Update For Epiosde #6718 – October 10, 2008

The opera house in Milan, the one place you can be sure Sarah will never visit

Kirk and Ches go by the cafe to visit Becky, who has a crush on Kirk, in his mind at least. She offers the lads something sinful and sticky. (in a pastry related theme of course) When the boys finally leave Ches lets slip to Becky that Kirk might fancy her. She tells Kirk that he can come by and check out her buns anytime. (how many times has the the smurfman heard that before?)

David and Sarah snipe at each other at home.

Fiz and Maria go through the apartment looking for anything John may have left behind. Fiz has a bit of a teary meltdown before Maria persuades her to go to The Rovers for an evening of slagging off men.

Steve tries to serve Michelle some leftover turkey. Surprisingly, this fails to cheer up the glum gal so Steve takes her to the Italian instead. Alas, this also fails to lift her mood.

Kevin is in his best suit for his court appearance. Sal tries to convince him that the prisons are too full for him to be sent up for his first offence. Rosie come home at this juncture, and as is her wont, says something inappropriate, and Kevin ends up calling her a lying little scrubber.

Vern and Jim snipe at each other in the pub.

Jason and Bill go for a going away brew in the cafe. Sarah drags him home to do more packing. Gail and Sarah discuss their upcoming departure. Gail wonders about the move and Sarah tells her mother that ‘Jason thinks what I think’ and for her mother not to worry.

Kevin ends up pleading guilty to the charges, and has to return in a few weeks for sentencing. The denizens of the pub do their best to put a positive spin on the situation. Ty notes that if everyone who had a bit of a punch up in Manchester was sent away, they would have to open up Old Trafford as a nick.*

A going away do for Jason and Sarah is held at The Rovers. Sarah looks radiant. Jason looks grim. Sean tells him to cheer up, soon it will all be opera and salami. Dev and Ty wage a bet about how long the couple will last in Milan. Gail pulls Jason aside and tells him, in spite of what happened in the past, he is a good lad.

David stops Jason on the street, and talks to him about how Sarah has stitched the two of them up with the move to Italy. Jason denies it, but you have to wonder…

*Old Trafford is the stadium where Manchester United play.

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25 Responses to Update For Epiosde #6718 – October 10, 2008

  1. Gayle says:

    I for one am glad to see the back of Sarah. I know David pulled some dirty tricks but I was getting tired of her constantly calling him a loser.

    I can’t help but wonder what “the job in Milan” entails. It obviously can’t be very difficult if David/Sarah were “qualified” to fill it.

    Gail certainly seemed to take it well, if my daughter and only grandchild were leaving the country I’d be a little teary to say the least.

    As for the going awsay party in the Rovers it was obvious that Sarah has no friends at all.

  2. missusmac says:

    After Candice left, Sarah really didn’t have anyone except Maria, who is in comfort Fizz mode at the moment.

    So, do we think there will be a Becky/Kirk romance? Now that Fizz is free, it would make sense for Kirk to get involved with someone else. 🙂

    Who will pay half of Fizz’s rent? Also wondering if Molly might be the new hair stylist trainee at Audrey’ with Sarah gone.

    Honestly not sure how Sarah ‘stitched up’ Jason. She’s finagled a job, (just one, not the two she’s working now), finally their own apartment, and has a school lined up for her kid with uncle to pay for part of it. Sounds like a step up, and Jason may have to grow up and accept it.

    I have not liked how Sarah has acted, but really, she hasn’t sent her mother cards from her dead murderer husband, insulted Granny’s new man and ignited an ex-wife situation, nearly killed her own husband by loosening a rail, nearly killed her daughter with drugs, driven a car into the canal and made their mother think she was dead, or insulted and ridiculed and destroyed her mother’s self-confidence. Oh, nor has she made up an alibi for Tracey Barlow and then tried to get Tracey to sleep with her in return. That was ALL David.

    So far, Sarah’s a saint compared to David.

