matt Ramsden has decided that a toddler is too much work and he’d rather lay claim to a sulky moody teen with a bad 1981 haircut. Wouldn’t be my choice though.

    LOVED Becky scrapping with Sarah. Another character I’d like to see more of.

    John, welcome back and congrats again! How sleep-deprived are you? (And you may not care right now, but Doctor Who starts up Friday night. I mean, it’s about priorities with a new baby, isn’t it? Corrie is a MUST. Everything else is optional.)


  4. Michigander Fan says:

    Ooooh. I assumed that the Blondie vid was “One Way or Another”. Imagine my surprise when I watched it!

    I HEART Blondie!

    But, speaking of bad 1981 haircuts…


  5. John says:

    Yeah, we’ve had the Doctor set to record on the PVR for a while now. The PVR is saving our sanity right now. Right now, the only other live TV I watch is either CBC Newsworld Business Report or The Rachel Maddow Show, just because dramas and sit-coms can’t hold my attention.

    Ryan’s dad was Dean, who died in a car accident. Paul, Liam and Dean were all drunk with Paul at the wheel. The car crashed, killing Dean. Paul put Dean’s body in the driver’s seat and blamed it on him so his sister Michelle would never know how he killed her husband. That secret came out as a result of the Michelle-Sunny-Sean triangle.

  6. Glacia says:

    Harry did EXACTLY what I was thinking about…reel the customer back in. I kind of dig Harry.

    I think sometimes they go over the top with Kirk-eh. They walk that thin line between a bit dopey and mentally challenged. Seriously, yesterday was one of those days where you wondered why he’d be left alone with sharp objects.

    And I noticed LIam didn’t actually say he loved Maria..he said, “I think the world of Maria.’.

  7. missusmac says:

    First, love the new look of the salon. Lime green popsicle-colored chairs? What’s not to like?

    Hated the storyline with Lloyd — how stunned is he supposed to be? However, it sets up the bookies on the street and we know their characters now.

    Anyone think Gail will make David go out without dinner for this latest mass manipulation? It might just be me, but every time we see David on the street he’s holding food. It’s chips from the chippie, or chocolate bar or something from Jerry’s or buns for the girls at the salon…

  8. geenee says:

    Luckily, David wasn’t smart enough to turn off the ringer and now the secret is finally out. I like the new salon decor and would spend all my money on hairdos if I lived there – just for the excitement!
    Gail will probably do the usual: try to punish him and then give in to the apologies. It’s good that he likes chips and kabobs.

    I can’t remember the bookies’ names and keep thinking of the older one as Jim (Fenner). He’s much smarter than the son anyway.

    I really think Kirkie needs Ches. to look after him.

  9. Michigander Fan says:

    OMG! I cannot believe I forgot about Dean and the drunken night of death!!!


    I was going to ask when the salon got redone.


  10. Michigander Fan says:

    I’ll say one thing about the new bookies: they are way more interesting than the Mortons.


  11. TrudyC says:

    Kirk and Maria came on scene when Tyrone had his greyhound. (Monica I think the name was – was a dumb name for a dog). They were running the kennel. I remember Maria as being “normal looking” in her wellies and long jackets.

    I too thought it was Ryan’s dad – but then I remembered this is not an American soap where they bring people back from the dead or have them posessed by the devil.

    I loved the cat-fight. Becky is definately winning me over!

  12. antik says:

    I thought Kirk was lovely.. putting on a suit to go see Liam.. .. very endearing..

    Also noticed Liam saying he ‘thought the world’ of Maria.. not that he loves her.. very telling that..

    So why are Michelle and Ryan called ‘Connor’ if Michelle was married to Ryan’s Dad.. ??.. ((If you don’t know.. don’t google.. I seriously spoilered myself trying to find out on wikipedia.. )) ..

    Kinda finding it hard to distinguish the bookie from Fenner.. (specially when seeing both on the same night.. ) .. but it looks like the bookie’s going to be rather more pleasant.. .. (one hopes) ..

  13. Gayle says:

    Glacia, I was thinking the same thing about Kirk. They seem to be “dumbing him down” I don’t remember him being quite that thick.

