Have I Mentioned I Heart Jim? Update

Charles Lawson (Jim McDonald) as Buffalo Bill Cody in the London production of 'Annie Get Your Gun'.

Dear readers, I have to tell you….I’m becoming perfectly obsessed with Jim.   Really, it’s hard for me to give a flying fig’s toss about anything else that happens on the show when you know ‘yer man’ might make even the briefest appearance and utter one of those gems the writers have been giving him.

From Your Mouth To God’s Ear

Jim comes by the pub to pick up Amy and interrupts Vern penning his marriage vows.  When Vern leaves to collect Uni-brow from the Barlow’s, Jim reads over what Vern has scribbled comparing his and Liz’s love to Sonny and Cher (sonny and cher…that standard of eternal love and devotion), Romeo and Juliet, Newton and Ridley, Ant and Bee…

Liz then shows up and her and Jim have a cuppa (using the ‘Liz’ and ‘Vern’ mugs no less!) together and talk about the raging success that is Steve and the big fat disappointment that is Andy.   When Vern walks in with Amy, Jim takes her, but not before commenting on LIz’s new hairdo (smoooooooooth) which Vern quickly repeats.  When he’s out of earshot of Liz, he tells Vern that he put the marriage vows under the sofa pillow so that Liz wouldn’t see them.

Vern follows Jim out of the pub and confronts him about reading the vows, which he had no right to do.   Jim admits that’s true but what’s done is done and besides he just wanted to make sure that Liz didn’t see them.  Then Jim (while keeping a straight face, mind) tells Vern that the poem is amazing and that Liz will be over the moon when she hears them.  Vern, pleased with himself, saunters back to the Rovers.

Then comes the best line of the night when Jim asks Amy, ‘What in the name of God does your granny see in that wee man?’

I know!  Jim, we’ve been screaming the same thing at the telly for the last 2 years.   WHAT, what is it with him?

Maybe Ryan Will At Least Get His Father’s Surname

Nick, Alex’s dad, not Gayle’s spawn, shows up at the Rovers to confront Michelle about the situation.  Let’s just make this as painless as possible….I’ll skip the Michelle crying and throwing her head into her hands bits.   Basically Nick wants Michelle to get Ryan to do a DNA test.  Michelle accuses Nick of being a bastard.  Nick mentions that she won’t be able to rest until she knows the truth.  (Which is kind of true, innit?).

Michelle does a lot of crying and Steve gives her advice.  He tells her the best thing might be to get the DNA test done because Nick doesn’t look like he’s going to stay away (unless, oh I don’ t know, you went to the police and told him about your son’s stalker….) and that he has a point about Michelle deep down wants to know too.  

So there it is.  I know it’s a shock to Michelle, but in my mind I’m trying to play out the worse case scenario.   If it is true, I very much doubt any court is going to make the two families ‘switch’ teenage boys.  So then what you’ll have is the same situation as when adopted children find their birth parents.  Here’s my biological parents, but here is the woman who raised me and is my mom.  PLUS, you’ll have a kick ass lawsuit with the hospital.   The only down side is knowing that Ryan didn’t get his wicked deft Playstation genes from you.

Who Wears Heels Like That To Wait Tables?

Sarah enters stage 3 level 12 of her plan to destroy Milano David.  She continues to harp on to her mom about David appearing to be on drugs and that she should keep an eye on him.  Gayle says that David is nearly 17 (fyi – Christmas is his birthday and Rosie’s is Christmas eve) and she can’t keep him locked up.

At the restaurant that evening Sarah is serving a rather jovial group and is being flirted upon some young man with a hungry look in his eyes, a devil may care attitude and an explosive amount of ‘E’ in his pocket.  Sarah does some very nice handling of the situation and in the end manages to buy some from him….which I assume she will be using as a plant.

Oh, and as an aside – Jason and Stephen come into the restaurant and Stephen says to Jason, ‘You don’t mind her working that hard?’  Jason replies with a jaunty, ‘Oh no, it seems to keep her happy.’

Then they light up a Pall Mall, knock back a few martinis and drive off to their restricted golf club.

Yeah, it keeps her happy.  Although her real dream is to become a Sherpa one day.

In Other News

Rita is planning Christmas dinner for her, Emily and Norris as none of them have family.  WTF? None of the families on the street could have invited them in?  Hello Websters!!!  How much money have you borrowed from Rita over the years?

Fizz asks Chesney to come to the flat for dinner with her and John.  Ches accepts assuming that Schmichael and Kirk-eh are also invited.  Fizz says that she really doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Kirk-eh to come and that he has friends he can be with like Tyrone and Molly and um, um, uuuuuum.   (His SISTER Maria maybe?  Is that the name you’re looking for Fizz?).   Anyway, Ches’s loyalty is to Kirk-eh and gives Fizz the thanks but no thanks schtick and does that cute little scrudgy face and shoulder shrug he does and walks off.

Fizz suggests that John gives Rosie a lift to school.   John responds that it might not be good for either of their images. riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

Oh, and Rosie keeps hounding him about seeing her.  rinse, wash, repeat.

Mollie seems to be wasting away on whatever reducing regime she is on.

Dev Watch  

Dev owns a Santa hat and will be open on Christmas day.

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17 Responses to Have I Mentioned I Heart Jim? Update

  1. Mandy says:

    Oh Sarah, what are you planning? I could see this all going horribly wrong and her being accused of being a drug user and having Beth get taken away from her, or having Jason not want to date a druggie. This will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

    If David goes on drugs, can it please be anti-psychotics? They might do him the world of good.

