Monday October 20th – New Years Aftermath Update

UK Time: Sunday January 6th 2008

Oh my GOD, what will we do now!

Oh my GOD, what will we do now!

The show opens with Maria perched on the edge of a rocky cliff calling after Liam who is lying lifelessly on the rocks below. It looks dire and Maria tries unsuccessfully to get to him. She stays with him as long as she can then goes to find help.

She’s along in the dark tramping through the Lake District looking for help. To get to the road she has to ford a small river and once she had done that she sees their hotel in the distance. She makes it there and the inn organizes the rescue and some tea by the fire.

At the bottom of the cliff Liam is being watched by his ever faithful dog (I really think that dying beside your dog is every Brit’s hope). Liam stirs and wakes up briefly before passing out again. There’s hope for our boy yet.

John Stape, on the other hand, really should have no hope. He is in the café with Fiz who seems to be softening to his advances while Becky, the voice of the entire viewing public, looks on ready to pounce.

Dont let the pathetic look fool you, a rat is a rat

Don't let the pathetic look fool you, a rat is a rat

Becky can’t believe what she is seeing and when the pervert teacher goes for a loo break she tries to make Fiz see sense. It doesn’t seem to work, but you know what does, Rosie Webster walking through the door. I guess the whole spectacle that was Christmas day come rushing back and Fiz leaves John at Roy’s and heads home.

I loved this scene. This was the classic Corrie writing that I love so much. Really, it was Becky who shone here. She had two lines that were fantastic. One was aimed at John, she called him garbage, and the other was aimed at Rosie, she made it clear that she was welcome there right now.

Later Chezney pops round to Fiz’ flat to offer some chippy dinner. What a great younger brother.

Do these really exist?

Do these really exist?

In last night’s “what the hell were you thinking’ segment, Michelle figures that the best way to deal with the possibility of Ryan’s birth switcharoo is to tell her son a barely plausible lie fraught with consequences. She tells him that the police caught the stalker so now it’s over and no the police don’t want to talk to you, the victim of the crime.

Later Ryan asks Steve about it and he clearly has no idea what he was talking about. I guess Michelle’s complicated scheming prevented her from calling Steve on his mobile.

The pub was a great place last night. Blanch has her opinion on Becky. She thinks Becky is moving in on Jason since Sarah has left. Maybe she is. I don’t blame her.

The Masons come in and deal with the aftermath of barring Blanch from the bookies. The senior Mason tries

Not the only reason to go to the pub.

Not the only reason to go to the pub.

to smooth over the situation.

After Jason leaves the pub he goes home to hear Sarah’s message. He talks back to the machine but it was clear to me that she didn’t understand what the problem is. If she wants a call back, perhaps she should try admitting some wrong doing or try to extend a bit of understanding.

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29 Responses to Monday October 20th – New Years Aftermath Update

  1. Gayle says:

    Oh My God…Montgomery Cliff. I used to love all of his movies.

  2. Michigander Fan says:

    A complete list of people I don’t want to have “rescue” me if I ever fall off a mountain:

    1. Adolf Hitler
    2. Maria Sutherland
    3. Dick Cheney (especially if he has his trusty rifle with him)

    Wow. How many ways can you screw up? Let me count the ways…

    At least 5.


  3. Michigander Fan says:

    I. hate. John. Snake.

    With a white hot heat.


  4. Yanyan says:

    MF – I don’t think I’d want Norris or Blanche to rescue me either. They’d give a huge amount of earache….”what were you doing on this mountain anyway? You shouldn’t have been there. You should’ve been more careful. Yada yada yada.”

  5. Mandy says:

    Poor Ozzie! Oh, and I hope Liam is ok too.

  6. glacia says:

    All I care about at this point is the dog.

  7. Michigander Fan says:


    True – very true. But as I watched Maria screw up over and over again last night, I kept thinking “God, please don’t let me life ever be in this bimbo’s hands.” She is more like Kirk than I ever thought possible.

