Monday October 14th – Christmas Aftermath Update

UK Time: Sunday December 30th 2007

The show opens with David coming down the stairs angry at Sarah for treating him the way he has treated his whole family for ages. How dare she? Anyway, they have some verbal checkers before David convinces her that he has planted rugs in her bags. She freaks, searches, but finds nothing. Why she would keep her bags there is beyond me considering the War of the Roses like battle between them. If she is capable of planting drugs, he probably is as well considering his history. Also, considering Sarah would rather see David suffer than be happy herself, chances are he feels the same way. Actually, it is pretty clear that he feels the same way.

As the Platt-Grimshaw’s get set to leave the Street for the glamourous city of Milan they do some minor checking to see that they have everything. As it turns out they are prepared and have converted all their savings into Eruo. That’s right, they have plans – well Jason has plans – to be away for three months and they have taken all their savings. I realize that in their case that could be $1,200.00, but that is a bit like packing all your clothes for a three hour tour.

So, Jason Sarah some random kid go off to the train station because there are no direct flights to Milan from Manchester (although, it could . While sitting waiting for the train Sarah feels the need to tell Jason that she indeed planted the drugs. Jason is shocked and really upset that she would do that to her own brother after he tried to kill Bethany and Jason and ruined their wedding and treated everyone like dirt. Jason is so up set, he demands that they take some time to think. Sarah pushes Jason to just get on the train to get to the airport. I guess Sarah tried to push him way too far, because Jason doesn’t get on the train.

Well didn’t Jason pick a time to draw a line in the sand? He stands on the train platform while Sarah and a gigantic, borderline attractive doll board the train and zoom off to an airport. He went back home – Gail’s house – and broke the news to Gail that Sarah did stitch everyone up. Gail is shocked. I’m shocked that she is shocked and then she apologizes to David who, for the first time did NOT actually make the family miserable by behaving dangerously/threateningly. This is, of course, remedied when he tells him mother that she now “owes” him. See, they are not even since she got mad at him for sending her threatening cards, almost killing her grand daughter, almost killing her son-in-law, making her look the all around fool, making a mess of the builder’s yard after she begged Bill to take him on etc.

Back at the airport, Sarah is sitting with what looks like a lightly coloured pylon clearly waiting for her phone to ring. It doesn’t and as the airline is calling their names, Sarah heads off to the plane. And this, dear viewers, is where we finally see the back of Sarah Platt.

In a display of stunning immaturity, Rosie sits indignantly at the kitchen table doing her best to be oblivious to the calamity that she had a hand in causing. While I agree that Kevin is solely losing his temper and beating John as badly as he did, it would be nice if Rosie could appreciate how things got out of hand. But, she can’t because she is only a teenager. Even Sophie is disgusted with her and can’t stomach her breakfast.

Later, Rosie decides that now is a good time to talk to Fizz, because finding out her boyfriend is cheating on her with a 17 year-old on Christmas Day what she really wants now is to have a conversation with that 17 year-old the day before New Years Eve. Anyway, Fiz basically lets her have it and I think it may have made a crack in her totally self involved shell. Kevin comes out to call Rosie away because really that house only needs a couple brawlers. Rosie in a street fright would be superfluous. Also, Fiz would kill her.

So, Jim is doing his best to charm the pants of Liz. I have to say he is being very sweet, and it is making me warm to him, even when he totally goosed her in the back room. Amazingly, Liz controlled herself. But, I think she liked it. They certainly do have some chemistry.

Liz is getting wedding jitters. I think she’s most excited about those boots she got, and who can blame her?

Seeing as someone’s got to do something ridiculous with a turkey every Christmas, the Mortons decide to have a second Christmas for Kayleigh and Lloyd Jr. I’m left wondering what the point was for that story line.

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27 Responses to Monday October 14th – Christmas Aftermath Update

  1. missusmac says:

    David’s stance and manner when he said “now you owe me” to his mother seemed very Godfather-like, didn’t it? WHAT in heaven’s name does she owe him? A quick slap to the head perhaps, and a boot in the arse out the door?

    Jason flipped, IMO, because it was too much info at once for him to process, and because he really did not want to go to Milan, where I’m sure the tools are all backwards or summat…

    I really don’t know whether the Vern/Liz nuptials are going to take place. I can see Liz marrying Vern, and having an affair with Jim. Is that irony?

    Who will the harder time the first day back at school: John Snake, Rosie, or Sophie, who will now be known as the sister of the slut.

  2. geenee says:

    I wonder if John will ever get back to school, or will Sally snitch and have him fired? Time will tell. Rosie was lucky that Fizz kept her temper but we missed the classic catfight on the cobbles. Maybe the writers decided Rosie is too young and would be an even worse role model than she is already.

