Jim’s Tragic Flaw – Update for Tuesday’s Episode

This episode once again showed that Jim could be both a sizzling hot sexy he-man and a stand up citizen if just one thing didn’t exist in the world…Liz.

The show opens with Vern standing in the back of the pub practicing his wedding speech, including some kind of weird castration joke. Steve comes back to give him a cuppa and Vern stops to have a heart to heart with Steve. He tells Steve that he knows that he doesn’t think Vern is the kind of guy he wants his mom to marry, but he vows to Steve that he will always love and take care of his mom.

And while Vern is swearing oaths to LIz’s family, she’s over at Deidre’s house getting her hair done aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand trying to ignore the wee voice in her head that says, ‘Don’t marry Vern’. She confesses to Deidre that her little interaction with Jim the day before has sent up warning signals in her head. While she doesn’t want Jim, the little bit of slap and tickle the day before reminded her of what she had with him – how exciting it is to be someone who adds a bit of ‘ummpfh’ to the relationship.

Deidre, who is an IDIOT, tells her to ignore her misgivings and gives her and freakin’ Ken’s marriage as an example of how to live a contented life through ‘settling’. And look how well that’s turned out!

But Liz is wiser than that and while she acknowledges that Vern will always treat her like a queen and not like the Jims and Dereks of the world (although for my money Jim and Derek are worlds apart), she doesn’t want to be on a pedestal, she wants excitement in her marriage. And good for her, you got to find that happy medium, which, as much as I really don’t groove on Liz, I hope she finds one day. More importantly, she says it’s not fair to Vern to have him marry her if she’s not really that into him for the long run.

So with that, she asks Deidre to go to the register’s office and tell everyone to pack up their hats, caps and chewing gum and go home. She will go to the Rovers and break the news to Vern.

She wanders over to the Rovers to have one last fag behind the bar when oh guess who’s there waiting for her…JIM! He’s there to make another attempt to convince her that this marriage is wrong, wrong, wrong that she can’t seriously love ‘the little drummer boy’ and that he’s the man for her, she’s his wife and always will be. He does make some pretty seductive arguments and Glacia sits on her couch mouthing the words, ‘Yes, yes Jim it’s true. I am your wife. Now take me away you great lovely biscuit of Irish manhood you.’ (And Mr. Glacia rolls his eyes and turns up the volume of his ‘Silent Hunter’ video game.)

LIz argues, but the discourse leads to Jim grabbing her in his arms all Harlequin romance like and planting a great big smooch on her lips. Vern overhears them talking in the garden and quickly opens the door just as the smooching begins and attacks JIm with all his pointy sideburn manliness. Unfortunately, this just turns JIm into the Hulk and he begins to beat Vern to a pulp, all the while asking LIz if she seriously could marry this ‘poor excuse for a man’. Steve and Vern’s friends come to the rescue and Jim also lays a hit on Vern’s friend ‘Bob’ before Steve can pull him off.

Steve is royally pissed and pushes Jim up against the wall and tells him that he’s through, that he’s sorry he fell for Jim’s sob story and that he needs to get out of their lives. And with that, Achilles is banished from the family.

Back in the sitting room of the Rovers, a bloodied Vern is being looked after by Liz and Steve. They tell Vern that he needs to go to the hospital, but Vern refuses saying that he is going to marry Liz come hell or high water. Steve mentions that at least he’s going to have to speak to the police, but Vern tells him that he won’t press charges and what’s more he’s going to make sure Bob doesn’t either.

Steve and Liz argue the point saying that Jim could have killed him, but Vern says that if he presses charges Jim will go back to jail and he wouldn’t want to take JIm away from Steve (and by extension Amy). Steve is a bit speechless at this gesture and thanks Vern.

Vern also says that he can afford to be magnanimous because in the end he won and in a few hours time will be become Mr. Elizabeth Tiwilliger. He then gives Liz a rather lovely brooch as a wedding gift which unfortunately was damaged in the fight. She says, ‘Oh, it’s just bent, not broken.’. Vern replies, ‘LIke me. Not Broken I mean…’ (But bent? hee.)

