Update For Epiosde #6704 September 19, 2008

The Father

Jim comes by the cab office looking a bit rough. Steve wonders if Jim has fallen off the wagon but it turns out there was an evacuation at the halfway house due to someone setting their mattress on fire. Steve then offers his dad the prestigious job of valet at Streetcars, which Jim is quite happy to accept.

The Grandson

The Christmas decorations are going up at The Old Rectory. Vera is waxing nostalgic about how it will be their last holiday season in that house, before they move to her spiritual home of Blackpool for their remaining days. The other dwellers of the house, knowing what Paul has done, try to gently dissuade Vera from getting her hopes up too soon. Jack reckons that Christmas in Blackpool will mostly consist of hypothermia and winds from Siberia.

Jack, Tyrone, Molly, and Paul go to The Rovers and try to figure out a way out of the quagmire Paul has created without disappointing Vera. Again. No great ideas are forthcoming. Jack tells Paul that is more like his father Terry than he ever realized.

The Son

Sarah and Jason are sitting at the table while Gail cleans house. David comes down and the sibling scrapping commences. Again. Sarah wonders why she has been told to leave the house when it is David who has been casuing all the trouble. Gail rambles on for a bit. David tells her that she should have no trouble finding a place to live, if she doesn’t mind petrol bombs and packs of dogs. After a bit of this verbal barrage Gail tells them that she is sure she has made the correct choice in forcing Jason and Sarah to move out. (she is right, but for the wrong reasons, in my humble opinion)

Audrey arrives with son Stephen in tow. They stop by the salon to see David and Sarah and he is amazed at how grown up they are. Audrey tells Stephen they might look older but they are both sorely lacking in maturity. They stop by the Platt household for tea with Gail, who has brought out the good china for the occasion. Stephen explains his plan for expanding the business into Italy. Gail explains how she was wedged in by a big fat guy on the bus when she was returning with the cakes. Stephen comments on long he has been looking forward to having a quiet family Christmas. Too bad he is going to be spending the holiday at with the Platt house…

The Sister

Lauren come by the pub and tries to mooch a room with Violet and Jamie in their new apartment but Violet is not having it. Lauren calls her a tight cow. Very nice. Lauren then stops by Streetcars and tries to schmooze her way into the apartment by chatting up Jamie but he quickly sees through her stratagem and tells her it’s not on.

The Sister-In-Law

The factory girls are on their way to work discussing how they will be spending the holiday season. Janice and Fiz are looking forward to spending quality time with their men. Kelly bemoans her single status and wonders if she is ‘gong lesbian’. Vicky recounts an enjoyable experience of sapphic love she once had.

Carla shows up for work and notices Maria carrying boxes into Liam’s house.

In the factory the girls are working hard to the strains of ‘Fairytale of New York’* until Carla turns the music off. Vicky inquires if Carla plays music while she is on the treadmill at the gym, and if this helps her to work out any harder. Carla ponders this for a moment and turns the music back on. The girls debate what the best way to get Shane McGowan clean would be, and what it would be like to kiss him. Carla mentions to Liam that she saw Maria moving in that morning, which causes a stir amongst the factory girls, and forces Liam to tell them all that he has gotten engaged, and is excited he is to become Mister Sutherland in the very near future. Carla then lets a comment slip about the wisdom of Maria moving in and lifting things ‘in her condition’, which of course gets the tongues wagging about Maria being pregnant. Liam is not impressed with this turn of events and he and Carla have some sharp words later in the office.

*Apparently the only Christmas song the writers are familiar with.

The Other Father

Liz, Vern, Steve, and Michelle are having breakfast and discussing what to do about the problem of the man who is stalking Ryan. Michelle is all for keeping Ryan in his room till he is thirty. The others talk some sense into Michelle, and Steve tries to talk to Ryan about what is going on, but to no avail. Liam comes by to see how things are with Ryan and offers a solution to put Michelle’s mind at ease, Liam will take Ryan to and from school, so there will no opportunity for the stalker to find Ryan on his own. This plan of action is agreed on, and Liam takes Ryan to school in the afternoon without any problems, other than the fact that Ryan is committing social suicide by having to be walked to school at his age.

