Monday October 7th 2008 – The Poker Update

UK Time actual Christmas Eve – December 24th 2007

It is Christmas Eve in Weatherfield and the residents of Coronation, and Roseamund, Victoria and Viaduct all begin to gather with their loved ones to celebrate. This is the time of year to huddle close to your English teacher, lodger, employee and forgotten uncle.

The show opens with Rosie in a strop angry with John. She is raising the steaks and wants John to dump Fiz because, you know, that is the ONLY thing standing in the way of them actually being together. Since John is demonstrably a fool, he tells Rosie that, yes, he will dump Fiz so the two of them can continue to sneak around together, but this way he’s not cheating on Fiz, he’s just having an affair with his student.

So, John goes home to try and break up with Fiz. He is finding it difficult because she is so adorable. Once she picks up on his droopy mood John goes on some tangent about turning into his father. Ah, THAT is why he is cheating on the lovely Fiz with the teenager over the road. He’s having a pre-mid-life crisis. OF COURSE! Now, I totally understand why he makes such stupid decisions and acts like he has no self control. He doesn’t want to turn into his dad and he kinda has low self esteem. I’m in my 30’s, I wonder what I can justify if I use the fear of turning into my mother as the reason. Corrie Canucksters, what would you justify?

In the end John just can’t do it and even tells Fiz that he had no intention of breaking up with her. The pair head to the Rovers where John runs into Rosie and her parents. Rosie is openly nasty to him, and her parents don’t seem to notice how she is behaving. John and Fiz leave the Pub and John spends the rest of his evening making Fiz feel sorry for him. As they walk home arm in arm, Rosie stands by watching and looking really really mad.

Is Steven a Dunce?

Sarah is about to win the pot in the Platt household, and I love her for it. Since David will not be going to Milan Sarah has been dropping bombs about going in his stead. Steven, who must be the thickest man in the planet kind of misses the all the hints and then when Sarah finally kind of gets the message through, he asks her if Jason would be interested. That’s right, Jason, the builder, the second least qualified for the job and the man who has expressed absolutely no interest in even going to Italy on holiday. Sarah very patiently suggests that she could be the one to take the job. Steven was confused because who would look after Bethany while Sarah is at work. Sarah reassures him that she is the one working now anyway, and Bethany spends most of her time in the dishwasher. Then Steven says, and this is golden, I don’t know that Jason would want to be a house husband, because you know he is miserable now.

It takes a while, but Sarah manages to lead Steven to the obvious conclusion. However, convincing Jason is another story. That man loves Weatherfield. He isn’t big on the adventure that a three month trial in Milan could bring. Sarah seems to sway him with talk of how good it would be for Bethany, and I have to say, I agree. I don’t care how she gets to Milan, I think it is the best idea.

Michelle is loosing big time. She goes over to Nick’s place to discuss the situation and makes a really good point. The boys are very young and this could be too much for them to handle at this age. Nick pushes his point. As Steve says later, it is a good thing she went to talk to him because this dude isn’t letting it go. Moreover, if he did stalk Ryan for a couple weeks, what else is he prepared to do to find out the truth.

She does a lot of crying in this episode – AGAIN and Steve does some comforting.

Liam and Tony lock horns over some stupid guy stuff. Tony offers to buy the factory girls some drinks for Christmas. Liam sees that offer and refuses to let him as he feels that he should buy the staff drinks. Something tells me the girls don’t care who buys them drinks.

Later Tony tells Liam that he is taking Carla to a restaurant where the chef for 1 Michelin star. Liam sees 1 Michelin star and raises him 4 Michelin tires. That was Corrie Gold.

Maria and Carla are sitting in a booth and Carla brings up the kiss she shared with Liam wanting to see that Maria is upset about it. Maria sees her bait but then raises and closes the game saying that she got over it because it was along time ago and she is marrying Liam AND she is pregnant with his child. Carla shuts up.

I Bet I Wont Regret It!

I Bet I Wont Regret It!