There it is, ladies and gents, once again Vern, in all his dorkiness and whatever, comes through like a prince. Not a few days ago, wasn’t that weasel John calling the cops on Kevin who attacked him because…oh yeah, he slept with his 16 year old daughter. John, who couldn’t just suck it up and realize that maybe a beating was just desserts and he might just have to blame himself. But then we have Vern, who was beaten for defending his bride, refusing to retaliate because he didn’t want to separate his wife’s son from his father.

Vern, my apologies for all those nasty things I say about you – deep down you are a stand up guy.

Anyway, this of course puts LIz in a bad position vis-a-vis dumping Vern. She takes Steve to the side and tells him to quickly contact Deidre and get everyone BACK to the register’s office, the wedding is ON.

In Other Pariah News

Rosie pops down to the Webster’s kitchen making enquiries about what to wear to the wedding. Both Kevin and Sally tell her that she is absolutely not allowed to go the wedding as Fiz will be there and that Rosie is officially in ‘Shunning’ status. They tell her that Fiz is not to be made to feel uncomfortable and quite frankly if Rosie went, they would feel uncomfortable. Rosie asks if they are ashamed of her. Sally explains the concept of a ‘shunning’ to her.

In an effort to win her parents over and to release her from the ‘shunning’, Rosie very perkily announces that she is ready to go back to Awk-hill academy. In my favourite line of the night, Sally replies, ‘That ship is well and truly sailed, madam.’   With the threat of Kevin going to jail, there is no money for her to go back to that school. Rosie replies, ‘I can’t please you! Whatever I say is wrongk.’  Glacia personally believes all that Awk-hill money would be better spent on elocution lessons for that brat.

In Other Other News

Jason is moping at home and Eileen thinks that he should pick up the phone and make up with Sarah. Jason says that he has his pride. Eileen tells him that from personal experience that Pride makes rotten company.

I disagree, Pride makes FABULOUS company!

Later he goes into the cafe where Becky seems less that destroyed over the news that Sarah left town without him and asks what he’s doing for New Years eve.   ‘Sitting at home with a can of ale.’ grumbles Jason.

Oh, and Maria worries about looking fat.   Yeah, okay, just shut the @#$Q@# up.


I just noticed a new feature on WordPress…a poll. 

So let’s test drive this baby!

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15 Responses to Jim’s Tragic Flaw – Update for Tuesday’s Episode

  1. Yanyan says:

    Glacia, thanks so much for this update. I was in election hell on Tuesday (working as poll clerk) and thought, oh well, it’s just one night. What could happen? Apparently, everything happened!!! Damn you Stephen Harper and your ill-timed election! Ill-timed for me, anyway…..guess it sorta worked out okay for him.

  2. pip says:

    I missed this episode, too, Yanyan, so a special thanks to Glacia for the excellent update.

    I agree that Vern really is a prince in toad’s clothing. It’s hard to remember that – misinterpreting the signals – he once tried to get it on with Michelle. He loves his Liz, has pretty good insight into how other perceive him, and yet can still take the high road. In the end I think Liz is going to hurt him badly.

  3. Mandy says:

    Wait, so did he ACTUALLY try it on with Michelle or just everyone thought he did? I watched but I forget.

  4. geenee says:

    Vernon actually made a pass at Michelle – many months ago, when he first moved in to the Rovers. Michelle was sick of his attentions and set it up so Liz could hear. Later, Liz threw his clothes and guitar out the upstairs window. Eventually, they made up of course.

    If you don’t mind a lazy guy, I suppose Vernon isn’t too bad. I had to give him credit for not reporting Jim or charging him with assault. I didn’t blame Jim for hitting Vernon back but he didn’t know when to stop and it seemed a bit overdone to me. I did think the acting was terrific, Steve especially, but I always liked that family together.

    How long do we all give that marriage? Six months – three?

  5. debbie says:

    Super fun Poll!

  6. Michigander Fan says:

    Yeah, OK. I’m not a Vern fan, but I will admit he was a stand-up guy about this. But boy, he takes “shiftless” to a whole new level.