    Like, don’t try and go down to him. Even if you can reach him without killing yourself, what are you going to do? Carry him back up fireman style? Great – what if he has a spinal injury? The only good thing she could have done (if she were able to reach him without injury to herself) is check his vitals, stanch any blood flow and cover him with her coat.

    But no, she stands on top of the mountain screaming herself hoarse until it IS DARK and THEN decides to try and find help.

    Plus, you know, the shock to his sytem from the fall could only make the hypothermia that much more fun.

    She made no attempt to “blaze a trail” or in any way mark where they were or her path back to civilization.

    She didn’t even tell the rescuers the damn dog’s name, because the dog could have responded to his name and they could find him that way.



  8. Michigander Fan says:

    On a slightly-less-likely to raise my blood pressure issue,

    WAY TO GO FIZZ for not letting Stape the Snake weasel his way back into your life. Trust me, Sweetie, you CAN do better!



  9. Modge says:

    What a waste – half of last night’s episode revolved around Liam and that whiney girl with the hair. Let’s see, Liam lays injured beside a dog he didn’t want, which was given to him by a girl he doesn’t want, who’s having his ‘chi-yuld’ that he didn’t want, on a walk he didn’t want to go on at a holiday destination he didn’t want to go to. He’s really living the dream, isn’t he?

  10. Michigander Fan says:



    All I could think was “I’ll bet Paris (or wherever he wanted to take her) is looking better now, ain’t it bee-yatch?!” as I watched Maria sob, have hysterics and generally act like a 6 year old. Actually, 6 YOs sometimes have more presence of mind.


  11. papasmurf1964 says:

    It was painful to watch Maria caterwaul last night – Ozzy did a better job of acting In my opinion.

  12. debbie1975 says:

    I think every one is being too hard on Maria. I think her reaction is understandable considering that they were already totally lost and Liam’s fall would be a huge shock.

    I think my first reaction would be to get to my boyfriend is he fell. Being able to do something wouldn’t really matter at first.

    I also think in reference to her putting a stop to a vacation in places further afield was her actually being much more mature than Liam and showing much better sense. They were going away for a weekend. The Lake District is stunning and a lovely place to go for a couple days. Not every woman needs to be swept off to the Canary islands by a show off to be swept off her feet.

  13. Mandy says:

    Yeah, I’d take the Lake District over Paris any day. I think everyone’s being too hard on her too. Not everyone can be as devious as Carla, thank goodness. The look of that woman makes me want to puke. If she melted off at least half a pound of fondation and went easy on the lipliner she might look decent.

    But that’s just my opinion! Maria is a sweet-natured girl and she might not be the most intelligent girl in the world, but we can’t all be MENSA members, I guess!

  14. kunzie says:

    I like it when the characters stretch. It would have been gratifying to see Maria pull it together and take control. It’s too bad Ches was busy buying chips – he’d have been the best hope for a rescue.

  15. pip says:

    I agree Kunzie. I understand why Maria was hysterical for the first few minutes, but after that all I could think was Get. A. Grip. Rise to the occasion. Your boyfriend is going to die if you can’t figure out what to do and do it now.

    On the other hand, she did find a way back to the hotel, more than Liam was doing when was still upright.

    Does anyone else think that fall onto sharp jagged rocks should have killed him?

    Fizz should reconcile with John just long enough to go to the Lake District with him, take him out for a long rambling walk on a crisp day close to sunset, toss him off a cliff (after borrowing his coat because she’s cold), then take her time getting help.

  16. mayfairgirl says:

    i love becky in this episode! when she shows her no nonsense attitude. this is who she really is, i wish more people were like that.

  17. pip says:

    I forgot to say, that is the cutest rat I’ve ever seen! Apparently they make very good pets.

  18. glacia says:

    Screw that, I want Paris, Milan and Rome.