  3. geenee says:

    David does make Sarah look like a saint. I kind of like Sarah. I know she’s not perfect but she’s been through a lot more than David really: having a baby so young, having a dead baby, finding out her partner was cheating – with a man, working 2 jobs to get ahead, and having to put up with David’s mean tricks, including him nearly killing Todd and Beth. Before that, it was the murdering stepdad. Cut the girl some slack – she deserves a break! And I forgot about her being left at the altar at the first wedding and having the second one ruined by David’s fake suicide attempt. If I was her, I’d run to the airport.

  4. geenee says:

    Of course I meant to say that David tried to kill Jason, not Todd.

  5. beanie says:

    I totally agree with geenee and missus about Sara. There has been a lot ot criticism about her lately. Gail has excused David’s evil behaviour because her serial killer hubby drove them into the canal. Wasn’t Sara in the car too? And Beth? (perhaps the reason she doesn’t speak)
    It always bothered me the way her pregnancy was handled by the family. She was a stupid very young child who got pregnant at 13. She had sex once to ‘see what it felt like’ She was too naive to know she was pregnant. She thought she was just getting fat and Gail thought she was anorexic. By the time the pregnancy was confirmed she was too far along for a termination.
    What bothered me was Gail and Audrey making the decision that Sara would keep and raise the baby herself and they would help. Adoption was off the table because Audrey had give Steven away and regretted it. She was only 13 !!!!!! The first time I heard Gail say ‘no you can’t because you have Beth’ when Sara wanted to do an ordinary kid thing I wanted to choke Gail.
    Run Sara Run !!!! Get away from you batshit crazy family !!! Maybe your child would learn to speak.

  6. fondue123 says:

    Wow. Kevin called Rosie a “scrubber”. You know, I think that’s worse than a “slapper”. Definitions:
    Slapper: Noun. A sexually promiscuous woman.
    Scrubber: Noun. A coarse and sexually amenable or promiscuous woman.
    Sounds like scrubber is worse.
    Coarse, you know.
    I feel really bad for Kevin. I don’t know what’s supposed to be wrong with Rosie, but clearly something is. WTF? Why is she suddenly the town bike?
    Kevin is devastated, Sally only less so because of her more extensive cycling experience.
    But, this is not a horrible family, a train wreck. Sure, they’ve had some really serious problems in the past few years, but early on, they were a solid family, that’s a good grounding. Why are things falling apart so badly for them, so suddenly?
    The way it’s playing out, they remind me of the Platt family, as there is never any solid, serious family therapy going on here on Coronation Street…hello? it’s the 21st century, guys!!! I know it’s the north of England, but give me a break…

  7. geenee says:

    By Corrie standards, I’d hardly call Rosie the town bike. Didn’t she just have the 1 boyfriend before John? That’s almost virginal compared to her mother. I think it was Sally, Fizz and Sophie all drooling over John that made him attractive to Rosie. Then the secrecy and sense of power kept her interested. Now that everything’s out in open, she seems to have lost interest.

  8. fondue123 says:

    I think Kevin as much as called his daughter the town bike by calling her a scrubber.
    I’m not sure what Sally, or Kevin, did before they got together, as they never told us (although Hilda did hint at a less than savoury past for those Seddons), but they were a sweet faithful couple on-screen for a very long time. Kev set them off on the wonderful road they’re currently on with his infidelity, and for sure, Sally has paid him back, and repeatedly, but they are trying now, and have been portrayed this way for some time.
    Yes, Sally tried it on with John (guess she’s still not happy with Kev? or her life?), and I guess that’s what we’re supposed to believe is Rosie’s motivation. I would rather have seen Sally’s indiscretion with Stape taken in another direction, between her and Kev, taking their now troubled relationship to a new level, but the Corrie writers are thinking of…ratings, I presume.
    Rosie did just have the one boyfriend before this horrible horrible John Stape experience. Sorry not to have made it plainer, but that’s my point, what are the writers doing here? Craig was her first boyfriend. Rosie and Craig were sweet. They broke up. And let’s remember that they broke up because Rosie wanted to stay with her family, that she loved Craig, but ultimately felt the need to be with her family, not wanting to strike out on her own with Craig in Germany.
    I just can’t see it, having been 16 myself at one time, EVER EVER thinking I’d get into bed with someone like John Stape to make a point with my mother. Or anyone else. Think about it. ugh.
    So how/why does Rosie go from 0kph to 100kph sexwise? I don’t believe that she suddenly decided to go after Stape because her mother, Fiz, and Sophie, liked him. She just seems like such a different girl. Not realistic.
    What are the new Corrie standards? Rosie suddenly is a slapper/scrubber? Isn’t this just an opportunity to get a budding 17 year old into revealing clothing?
    Is this how the writers really feel a 16/17 year old would pay back her mother for the Ian Davenport affair? just seems like they’re looking for the door to sleazy town and it’s wide open.