    Jason never wanted to go to Milan. He’s a simple soul really, much like Kirk; just give him his few pints after work and he’s happy. No doubt, Becky will pounce, when she catches him in a weak moment, or gets him drunk.

    If only Jim could be patient, he would get his Liz back. There is still a spark between those two.

  3. Michigander Fan says:

    I yowled “noooooo” at the TV when Sarah started bragging to Jason that she framed Roger Rabbit. I knew that wasn’t going to end well for her. A criminal mastermind she’s not, but I honestly think she thought that Jason would go along with anything she decided to do. Unfortunately for her that didn’t work out. Good for us though, because Jason is a Street hottie.

    Yes, David. Gail owes you. A year in military school. One where corporal punishment is still the norm.

    Or perhaps that would merely serve to provide him with information on how to kill people using only 2 fingers?

    Jim was DEAD SEXY – the sparks flew! I hope he sticks around. He’d be awesome with really any woman on the Street – Liz, me, Eileen, me…Becky…me.

  4. pip says:

    Oooh, Rosie and David are neck and neck in the competition to be the teenager-on-the-street-I-hate-the-most. What was the point of that conversation Rosie had with Fiz. ‘We were only having a bit of fun – sorry if it ruined your life but you’re better off without him’. Firstly, that’s a lie. They weren’t having a bit of fun – she was forcing John to break up with Fizz. Secondly, she’s not sorry, she doesn’t give a rat’s patooty about Fizz’s feelings. And then she’s all affronted that Fizz won’t forgive her!

    Didn’t Sarah confess to Jason about her rather underhanded scuttling of David’s attraction to Mel. And didn’t that go badly for her when Jason was disgusted with her behavior? Why did she think this would be any better. Jason did the right thing – I think the scales have finally fallen from his eyes and he sees what a self-centred little scheemer Sarah is. He’s well rid of her (though I suppose she’ll be back once the actress who plays her finishes having the actor who plays Jason’s real life baby).

    Wonder how Uncle Stephen is going to feel about all this when he finds out?

  5. beanie says:

    I was gobsmacked this entire episode. I wasn’t alone though I heard a very audible Corrie Canuckster Wave in each time zone. MF’s “noooooo” was right in the middle of “OMG” and “WTF” from coast to coast.

  6. missusmac says:

    OK, was I the only person who sat down last night (Wednesday) and was horrified to see I’d completely missed an episode?

    Was the show seen across Canada on election night, but not shown in Atlantic Canada because of the Mercer Report? Or did CBC show two shows on Monday and I didn’t know?

  7. Gayle says:

    I know some people will disagree with me, but I will not miss Sarah or (please don’t think I’m mean) that little girl who was a terrible actress. Sarah takes the child away from the only family she has ever known, her Grandmother, Great-Grandmother and Uncle (I know he’s horrible but Beth loves him) to a foreign country and the kid doesn’t bat an eye? Even when they were walking away from Jason, you’d think she at least ask why isn’t Jason coming…nothing.

    Too bad Gail didn’t go with her.

  8. Frank says:


    Show was on Tuesday at 4:00 pm in Charlottetown.

  9. Michigander Fan says:


    Um. I think in ONT it was on at the normal time… there was a day recently where it was on at like 2:30 in the afternoon, but I think that was last week and was hockey-related.

    Sorry you missed it!


  10. Glacia says:

    Missus, remember that there’s the omnibus and it’ll be posted online come Sunday. I’m getting ready now to post the update – so you can get a sneak peak.

  11. Glacia says:

    And I definately won’t be sorry to see the back of Sarah.

    I hate to say it, but when her and David get at each other I always kind of cheer for David. (Probably because his acting is a gagillion times better.). I know he’s a shit, but I love watching him outsmart Sarah i.e. the Becky texts.

  12. TrudyC says:

    Can’t say I will really miss Sara either. Certainly won’t miss robot child Bethany. It was funny the way she just pulled Bethany everywhere and like a robot just followed along. I laughed out loud at that. I’m thinking any normal child would be whining and shuffling they feet the entire time.

  13. pip says:

    I missed Wednesday’s show as well, because it was on at 3:00 p.m.! Looks like it was a corker, too. Stupid election.

    It seems like the child actors on the show really get no direction at all, either that or that are told ‘don’t move, don’t say a thing, just follow so-and-so when he/she drags you/picks you up/pushes you’.

  14. missusmac says:

    Rats! It was on in the afternoon??? I didn’t know that. I will have to check out the omnibus, because it looks like it was quite the show.

    Damn this whole having to work thing. My employers need to be more sensitive to my Corrie hobby!

