Update: Thursday, September 18, 2008 – Our House?

The Duckworths

Jack finds Paul in the back yard – It breaks Jacks heart to tell the pigeons that he is moving to Blackpoo. Paul tries to convince Jack to stay (just so his secret of the loan can stay safe) Jack knows that Vera’s mind will NOT change and they will be moving. Jack re-assures Paul that they will not lose touch. Paul starts to feel the guilt and starts to tell what he has done to Jack and Vera…

Watching, I never thought Paul would actually admit to what he has done.

Tyrone is inside and listening from the kitchen and hears every word of what Paul has done. He becomes enraged and tells him – he knew it all along, that he was up to something and made him (Tyrone) look bad.

Jack apologizes to Tyrone. Jack and Paul leave because Jack does not want Vera to hear what has happened as it will be the death of her.

In the Rovers, Paul tells Jack that he can eventually pay off the loan. Yeah, right… apparently, it was taken over 7 years but he might be able to reduce it. Jack realizes he cannot sell the house because Vera must never find out about it.

The Macdonalds

Jim is at the Streetcars office, talking to Lloyd and Steve. When Steve notices he is in his socks. Apparently, someone at the hostel he is staying at took a fancy to them and all of his belongings. Steve is mortified and goes to the Rovers to pick up some shoes and extra clothes he may have for him. He puts on the new/old shoes and departs.

Steve tries to think of some ideas of jobs for Jim. He can’t work at Streetcars because of his record, definitely NOT the Rovers. Steve has come up with the brilliant idea of Jim being a valet at Streetcars, cleaning cars… we’ll see what Jim thinks.

The Connors

Maria and Liam are in couple land and extremely lovey dovey with each other. Liam states there isn’t any food in the house and they must go out for a Full English. First he must take Ozzy out, to do his business. Maria acts disgusted. Doesn’t she know she will have to change nappies (diapers)?

Liam stops in to see Michelle at the Rovers. Michelle who tells him that Ryan thinks he is being followed. Liam does not believe a word of it – Michelle is not sure if Ryan is making it up or not.

A little later Ryan comes in and asks Liam for a ride to school. Liam refuses as he must take Maria out for brekkie.

Liam has been waiting for Maria who tells him it takes ages to manage to look this good. (I love that line) Liam suggests that Maria moves in with him so that she does not have to go home. He tells her that, it is his house and he will tell Jamie…

Meanwhile, at the Rovers Ryan is late and she is worried. On the Street, Ryan is walking towards the pub when the man in the blue car starts yelling out his name. Ryan is freaked out and runs into the Rovers telling them what has happened. Liam and Maria rush outside to see the blue car driving off. No one has seen the license plate number. They all stand there in shock.

The Platts

Becky sees Jason locking up at the yard and she walks over to pass the time. She offers to buy him a pint at the Rovers. David thinks that may not be the best idea. But she tells him, why not? They have nothing to hide…

Sarah is at home watching some television, looking glum. Gail tries to give Sarah some advice – mainly to be patient until time provides its own healing. David arrives and disturbs the peace. Sarah starts shouting at David. Gail turns on Sarah but she is feeling very isolated and depressed. Who can blame her?

Sarah becomes enraged for David trying to yet again break up her marriage – when it hasn’t even begun.

Gail cannot take the bickering any more and tells Sarah maybe she and Jason should leave. As it is simple that Sarah and David will never get along. Sarah flips out and yells that it should not be her to leave as it is David who is the instigator. Rightly so!! Gail points out that Sarah has a husband to take care of her, (what is this, 1950?) and that one day Sarah will understand. I have to say, this is one of the times I wish I could shake Gail!

Gail is convinced that David should stay as he needs the healing. Blah!

David smiles – thinking he has won this round.

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13 Responses to Update: Thursday, September 18, 2008 – Our House?

  1. geenee says:

    I too was surprised that Paul confessed to Jack and It was nice to hear Jack say sorry to Tyrone. Also good to see Jack so concerned about Vera and the probable broken heart. I’m going to miss J and V when they go.

    Maria was a kennel maid so it must be her delicate condition making her sick at the thought of doggie doo; also changing your own new baby’s diaper isn’t as disgusting to the mom (or at least to me) as picking up after the dog.