    Watching Jim pound the living snot out of Vernon was pretty enjoyable though. Please please PLEASE can we keep him?

    Did Rosie really think that she could just head back to her fancy private school after all this? She skipped 1/2 a semester working, got back into the public school, adn what, Oakhill’s just going to say, “Ok!” AND her parents are going to pony up for it?!?! Wow – I want her fantasy life.

    Deirdre’s whole “Settling = contentment” philosophy was pretty… sad.


  7. Michigander Fan says:


    When I saw Stephen Harper’s ad campaign, I thought, “No WAY he’s going to win.”

    I stand corrected – apparently a lot of people DO believe “we’re better off with Harper”…

    But I still admire how fast and relatively painless the election season was. I’m soooo jealous!


  8. Michigander Fan says:

    WARNING: Rated R post:

    Does anyone else think nooky might seem like too much work to Vern?


  9. fondue says:

    Listening to Liz go on about how she wants excitement, ooompph, in a relationship, just reminded me of her early days with Vernon. I remember several really funny scenes in which Steve was uncomfortably made to understand exactly what his mother was up to with Vern, and how often. At that time, the two of them couldn’t keep their hands off each other, and much was made of Vern being a drummer, wink wink. But time passed, and that “hot new guy” became just boring old Vernon. First she dealt with this by cheating with that icky drayman, Derek, and now she’s going to try marrying Vern. Liz, Liz, Liz… admit you’re a serial monogamist, and have a series of semi-serious relationships instead of settling down with Vern, Jim, or anyone else!

  10. Yanyan says:

    MF – Not exactly. Record low voter turnout, representational vote indicates more Canadians actually voted against him than for him, and yet another minority government. Hardly a ringing vote of confidence for our fearless, helmet-haired leader.

    The thought of Vern & Liz bumpin uglies makes me queasy.

  11. Long time lurker says:

    Best line of the night was Liz’ – “I don’t want to be on a pedestal; I want to be on the edge of my seat”. I’ve never heard that expression before, but it is a good one. A perfect description.

  12. geenee says:

    MF: My theory is that Harper got in because the voters couldn’t face 4 years of trying to stay awake through Dion’s speeches. I know it’s shallow but then I didn’t vote for either of them.

    Maybe all that resting up Vernon does, gives him added energy when it counts.

  13. CorrieLoverUSA says:

    Liz is an relationship adrenalin junkie….she needs a fix which she got with that affair she had with whoseit guy. I feel badly for Vern…yes his heart will be broken. But I do say this…Liz is more fun to watch than Michelle…guh..she is awful…And I mean the actress!

  14. Glacia says:


    BINGO you got it. She’s a total junkie like that! Honestly, I remember her complaining about Jim not paining enough attention to her back in the day and kind of using that to justify maybe not so much having affairs but certainly batting her eyelashes at the boys. Hello, JIM not paying attention?

    I think the only reason that Liz and Jim were togehter so long is because she liked that excitement and he’s a Liz junkie. She likes all the crazy Jim drama, but the minute it’s all settled down and their snuggling on the couch, she wants out.

    I have to say, Jim and Liz protray one of the most realistic and honest couples I’ve seen on the show. I totally know people like them.

    I was going to say that about Vern too. You always have people in your life who are kind of dorky but every so often show you how sincerely good and honourable they can be – so you just keep on with them.

  15. corrierules says:

    Sorry, but I’m not feeling the Big Jim love. He’s funny and I love that brogue and his his funny Jim-isms (catch yerself on, etc) and I’m glad he came back for a visit, but that hair-trigger temper is unforgiveable. You see, in the past he’s used those big meaty paws on Liz and that kind of violence definitelly casts a pall on his attractiveness. Kevin’s actions this week, however, are completely understandable. With Kevin his fists are the last resort. In fact I can’t remember the last time I saw Kevin brawling (if ever). With Jim, the only way he really knows how to communicate his true feelings is by hitting. Use your words Jim, use your words!

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