At the end of the school day it is a different story though. When Ryan is leaves school the man who has been stalking him walks towards Ryan, and he is intercepted by Liam, who drags the man off while yelling at Ryan to get into the car. Liam then confronts the man, wondering why he has been following Ryan and how he even knew his name. The man tells Liam that it is complicated. Liam keeps demanding an answer and the man eventually tells him that he is Ryan’s father.

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52 Responses to Update For Epiosde #6704 September 19, 2008

  1. S. Poole says:

    Kelly bemoans her single status and wonders if she is ‘gong lesbian’. Vicky recounts an enjoyable experience of sapphic love she once had.

    What exactly did Vicky say? I can usually pick up on her accent but this one left me cold. Sheesh, what a time to lose my Polish power, when a hot topic like that is on the table!

    Right now the only story holding my full attention is the return of the Mad Irishman as Alec Gilroy used to call Jim. Liam and Maria are a snoozefest and the scenes at the Platt home can only get more numbing with the whitest man on earth back in tow…. was really hoping for a new actor playing Stephen. Oldtimers may remember the guy who played Malcolm, Stephen’s adopted father, he was bland as Blancmange too.

  2. beanie says:

    LOL I totally missed Vicky’s remark too. I hope it’s still on my PVR I’ll check it out and let you know S.Poole. I can’t believe I missed that.

  3. Glacia says:

    Fizz and Janice were talking about cuddling up to their respective men over Christmas when Kelly starts bemoaning the fact that she has no man. She says something about ‘going lesbian’ and Vicky responds, ‘I tried that once. I quite like it.’

  4. Glacia says:

    It was one of the best lines of the year for Corrie.

    You know what’d be cool? It’d be cool if John ALSO pissed off Jim. Then it could be a double pounding.

  5. Joy says:

    My nominee for best line of the year:

    “Blackpool is my spiritual home.”

  6. Modge says:

    Was I the only one that felt ripped off when Paul’s confession to Jack was made off-screen? During the weekday show, it went from “We have to talk” in one scene to “You did what??” in the next. I would’ve loved to have seen TerryTwo squirming as he explained to Jack what he’d done. I watched the Omni in case it turned out to be another cack-handed edit job by the CBC, but there was nothing.

    For awhile there I had visions of Ryunn spending the next few weeks hidden away up in Shelley’s bedroom.

    What was with Gail, after Sarah enumerated some of David’s recent performances, ruining the wedding, the texting, etc. Gail’s response: “He didn’t mean it”. Huh? So what were his intentions?

    And Stephen arrives and finally asks all of the questions that we’ve been asking all along. About flippin’ time somebody did.

  7. missusmac says:

    Yes, I liked that at the end of that conversation, Stephen had Gail blinking heavily and repeating ‘well, I did the best I could…”

    No, she didn’t really, but by Platt standards she was an involved mom.

    One would think that through her work in a medical clinic, Gail would have access to all kinds of pamphlets for information and potentially doctor referrals, so it has always bothered me that no one has had more than minimal counseling in this family.

  8. Glacia says:

    I’m still bewildered that David didn’t get admitted to some sort of medical facility when he tried to commit suicide.

  9. fondue says:

    Glacia I agree, it’s mind-boggling. Doesn’t Gail talk to anyone other than her mother and her crazy kids? Surely working where she does, one of the doctors on staff would have had a chat with her, suggested treatment, counseling, SOMETHING! And I know it’s a soap, and seriously stretches believability, but WHERE IS MARTIN!!!!!!

  10. Michigander Fan says:

    I really liked Wiki, in her capacity as floor manager, convincing Carla that it is not the end of the world to allow them to listen to music as they work. Hayley (who I love) would have tippytoed into the directors’ office, hemmed and hawed and generally not made much of an impact. Wiki, OTOH, used logic to point out why it is a good thing. It would have been interesting to have seen Wiki interact with Mike Baldwin. Alas…

    Speaking of which, perhaps Liam will take a cut from Kirkeh (or his dad) and realize that WHEN YOU ARE WEARING A SUIT, YOU GET TAKEN MORE SERIOUSLY, MR. BOSSMAN!!!


