Monday September 23rd – The Sorry it’s Late Update

UK Time Monday December 10th 2007

So, it turns out that the dude Liam is slamming up against the wall is actually Ryan’s dad. Well, he says he is anyway. Once Liam and Ryan get back to the Rovers Liam tells Michelle what the guy is claiming. This must have confused Michelle, unless our girl has a secret.

Later, at the pub, Michelle, Steve and Liam talk about the whole mess. Steve doesn’t seem convinced that Michelle didn’t cheat on Dean. Can you blame him?

Liz is not happy with Jim working at Streetcars and worries that Jim will only try to put a fist into her midsection wrench into her plans.

At Streetcars Jim assumes that Eileen will not want to work with him and does his best to get into her good graces. Ever the obsessive loving guy once Steve strolls in Jim is all about when he can see his uni-brow granddaughter. He must be wondering, like we all are, where the hell she is.

Eileen and Jim continue their witty repartee at Streetcars HQ until Liz – AKA Elizabeth – comes in to see Jim. She wants to tell him to steer clear of her. Probably, the best way to make sure someone stays away from you, is to not go looking for them. But, to each their own.

Later Liz tells Jim that she is getting married and tells him not to try to ruin the wedding in some overly romantic gesture where he interrupts the wedding telling her that she doesn’t really love Alan McKenna in front of all the guests attempts to get her back.

That’s right, Liz went looking or Jim to tell him to stay away from her and to not try to win her back because she has moved on now. OK.

Fizz runs over to Maria to congratulate her on the pregnancy. As Maria isn’t three months along yet, she annoyed that Carla pulled a Paris Hilton.

In the pub Carla comes by to apologize for blabbing. I guess she is sorry, or tries to make them believe she is, but since her face can’t really show emotion, I’m unsure.

Remax called to tell Very they found the perfect little spot for them in Blackpool. Jack tells Vera that they can’t afford to buy the place. Vera is confused and Paul is worried that she will find out what a rat he is.

Later Jack lies to Vera telling her that he loaned the money to Paul for the restaurant. Vera is taken aback by the news and has to go have a lie down. Paul has the Charles de Gaul to thank Jack for covering for him. Because, coming clean to Vera or perhaps not stealing the money in the first place are not really options right now.

At the end of the day, Vera is heartbroken that they can’t move to Blackpool. It is a simple dream that can’t come true. Jack is heartbroken that he had to lie to Vera. Great job, Paul. I hope you get beat up.

The Platts are at dinner and normally there are fireworks when this dysfunctional collection of idiots and psychos gather around a table. Steven talks about going to set up his business in Milan. David talks about wanting to do something with his life – something other than terrorizing his family, I assume. Gail smiles at David because she is an idiot.

David spends the evening clearly trying to impress Steven. I guess he is looking for another victim. Again only Sarah sees through him. Audrey doesn’t believe her because Sarah is never right about David, his motives, or his ability to cause harm.

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23 Responses to Monday September 23rd – The Sorry it’s Late Update

  1. mayfairgirl says:

    i hope david isn’t trying to hint that he wants a job from steven. is italy far away enough from weatherfield? i don’t know…

  2. Michigander Fan says:


    I don’t think AUSTRALIA is far enough away from Weatherfield, but we can dream, for poor Sarah’s sake anyway.


  3. Michigander Fan says:

    I couldn’t decide if David was just being schmoozy with Stephen to drive Sarah crazy, if he was angling for a job, or if he was simply reeling Stephen in, so he can crank call Stephen pretending to be Jack Layton.

    Or if Stephen is simply a pawn in his snow job of his mother.

    Debbie, this: “Gail smiles at David because she is an idiot” CRACKED ME UP! I thought the same thing: the moron SAYS he wants to do something with his life, and that’s enough to make your heart glow in your chest?


  4. Michigander Fan says:

    Poor Vera. Poor Jack. But especially poor Vera.

    Maybe Jim will kick his heiny.


  5. Michigander Fan says:

    I enjoyed the Jim and Eileen interaction a lot.

    As funny as it was for Liz to do that, I have to own up to having done that. (Of course, I’m not 50, and when I did it, I was probably 23, so that’s not saying much for Liz’s emotional maturity, but still.)


  6. Yanyan says:

    MF –
    I too hope that Jim beats the crap out of Paul. And David. And John Stapes.
    I’m not a violent person; I just like to see bad people get what they deserve. Smack.