  15. kunzie says:

    pip, I have often wondered the same thing myself regarding the child actors. Maybe there is some sort of sliding union pay scale where there is one fee for actually “acting”, and another fee applicable for “appearing”. It’s the only way I can think to explain why, on a show that has moments of brilliance, the childrens’ scenes are horrible. For some reason, the film “The Shipping News” just popped into my head. Amazing kids in that. What about Jack The Bear? Remember that? Hell, even ET or The Sixth Sense if you wanna go mainstream.
    The only slightly animated child is Joshua.

    I feel it really hurts the show. Any comments from longtime viewers on this?

  16. kunzie says:

    The little girl in Fatal Attraction was good, too. And the kid in Jerry McGuire was priceless. God, you see alot of films by the time you’re “fooooooorty!!”

  17. geenee says:

    I don’t mind that the children are seen and not heard – unless they are part of the storyline. It would really slow things down if they were allowed to chatter. In real life I remember how hard it was to have a conversation with another adult when the kids were around. I do enjoy Chesney, though. Josh is cute, but he doesn’t really monopolize the scenes like kids do in real life.

  18. pip says:

    Well, it may not be fair to compare these kids to kids who are picked from thousands for a significant role in a major motion picture. But even on North American TV shows and commercials the kids are always better than Amy and Bethany. It’s as if the producer/directors view these kids as props or have had bad experiences with over-acting child stars. Although I was a ‘Dallas’ fan and do remember that the small child they had playing Bobby’s son was rather useless.

  19. Gayle says:

    As much as I love Corrie and am a very long time fan, I have always had problems with the “child actors”. The only one who shows any emotion is Joshua (my husband gets a kick out of him). Amy is terrible, she looks scared all of the time.

    When we used to get Emmerdale, there were two little girls on the show, one was about 6 or 7 and the other about 3. They were really good, particularly the older child.
    She was an adorable little redhead and played her part really well.

    Perhaps Corrie just doesn’t have the budget to pay trained, experienced child actors.

  20. Michigander Fan says:

    Ahhh, this whole conversation is reminding me of everyone’s favorite lush, WC Fields – something about hating working with child actors, and the reporter finally said “You don’t like children, do you?” to which Fields said, “Of course I do, when they are properly cooked.”

    Good times…


  21. Yanyan says:

    Wasn’t it also Mr. Fields who uttered one of my favourite quotes of all time:

    “What contemptible scoundrel has uncorked my lunch?”

  22. Michigander Fan says:

    Yuppers! He has to be one of the most quoteable people in history:

    On going to the doctor: That nefarious quack found blood in my alcohol system!

    On Prohibition: There were days when I had nothing to eat but food and water.

    On women: It was a woman who drove me to drink, and I never thanked her for it.

    When caught reading the Bible: Just looking for loopholes.

    And the one posted next to my desk right now: I never vote FOR anyone; I always vote AGAINST.

    They don’t make ’em like that anymore.


  23. geenee says:

    Sounds kind of like our election!

  24. beanie says:

    I’ve been watching Corrie since just before Liz and Jim arrived. I think Steve and Andy had their 16th bday shortly after. Tracy was about the same age. Any younger children were invisible. The writers rarely included the kids in a storyline and unlike U.S. soaps they stick with the same kid for a long time. Sometimes they are forced to replace them. The girl that played Sara before Tina only spoke twice that I remember and she seemed mentally challenge. The original Rosie was the original Corn Child. The same kid had the role since infancy and never spoke. She had huge eyes and really pale skin.

    Whenever I’ve seen flashbacks of really old episodes there aren’t any kids. Then when they needed to write in a pregnancy the mother gave birth to an ornament.

  25. missusmac says:

    Beanie, I agree. It used to be the same with North American soaps as well. A character had a baby to drive a plot, and the baby never appeared again until they were about 16. They usually showed up in May, which meant the soap was getting geared up for summertime plots involving teens which would hook kids that were home from school in the summer.

    Didn’t some in the Corrie cast once talk about Tracey being up in her room listening to tapes for about 5 years straight??? I’m not sure I need to see Amy or Beth in every scene they are referenced. (BTW, loved the pylon remark, Debbie!) It’s enough to know they exist.

  26. Diane/tvor says:

    Re the train thing. In Manchester it’s much cheaper to take a cab to the train station and get the direct train to the Manchester airport since Weatherfield aka Salford is not all that far from Piccadilly station. A cab with three people and luggage will probably cost about 20 pounds plus tip from Weatherfield/Salford to the airport whereas a cab to the airport on a Sunday with less traffic, probably about 6 pounds and a couple of pounds for train fare to the airport.

  27. geenee says:

    In American soaps – at least in As the World Turns – a character once grew up and became a doctor in about 7 years! That was many years ago in the early 60s. I haven’t watched them since.

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