Update – October 15, 2008 – Nice Day for a White Wedding

Going to The Chapel

It’s moments after Jim pounded Vern but bloodied or no, he’s determined to get to that wedding, even if it means he’s missing teeth and his white wedding cowboy suit is covered in blood. Liz, meanwhile, has asked Deirdre to tell the guests, all of whom are waiting at the registry office, that the wedding is canceled. Steve’s confused but Liz says she’ll explain later.

At said venue, Blanche is singing “Why Are We Waiting?’ and complains to her friends that she could have had another hip replacement in Poland by now. Speculation is beginning to run throught the crowd that someone got cold feet. Deirdre arrives to announce the wedding is off. There is mild shock but mostly concern over what to do with the 250 vol-au-vents Betty made.

As the guests leave, Steve arrives by taxi and tries to herd the guests back into the building (“Don’t you jostle me!” Norris protests.) as the wedding is back on.

Vern arrives with Dev, who is replacing that Noah Taylor lookalike as Best Man and is a little queasy at the sight of all the blood. Vern makes his way to the alter to tell Liz, through his bloodied, swollen jaw, that he loves her.

“Yeah, me and all,” she replies.

The celebrant declares them “man and wife” (old school) and the party makes its way back to the Rovers for the reception/New Year’s Eve party.

There, Vern calls Steve “son” and Steve thanks Vern for not calling the cops on his dad. Meanwhile, Liz admits to Deirdre that she got cold feet but saw Vern’s puppy dog eyes and couldn’t break his heart. Vern goes to make his speech but finds himself overcome with emotion. Liz takes the mic and says he’s bladdered but says that she sees this gentle, kind man and she knows she made the right decision. Well, it’s as sold a foundation as any for a marriage on this show.

If We Make it Through December 

Fizz got drunk, and indicating Marcus, didn’t worry about it too much because she had a “qually fullified professional” next to her. Then she fell over sideways. Afterward, she kissed Dev at midnight. Not romance there or anything, she just wanted someone to kiss.

Liam’s still jealous of Tony, who’s stuck in Baden-Baden Dusseldorf, and his extravagant romancing of Carla, so he asks Maria to go away with him somewhere.

Steve tells Michelle that, no matter what comes of this DNA business with Ryan, he’ll stand by her.

Eileen got Jason to stop moping about Sarah long enough to go to the pub, where he finds a drunken Becky who kisses him at midnight. He reciprocates but it leaves us with a “did they or didn’t they?” kind of affair.

At midnight, in keeping with Corrie tradition, everyone in the pub locks arms and sings “Auld Lang Syne”.

Welcome to 2008, everyone!


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16 Responses to Update – October 15, 2008 – Nice Day for a White Wedding

  1. Michigander Fan says:

    Fizz falling over was my zen moment of this episode.


  2. Yanyan says:

    I kinda wish Dev & Fizz would get together. Two of my favourite characters.

  3. kunzie says:

    Cardboard Cowboy: An Ode to Vernon

    With his iron-on plaid pockets and his tinsel honky-freak,
    And the mullet-going-nowhere and his northern english beak
    It is easy to mistake this cardboard cowboy for a fake
    When his break consists of drumming and his work is one long break.

    He’s allergic to exertion, has a phobia of graft,
    Some would call him lame or cheezy; most would settle for plain daft.
    He has made just one committment – to that mistress ‘rock’n’roll’
    And his knowledge is extensive of the genre ‘northern soul’.

    While he may incite some ridicule, a jeer or two I guess,
    No one deserves a pounding into such a pulpy mess.
    While he could not defend himself, our rubber punchy-clown,
    He never changed his feelings, and he never did back down.

    For Vernon had a vision of his twice-dyed paramour,
    Like a British Peggy Bundy in a plastic-jewellery store.
    So while lacking Jim’s charisma you should all remember this:
    That the polyester prophet will move mountains for his Liz.

  4. Yanyan says:

    Kunzie. You are a genius. That made my week.

  5. Michigander Fan says:


    YOU ROCK!!!


  6. Barbie says:

    Can you guys help me please! I know what a buttie is, I know what a ginnell is. Hell I’ve even indulged in a scotch and threat, but for the life of me I can’t figure out just what a vol-au-vent is. I’m thinking it’s some kind of puff pastry with something in it? Am I close?

  7. missusmac says:

    It’s a canape or finger food. I haven’t heard that term for years though. Betty’s vol-au-vents looked particularly good.

  8. missusmac says:

    And it is a puff pastry. Sorry! Forgot that part.

  9. CorrieLoverUSA says:

    Main Entry: vol–au–vent
    Pronunciation: \ˌvȯ-lō-ˈväⁿ\
    Function: noun
    Etymology: French, literally, flight in the wind
    Date: 1828
    : a baked patty shell filled with meat, fowl, game, or seafood in sauce

    Recipe here


  10. pip says:

    Kunzie, that was fantastic. I will forever think of Vern as a rubber punchy-clown (now that he’s healed up enough not to be a ‘pulpy mess’.)

  11. Barbie says:

    Thanks guys
    I checked the recipe, may just have to make a few vol-au-vents (without oysters though, I hate oysters) one of these days. They’ve been served at every “street” party for years. At last I know 🙂

  12. corrierules says:

    Funny thing about the officiant, her voice was somewhat surreal. It sounded like I was listening to the voice on our GPS. “After 400 metres, you may kiss the bride….”

  13. tanzie says:

    There were a couple of things in the wedding episode that made me think i was watching the twilight zone. First…Michelle smiling…and again, and again. She actually looks quite pretty when she smiles, and not like a deer in the headlights. Second..Liz. She comes down on Christmas morning looking like the holiday street walker. Most days its cleavage or short skirt, or both. Then why on New Years Eve, her wedding night..is she wearing a conservative sweater and pants? Not at all what I expected from Liz.

  14. corrierules says:

    Does anyone know why Dev had an ice-pack pressed to his face? I don’t recall him being in the fight….

  15. Gayle says:

    Regarding the food Betty made for the wedding reception, does that mean she was left to work at the Rovers alone (at 84?)and therefore wasn’t at the wedding? That kind of sucks for her.

  16. stickybee says:

    In Montreal vol au vent = chicken à la king…

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