Update For Epiosde #6723 October 17, 2008

The Honest Liar

Steve brings Ryan over to Phil’s so Ryan can experience the new home theatre his dad set up in the garage. When Steve returns to the pub he asks Michelle when she is going to address the issue of Nick the stalker/aka the possible biological father of Ryan, as Steve is a rubbish liar and sooner or later Ryan is going to notice that something suspicious is going on. Michelle gives one Steve of her troubled contemplative looks.

The Smirt

Becky and Harry make some small talk in the street while she is on a break. Harry accuses her of ‘smirting’ – flirting while smoking.

Jason comes into the cafe and Becky tries to be nice to him, but Jason somehow gets it all wrong and leaves, and Becky is left a bit confused.

Blanche Barred

Blanche, the bane of Dan the bookie, comes in to make a wager using her widow’s mite, much to the dismay of Dan. The two have their now customary banter while Blanche sets up for the afternoon session with her tea and sandwiches. Things are going well enough until Kirk comes in looking to make some quick money, and is dissuaded by Blanche from getting involved with the bookies. When she tries to sell Kirk a cup of tea for 50 pence it is the final straw for Dan so he bars Blanche from the betting shop.

The Weasel Returneth

Kirk bumps into Fiz outside the butcher shop, and they have a bit of a civilized chat. The topic of money comes up and Fiz is quick to point out that all the shopping she has done is only to cheer her up, she is going to return it all anyway. Kirk fails to grasp the concept of therapeutic shopping so Fiz soothes his troubled brain by telling him it is a ‘girl thing’.

The two of them decide to go for a coffee and when they go round the corner Kirk spots John getting out of his car, and chivalrous chap that Kirk is, he tries to protect Fiz by telling her that they have to go back to the shop since he forgot his jacket. Fiz points out that Kirk is wearing his jacket, and proceeds around the corner and runs into John. What follows is much weaseling and painful sucking up on the part of John that is too painful to repeat or even think about. Hopefully Fiz will reamin strong in the face of this barrage of bull emmanating from the mouth of John.

Phone Tag

Jason and Sarah fail to reach each other in person on the phone and proceed to leave a string of messages for each other, which seems somewhat unlikely in the age of the mobile phone and how addicted both of them are to their phones.

Taking the Plunge

Liam and Maria are on their romantic getaway to the Lake District. Maria bounds out of bed and is keen to get the day started. Liam and Ozzy are more content to have a bit of a lay in until Maria calls him old and this lights a fire under Liam. The two lovebirds decide to do a bit of walking and have a lovely time, talking about the wedding plans and how there is no rush for that event to take place until they are completely ready, with Maria being the voice of reason in this regard.

As they hike amongst the hills Liam lets Maria believe that he is the rugged outdoorsman, in spite of the fact that the price tag is till hanging from his new cagoule/jacket, and he was in fact never a Boy Scout or Outward Bound participant. They get farther and farther from the hotel and Maria soon realizes that they are lost, in spite of Liam’s protestations to the otherwise. On top of this they manage to lose Ozzy as well, who is having a grand day of chasing bunnies among the rocks. As their situation worsens Liam starts to lose his cool a bit and takes it out on Maria, telling her ‘not to go all hormonal on her’. They wander around, unable to get a signal on the phone, unable to find the dog, unsure of how to find their way back. Finally they hear the barking of Ozzy and find him stranded in a gully at the bottom of a cliff. When they see where the dog is, Liam decides to climb down and rescue Ozzy, only to slip and plummet off the face of the cliff…

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30 Responses to Update For Epiosde #6723 October 17, 2008

  1. beanie says:

    I loved Blanche getting barred. LOL LOL
    Thank you Papa Smurf for not making us endure that snake mess over again.

    This is mean but I was glad when Liam went off the cliff. I was ready to jump off it myself from the mind numbing boredom of Liam and Maria. Even the dog knew enough to get away.

  2. pip says:

    So how on earth did Liam expect to get Ozzy back UP the cliff once he got down to him. That was ridiculous.

    I have a bad feeling about John and Fizz. I think she just might let him back into her life.

