Update: Friday October 3rd, 2008 – Web Dreams

Milan Bound

Luckily, no one believes David that Sarah has set him up with the packet of Ecstacy. He starts to feel down about the whole thing. In the meantime, Sarah sits Stephen down while he is getting a haircut and continues to hint. Well, should we say she is blunt in asking that she and Jason would like to get the you know what out of Weatherfield. Will Stephen take the (not so) subtle bait?

Sarah’s latest Google search:


Stephen fave site:


Lifestyles of the Rich and Not so Famous

Rosie is loving her romantic escape with John – but being the penny pincher he is, he is not so sure about the and full champagne breakfast. He scolds her about her mini-bar indulgences and scurries around trying to get ready to leave. Finally, feeling guilty about Fiz. Sally is upset that Rosie hasn’t texted. Fiz boasts to everyone that John loves her “Just the way I am”. Back on the Street, the green eyed monster comes out when Rosie sees John arm in arm with Fiz. She texts him claiming it is urgent – and tells John she deserves “better than this”, John claims he is besotted with her and Rosie responds that he must dump Fiz – otherwise she will tell her everything.

Rosie’s bookmarked sites:


Lowry Hotel


It is difficult for Michelle and Steve to get into the spirit of Christmas. Michelle is trying to wrap her head around Ryan’s parentage. She admits that the issue is not going to go away – so she decides, reluctantly to speak to Nick today.

On Michelle’s list:



Maria is still holding a bit of a grudge about Liam and Carla’s kiss. Sarah tries to talk some sense into Maria, trying to tell her the kiss was long before their relationship. At the factory, Liam confronts Carla about why she told the whole pub about it.Carla acts her usual non chalant self. She claims that the kiss meant nothing to her but by his reaction it was obviously a big deal to him.

In other news

Lauren gets the job at the Rovers and starts flirting with the punters. Liz is proud.

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7 Responses to Update: Friday October 3rd, 2008 – Web Dreams

  1. Gayle says:

    Okay, when was Sara trained as a hairstylist? I don’t ever remember her receiving any training?

  2. S. Poole says:

    Not sure how Sarah (or Candice) made the jump from sweeper of hair to cutter. Perhaps Audreh teaches the kids in her spare time? 😉

    The real version of Torn by original artist Anne Preven and Ednaswap.

  3. S. Poole says:

    Sorry to sound like a music snob above, I meant to say it was another version of the song, not one that was superior.

    Looking forward, can’t wait to see the Christmas dinner at Roy’s, see you at half-twelve!

  4. Mandy says:

    Is anyone else finding themselves in the Christmas spirit because it’s Christmas on the cobbles?

  5. glacia says:

    Glacia, a glass of Bailey’s in one hand and a mouth full of sugar cookies says, ‘Yu mee ish nowt cwissmassh?’

  6. John says:

    Christmas on Corrie means I have to renew my niece and nephew’s subscriptions to Owl and Chickadee as that’s my present to them.

  7. mayfairgirl says:

    omg, i love owl and chickadee. john, you have inspired me!!

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