In Which Glacia Sucks

OKay,  my apologies….I totally didn’t do Wednesday’s update.  A combination of reality telelvision, Second Life, Crackbook and Diner Dash were my downfall. 

So although we’ve already posted Thursday/Friday updates, I’ll provide a quick wrap up of what happened Wednesday.  The good news is…it was a ‘filler’ episode where nothing really happened.

  1. The girls want a Christmas party, and once again, the factory management is resisting spending money.
  2. Liz buys white pleather boots.  Vern is to distracted by his insecurities around a man who is more attractive, has more charisma and a bad ass ‘Love / Hate’ tattoo (it’s Jim I’m talking about here), to really pay much attention to the boots.
  3. Liam spends the day with Ryan.  Michelle frets but eventually says that Ryan can go back to school as long as he has an escort.
  4. Rosie was supposed to go out with her friends, but when she finds out that John is coming she cancels her plans to run around the house half naked while John tries to tutor Sally.  Rosie kisses him upstairs when he comes upstairs and makes demands about seeing him again.  This girl is seriously giving me the creeps.  Oh, she also told him he could come scrub her back in the tub…./glacia shudders.
  5. Jim meets up with Blanche in the betting office and when she tells him that she doesn’t associate with felons, he asks her how’s ‘Yer Tracey doin’?’  BOOOYAH!  Anyway, that kind of shuts her up and they share the joy of winning on an 8 to 1 pony.
  6. Stephen has another lunch with David and after telling him to suck it up once again, he offers to take David to Canada Milan to help him out with American clients.  The offer comes with housing at Stephen’s flat, a cheap wage and all the Versace he can ever want.  David is all over that but is convinced that Gayle will say no.  Stephen talks to Gayle who initially says ‘He’s just a child!’, but is convinced by older brother to let David take flight.    They make the announcement to the family over dinner and everyone is VERY relieved to have satan leaving the country – except for Sarah. 
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12 Responses to In Which Glacia Sucks

  1. kunzie says:

    Stephen is OLDER than Gail? Really? I sometimes struggle believing that Gail is young enough to be Audrey’s daughter.

  2. glacia says:

    By one year…I know it’s hard to believe.

  3. Michigander Fan says:

    So… back story… were they raised together, or what?

    Because I kind of get the impression that they aren’t that close.


  4. glacia says:

    Stephen and Gale are half siblings (both of their father’s are unknown). Audrey’s old boyfriend Malcolm Reid ended up adopting Stephen and then moved to Canada with his wife to raise the wee bairn.

    w/o giving a spoiler…there’ll be a good storyline in a few months about Gale’s paternity.

  5. antik says:

    This was the episode where Rosie always seemed to be striking a pose.. tossing her head.. doing that pouty-mouth thing like she was being photographed for some glossy magazine. For someone who obviously knows the power of her charms, it’s a bit surprising that she’d let Stape maul her in a car by the side of the motorway.. She seems more the type to demand nothing less than the honeymoon suite.

    Moving on.. wasn’t there a time.. not so long ago that Sarah got all intense like that.. warning David about something.. and coming out on top.. I don’t recall what it was but when she launched into her .. “you’ll go to Milan over my dead body” tirade.. something seemed familiar about her determination.. and I thought.. David better watch it..

    Agree.. that was an overly-wide smile on Michelle outside the stalker’s door.. didn’t really look like a nervous smile.. which would be understandable..

    Anyone know what that tattoo is on her arm ? .. looks like a verse from the Koran.. just wondering what it says.. .. multiple googlery returned no answer on that..

    Also in the.. can’t get enough of Blanche.. club (must be the aftershave !! )

    Blanche and Jim together, I swoon..

  6. Piper says:

    Glacia – I love Diner Dash! (and Doggie Dash and Wedding Dash for that matter) I totally understand the time vaccuum that is Diner Dash!

  7. tanzie says:

    Kym Ryders’ (also known as Kym Marsh) tattoo is the name of her kids in Arabic. I’m also a fan of the I Heart Blanche..especially when she told Jim she doesn’t consort with ex-cons and he asked how wee Tracey was doing…that for me was a classic corrie moment. I’m tired of Lauren already hope she doesn’t stay long.

  8. S. Poole says:

    Weaving in a few lyrics from that fantastic youtube video of All Apologies… 🙂

    For Vicky and Legs:
    What else could I say
    Everyone is gay

    For Darryl and David:
    I wish I was like you
    easily amused

    And for the impending Sarah vs David showdown — Sarah may soon be:
    choking on the ashes of her enemy

    Be careful what you wish for, Sarah Lou.

    I heart Diner Dash and Nirvana and I am glad Glacia does too.

  9. Gayle says:

    Antik, I agree with you concerning Rosie allowing Stape to maul her along the side of a highway??? Could they not have chosen a more secluded spot? I really, really don’t get what the hell she sees in him? I personally think Jim MacDonald has more sex appeal in his little finger that Stape does in his entire body.

  10. tanzie says:

    I don’t actually think Rosie finds Stape attractive or anything..she’s on a power trip. Her mom wants him, her sister wanted him (in a school girl crush way)..he’s a teacher and she holds power over him. And she’s probably going to try to get him to leave Fizz..when she’s done and there’s nothing left to get, he’ll be tossed to the curb with the rest of the trash. I just hope its sooner rather than later.

  11. corrierules says:

    I agree with Tanzie. Yes Rosie is mad at the world. Craig Harris broke her heart.

    Loved Jim’s barb at Blanche re: Tracey. Just catch yerself on, Blanche. Blanche&Jim4eva!

  12. antik says:

    Very interesting psycho-analysis of Rosie, Tanzie.. I’d lost sight of those things.. the getting what mom and sis can’t have.. and hardening up after Craig ..

    Also, thanks for the Kim’s tattoo info.. always wondered about that..

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