  2. Yanyan says:

    Glacia, I understand your feelings for Jim. That being said, you’re gonna have to get past me to get to him. But if we were really smart, the two of us would team up to get him out of Liz’s hoochie clutches.

    Any man that would sit at a bar & drink (Jason) while his wife shook her moneymaker in the hopes of getting bigger tips (Sarah) sounds like he would fit riiiiight in with my family.

  3. Yanyan says:

    P.S. If I can’t have Jim, I’ll settle for Dev. In the Santa hat.

  4. debbie says:

    “unless, oh I don’ t know, you went to the police and told him about your son’s stalker…”

    That line is golden!

  5. geenee says:

    Jim is the star of the show these days! Dev was a close second, with the nose and the Santa hat! Dev seems to be used mostly for comic relief these days; and we need comic relief after the misery that is Michelle. Jim and Liz are so much more believable than Vern and Liz and I think she still has a thing for him.

    The writing, directing or whatever was 100 % better last night than the night before, which was a big yawn (if you could keep awake through Michelle’s sobs and screams).

  6. Michigander Fan says:

    I noticed no mention of Doreen at the golden oldies Christmas dinner…

    Chesney has SPROUTED!

    I loved Dev’s outfit yesterday.

    Jim is the star of the show right now.

    Glacia – loved the Sherpa comment – that was kind of my reaction too – HELLO, she took the second job because Jason was injured and wasn’t working, not to “keep herself happy”.


  7. eps says:

    Gee, I don’t find Michelle nearly as bothersome as it appears many of the Blog Posters seem to.

    I also don’t mind Steven’s accent as much. Of course, I have been inundated with Sarah Palin’s horrible flat vowels and nonsensical responses to interviewers.

    Jim has melodic tones to that winsome lilt of his.

    How is Toronto pronounced if without the 2nd “t”? I have been listening closely to CBC radio and TV and hear the 2nd “t”. At least I think I do. I certainly hear the difference in how folks say Newfoundland. One can almost always tell a Brit when he or she says the name of the state Maryland.

    More Becky, Vicki and Blanche please

    Maybe the mineral water we buy is full of lithium .

    I really like the theme from Mad Men and the show itself. However, the opening graphics are too reminiscent of the WTC on 11. Sept. for my comfort.

  8. Gayle says:

    One question how in the world did the “stalker” Nick know where Michelle lives/works?

    If I were Michelle I would order that jerk out of the pub, and contact the police (for a retraining order) and talk to a lawyer. How does she know he is telling the truth? Sounds like a load of bull to me.

  9. geenee says:

    I had no idea who ant and bee were until I saw that picture of the book. This site is very educational.

    Toronto = Trawna = TO

    Steven’s accent doesn’t really bother me; he’s not usually around long anyway. I just wish Steve would get more easy-going, cheerful girlfriends. I liked the Irish one he had a few years ago but sadly, she didn’t last. He does love his drama queens but with Liz as a mom, they probably seem normal to him.

  10. lovethestreet says:


    We say Te-ron-o. You can’t pick that up by listening to the CBC though. The broadcasters there follow proper pronunciation guideline, even going so far as to say Shed-u-al (schedule) when we, I mean us, regular folk really say SKED-u-al.

    I agree with you about Jim’s dulcet tones: they’re lovely, so they are.

  11. pip says:

    You know it’s funny how the Corrie writers repeat character names. We’ve got Steve McDonald, and Gail’s brother Stephen. Gail’s son Nick and Ryan’s putative father Nick. Karla’s dearly departed Paul, and Jack and Vera’ n’er do well Paul. No doubt there are others that I haven’t been around long enough to know about.

    Gee, lovethestreet, I say Sked-yule, though other folk around here say shed-yule. How do people back east say Calgary? On the west coast we say ‘Calgry’, though Albertans seems to say Cal-Gary (with the emphasis on the second syllable, like the name ‘Gary)

    Gayle, a DNA test will solve everything, and they have to do it. Michelle can’t spend the rest of her life wondering if Ryan is her biological son, and worrying that if he’s not, then one day he will find out.

  12. lovethestreet says:


    We say “Calgry”.

  13. beanie says:

    LOL you guys. Thanks for the laughs. The second T in Toronto is a dead give away. It reminds me of Barbara Walters saying twenTy twenTy which she DOES A LOT. I’m not sure how bad Stephen’s accent really is. Both the actor and the character are sooo boring. We all totally tune in to that Manchester accent so ANY other accent sounds weird to us (except for Jim’s lovely lilt of course) Remember Tyrone’s mum? She had a Liverpool accent (I think) and it really stuck out.
    Funny that you guys mentioned Calgary. My son moved there almost 2 years ago and I kinda stutter over it every time. I live in Niagara on the border and we just never mention Calgary. LOL

  14. Yanyan says:

    In the Maritimes:
    Toronto = Tronna
    Calgary = CALgarY
    Quebec City = Queeee-bec
    Montreal = Munchreall

  15. Long time lurker says:

    I was shouting “see a lawyer first” at Michelle through the television – maybe the same solicitor whom Sean saw about his parental rights. Then, only when Michelle is fully apprised of her rights in case Ryan is not her child, should she agree to any DNA test. And, while they’re at it, the lawyer could probably give her advice on suing the hospital for a ton of money, if this all does turn out to be true.

  16. Michigander Fan says:

    huh. We say toRONno.

  17. pip says:

    okay everybody, how do you pronounce this: Youbou?

    (you have to live on Vangcouver Island to get it right and even then, maybe not.)

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