  14. Mandy says:

    I completely agree about Kirk. He was never THAT thick. I don’t think it’s fair when they portray him that way. This is just a guess from me, haven’t read ahead or anything, but my Mom and I think that Fizz will eventually find out John is cheating on her and then she’ll come to her senses and get back with Kirk and get married and have the “loads of babies” he was talking about!! Aww!!

    I’d like to see some pictures of the old Maria. She certainly is a glam girl now!! I personally prefer Sarah’s style, a bit more low-key.

    But the fight between Sarah and Becky was great. Did that ever look like a real slap eh?! A real slap for a real slapper! I hate Becky.

  15. kunzie says:

    I adore Lloyd. But. If someone owed my small business 400 pounds (about $800) and was being cutesy and cheeky about when (if!) I’d see it, I wouldn’t be taking that lying down, either.

    Maybe in the back of Sarah’s mind, she’s mindful of the fact that she basically swiped Jayshun away from Violet. And figured, if she can derail him, another woman can, too. I don’t pity her suffering over this…what goes around, comes around, honey.

    The guy in the Blue Car owns a spraypaint company and is looking for a fresh young face for his new ad campaign. Either that or…Dean isn’t really Ryan’s dad – this bloke is.

    I still think Jimmy Mac will end up working for the bookies.

  16. missusmac says:

    The old Maria absolutely was a girl who worked at the kennels. Lots of boots and cardigans and old jeans. Very much at home at Vera’s, where she lived with Tyrone for a while.

    Kirk fluctuates between being so dense you’re not sure he can turn on the TV to coming through with brilliant insight– i.e. don’t marry my sister just because she’s pregnant. I wouldn’t let him run my business or watch my kid, but I’d certainly trust him to know right from wrong. (Are you listening David, Mr. High IQ boy?)

  17. Michigander Fan says:

    I thought I saw that blue car today on my way to work – it was following me down the street. BUT… it didn’t have a spoiler on the back, so it couldn’t have been the same car.



  18. stickybee says:

    I agree with you lovethestreet regarding Steve’s hair – he is one of my favourites, though. I love his facial expressions, especially of late, lol.

  19. Long time lurker says:

    Did anyone else think that David was going to surreptitiously leave Becky’s cellphone on a table at the Cafe, while the others were caught up in the cat fight – so that people would doubt Becky’s claim that she had lost it? Or am I giving the boy too much credit?

  20. geenee says:

    I thought the same thing: either he’d slip it onto the counter or pick it up from the floor – but at least turn the ringer off. But then, most criminals make mistakes from time to time and maybe he’s getting arrogant, as it’s just sooo easy to fool them all and there are never any consequences.

  21. glacia says:

    Okay, I’ve searched and searched and searched…there’s NO explanation why Ryan is a Connor. I can’t recall if Michelle was married to Dean or not, but obviously they weren’t estranged, so why wouldn’t Ryan have his last name?

  22. Tanzie says:

    On Wikipedia they say … When Carla hinted that Paul and Liam were hiding something from Michelle, she confronted her brothers. Paul denied Carla’s accusations, but Liam eventually confessed the truth about her beloved partner Dean’s death to Michelle, revealing that Paul had been behind the wheel during the car accident which claimed her boyfriend’s life. She lashed out violently at her brothers on discovering their attempts to cover up Paul’s crime.

    …referring to him as partner and boyfriend

  23. Glacia says:

    I did read that piece, but I guess because in the back of my mind I seem to recall him being referred to has husband, but then again, I drink a lot.

  24. geenee says:

    I no longer drink (pity) and seem to remember first he was a partner but once was referred to as a husband. Confusing.

  25. John says:

    My take on the Ryan’s last name thing is that the writers introduced mother-son team Michelle and Ryan Connor without considering their back story.

    But the explanation could go like this:
    Married or no, Michelle kept her name. Ryan, as is often the case, took his father’s. When his father died, Michelle had Ryan take her name for the simple reasons of avoiding confusion at school and bringing up his dead father all the time. When family dynamics change either through divorce and remarriage or death, children often see their names change.

    Of course, Michelle could have simply insisted Ryan have her name the whole time and Dean, being a sensitive new age guy, went along with it.

  26. debbie says:

    Kirk is adorable!

  27. Michigander Fan says:

    Or they got married after the baby was born, in which case Michelle could have chosen to give Ryan her name.


  28. Tania says:

    Below shows some pictures of Maria when she was younger.


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