  11. Michigander Fan says:


    The Blackpool being Vera’s spiritual home line also completely made my day.

    Poor V. I feel so badly about all of this. I loved watching Jack take on Paul. I also loved Tyrone getting his own back.


  12. Michigander Fan says:


    Do you mean John Snake? I’d love to see that. I’d love to see Kevin beat him senseless, and then, when Kev’s weary from the beatdown, Jim steps in and takes over.



  13. geenee says:

    Gail did finally explain that Martin is too involved with his new family to give David any attention. I thought it weird that Martin was never mentioned but now we know he’s just another absentee father. I wonder if he pays child support. It does seem strange that Gail didn’t carry on with the counselling or look for a new shrink for David.

    I enjoyed the scene with Jack, Paul and Tyrone but now maybe Vera will wonder why they’re all being so negative about Blackpool.

  14. Michigander Fan says:


    A. TOTALLY see what everyone was saying about Stephen and his completely weird accent – it’s not Canadian, it’s not American, it’s not British. Perhaps he’s a space alien. Plus he’s not thrilling. Hope it’s a short visit. Maybe we should send them a tape of Ian Tracey – so they can see a REAL Canadian actor. Oooh – or Rick Mercer – really flip them out!

    B. When he started talking about how difficult it must be for David to be W/O a father, I wondered if in part he was referring to his own childhood.

    C. Still having a lot of difficulty believing that (at the very least) Child Protective Services isn’t involved – we’re talking about a 16 YO here – if he’s not getting support (emotionally) from his mother insisting he see a therapist or something, you’d think the state would step in. Also, while I’m thinking about inconsistencies – Beth almost dies of an E overdose – the CPS agent basically says that David shouldn’t live there anymore – then a month later David tries to “kill himself” – wouldn’t the SAME ADDRESS coming up in the system set off bells for someone? Maybe not – I know foster kids slip through the cracks like crazy in Michigan, but still, you’d think the case worker would notice there’s a drug overdose and then a suicide attempt – that to me would merit investigation.

    D. As much as I enjoyed watching Gail getting her comeuppance, part of me thought, well, a-hole, easy for YOU to say – you show up for a week long visit and all you can do is criticize?!?! Everyone’s a Monday Morning Quarterback, right?


  15. Glacia says:

    I know they had to write Martin completely out of the show, but it seems so out of character for him to completely abandon David.

    This was a guy who gladly took on being the father for Sarah and Nick.

    I wasn’t a huge fan of Martin, but his parenting was always good.

  16. Michigander Fan says:


    Amen – I came in at the end of Martin (well, right around when Kateh committed suicide by sugar – incidentally the way I also want to go), however I have a few Corrie books from an earlier era which discuss quite pointedly Martin swearing to Gail that he would alwasy be there for her and etc. It does seem out of character.


  17. Michigander Fan says:

    No one mentioning Dean coming back from the grave and Liam not recognizing him?

    Or, if that’s not Dean, there are 2 possibilities. Actually 3.

    1. He’s wrong/crazy
    2. Michelle fooled around on Dean and he is really Ryan’s dad.
    3. The old switcheroo in the hospital.

    None of these is particularly thrilling to me.


  18. Michigander Fan says:

    And if it IS a switch at the hospital, why wouldn’t the hospital have alerted Michelle?

    I would think there would be hella-consequences for saying to this guy, “Oopsie – your real son was given to Michelle Connor and you may want to look him up.”

    Reminds me of a funny story involving switched credit cards at a restaurant – when I found out that they gave my debit card to someone else and that person had left the building, I said, “If they have my card, I want theirs.” And they GAVE IT TO ME.

    That’s right – they knowingly gave me the wrong card and I exited the building with it. Geniuses. Lucky for them I’m honest.


  19. John says:

    I think the actor playing Stephen should affect a Calgary headbanger accent:

    (audio NSFW)

  20. Glacia says:


    and THAT’S why I left Surrey.

    Tron funking blows!

  21. Michigander Fan says:

    I would love to see Mick Leary lose it and throw David up against the wall, while in the background, Dominic DaVinci adjusts his glasses.