    Maria…okay the initial freak out, but really this is a bit of a country girl at heart. I think she would have realzied that she would need to get help before dark.

  19. geenee says:

    I too will defend Maria. The hills were alive with the sound of screaming – but someone might have heard her and come to help – if anyone else was dumb enough to be hiking in the dark. I don’t mind Maria. She’s not a mental giant but she’s usually cheerful, when not being tormented by Carla – and she didn’t try to force Liam into marriage like some girls would.

    What I thought was strange was her being dry after wallowing around in the river – but it’s a soap.

  20. thebigseester says:


    I love your plan!!! Wonder if we can suggest it.

    The fact of the matter is that nature is not forgiving, and it was STUPID of them to go out in an unfamiliar area without a map, compass and flashlight at a bare minimum. Especially since (much like me) they are city slickers and NOT outdoorspersons. But even I, who was a Detroit Girl Scout for 5 years, knows enough to know that (1) winter can kill you, (2) if you don’t know where you are going, you can get lost, and (3) nature doesn’t care what your intentions were. Just ask that family that froze to death in their car in the Oregon mountains last winter. Being unprepared in the boonies can kill you.

    Oh, and (4) if you hear dueling banjoes, drive immediately northward to the next big city you can find. Never go into the woods.

    And I understand the initial freak out. I completely sympathize with that. However, when you are in a situation where someone’s life hangs in the balance, you have to pull it together. Like kids who call 911 when their mom/dad/ etc. has an incident.

    And her not being smart has nothing to do with it. Common sense has nothing to do with smart or not smart. Einstein was smart but the man never looked both ways before he crossed a street.

    I like Maria (usually, although the waxing Tyrone’s back incident still rankles me a little, mostly cuz he’s my tub’o’lub) and I much MUCH prefer her to Cruella Deville. I just thought she needed to realize the important facts of the matter, like…

    Liam being out in that cold all night, he’ll be lucky if he keeps all his extremities. If you know what I mean.



  21. thebigseester says:

    Full disclosure: I think Nature is very pretty. In pictures.

    I have hiked and camped in northern Michigan, the UP and southern Ontario. But only with other people who knew what the heck they were doing.

    But it was the trip to the Hartwick Pines while we were way out down the trail and heard the bear growling when I decided that nature was for the birds.

    I’ll take the city any day.


  22. thebigseester says:

    Hmmm. I wonder – from Toronto, would you actually drive north or south?

    Important safety tip for those who plan to visit that area…


  23. thebigseester says:


    If I was hiking with Blanche and fell and had to listen to her gripe at me, I would come to just long enough to bash my own head against the rocks a few more times for good measure.


  24. kunzie says:

    My dad, a jazz musician, played a few northern Ontario resorts in his time. At one place where he stayed a few days, he befriended a dog in the parking lot by giving him a cheese sandwich or two. Management informed my dad that, while they liked his band and the jazz was great, could he kindly refrain from feeding the wolves.

  25. S. Poole says:

    Booyah, a chance to quote my favourite John Prine tune!

    John Garfield in the afternoon
    Montgomery Clift at night
    When the static hit the mouthpiece
    Gave way to the sound below
    James Dean went out to Hollywood
    And put his picture in a picture show.

    (slightly out of sync but listen to it once and you are hooked!)

    A young man from a small town
    With a very large imagination…

  26. missusmac says:


  27. glacia says:

    Kuzie….Mr. Glacia’s dad was a jazz musician too! He had a place in Montreal during the sixties, ‘Jazz et Cafe’. We should share pics sometime.

  28. TrudyC says:

    What got me in this episode was that Maria fell in the stream – couldn’t get up – that’s why she missed the passing car. Yet when she arrived back at the inn she was dry like nothing happened. It’s not like the sun was shining to dry her off that fast.

  29. Gayle says:

    S. Poole, my husband and I are huge John Prine fsns! We have seen him in concert several times over the years.

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