Because this episode really needed some Christmas cheer, we got a real nice story from Chez and Kirk. The dynamic duo are in the house looking for a recipe they can rely on for their holiday meal, why Chezny is not with Fiz and John is beyond me. Anyway, after Chezny opens a lame present from his mom – OK, it was only kind of lame. I’m love an Elvis mug that sings Viva Las Vegas – they head over to Roy’s to look for some cooking implements to make their Yule regret it. Becky is funny.

At Roy’s, he and Becky talk about Christmas at the Salvation Army and their different experiences there. Roy talks about missing Hailey. In pops Chezney and Kirk and they decide to spend the holiday together. That should be a fun meal.

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20 Responses to Monday October 7th 2008 – The Poker Update

  1. Gayle says:

    I have never understood why the factory employees (where is Sean by the way) expect to given a load of food and booze at work before Christmas? In all my years of working I never had anything like that.

    As far as Chesney and Kirk being alone – why doesn’t Kirk’s sister invite him and then Chesney could go to Fizz’s?

    Sarah and Milan, I cannot believe how incredibly self-absorbed Sarah is. She is planning to take her little girl away from everyone and everthing she has ever known to start a new life in a foreign country! Since Bethany has been born Sarah has rarely looked after her for any length of time. Gail is always running around after them. Boggles the mind.

    Steven must be very hard up for staff if he offered the job first to a highschool drop out with mental health issues, then his sister who didn’t finish highschool either with absolutely no office experience!

  2. pip says:

    Ches and Fizz had a conversation about Christmas dinner a few episodes ago. Fizz invited Ches, but not Kirk, and out of loyalty Ches opted to celebrate with Kirk. I think Maria’s head is too full of her fiance to think of making Christmas dinner for her brother.

    I don’t understand why Michelle has to tell Ryan anything at this point. She can just be tested to determine if she is Alex’s mom, and if she is then I’m sure she can surreptitiously have Ryan (you know, steal a few hairs out of his hairbrush, that sort of thing). Then Michelle and Nick can calmly and rationally decide when and how to break the news to the boys. Yeah right. Neither of them is level-headed enough to do it that way. Michelle will likely break down over Christmas dinner and blurt it all out to Ryan over the plum pudding and hard sauce.

    Does Rosie think that once John has broken up with Fizz then they’ll be able to ‘come out’ with their relationship? Could Fizz have been any sweeter to him and could Rosie have been any more horrid. Really, that girl is a you-know-what with a capital B.

  3. geenee says:

    I’ve been to a few Christmas parties at various companies. They are always more fun when the boss goes home; but then, I didn’t have Liam as a boss! I didn’t think the Underworld party was as good as usual. I wonder if Streetcars will have one – probably more fun than most.

    I almost felt sorry for John. He’s being blackmailed and doesn’t know what to do; reminds me of a deer in the headlights.

  4. Modge says:

    How about Sarah’s statement to Jason that living in Milan would be good for Bethany (the Corn Child, as one of the Canucksters has christened her) because “she’d have two languages”. Two?

    And didn’t Fiz look absolutely lovely while standing outside with Snake listening to the carollers?

  5. missusmac says:

    I think the idea with the factory staff is that all year they have to ask permission to breathe, go to the bathroom, go to the dentist, etc. At Christmas, there is supposed to be a bonus and a big bash with booze paid.

    The most I’ve ever gotten for Christmas bonus was a frozen turkey. I’ve had parties that ran from ‘dinner, drinks and all on the boss’s gold card’ to a buffet with various mystery casseroles at the local legion. I love a Christmas party, me. Got booze, got chips? I’m there!

    If Michelle cries some more, I am definitely getting the chips and booze out and joining Glacia in a yuletide celebration.

  6. geenee says:

    Or drowning your sorrows?

  7. Mandy says:

    Fiz did look lovely, Fiz IS lovely. Sure she might be a bit overweight but I’d call it pleasantly plump. Her face is so pretty and sweet and her personality even sweeter. How could any man cheat on this girl? She’s the best! Rosie is horrid and disgusting. Did anyone else notice how horrible her hair was in the Rovers on Christmas Eve? Barf. I hate the flippy-outy look she tried, I just imagined how crispy it must have been with all the hairspray.

