Glacia Antes Up

Sister Mary Mitzi

Sister Mary Mitzi

Wrex, The Bowl Cat

Wrex, The Bowl Cat

You know, I think under the auspice of the ‘It’s Our Blog and We’ll Do Whatever the HELL We Want’ banner- I say send me your pet pics and I’ll post them in one big ass posting.

Send to – do it before Thursday as after that my ass will be sitting in a Parisian café for two weeks.   You can send me a pic of each of your lovelies and whatever caption you want with them – but I think for brevity’s sake we’ll have to keep it to one pic per pet.  Babies and children we can do later in the year.

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8 Responses to Glacia Antes Up

  1. debbie says:

    Hail Mitzi, full of grace.

    I like that cats really do find their own perfect place to be. Wrex in the bowl. Oscar splayed out right beside his food dish.

  2. Michigander Fan says:

    What cuties!

    2 questions:

    Did Mitzi create the veil, or did you help?

    Did you polish the tap before you took the pic of Wrex in the bowl?


  3. Yanyan says:

    Good question re: the tap. I was just imagining how filthy my tap is at any given time….

  4. antik says:


    you guys are the greatest.. thanks for all the pix.. just beautiful.. adorable.. uplifting..

    and.. the crack about Oscar doing an impression of Liam lying on the rocks.. HEE-larious..


  5. Michigander Fan says:


    Yeah – see, there are adorable things my cats do (I have a cat with a shoe fetish) but there are certain housekeeping issues that I wouldn’t want to let other people see. And of course, if you go to polish the tap, the cat becomes aware of your intentions and runs away.

    All of which leads me to believe that Glacia is actually Donna Reed in disguise. “Just look that that sparkle!”


  6. Yanyan says:

    I’m now a little bit scared of Glacia. People with taps that gleaming are bound to snap sooner or later. Like what happens when she runs out of Comet?

  7. Michigander Fan says:


    Of course, to get taps REALLY shiny you can use a little bit of ammonia & hot water!!! Noxious chemical? Who cares when you KNOW your bathroom looks better than your neighbors!

    In a pinch, club soda will work too!

    (picture my eyes snapping and the huge, fixed smile on my face as I say this!)



  8. Yanyan says:

    *Blink Blink*
    And a REAL domestic diva NEVER runs out of Comet!
    *Blink Blink*

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