Update: Thursday October 9, 2008 – Christmas meets Boxing Day

Christmas meets Boxing Day

Round One

Bill and Sally haven’t heard anything about Kevin. Blanche reveals her theory that She Rosie is pregnant by John – that is why Kevin hit him. Bill tells her she’s wrong, and Blanche seems disappointed.

Rosie is inside and puts down the phone. Sally asks who it is, Rosie replies that it is none of her business. Sally tells her that after yesterday every move she makes is her business. Rosie replies that her father is in a police cell because he can’t control his temper. (Yeah, so can you smack her again Sally?)

Rosie says that she did nothing wrong as she is seventeen years old. Sally mentions that it all started when she was sixteen.

Rosie then tells her mother that it’s only what she would have done if she’d had the chance. She says that John told her about Sally making a pass at him. “What’s Dad going to say when he finds out about that?”, and says that all of this has been taken out of proportion. Sally is stunned and then leaves the room. (Sally, please chuck her stuff out the window – now….) The phone rings, and Kevin is being let out on bail.

Poor Fiz is over at the café with Kirk and Chesney she is beside herself with grief. Who can blame her – when you find out your boyfriend is a perv?

Out on the Street, John is loading his belongings into his car. Rosie (Trouble) comes along and asks how is doing. Hmmm, I wonder. John tells her he has a broken cheekbone and that he has just got out of hospital. He informs her that he is going to stay with a friend.

Kevin pops out of the car, he sees Rosie talking to John and he’s furious, but Sally warns him to stay away. “If you lay one finger on him you’re back inside,” she says.

Fiz comes round the corner and stops, she sees John and Rosie. The three of them all look at each other for a few moments and then John gets in his car and drives away.

Round Two

Over at the Platts’, they’re waiting for Stephen to come and say goodbye. David goes on that that if it wasn’t for Sarah he would have to say goodbye to Stephen, he’d be leaving with him. Sarah then decides to break the news that she and Jason are going to Milan. Stephen has offered her the job. Gail is stunned (insert squished face here). Sarah announces they have booked their flights for next Sunday. Audrey wants to know why Stephen never said anything to them about this and he explains that Sarah said she needed time to think. She turns to her mother and says she’s sorry if it’s come as a shock but it’s too good an opportunity to turn down.

Sarah says they’ll have a nice apartment to stay in and Bethany is going to go to an English speaking school.

Later, David comes downstairs to find Sarah sitting in the living room. “I hope you’re happy now,” he says. She tells him she is happy and in four days she’ll be gone for ever. David vows revenge (no surprise here). She states, “Why should you have the job?” she says, and reminds him that he nearly killed her Bethany and wrecked her wedding day. “But I didn’t do what he thinks I did,” he says, “it was you!” Sarah puts her face close to him and smiles. “Which makes it all the sweeter,” she says.

In other news:

Andy (Steve’s brother can’t make the wedding, due to a broken leg

Michelle: Still upset.

Eileen finds out about Jason moving to Milan – is gob smacked.

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21 Responses to Update: Thursday October 9, 2008 – Christmas meets Boxing Day

  1. debbie says:

    I’m gonna watch all this again on Sunday. This week as too good.

  2. geenee says:

    Good job on John – both by Kevin and the makeup people. Didn’t take Rosie long to dump him! Rosie really resents Sal; probably for all the men in her past, especially Ian, and maybe she remembers Les’s son who was so violent. Whatever she’s mad about, she really hasn’t much respect for Sal.

  3. barbee says:

    Totally agree with you about Rosie. I decided that about Rosie when she thoroughly dumped on Sally on Wednesday. She has absolutely no respect for her mother (can you blame her, really) especially since Ian Latimer. I think this was all to get some kind of revenge on Sally, even if she didn’t realize it and justified it by thinking she had the hots for John. Poor sweet Fiz, though. She deserves so much better. Thank another mother for Fiz’s insecurity.

  4. pip says:

    I missed this episode last night! Why did Rosie dump John? Because she had to, or because it’s no fun if you’re not doing it on the sly?