  3. anabel50 says:

    Yes, what is happening with Liam falling down the cliff? What is going next? Is Liam injured, in a coma or dead – God forbid!
    Maria really is a dumb blonde (coming from a blonde)- Ozzy could have been rescued later ???

    Me too – re: Fizz & John – she is too desperate or has no self-esteem – who knows

  4. whitehorsefan says:

    Maria is not the brightest, but it was she who suggested that they go back and get help for Ozzy, and Liam who wanted to climb down. I agree with everyone that that was a ridiculous set up.

    And I too can see Fizz taking John back. She was so in love, she has that low self esteem thing, and I don’t think she has every felt that cared for before. Kirkeh tried of course, but it wasn’t the same. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Fizz tosses Snake out the door, comes to terms with the fact that she is bisexual, and begins a torrid and healthy relationship with some beautiful woman. (I can dream, can’t I?).

  5. missusmac says:

    The whole episode seemed very “american soap” to me. Liam has a fall off a cliff, dun dun dun DUN…

    Fizz welcomes John back and ‘takes it slow”, dun dun dun DUN…

    WHAT??? Fizz even sits down with this jerk? And Maria says in the episode her boots have spent 10 years walking dogs. So why would a former dog handler allow Ozzy loose in the hills in the first place??

    Thank God for Blanche and the bookie. A little taste of the real Corrie right there.

  6. geenee says:

    I yelled an obscenity when Fizz paid for John’s tea. I hope she keeps her cool and dumps him in no uncertain terms – after giving him a good earful.

    I suppose Maria thought Ozzy would have a great time running free and come back when called – like most dogs I’ve known. I was annoyed by both Liam and Carla. He is grumpy with Maria and Carla is tormenting her.

    In real life Blanche’s family would tell her how negative she is and shun her but it’s fun to watch her rude behaviour. She reminded me of my late mom who complained about the “damn organ music” in church while waiting for my niece to show up at her wedding.

  7. Joy says:

    Great summary, Papasmurf.

    I couldn’t believe that John would dare to show his face on the Street. I trust that my girl, Fizz, isn’t stupid enough to take him back.

    Loved Blanche & her “widow’s mite”!

  8. Glacia says:

    Okay, you know what’s bugged me. I wouldn’t have let a young puppy off lead like that. An older dog maybe, but not one under a year like that – especially in unfamiliar terrain.

  9. Glacia says:

    Whitehorse – great idea vis-a-vis Fizz. I don’t think we’ve had any women on the show who weren’t strictly straight, have we? Although I always had my suspicions about Ena Sharples.

  10. geenee says:

    Poor Maria: for an ex-kennel maid, her instincts were really off when it came to the pup. I think she knows something’s up with Carla and Liam.

    If you want a lesbian storyline watch Grey’s Anatomy. I’d like to see Fizz get a new, nicer boyfriend. She’s really pretty and should treat herself to a new coat – for starters.

  11. Yanyan says:

    A couple of thoughts:
    I believe I have committed smirting in the past.
    The whole Liam-Maria lost in the woods scene was very trying. She must be the worst whinger in the history of the world.

  12. Jody says:

    I was really upset by Liam and Maria letting a puppy run around off it’s leash! That poor puppy was on my mind more then stupid Liam falling off a cliff. And yah..how would he get the dog back up the cliff? I wish they would both fall off and be done with it.

  13. glacia says:

    Ha ha! Jody, me too. All I was wondering about was the dog.

    I kind of hate that about Corrie – the way the dogs get ‘sent off’. Remember Mad Maya with Monica or Ken ditching Mr. Bickles at the park? (I know, I know that’s not his real name, I just can’t remember.). I’ve actually kind of hated Ken after he did that.

  14. antik says:

    Re: Mr Bickles..

    He’s supposed to be called ‘Freckles’ (his name when owned by Blanche’s now departed friend.. that’s how he came to the street.. the friend died and Freckles needed a home.. Blanche obliged.. ) but Amy couldn’t manage the name… so it became.. Eccles..

    The Street needs more.. cats.. !!

  15. missusmac says:

    Antik, we see two cats on the opening montage, but who exactly has cats on the street? Anyone?

