Friday September 26th 2008 – The Stand In Update

Yes Corrie Canucksters, normally the Friday slot is filled by the one and only Papa Smurf. However, as he is out enjoying the wilds of Thunder Bay, I am filling in for Friday’s episode.

UK Time Monday December 17th 2007 – Episode 1

The episode opens with Ryan, Michelle and Steve in the back room at The Rovers. It seems that Ryan is taking advantage of his mother’s worry and getting more money for his phone* and suggesting that he leaves school well early. Steve picks up on his game but Michelle really is going insane, and frankly, I don’t blame her. For Christ sake, someone is stalking her son.

Later on, Lloyd has delivered Ryan to school but notices a car following him. Lloyd decides to follow it. I guess he calls Claire to tell her to get Michelle, because Claire, ever the helpful neighbour has high-tailed it over to the rovers to get Michelle who flies over to Streetcars. Liam catches wind of what’s happening and runs into Streetcars himself.

Liam and Michelle get into his flash car (you’d think given this family’s history with driving and fast cars, that Liam would choose a more modest vehicle) and speed over to the stalker’s house. During the drive Liam made me want to punch him as he tried to get Michelle to calm down. For Christ sake Liam, someone is stalking her son.

Back at Streetcars, Claire is left to tell Steve what’s going on. He calls Michelle just as she is about to confront her son’s stalker with a big fat hair commercial smile on her face. Did anyone else think that didn’t fit? She turned around like she was popping in on an old friend. Why the glamour smile?

Anyway, when she focuses on the person who answered the door she looks dead shocked, mainly because the boy who answered looked exactly like her dead husband. WHAAAAAAT? (said like an America’s Next Top Model contestant).

*Just as an aside, I have always heard that cell phone charges in the UK are sky high. In fact the cost to actually talk on your cell phone is prohibitive. However, texting is dead cheap. This is why text messaging is all the rage in the UK and on the show. On the street, the use of cell phones corresponds with economic class. If you notice, the Connors will talk on their cell phones, while Maria, Sara and Jason, Violet and a number of others will always text. Also, if you were wondering how much talking Ryan did to celebrate his video gaming victory keep in mind that ₤20 is actually $35.36 Canadian funds as of this morning’s rate. According to some light internet research, on a pay as you go plan like Ryan’s, he managed to talk for two hours for that 20 quid. That’s 2 hours of chatting for more than 35 bones. Ouch.

What is Sarah playing at? That girl is scheming and you know it. In the morning she has some tense words with David warning his that his Italy plans will fall apart. Really, I hope they do, because while I believe that David does need to get away from his idiot mother, what he really needs therapy, not a trip to Italy to be the 17 year-old full-time office manager in a country that he has never lived in for an industry he knows nothing about (great idea uncle Steven!).

Also, if I were Sarah, I’d be super angry. He’s been terrorizing my mother for two years and now an uncle who has no idea what’s been going on decides that he knows what’s best? What made Steven think David was up to the job? Did the Richard Hillman cards demonstrate creativity? Was sabotaging the builder’s yard an example of his planning ability? Was hiding narcotics in Bethany’s toys evidence of advanced managerial skill?

Anyway, there is some back and forth about a suitcase and David and Steven go off shopping for his luggage. Then Gail says something supper irritating to Sarah about David finally being happy and Sarah now being the ‘difficult one.’

Later in the salon Darryl comes in asking David for that 20 quid he borrowed (to pay for Ryan’s cell phone bill?). David doesn’t have it so his grandmother pays the debt for him. Sarah is all interested in why David borrowed the money in the first place. She doesn’t find out, but she is suddenly struck with a desire to buy cakes for the whole family, David included. Scheme on, schemer.

In Other News:

Mel got into the police academy and celebrates with her new 35 year-old bessie mate.

Eileen, Violet, Jamie and Lauren are supposed to decorate the flat, but Eileen ends up doing it alone.

Tony makes plans for take Carla for lunch and dismissed the staff, with pay for the rest of the day.

Blanche is now stealing pens from the bookies. I think she has a crush on that young man. The bookie son is flirting with Mel’s 35 year-old new bessie mate and getting the knock back. Bookie dad has just moved a woman out of his house. He’s been married three times. Way to go! I haven’t even managed to do that once.

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14 Responses to Friday September 26th 2008 – The Stand In Update

  1. Piper says:

    I loved the scene in the salon where Audrey tried to get her hands on Darryl’s hair!

  2. geenee says:

    I know Michelle is understandably upset about the stalker, but she flips out about everything and is really irritating when she gets hysterical.

    Blanche steals every scene she’s in!

