Update – 25 September, 2008 – Corrie Bratz


Kevin sees Fizz waving John off. She tells him that he is going to check up on the school disco for this evening. Kevin mentions he is buying Fizz’s Christmas present. Yeah, right.

John and Sophie are at the side of the road – making out like teenagers. Wait. Sophie is a teenager. They start to make out and a tow truck pulls up behind them. He starts freaking out that it is Kevin. Sophie turns around to see that it wasn’t her father. He is relieved. She laughs and they continue smooching.

John drops off Rosie off several streets away – she demands to be let out in front of her house. John mentions that a lot of people will get hurt if they are discovered. Really?! Rosie mentions that they can see more of each over the Christmas holidays. She gets out of the car in a bad mood and he demands a kiss. She is about to kiss him when she claims it is too risky and marches off smiling to herself.


Lauren appears once the last box has been moved into the house. Violet holds out her hand and Jamie hands over the fiver. Jamie tells her Lauren she can help with the painting tomorrow – and she confirms that interior design is her thing. She will do a colour scheme which does not scream hormonal. Ouch.

Ryan (Sorry no actual male Bratz dolls, yet)

Ryan demands that he wants to go off to his competition, but Michelle thinks it is a good idea that he stay in – with the lurker around. Steve then tells Liz that Michelle needs some time off. Steve’s solution is to take Amy to Jim’s for a few hours.

Steve picks up Amy and announces that Jim can look after her for a few hours. Liz’s face looks blank and she really doesn’t know how to react to this.

Later on, Ryan returns with Michelle and Steve. He seems very pleased with himself. Apparently, he has done well in the video game competition qualifiers. Michelle cannot believe she is bragging about a son who is a computer geek. Ryan tells her it will be a lot better when the money starts rolling in from the competitions. Steve convinces Michelle that Ryan should return to school. And perhaps the stalker was scared off. He offers StreetCars to provide security to and from school.


We meet Sarah and David snipping at each other in the Salon. How does any work actually get done? Sarah is furious that David gets a new life in Italy and Audrey points out to her that he will actually be out of her hair, (get it?) She complains that he should not be rewarded for his terrible behaviour. I do see her point.

Sarah is nagging Jason over at the yard about working on a Saturday – and that David won’t be working weekends in Milan. Sarah remains upset that they have not been offered the opportunity given the responsibility they have shown. (You mean locking up Bethany in her cage in the attic?)

Stephen walks into the Salon looking for Audrey. David responds in Italian that she is out, and in English suggests the Rovers. David goes across the street to the pub to fetch her. Sarah uses the time along to speak to Stephen. She asks him if he if he is a gambler sending David to Milan. She offers some advice – not let him near money, good looking women or computers – but he just smiles and thanks her for the tips. Personally if I were him – I would be curious and want to know more.

In the pub, David meets Mel and her mate Abi, who is a policewoman. Abi shoots down David’s attempt to pick her up. The next scene – Dan tries to do the same thing. She tells Mel that, “He will keep, as he is with his father in the pub”.

As usual, at the Platt household – David and Sarah are fighting. Sarah tells him he should not pack his suitcase just yet as Stephen will come to his senses and she will make sure that she will be the one to tell him. David doesn’t believe it and tells her that she is just jealous. He replies, that she couldn’t say anything that could change Stephen’s mind at this point. David then puts down Sarah about her horrible marriage and her dreary life. And how he is has ambition and wants success. Sarah replies he better watch his back.

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13 Responses to Update – 25 September, 2008 – Corrie Bratz

  1. geenee says:

    Love the Bratz pic.

    It was rich hearing David tell Sarah how she lacked ambition; he who burned his exam and quit school! I would think Sarah would be glad to see him go and it would probably do him good to get away from that household.

    John and Rosie are bound to be caught soon, meeting in the car like that and taking the chances they take.

    It seems that no-one is afraid of Jim when they need a babysitter!

  2. lovethestreet says:

    The best line of the night has to go to Blanche. After Dan was unable to pick up Abi or Mel, and slunk back to his father’s table in the Rovers, Blanche said “It’ll be the aftershave.” Love her.

    I also enjoyed Steve dancing in his new coat, and saying how “groovy” it is. Love him too.

  3. beanie says:

    I was beyond grossed out with the Rosie/John getting it on in the car footage. I know it’s been going on for a while but I guess I was blocking out the physical sense of it. Please let this come to an end soon !!!!! It is as gross as the incestuous relationship.

