Corrie Canuckistani Pet Posts Persist


This is Norm. Norm drops at my feet when I get dressed in the morning. Norm hunts frozen shrimp. Norm climbs on top of my chest when I’m reading in bed.

Norm is a girl.

About John

Former Maritimer living in the suburbs of Montreal.
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3 Responses to Corrie Canuckistani Pet Posts Persist

  1. kunzie says:

    Seeing all the animals is awesome :). I love this pic of Norm…what an expression. 🙂

  2. glacia says:

    You know, I almost named Mitzi, ‘Walter’. NOT. You know that Monica has a lovely bitch named Charlie?

    Poor gender confused pets.

    But beyond that Norm looks amazing in that shot.

  3. Michigander Fan says:

    Norm looks less than amused by the paparazzi!

    I am loving the animal pics!


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