  3. Gayle says:

    What I can’t get over is the fact that Michelle drops everything and runs out of the pub in hysterics. I agreed with Claire and the police should have been called.

    I’m not looking forward to this storyline at all, if the children were switched at birth how was it discovered and how come Michelle was never told?

    Were Dean and Michelle ever married I got the impression they weren’t.

    While I think the actress that portrays Michelle is very pretty, her acting isn’t the best.

  4. Michigander Fan says:

    I, for one, really hopes Sarah gets one over on David. I’d love to see that!

    I’d feel a lot worse for Michelle if she wasn’t hysterical at least twice a week.

    Somebody needs to tell “Lauren” that she’s not that cute and she can stop with the “aren’t I just the MOST?!?!” faces every 2 seconds.

    I FLIPPING LOVE BLANCHE! “6 x naught? Put it on me tab!”


  5. Michigander Fan says:


    Yeah, see that was my point too – last week I laid out the various possible outcomes of this storyline, and my question was, if the babies were switched at birth, why was the stalker dude told and Michelle wasn’t? That’s seems highly suspicious. Also, the hospital wouldn’t say, “Yeah. Your baby was accidentally given to Michelle Connor.”

    There would be legalities with that I’d think.

    See, when I look at Michelle, all I can see is the one wonky eye. Very distracting.


  6. debbie1975 says:

    I don’t understand this confusion about Michelle and Dean. It has been very clear to me that they were married. She has referred to him as her husband since we first found out that she was a widow.

    Yes, someone should have called the police. Moreover, if they were switched at birth, is stalking your real son a reasonable solution to that? It makes no sense. Trying to see him once is understandable, but continual stalking makes no sense.

    I guess we’ll find out how that dude figured out his son was switched with ryan.

  7. Yanyan says:

    I TOTALLY know what you’re saying about that glamour puss smile. What the eff was that about? Oh excuse me sir, but please don’t stalk my son any longer. And while I’m here, can we count on your support in the upcoming federal election?

  8. kunzie says:

    Michelle is constantly shrill and has yet to demonstrate any real wisdom, unselfishness or composure that would earn her supporters.

    My guess is that there was a medical necessity (like a bone marrow comparison) that led the father (the stranger) to realize he wasn’t related to the boy he has raised. Father then probably followed that up with some investigation….I have no theory as to how this led to Ryan.

    Jim is absolutely mint; a fantastic character, so glad to have finally met him and I hope he stays.

    As deserved as it may be, I’m afraid Sarah will never triumph over David; he’s just to smart and she’s just too isn’t.

  9. kunzie says:

    I guess I’m not to smart with my speling.

  10. geenee says:

    Michelle is really getting on my nerves with all the shrieking and hysterics. I hope this storyline doesn’t go on too long.

  11. Glacia says:

    He’s been married three times.

    Ain’t nothing wrong with that…

  12. Glacia says:

    Michelle actually said last week to Steve, ‘You think I cheated on my husband.’ So they were definatly married, the real question is, why is Ryan a Conner.

    On ‘This American Life’ a few weeks ago they had a ‘switched at birth’ story that happened in small community. The one mom had her suspicions and the other really didn’t see that anything was wrong. Basically one family was dark haired, loved playing the piano, art and had no time for humour – the other family was fair haired and a joke a minute kind of clan. The dark haired mom couldn’t figure out why her last daughter was this nordic standup and told her hubby that she had thought they had switched babies. Dad said that they shouldn’t question the doctor (this was 1950 and the doctor was a friend of the family and gave them a break on the medical bills – so dad was reluctant to say anything.) Meanwhile blond mom is oblivious. (no need for blond joke here, tyvm.)

    Anyway, my long point is – I think sometimes people can figure out these situations without being told by the hospital. Maybe stalker guy saw Ryan who happens to be the spit and image of Uncle Cyrus or summit, and did some investigation on his own.

  13. corrierules says:

    This update was definitely triple “A”! I agree with the the illogical-ity of the “was Ryan switched at birth?” storyline and David’s non-suitability for the Milan job. What really ticked me off about this was Steven discussed his “brilliant” idea with David first. So, if Gayle said no, well, here’s another reason why David hates her guts. One of the first rules of dealing with kids is — make sure things are OK with the parents first. So you don’t dangle a lovely temptation in fron of the kid, something that may not be allowed. Just sayin….Love how Steven is an instant expert of child-rearing.

  14. debbie1975 says:

    “One of the first rules of dealing with kids is — make sure things are OK with the parents first. So you don’t dangle a lovely temptation in fron of the kid, something that may not be allowed. Just sayin….Love how Steven is an instant expert of child-rearing.”


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