  22. Yanyan says:

    RE: Stephen’s accent….
    My aunt is British, but has lived in Canada for at least 30 years. She still has a wicked Brit accent. Her children, who were born & brought up in Canada, have a slight accent that you pick up on certain words.

  23. eila says:

    I missed the episode and the repeat (shift work), so greatly appreciate the summary.

    I, too, can’t believe that Martin wouldn’t have taken a hand in things. That’s where the soap world goes wrong: because actors leave, their characters are destroyed.

    Good point about the social workers, too. You’d think, by now, there’d be a giant red flag on the Platt’s file folder.

    Poor Vera!


  24. geenee says:

    I hated the way they changed Martin’s character. He was no saint but was always a good father to all the kids. I liked that he was a nurse too and the way rotten Les called him Florence. He was one of the good guys. It is good that they show the consequences of fathers abandoning their children, though most turn out OK compared to David.

    Children’s Aid have huge case loads so I suppose it’s possible that David fell through the cracks, though you would think that after the drug overdose and the crash in the canal, plus his history with the murdering step-father, that they would kind of notice him.

  25. Michigander Fan says:


    Yeah, and I get that people DO get missed (recently we had a foster child beaten to death at a placement where there had been previous complaints of abuse, and also, a convict got released accidentally and killed 3 people), but they ought to have a computer program where an automatic alert gets sent to someone.

    If I ran the zoo, man!


  26. pip says:

    You’d think that if the writers knew that Martin was going to be a ‘non-presence’ in the show they’d have him move more than an hour’s drive away, so at least his absenteeism would have a hint of plausibility. Heck, they could have sent him to Canada, that seems to be where all the characters they want to get rid of go.

    I don’t know anything about Stephen. Is there anything to know, other than that he’s bland and judgmental, and prefers coffee to tea?

  27. geenee says:

    I think he just shows up when they want to get rid of someone. Nicky went with him to Canada when the actor wanted to leave. Alma had a crush on him for some reason or other. Maybe one of the bickering kids will take off with him.

  28. Michigander Fan says:

    So is this like a Witness Relocation Program? They send them “to Canada” with Stephen, where they presumably get eaten by a Polar Bear or something?!


  29. Barbie says:

    Hey speaking of the return of Stephen, how come no one has asked about Nick? I’m pretty sure he went back to Canada when he left last time and after all it is Christmas. You’d think Audrey would have said something even if his own mother hasn’t.

  30. Michigander Fan says:

    Polar bears.


  31. S. Poole says:

    @ Yanyan — Bang on, we have Brit-born neighbours whose kids pronounce more than a few words with a slight accent. It is especially noticeable on a word like airplane…. think “Look Mummy, there’s an airplane up in the sky” on Goodbye blue sky

    (I love it when youtubers shoot footage of their own TV screen and can’ or won’t crop the edges, lol)

    And thanks for the translation, Glacia. Vicky/Wicky rules.

  32. John says:

    Nick was planning to fly back this Christmas but he bought his tickets with Zoom…

  33. Tania says:

    The actor who plays Stephen was born in Columbus, Ohio to an American father and a British mother. He lived in Australia and now lives in London. Maybe that’s why his accent is so odd.

  34. Skeezix says:

    Glacia, MF and geenee –

    I agree completely that the whole “Martin has abandoned David” thing is out of character. It’s just lazy writing. I understand that the actor who played Martin is not coming back, and the writers wanted to provide an additional explanation for David’s bad behaviour, but I am sure they could have come up with more believable reasons for Martin’s inability to stay involved in David’s life. Instead the writers just went the easy, albeit ilogical, route.

  35. beanie says:

    I agree that Martin’s character has been written badly and out of character. Heck why didn’t they just have him die? Or instead of the ‘new wife’ and an hour away he could have hooked back up with the nurse who moved to Dubai (Becky I think).
    I’m waiting for psuedo-Canuck to say Toronto and pronounce the second T.

  36. Michigander Fan says:


    Heh. It’s like when someone says “DEEE-troit” instead of “Deh-TROIT” (unless they are Mason at the Palace).