  9. John says:

    I think Kevin’s outburst to Rosie was simply out of anger and I don’t think it’s reflective of her new personality. I don’t think she’s become particularly promiscuous but she is testing the limits of her sexuality and making mistakes along the way. With a little maturity and perspective, Rosie is going to incredibly embarrassed at this episode.

    Still, I would have liked to have seen Sally say to her, “Sure, you’re sexy and 17 and can have any man you like. So why’d you settle for John Stape? Talk about lowering the bar!”

    On an unrelated note, I loved Steve’s passing reference to Vern’s passion for Gram Parsons. Not a widely known country singer/songwriter, but an influential one. Steve also tried to remember the name of the “grey-haired woman” he sang with and if they ever married. The answers are: Emmylou Harris and no, they were never married.

    Vern is the butt of a lot of jokes and I probably wouldn’t want him as an employee or even a friend you could count on but I’d like to go listen to records with him. The guy knows his music.

  10. geenee says:

    The affair with John seemed a complete turnaround for Rosie but 16 year-olds have been exposed to a lot more than the older generation ever was. Movies and TV are much more explicit and kids have seen a lot and sometimes must get the idea that anything goes. Maybe she’s just copying her favorite soap! I don’t think Sally would think of John as settling since she was so besotted herself.

    I knew who the grey-haired woman was but never heard of Gram Parsons. It would be fun to hear Vernon’s band in the Rovers; maybe on the wedding day.

  11. beanie says:

    When Kev called Rosie ‘a lying little scrubber’ my jaw dropped. It sounded so much worse than Sal calling her a slapper. Of coarse Kev’s gentle serious voice seemed to emphasize it even more.

  12. LK says:

    Although I have been following the comments for a long while, and love the site, this is my first time writing in.

    As a teacher myself, I cannot believe that John Stape has not been fired!! Why have Sally and Kev not gone to the school board? Yes, 16 is the age of consent, but teachers must, must not engage in any personal relationship with their students! That man should not be teaching!!!!!

  13. missusmac says:

    LK, good point. Right now, I think they are still on holidays, so perhaps can’t raise anyone to complain to? Also, I’m wondering if Kev and Sal really want this to become public knowledge outside the street?

    It’s pretty obvious, although wrong, wrong WRONG – that Rosie was a willing participant in this situation.

  14. pip says:

    I think Sally told Rosie when it all came out on Christmas Day that John would be fired and she would be expelled, so I’m guessing when school starts up again all that will happen.

    It really does seem that Rosie’s primary motivation in all this was to ‘one up’ Sally, as well as to see how much she could manipulate Stape. She really has no remorse for all the trouble she’s caused, and is only sorry that everyone is mad at her.

  15. kunzie says:

    Rosie seemed genuinely perplexed that her mother did not want to talk to her at breakfast. She said, “But we didn’t do anything illegal!”. Rosie obviously has not grasped that when you bully someone like a schoolyard thug, which is what she is doing to Sally, then no, that person will not want to talk to you!!

    No friend, colleague, associate or family member that should accept that treatment. Sally may feel obligated to provide a roof over her daughter’s head (the apparent “adult”) but she is not required to accept that treatment.

  16. Mandy says:

    If Rosie was my daughter I’d throw out all her promiscuous clothing, even if she DID buy it, and say “I didn’t have a problem when you were just dressing like a slut, but now you’re acting like one and you can’t have both!”. And I’d make her march over and apologize to Fiz, I’d walk her over to the principal so SHE would have to tell on John herself, and I would NEVER let her out of the house for a long time, only to go to school (if she can still go). Kids get away with stuff cause adults let them. What happened to getting grounded?

