Update – September 23, 2008 – Out Of My Window I Could See Them In The Moonlight, Two Silhouettes Saying Goodnight By the Garden Gate

Jim the Buddhist

That last scene with Jim in the laneway behind the Rovers just reminded me of the spoken word bit in this song.

In the backroom of the Rovers’ some old couple I’ve never seen before Ken and Deirdre are asking to take Amy out but Steve says he’d like to take her to meet her grandfather for the first time later on. Liz doesn’t think it’s a good idea and warns Steve not to let Jim overexcite her.

Later Bill and Jim go into the Rovers, where Jim meets Michelle. Ken and Deirdre bring Amy back and Jim swoops her into his arms (probably should have waited for Steve to introduce him to her but whatever). Seeing this, Liz pulls Amy off him saying it’s past her bedtime and kind of implies she wants Jim to leave. No such luck as Ken joins him and Bill for another drink.

Later still, a drunk guy spills his drink down Jim’s back. Liz thinks he’s going to pound him but suddenly Jim diplomatically handles the situation and ushers the drunk guy to another part of the bar. Liz is impressed. Later on, after everyone has left Jim and Liz have a conversation where Liz begins to make apologize for keeping him at arm’s length from his family. Jim assures her that they’ll have no trouble from him. Vern overhears all this and comes out to mark his territory, inasmuch as Vern can be territorial. Jim gets the message and heads out.

As he walks out of the Rovers, he sees Liz and Vern, framed in silhouette in the window kissing goodnight. He looks kind of sad.

Uncle Stephen fram Canaderr

Now, these are Canadian accents.

David is taking an interest in his Uncle Stephen, seeing as he owns his own business and is going out of his way to make himself seem interesting to the guy. In the cafe, after being scolded by Becky over the text messages thing, David says he just wants to find his way. He laments that his sister thinks he’s the spawn of Satan.

“She’s yourrr sisterrr,” Stephen says in his distracting accent. “It’s parrrt of the jab.”

Did She or Didn’t She

Liz pops by the cab office long enough to drop a seed of doubt into Steve’s ear regarding Michelle’s fidelity to Dean, All Blessings Upon His Name, and the true identity of the man claiming to be Ryan’s father.

Steve and Michelle go to dinner where she assures him that she never cheated on Dean, Blessed Be His Memory, and Steve says he believes her. But he doesn’t look so sure.

And then all this other stuff happened:

Lauren is moving into Eileen’s.

Dan Mason tried to put the moves on Mel Morton’s hot friend.

Rosie is excited for her first Christmas with John Stape, so much so that she kisses him on the cheek, right out in the open. John is his usual gross mix of aghast/aroused.

About John

Former Maritimer living in the suburbs of Montreal.
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14 Responses to Update – September 23, 2008 – Out Of My Window I Could See Them In The Moonlight, Two Silhouettes Saying Goodnight By the Garden Gate

  1. Michigander Fan says:


    I FREAKING LOVE that song! I had that on a mix tape back in the day (on both sides of the tape no less) and I wore it out. I must confess I had no idea what the heck he was talking about though – it wasn’t until the last few years that I realized he was saying “Palais”. It’s like references to “Lyons” or St. Trinians” – it’s almost impossible to wrap NA ears around unless you know what they are talking about and can put it in context.

    Thanks for the dance down memory lane!


  2. Michigander Fan says:

    John said: Liz doesn’t think it’s a good idea and warns Steve not to let Jim overexcite Amy.

    Hmmm. An overexcited Amy. Might she go… VERBAL?

    Perhaps Jim can open a therapy clinic for all the kids on Corrie – Beth, Lloyd Jr and Amy LEAP to mind (and I’m betting little Freddy will need it eventually too).


  3. geenee says:

    Amy has a mom who murdered her boyfriend, who was an abusive swine and now Liz worries that Jim might get the kid overexcited? Jim has never harmed any kids that I can recall; it was Steve who pushed him, causing him to end up crippled in a wheelchair. He should have got a medal for killing evil Jed the drugdealer if there was any justice. They really do go overboard on the fear of Jim.

  4. S. Poole says:

    Didn’t Amy meet Grandpa Jim in the park with Steve the other day? Or maybe I imagined it.