  4. corrierules says:

    The closing scene with Sarah and David? Worst. Dialogue. Ever! I felt as if I had stumbled onto an old episode of Dynasty. Much hissing and smirking going on, but not much in the way of acting.

    And let me get this straight — Gail is taking parenting advice from Stephen, a man who has never been married, never had kids and rarely spends any time with his family? And yet he is being treated like the Oracle at Delphi as far as David is concerned. He says things like, “David’s 17, it’s time he went out on his own (!?!)” and Gail nods as if Stephen was Weatherfield’s answer to Dr. Phil. I mean what do you say about a storyline where Sarah is the only one making sense?? My head is spinning….

  5. romeozulu says:

    Random thoughts:

    Stephen’s accent isn’t that bad (the last couple of episodes, anyway).

    I don’t like Michelle at all – she’s a shrill, nagging, harpy.

    Rosie’s eyebrows. What happened to them? Barbeque backdraft, or did John Snake lick them off?

    What is happening with David? It’s hard to believe that he’ll actually go to Italy – they’ve spent months grooming his creepy persona. The kid’s a very good actor, as well – can’t happen.

    Get rid of this Lauren character. And send The Saddest Girl In The World with her.

  6. Michigander Fan says:


    That was also my zen moment of the episode.

    I hope Blanche NEVER leaves the show. She steals every scene she’s in.


  7. geenee says:

    Love Blanche and Betty!

    Stephen does make sense IMO. David needs to get out into the real world and might behave better without mom to pet him all the time. Maybe Stephen is more objective than Gail and David would have a couple of guys from Canada watching him.

    So far I prefer Lauren to either Michelle or Violet, though Violet has been better lately, and has stopped going on and on about “my baby.”

  8. missusmac says:

    If I were Sarah, I’d be packing David’s bag and wishing him arreverderci. (Or however it’s spelled.) Who cares where he goes or what he does, as long as he’s away from her, her husband and her daughter?

    Ah, but this is a soap. And I agree with Corrierules, seemed to be a lot of Krystal/Alexis dialogue on the go between the Platt bratz.

    Absolutely HATING Vi’s sister, but loving how they’ve snuck in yet another new character, the new blonde copper. That’s 4 new characters on the street in 2 weeks? Wow.

  9. eila says:

    Sarah might be right, but she’s shooting herself in the foot if she manages to ruin the plan to send David to Milan.


  10. corrierules says:

    Blanche is fab, no 2 ways about it.

    Back to the Platt bratz and the awful dialogue — Sarah Lou was quoting Nietzche! Yah, right. Next thing you know, she’l be trading witticisms with Ken Barlow. “You know what they say,Ken. Kierkegaard can, but Emmanuel Kant!” Oh how they’ll laugh

  11. thebigseester says:



    Thanks for the LAFF!


  12. thebigseester says:

    The best moments of the week pretty much all contained either Jim or Blanche (or both):

    1. Jim & Eileen’s banter at Streetcars
    2. Blanche telling Jr. Mason “It’ll be the aftershave” when he got shot down by PC Babe-arella
    3. Blanche stealing pens from the bookies, and then mocking Junior when he came after her
    4. (sad one) Jim, tenderly helping Liz off with her coat, and then minutes later watching her and Vernon kissing

    and the best:

    Jim & Blanche tasting tea, chatting and generally being thick as thieves at the bookies.

    Awesome stuff. I hope Jim hangs around – he’s more interesting than half the characters right now.


  13. thebigseester says:

    I think I figured out why Stephen bothers me so much… yes, it’s the accent, but:

    If he’s FROM the UK, and MOVED TO CANADA, wouldn’t his underlying accent be British, with a Canadian overlay (and not the other way around)?

    But more than that, (and this came to me after watching the omnibus today) there’s this insistence on North American colloquialisms that I would think wouldn’t be necessary. I mean: If I moved to the UK today, and returned to the US in 10 years, I would revert right back to saying “sandwiches” (not sarnies or butties) and “lunch” (not dinner). To me it doesn’t make sense that a guy who grew up in the UK wouldn’t use the “language he spoke as a child” instead of the “language he adopted as an adult”.

    Does that make any sense to anyone else, or am I crazy? (Note: the 2 are not necessarily mutually exclusive.)


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