    If I was Maria I don’t think I’d be up for as much hanging out and drinking at the pub with Carla and Tony as she is. I don’t know why Liam would want to either. Carla disgusts me.

    I can see that Sarah wants the opportunity to go to Milan but I think she’d be better off to stay in Weatherfield. It’s not Weatherfield’s fault she’s going nowhere, its hers. She needs to save up some money and decide what she wants to do with her life and see about getting an education. Bethany is in school full-time now, she lives with her Mom, her husband is working, WHY NOT?!?!

    Poor Chez and Kirk. Maria SHOULD have them over. And Schmichael. Does anyone know what kind of a dog he is, by the way? Is he a Great Dane?

  8. beanie says:

    ROFLMAO missusmac. I’m sticking to diet pop but I bought some celebration chips. Horseradish and cheddar. Amazing.

  9. Pink Lady says:

    Modge, I agree! I’d love to know what Beth’s first language is. Perhaps “blink once for yes and twice for no”…

  10. CorrieLoverUSA says:

    Who suggested making the Yule log??? Iforgot!!
    Does anyone know why Corrie’s lighting is SOOOO dark? Could it be my cable or just CBC? Maybe it is the videotape….

  11. geenee says:

    It’s the background music that’s bothering me. It’s hard enough to follow the accents without the music, but now I miss a lot of the conversations. Then we only get snippets between the many commercials and promos. Once upon a time we got extra episodes after the Olympics and other sports disruptions; now it’s crumbs between sales pitches.

    Rosie really is acting like a spoiled brat. Can’t wait for Kevin and Sal to find out about the whole thing.

  12. corrierrules says:

    Geenee, does your TV have a caption mode? It helps me follow the conversations, especially if I am washing the dishes. Since I watch in the kitchen, various members of my family wander in and out, so without the captions I’d be lost.

  13. Glacia says:

    Schmeichel is definately a Great Dane, named after the Danish footie player Peter Schmeichel.

    Personally I would have named him after Viggo Mortesen, but then we all have our own idols, don’t we.

  14. S. Poole says:

    Good call on Viggo, no pansy ass footballers, he cheers for the CH. (… as does Strombo, but we knew that.)

    Fiona > Rosie, 9 times out of 10 and twice on Sunday.

  15. Mandy says:

    I thought he was a Great Dane! Cute!

  16. geenee says:

    corrierules: I have an older TV with no caption mode but played back the tape this morning and caught a bit more of the chatter. That’s one option I’ll get when I replace this one. I think the one in the bedroom has it but it’s just a small set. Maybe I’ll try it sometime.

  17. Gayle says:

    I just love Fizz, I think she is real sweetheart and I really hope she doesn’t get her heart broken. As for Rosie, what’s wrong with her, has she no friends of her own age? What does she propose to do with Stape once she has him all to herself? Does she think they’ll ride off into the sunset?

  18. Joy says:

    corrierules: Great suggestion about putting the captioning on!

    In the meantime, I’m going to have to rewatch this episode. I missed a few lines when Chez & Kirk were discussing adding booze when making fruitcake. Kirk likened this process to something that happened to a friend(?). When Chez asked if he turned out “exceedingly rich & delicously moist?”, Kirk replied “Not rich, no”!

    I also loved Roy’s line about planning “a quiet day in with a Trollope.”

    The closing scene was great when the camera panned to Rosie’s sour face just as the carollers sang “round yon virgin”.

  19. papasmurf1964 says:

    Pansy ass footballers?

  20. S. Poole says:

    Yes, papasmurf, pansy ass footballers. You know, the ones in America who are padded from head to toe. 😉

    Actually I love futbol, just don’t have the time to follow it as closely as I once did, used to watch quite a few EPL games in my younger unmarried days. Now I am lucky to catch half the World Cup games every four years.


    S. Poole

    PS. Boy, I miss the old high-light show with Graham Leggat CFMT used to run on Saturdays.

    PSS. Where does one procure some horseradish and cheddar crisps?

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