    Speaking of respect, is there a teenager on the Street who has respect for his or her parents? Maybe Ryan. OTOH, is there a parent on the street who is deserving of his or her child’s respect? I would say only Eileen, Michelle and Kevin fit that bill.

  5. missusmac says:

    Pip, that’s a really good question. What parent on the street deserves their child’s respect?

    Eileen, I think so, for the most part. Took care of them when times were rough, without a partner. Michelle, ditto. Kevin really does care about his kids.

    Dev, for all his philandering ways, appears to have turned into a good dad to Amber. (Not sure
    about the 87 other kids…) Steve tries. Claire and Ashley work hard at it, and do pretty well. Les gave it a shot. Janice is a lot of things, but she’s also a loyal strong mom. Fred.

    Parents not worth respect, off the top of my head: Tracey, Liz, Cilla, Deidre, many times Ken, Gayle, Martin, Gerry, Bev.

  6. lovethestreet says:

    Well Frankie raised Jamie pretty well until, …um…nevermind…

  7. pip says:

    LOL lovethestreet!

    Claire, Ashley, Steve and Fred, for sure, but they don’t have teenagers yet/anymore.

    Maybe Dev qualifies, but he’s so selfcentred, and he’s the kind of dad a teenager hates to be seen with in public, because he won’t act like a dad, he’ll try to act like your cool friend. Kevin acts like a dad. I think he’s the best dad (of a teenager) on the street.

    When Roy and Haley were looking after Chesney they were great surrogate parents. I would love to see them looking after another youth, it brings out the best in them, and makes a nice contrast to all the horror that sometimes happens on the street.

  8. corrierules says:

    Totally forgot about the time change and missed this episode.:(
    Will definitely watch on Sunday!
    Pip you pose an excellent question. Re: Kevin as a respect-worthy Dad — let’s not forget that he was the one that started the entire downward spiral of the Webster family. Years ago they were happy and content, until Sally left Weatherfield to tend to her mother who had had a stroke. (In real life, the actress who plays Sally was on mat leave.) While Sally was away, Kevin felt somewhat put out and fell prey to the charms of Natalie Horrocks. He left Sally for Natalie and the Webster family was never the same again. But they did have better story lines, lol.

    I think Fred Elliot was a good Dad (although not until late in the game).

  9. missusmac says:

    Sadly, Bethany was too busy playing in the dishwasher to pose for the Platt family Christmas snap…

    Look at how wholesome Rosie looks in this picture. What a difference a year makes!

    Pip, I’ve always found it so interesting that Roy and Hayley, who are the butt of so many jokes for being so different, or odd, or transgendered, are the most loving couple on the street, two of the most decent and caring people, and also the best ‘parents’.

  10. pip says:

    Good point, Corrierules. I’m not familiar with the Webster history, since I only began watching in earnest around the time that Steve and Karen got married. In fact, I think it was their hysteria-filled wedding (crashed by Tracy with baby Amy in arms) that got me hooked!

    I thought Kevin had an affair with Gail at some point? Or was it Sally who had an affair with Martin? I’m confused.

    It’s sort of sad that Haley and Roy no longer have a special relationship with Amy. But I guess that got too confusing for the plot lines.

  11. geenee says:

    I don’t think Dev is much of a dad. He didn’t want anything to do with Amber for ages until she forced herself on him. Claire and Ashley are pretty good and Steve does his best. Ken and Dierdre tried – between affairs. I guess there aren’t many perfect parents – as the offspring love to point out. Fred pretended to be Ashley’s uncle for most of his life. Janice tried very hard with the girls and still is pretty good with Leanne. Gail is a a poor parent but not for lack of trying; she just doesn’t have a clue what to do with David – and who would?

  12. lovethestreet says:

    I absolutely agree with the comments about Roy and Haley: they are decent,loving and actually quite sensible despite all of their idiosyncracies. They would be brilliant parents.

    Kevin seems like a good dad — and Sophie is just like him: frank and funny with an accent so thick you can understand about one word out of four. She should get more story lines. I remember Kev’s affair, but the writers have made him pretty family oriented since that time.