  17. kunzie says:

    I think that Sally, and Gail for that matter, have to deal with their own self-esteem issues before they can parent effectively. As long as their teens can manipulate them, they’ll just be doormats.

    Sally has to figure out what it is she needs exactly – upward mobility, mind expansion, romance…and if she can achieve it with Kev. I caught the tail end of the Sally/Ian thing, and as unfortunate as the affair was, Sally didn’t strike me as malicious, whereas her daughter is a venomous brat.

    I am sure Gail wishes she had had the clairvoyance to have run from Richard Hillman. But she didn’t. That does not make her responsible for his criminal acts, and she doesn’t have a debt to David or Sarah. It happened, it sucked, but she didn’t do it. Nor does she need to apologize to David for looking at all sides of an unwanted pregnancy. And certainly not for believing Sarah over David re: Milan.

    Only when the apologies and ass-kissing stop will the parenting start.

  18. lovethestreet says:

    John, Your comments about Vernon are dead on. I wouldn’t like his company, but I would like his CD collection. Amy is a lucky girl to be getting David Bowie’s Sound and Vision for Christmas!

  19. Mandy says:

    Amy needs an eyebrow wax. Oh just kidding. She’s a cute little one!

  20. romeozulu says:

    An off topic question – what has happened to the actress that plays Hayley? Hiatus? Illness? Vacation? The ongoing phone chats between Roy and H. lead me to assume that she’ll be back, but where is she?

  21. Glacia says:

    She’s taking time off to be with her family. She will be back.

  22. tanzie says:

    The minx called Rosie tried and failed to flirt and attract Liam while she was at underworld. She tried to grow up too fast and used Carla as a template. When she crashed and burned with Liam, the next available semi-adult was John. Her sister had a crush on him, her mother had a crush on him..and he was with Fizz. Time to prove she could attract and manipulate what everyone else wanted. She was out to prove herself in her little girl ways..not caring about the outcome. Basically..it was out of spite for Liam spurning her. When John wanted to talk to Rosie on Sally’s behalf about going back to school, she tried to make it sound like a date to Liam hoping to make him jealous. Her body matured..her mind hasn’t caught up yet.

  23. beanie says:

    Well said Tanzie!

  24. Mandy says:

    I think Rosie is way too mean to her mom. No respect. Same way David is with Gail. Maybe that’s why Sally and Gail are friends. I hate to say it guys but this isn’t just a problem on Coronation Street. A few months ago I was walking to work and a kid’s mom was walking with him to a middle school. They were fighting cause the mom thought kids wanted to beat her son up and she said she would “kick their *ss”, and he was all like “Shut the f*ck up you stupid b*tch!!”. My jaw just DROPPED. I would never say anything like that to my Mom, and I shudder to think what would happen if I ever had!

  25. BornToBeACorrieFan says:

    I agree with Tanzie about why Rosie is the way she is. She has always been a teen who wants to grow up faster than she can. Even throughout her relationship with Craig, she became a vegetarian and acquired birth control to give the impression she was a mature adult. I think she adopted this persona [including attitude] when Sally had pushed her into going to Oakhill with all of the other rich and snobby teens; however, this does not excuse her from acting the way she does with her parents and she also seems rather oblivious to the consequences of her actions [i.e. why everyone is angry with her.]

    Quite annoyed with her at the moment.

    I feel really bad for Sophie. The actress is so amazing I wish they had more storylines for her. I think these two siblings have the potential for many magnificent battles in the future.

    I think they need to do something about the Kirk/Chesney relationship. They have a very sweet “brotherly love” for each other, but I have found that some of Kirk dumbness has rubbed off on Ches who I also think is a wonderful child actor. I feel bad for how dumb the writers sometimes make Kirk out to be and I just hope they don’t do the same to Ches. Kirk needs a girlfriend [not Fizz] and a life of his own.

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