  16. Yanyan says:

    I would think Emily would be very much a cat person. Also Eileen.

  17. fondue says:

    I don’t care what anyone thinks, I truly enjoyed watching Liam fall off that cliff.
    He’s been getting on my last nerve lately with the Maria/Carla thing.
    But I got a laugh from Blanche and her widow’s mite…spending it gambling on the horses!

  18. geenee says:

    I’m a cat person myself so my heart doesn’t bleed for all those dogs. My sympathies were with Ken who had the d… biting dog thrust upon him. I would have driven him to a pound far far away. My memory goes back to all the dogs my ex used to drag home for me to clean up after, apologize to neighbours for their digging etc. and keep from biting the mailman! Then there was the neurotic beagle who jumped through the kitchen window, ripped the curtains and linoleum, etc. because she couldn’t stand to be alone. But I digress.

    Maria is not a whiner; her complaints are valid, much like Claire’s. The whiners who get on my last nerve are Violet and Michelle and Liam was aggravating on that hike.

    Isn’t it interesting how we see all these characters differently?

  19. pip says:

    I thought I was a cat person until I got my two small dogs, and now I’m a confirmed dog person. But to each his own.

    Dogs on the show are treated like props the same way the kids are. Maria was a fool for letting Ozzie off the leash, especially if he was chasing rabbits.

    I was quite startled by how quickly Liam turned on Maria when they got lost, and accused her of going ‘all hormonal’. That seemed out of character for him. Was it to show that he really was scared they were lost, or that he doesn’t care for her all that much, actually.

  20. fondue says:

    Pip, I thought the same thing. Liam did seem to turn on Maria, and I thought it was pretty heartless. She’s pregnant, cold, tromping up and down mountains, lost, and he’s snapping at her about not bringing her cellphone. He’s a coward, he should admit it’s Carla he wants, and take his lumps. Get it over with, maybe you won’t hurt other people so much if you deal with it now!!

  21. fondue says:

    ..almost (not quite) before my time, Minnie Caldwell kept a cat…but they don’t seem popular on the street generally. I guess dogs make good “props”, as someone mentioned in a comment above, cats not so much.

  22. fondue says:

    Sorry, Pip, that “someone” was you!!!

  23. Yanyan says:

    Cats are MUCH harder to train than dogs, so it could just be the practicality of th thing.

  24. fondue says:

    Train cats? LOL!

  25. Gayle says:

    I’ve never thought that Liam was in love with Maria, he is only with her because she is pregnant. In my opinion there is no chemisry between them at all. Although I think the actress that plays Maria is a very pretty girl, like Sarah, I don’t think she is a very good actress.

    And who in their right mind would let a puppy off the leash in strange place. Maria of all people should have known better.

  26. Michigander Fan says:

    Cats train us.

    The story behind the cat in the opening is: one of the esrlier opening sequences, literally a cat wandered through the shot and they didn’t notice it until later. When the show did well, it was almost considered a good luck charm, and now they make sure a cat is in the opening sequence.

    Minnie’s cat was Bobby Caldwell, I think.


  27. pip says:

    Cats all have minds of their own. They’re not ‘pack’ animals like dogs. Hence that saying ‘organizing [insert a group difficult to orgainize] is like herding cats.’

    Whatever happened to Eccles, anyway? And we never see Monica anymore. From time to time Schmeichal looms onto the screen. Am I glad I don’t have to clean up after him!

  28. Yanyan says:

    I used to work for a politician. Organizing him was like herding cats.

  29. geenee says:

    Cats are too smart to be trained; they train us! We could learn a lot from cats. They do exactly as they please and get away with it.

    That is a lovely cat in the above picture.

    Minnie had a cat as did Natalie Barnes. I remember Sally letting it out as revenge for Kevin’s affair. I suppose they don’t have them as they would would have to herd them into the scenes.

  30. S. Poole says:

    Hilda Ogden had a cat named Rommel, after the Desert Fox. I seem to remember someone moved and she and Stan adopted it.

    Maria going to get help was straight out of Lassie — You say Liam is hurt girl? Down by the old gold mine?

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