  7. Glacia says:

    I secretly hope he smacks that horribly rude Morton girl too, but that wouldn’t make him very popular. Maybe Fat Brenda will do the job for me.

  8. Yanyan says:

    Has Fat Brenda ever been seen? I’ve heard a couple of references to her, but I would like to know if her nickname is ironic or deserved. 🙂

  9. Glacia says:

    No she hasn’t been on. I’ve, however, sent ITV my headshot and a short video screen test to play F.B.

    Actually, I do think they plan on bringing her on as some point. No news on how fat or not she is.

  10. papasmurf1964 says:

    The smurfman got a bit weepy at the heartbreak of Vera, poor soul.

    Fat Brenda is the snuffalufagus of the street – or is that Stroumbolopolous?

  11. Michigander Fan says:

    I would love a Fat Brenda charcter, almost by definition.

    Yanyan & Glacia,

    One of the major disagreements my sister and I have is about soaps – my point is that one of the greatest things about soaps is that (eventually) the bad people DO get punished. It kind of makes life worth living – you know, your neighbor may never get his comeuppance, but Tracy Barlow did. But the bad behavior of the characters drives her CRAZY! So I completely get you about the list of people who need a beat down. In real life, I don’t actually watch Ultimate Fighting Champion on payperview, but in Weatherfield, they deserve the boot up the… and they should get it!


  12. pip says:

    I think David is trying to wrangle himself a job with his Uncle. I also think that maybe – just maybe – Stephen might be a good influence. So far he hasn’t taken any guff from David and he hasn’t sympathized with David’s woes – and David hasn’t taken offence or started to plot any evil against him.

    Right now the character I really can’t stand is Violet’s sister, what a little self-centered mooch.

  13. Piper says:

    Regarding the UK date – I think we are actually much closer to Christmas than Dec 10 – I was under the impression that we are only a day or two away from Christmas on the Street.

  14. pip says:

    Piper, I don’t know if it’s that close, but Vern said in yesterday’s episode (or maybe the day before) that the wedding date was only two weeks away, and if they’re still getting married New Year’s Eve that would put them at about December 17 for that episode. Ryan’s still going to classes so Christmas holidays haven’t started yet.

  15. eila says:

    Probably David’s schmoozin’ up to Uncle Stephen so the writers can set him up to get hauled off to Canada, like all the other male descendants of Audrey.

    (Don’t we have laws against this sort of thing?)


  16. geenee says:

    The politicians may be right: our immigration laws do need an overhaul!

  17. S. Poole says:

    LMAO at the Platt dinner bit, thanks, Debbie. And the the Jack Layton reference is damn funny too, MF. If y’all have access to Brit TV at UK Nova or other such sites grab the special Corrie edition of “Who wants to be a Millionaire” broadcast last August in the UK. First up are Fizz and Maria, the second team is Jerry and Sally. The 5,000 pound question for one match is In what country was Stephen Harper elected Prime Minister in 2006? I won’t post a spoiler but lets just say someone on team two thought it was New Zealand. 🙂

  18. Michigander Fan says:

    One of my biggest “oh crap” moments on “Talking to Americans” was when Rick Mercer was going around telling American politicians that there was a new Canadian prime minister – and he totally made up the name (I actually seem to remember the name as being a bad guy from an old Bugs Bunny episode). When they got to Michigan, I think it was Candice Miller, and she FELL FOR IT. And I thought, OK. If the governor of Alabama doesn’t know, it’s small minded and embarassing, but a major political figure in MICHIGAN? COME ON!

    I am actually following your election fairly closely. (It’s really almost refreshing after 18 months of non-stop idiocy here.)


  19. kunzie says:

    The Prime Minister of Canada was, and is, Tim Horton.

  20. beanie says:

    When Lloyd mentioned Fat Brenda the other day it was the first time I actually heard it. Glacia I new you submitted your portfolio But I honestly thought you guys made her up.

  21. Michigander Fan says:


    On the Talking to Americans thing? I thought it was like Jacques Shellac.

    I could be mis-remembering, certainly.


  22. Michigander Fan says:

    There was a bad guy on Bugs Bunny who was like

    Blaque Jacques Shellaque


  23. antik says:

    also remembering it as Prime Minister Tim Horton.. Blaque Jacques Shellaque may have been a previous administration !! .. (memory short-circuited in the mid70s..)

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