    Stephen and his distracting accent, you nailed it, John. And boy oh boy, the Degrassi clip brought a few memories, later that same season Claude would commit a most selfish act and shock young impressionable Canadians everywhere.

    @ geenee — agree with everything you said, Jim is a hothead but not a person to be feared.

  5. geenee says:

    Well, maybe Vernon should be on the alert – but I don’t think anyone else should be fearful of Jim. Amy, Steve and Jim had a lovely time at the park so Jim is no longer a stranger to her. I don’t remember if Steve told Liz but Dierdre (mother of the murderess) acting a bit afraid was silly.

  6. Pink Lady says:

    Thank you for pointing out the accent. On Friday’s episode, it sounded fairly British, but it has since deteriorated. Adults who move abroad don’t generally have huge accent changes, do they? And I seem to remember when the character was on a few years ago, he had a BRITISH accent.

    My hubbie wants this character to be gone yesterday. It’s all just because of the accent. He can’t take it. I’m afraid he’ll do something drastic should Stephen not depart soon. I am certain that Glacia can comment on my hubbie’s crazy side.

  7. Glacia says:

    I went out with Mr. and Mrs. Pink Lady two fridays ago and have just recently recovered. In my purse yesterday I discovered 1/2 pack of Benson and Hedges, a squished Mars bar, 2 emptied airplane sized bottles of Grey Goose, a ticket stub to see George Michael at some backwater club in Mobile, Alabama and a receipt from ‘Harley Charlie’s Tatto Emporium – For a Tatto Only Your Mother Will Love’. It was then that I decided to look at my naked back in a mirror. Now realize why all the other swimmers at the ‘Y’ have been avoiding me this past week.

    He is Satan.

  8. TrudyC says:

    Stephen never had a British accent – just the boring monotone one he has now – which to me is a complete mystery as to its origin. I find he has the personality of a wet dish rag. I’m hoping he wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and is off again.

  9. Michigander Fan says:

    S. Poole,

    OK. Never watched Degrassi – sorry about that. WHAT did he do that was so selfish? (I watched the clip and was remembering 12 guys in my HS who had that EXACT same haircut (and earring).

    You’re not imagining the meeting in the park. This was the first “official” meeting (meaning that Liz knows about it). I think this falls under the “Oh what a tangled web we weave…” category. Steve tells the dumbest lies sometimes.


  10. mayfairgirl says:

    i loved the degrassi clip. i see some of the characters around toronto. boy, have they changed!

  11. kunzie says:

    Why was Lizsh, who was banging the beer guy, screaming at Vernon to “grow up” for thinking it might possibly happen again?

    In a show that features great, human moments with it’s seniors, (I’m thinking of Vera) it IS a bit offputting that all of the children under 12 are basically inanimate. This is made more pronounced by the gushy fussing the adults do over them, as though they’re tiny golden gods. Eew. At Amy’s age I was getting in trouble for sticking beads up my nose.

  12. Gayle says:

    Kunzie, I completely agree with your comments. I hate the way they are always carrying kids around. Amy looks absolutely terrified everytime she is on screen. As for the little girl who plays Bethany, don’t get me started…she is rarely shown and when she is, she never talks.

    I also don’t get why everyone seems scared of Jim, I know he is fast with his fists but he can show a very kind and gentle side.

    As far as Rosie and Stape, the sooner they wrap up this ridiculous story line the better. I can see a teenage girl being attracted to an older (sexy, usually with lots of money/power) man, certainly not John Stape! When is Sally going to wake up?

  13. geenee says:

    Sally worships Stape; therefore, she can’t see anyone else when he’s around. She won’t believe anything bad about him unless it happens in front of her – which it almost does.

    It may be a blessing in disguise that the kids don’t talk. Think how boring they could be hogging scenes. Not much would happen in our few minutes each night. The one exception is Josh; he’s just so cute!

  14. S. Poole says:

    @ MF — poor Claude was unlucky in love and

    ——- SPOILER ALERT————–


    …. decided to end it all in the halls of Degrassi with a pistol. I don’t think this will play out as a serious spoiler for anyone preparing to watch old school Degrassi Jr High, if you haven’t seen it yet too bad, lol. Interestingly enough my niece who is 17 is watching the show on DVD and loving it, so much better than TNG says she.

    Oh, and yes, Steve does tell some strange porkies doesn’t he, at times when it isn’t even required.

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