  13. geenee says:

    Sally and Martin were an item for awhile when they were both separated. It was after Kevin moved in with Natalie and Martin’s affair with the nurse broke up his marriage and seemed to be more for company than passion.

  14. Jamaican Girl says:

    I am not one to comment on this blog even though I have been reading the comments for many months. I felt I had to particpate this time though. Let me start by saying that i am probably the only person on my island who takes Corrie VERY SERIOUSLY. I watch it daily and again on Sundays. This week was very good!!! I am just wondering why the hell Sally and Kevin don’t kick Rosie out of the house since she’s such a big woman and why Sally is even engaging in a debate with a little girl.
    Right now i am so angry that I think Sal should have given Rosie 3 boxes instead of one….they’re lucky they don’t live in my culture…..Rosie would be on the streets by now. She is out of order and words cannot describe my thoughts on John…..he really does think he is so hot….aaarghhhhhhhhh…..I am not a happy camper watching the show this week….while the revelations are a bit exciting I must say….i just can’t understand how these young people (Sarah, Kevin, Rosie etc) have som much back chat…..if they had Jamaican parents their teeth would be down their throats a long time ago.

    Sorry…I am just venting because generally speaking they are typical of young people today – disrespectful and have too much to say for their ages. I hope John loses his job…and I hope if Fiz is looking to get back with Kirk he doesn’t give her the time of day!

    Happy watching!!

  15. geenee says:

    Sally’s being blackmailed in a way by Rosie. If she kicks Rosie out, Rosie will give Kevin an earful about Sally’s pass at John and affair with Ian.

    I can’t imagine John keeping his job after this. Sally will see to that.

    I hope Fizz and Kirk don’t get back together. She was bored with him before and needs someone a bit smarter.

  16. beanie says:

    I agree geenee. Even though he has a big heart R Kirkeh just doesn’t seem to match Fizz anymore. Of course the writers have dumbed him down even more lately so he about the same intellectual level as a bedpost. It’s too bad that John turned out to be such a nasty SHITE because I have really enjoyed the way Fizz has come into her own since she’s been with him.

  17. corrierules says:

    Just watched this episode online. Makeup folks did a bangup job (no pun intended) on John Stape. And Rosie Webster does self-involved beautifully. “Okay. Well seeya then!” she very cheerfully tells Stape. Cheerio, pip pip toodle-oo, too bad about your life in ruins, though…byeeee!

  18. glacia says:

    I think Rosie’s little ‘Ciao bello’ was the BEST and just what John deserves. Even better, he can’t call the police on her for ‘willful kiss off with intent to cause humiliation’.

  19. Sonja says:

    I’ve been reading everyone’s comments about Rosie – esp. Jamaican Girl’s…. you are so right! Out on the street you little tart! I wish Sally would smack her again – unbelievable! If I had so much as looked crosswise at my parents I got a good smack.

  20. mayfairgirl says:

    i agree with jamaican girl. if that were my daughter – her clothes would be thrown out the window!

    as for sally and the blackmail issue, i would just pretend to kevin i didn’t know what she was talking about. really, who is he going to believe right now?

  21. BornToBeACorrieFan says:

    Like Jamaican Girl, I too am a longtime reader of the blog. I’m just a bit of a comment writing virgin.

    To start off, how dare Rosie even feel as though she’s in any position but the wrong one? Her comments make you feel like the only reason she had the affair was to get one over on her Mum all along! Sally was also dumb to not admit to Kevin about that Ian affair years ago. You should never put your child in a position to keep a secret that ginormous.

    In other news, did anyone find it ironic to hear that Bethany would [of course] be attending an “english-speaking school” and not one for children who are rarely seen and rarely even speak.

    Has anyone else noticed that humongous, black, omnipresent ring Michelle wears whenever there’s an emotional scene? It has a permanent place on the hand that always ends up on camera in the midst of a breakdown. It’s always there. You could make a drinking game out the amount of appearances it makes in each episode.

    Just some things I noticed.

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