    I know David is a little swine, but it’s time for Sarah and Jason to get their own place IMO.

    Streetcars must be making lots of money for them to be able to take on a valet.

  2. Skeezix says:

    Gail needs to start going back to those parenting classes, because tossing Sara out of the house proves that she has no business calling herself a mother.

  3. blueheadlights says:

    By Valet do they mean someone to clean and maintain the vehicles? That’s how it sounded though valet means something much different here.
    Jack was sweet.

    Sarah and Jason should have moved out long ago. If you are all going to be stuff into a place why not rent a place with some roommates rather then living with your terrible mother and worse brother!!

  4. Gayle says:

    I could never understand why Sara and Jason haven’t got their own place ages ago. I couldn’t live in that house for 5 minutes. Gail would drive me crazy. It must be very crowded does Bethany share a room with Sara and Jason (ugh).

  5. corrierules says:

    It’s official: Gail is an idiot. But the actress is good — she made Gail’s reasoning seem almost plausible.

    Mayfair Girl : re Maria’s comment “it takes ages to manage to look this good.” This is what I tell my husband when he complains about the time spent on makeup, visits to the hairdresser, the need to shop for clothes. I take my right arm and make a sweeping gesture (as if I were bowing, but without the bow)from my head to my toes and ask, “Do you think THIS just happens?” I have shared this with colleagues at work and they find it it a useful tool.

  6. Mandy says:

    Maria kind of annoys me, if she used to work at the kennels she shouldn’t act disgusted. She’s become too much a material girl. AND, she BOUGHT Liam the dog, so when he goes and cleans its poo she shouldn’t say anything considering he wasn’t too keen on it in the first place.

    I think Sarah and Jason should stay until they have enough money and then go, but not because of David, because they’re adults.

    Gail needs to wake up. Did anyone else notice she is quite pear-shaped? So is Maria. It’s not a bad thing. Just an observation!

  7. lovethestreet says:

    I’m happy that Jim will be joining the Streetcars family. Steve, Lloyd, Eileen and R Clurr have great chemistry, and I think Jim will be a welcome addition to the group.

  8. lovethestreet says:

    Forgot to say — thanks for the posting, mayfairgirl: love the song!

  9. Michigander Fan says:

    I’d like to see Jim stick around for awhile – I’m enjoying his character.

    I’m pretty sure convicted felons can drive cabs over here – anyone know why they can’t over there?


  10. Glacia says:

    My guess is that if you’re getting into a car with a stranger….

    Now, of course if that person was jailed for embezzlement that’s not really fair – but no, I don’t want to get into a car who’s gone up the river for a sexual assault or murder charge.

    I’ve had shitty experience with cabbies and really the only time I thought I might die overseas was in a cab in Russia.

  11. missusmac says:

    I don’t know why felons can’t drive, but I remember that Steve also could not put his name on the pub because he was a convicted felon. That’s why it’s in Liz’s name.

    I was a little surprised with Maria’s “too much information” line to Liam. Guess it was to show just how far she’s come since her kennel days?

    Gail really can’t be that stunned, can she? Perhaps the better way to have put it to Sarah is “Run away Sarah! Run with your husband and child while you are still alive. I’ll keep David here and sacrifice myself, sob!”

    I still hate Vi’s smarmy sister. She ‘acts’ like she’s in a high school production.

    It suddenly began to look a lot like Christmas, didn’t it? Advent calendars on the walls at Gail’s and cards at every hours, yet the day before– nothing! A refreshing difference from Canada, where I’ve known people to put up artificial trees 2 months before Christmas!

  12. Gayle says:

    Missusmac: I know what you mean about Christmas decorations. My neighbour completely decorates her home with at least 3 trees the day after Halloween!

  13. fondue says:

    Yes I do believe Maria might be suffering a bit from morning sickness…she worked in the kennels, she’s picked up dog poo and worse, I’m sure, so what’s changed? Baby on board, that’s what. Many normally handled things become bile-inducing, trust me.
    I’m conflicted about the Platt situation. I agree, Sarah, Jason and Bethany ought to have moved out long ago…they ought to have WANTED to, jeez. But Gail kicking them out because of “poor” David is just ridiculous. Right move, wrong reason. Gail makes me want to throw a shoe at the tv.

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