  37. Michigander Fan says:

    Or even better: Deh-TROY-et.

    Or Mitch-i-gan.


  38. kunzie says:

    We also have ex-Pat friends in our football club from Ireland, England, Scotland, Caribbean & elsewhere. And it’s quite a mish-mash of accents, even years after moving. If I’m not mistaken, there is an array of english accents in Weatherfield that have no business pretending to be from the same town! And aren’t the Connors supposed to be Irish? So ease up on poor Stephen! He can’t help his writing. ;-).

    It would have been very easy to have Martin Platt involved more often, over the phone, e-mail, text or even web-cam, off-screen. And surely, most actors (i.e. Todd) might be open to accepting an appearance every now and again. Between Martin’s absence and Bill Webster’s dislike of David, and David’s inability to cope on the street, they’ve boxed the story in so that David has, literally, no viable place to go.

  39. mayfairgirl says:

    @john, bought the tickets through Zoom. You are hilarious!!

  40. Glacia says:

    I don’t think that the actor who played Martin will be coming back even on a special appearance basis. He left (was fired) from the show after a lot of argy-bargy between him and the producers.

    What I’ve heard – and this might be all bullshit – is that they wanted the Martin character to get ‘romantically’ invovled with someone even younger than kay-teh. I think the were pushing the envelope towards pedophilia and for some CRAZY reason Sean Wilson wasn’t really comfortable playing that out.

  41. Michigander Fan says:

    I can’t think why!



  42. Michigander Fan says:

    Did they WANT Sean Wilson to play that storyline?

    If so, wow.

    That tells you loads about the front office at the show, if so. Funny how, even when you don’t mean to, your own prejudices get exposed. Kinda like Sandra Bernhard saying that she hopes Sarah Palin gets gangraped by black men. Apparently, to her, that’s worse then if they were white guys?!?



  43. Glacia says:

    Yeah they did. He didn’t want to do it because well first..ick…and second it would taint his image in real life. From what I heard he wasn’t even that crazy about the kay-teh storyline (who I think was *barely* 16 – kind of like Rosie right now.).

    I know that the show wants to deal with current issues, but I think pedophelia is one they can just leave alone. Or if they want to bring it into the show, have one of the adult characters say they were a victim of child abuse. I don’t think there’d be many viewers who want to see one of the older male characters pursuing someone under 16. And in reality, who the HELL really digs watching John sleep with 16 year old Rosie. It’s just out and out gross.

  44. Gayle says:

    I agree with everyone’s comments regarding Martin and so out of character his behaviour is being portrayed. What about Gail’s beloved oldest son Nick? He is never mentioned at all. I know that the actor is working in another country but they could at least mention his name from time to time. It drives me crazy.

  45. Michigander Fan says:


    Weatherfield is like the Mafia – if you leave, you are DEAD To THEM!



  46. Michigander Fan says:


    Ewww. Well good for him for standing up about that. It’s a very common misconception about gay men, and one that needs to die.


  47. pip says:

    beanie, out here on the West Coast (Vancouver Island to be precise) we actually do pronounce the second ‘T’ in Toronto. Of course, we also pronounce the hidden ‘G’ in Vangcouver. 😉

  48. eila says:

    Yep, you’re right! (I live in the Greater Vangcouver area.)

    While we’re on this sidetrack: Have you noticed that t.v. announcers here often say “Birtish Columbia”?


  49. blueheadlights says:

    Have I mentioned that I heart Jim??

  50. Glacia says:

    MF, love, I think you’re confusing the actor Sean Wilson with the character Sean Tully. 😉 Sean Wilson is straight and his character Martin was too. Unless you’ve heard something…..

    Have I mentioned that I F$#@q$#ING heart Jim?

  51. Gayle says:

    I am loving seeing Jim back and also like the fact that they mention Andy (who I wish would come back). I would love to see Jim and Eileen get together.

    Personally, I think Liz still has feelings for Jim.

  52. Michigander Fan says:

    Oh. Oops!!!

    That would be Sean Wilson, the father of Violet Wilson’s baby!

    My bad.


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