Your Action Update!

The one episode that Mr. Glacia would have loved…I’m reminded of our late nights watching reruns of ‘Emergency!’ (a childhood favourite of both us).

This was an ACTION packed episode and when I say action packed I mean that to update it would involve a lot of comic book sounds like ‘Whhhhhhhhzzzzzzzzz’ (the sound of the rescue helicopter), and ‘Clolloup, Clolloup!’ (the sound of rescue workers rapelling off the side of the mountain.

In short, the rescuers try to get Maria to remember where Liam is but she really can’t tell from the map.  She convinces them to let her go out with them because seeing the landscape will help – which it does.  By this time it’s morning and Maria is able to direct them to the cliff where Liam fell. 

A few of the rescuers rapel down to him and an emergency helicopter is brought in to airlift him to the hospital.  But more importantly, THE DOG IS SAVED!

Oh, and somewhere during the night Maria calls Steve which lasts really maybe 9 seconds.  Michelle asks what’s up and apparently Maria dropped some speed because within that 9 seconds she was able to tell Steve that Liam’s fallen down a well, when it happened, how long he’s been down there, the dog situation, what was the last thing he had to eat, his blood type, what they thought of lunch at the hotel and her plans for the baby in case he doesn’t pull through.

Steve decides it’s best if he, Michelle and Ryan go up the Lake District and Michelle packs a rather large wheelie travelling suitcase which had me wondering because they aren’t going that far or presumably for the long … but then I remembered, ‘Oh yes, hair products.’.

So the whole Liam story was interesting from an ‘Oh, that’s how they rescue your ass in Northern England’ point of view.  He’s taken to the hospital with severe hypothermia, a broken rib and a punctured lung – but other than that he’s okay.  But wait….there’s more!

One of the nurses comes out to update Maria and tells her that he’s doing fine and that he must love her an awful lot because the first thing he did when he regain some sort of consciousness was to ask for her.  Maria’s spirits are lifted by this news. 

‘Yes,’ continues the nurse, ‘All he wants right now is his Carla.’


The Shunning Continues

Amber and that girl that Rosie had the fight with at school meet Rosie at the bus stop.  They take the time to ask her how her Christmas was (mmmmph….giggle) and what did she do, did she see anyone from school (snicker….snicker) or did she get anything ‘special’ for Christmas  (oh stop, stop!  I’m gonna pee!  I’m gonna pee!). 

Rosie tells them to dry up but is still a bit shocked to find out that John won’t be teaching at the school anymore.  Really?!   He got transferred to an all boys school for esthetically challenged young men.

Jesus, I wouldn’t have thought any school would have hired him, unless this is a union thing that he can’t lose his job until it’s proven that he slept with a student.   I would have thought his career would have been shot down the crapper.   I seem to recall things like this happening back in high school.  Some teacher and student have an affair, it blows up in their face but still they go on to marry.  Which seems like some kind of weird star crossed lovers happy ending until about 5 years later when she’s pregnant with baby number 2 and he finds out that an infatuated 16 year old is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay different than a 7 month pregnant 21 year old who’s beginning to realize that her life may have taken a wrong turn somewhere and that her husband is no longer the awe-inspiring ‘molder of young minds’ god he once was – that now he’s just some ‘guy’ with a bit of shoulder hair and a job at Primerica.

Meanwhile over at the factory, Sally sees Janice and Rosie talking and in a paranoid fit assumes that they are talking about Rosie.  She confronts them and Janice tells her to get over herself, they weren’t talking about that little tramp of a daughter of hers.

At this point a factory gal fight ensues that Carla breaks up and sends Sally home for the day but not Janice, because, well, she despises Sally and needs only the weakest excuse to get her out of her sight.

Sally goes to Kevin to tell him what happened and tells him that Janice called Rosie a tramp….then adds that she doesn’t think Janice is entirely wrongk.   Kevin agrees a bit in his own silent way.

Well Rosie, you’re truly a pariah now – even your parents don’t have your back.   I think this calls for a good old fashion teenage rumspringa.

In Other News

The Duckworth household is trying to find a place in Blackpool for Jack and Vera to retire to.  Tyrone takes matters into his own hands by actually travelling to Blackpool – for what reason I’m not sure other than to maybe check out places in person.

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26 Responses to Your Action Update!

  1. Gayle says:

    There is a highschool teacher in our city accused of molesting both girls and boys and wait for it…has been suspended WITH PAY, I assume until the case goes to court.

    Boggles the mind.

  2. Mandy says:

    Is it just me, or was Tyrone a bit of a jerk to Molly? I mean, why couldn’t she have come with?

  3. Michigander Fan says:


    “but then I remembered, ‘Oh yes, hair products.’.”



  4. Yanyan says:

    Love the Amish reference.

  5. debbie says:

    Excellent sum-up, lady.

  6. pip says:

    Boy, that had to be the lamest search party ever. They were like a bunch of 5 year old soccer players with Maria playing the role of the ball. Ever heard of a search pattern, fellas! And why did the female searcher have to hug Maria throughout the process?

    I think the producers must have blown the budget for that episode on the helicopter, and hired a 15 year old to write the script. From Maria being too frail to go out to help with the search (her fiance’s life is at stake and they’re worried that she’s tired?), to the 9 second phone call to Steve (wouldn’t his first reaction be to get Michelle on the line so she can talk to Maria), to the lack of searching by the search party, to Liam calling for Carla rather than Maria this script felt like fanfiction written by an overwrought fangirl (though she did do Amber quite well).

    I can’t imagine that Stape would be allowed to teach ANYWHERE after what he had done.

  7. Mandy says:

    Also, it’s remarkable how fast his broken cheekbone righted itself, isn’t it?

  8. glacia says:

    You know, I kind of thought Liam calling out Carla’s name was pretty lame.

    We know he has a CRUSH on her – but I’ve seen nothing to indicate that she’s the love of his life and that he thinks of her every waking moment so that her name would be his own personal ‘Rosebud’.

  9. geenee says:

    Love the “hairproducts” reference! Wondered why Maria would call Michelle. I would have waited until after the morning search. Also wondered why they didn’t have the helicopter out right away, shining lights or whatever works at night. Poor Maria; now she has something else to feel slighted about.

    Loved the scenes with Rosie and the girls and the remark about John working at a boys school – an ugly boys school – also the one with Sally in the factory. Somehow I was more interested in the Duckworths, Tyrone, Paul and Molly. Maybe Molly had to work so Ty went on his own. I’d wondered about that too.

  10. Michigander Fan says:

    I think Tyrone is frustrated at the situation and pained for Jack & Vera and unfortunately is taking it out on Molly. What I picked up from that exchange was that Molly kinda snuck out of work to see if Ty wanted lunch. No way she could go to Blackpool for a few hours.

    I am so proud of Our Fizz for not taking the Snake back. I’m afraid she’s ultimately going to cave in. I hope not though.

    I loved watching Amber snark all over Rosie! But then, I just love Amber period.


  11. Mandy says:

    Yeah, but he was sure brusque about it!

  12. Michigander Fan says:


    They did seem kinda disorganized. I was more disconcerted that they didn’t have a chopper out there looking for him – a chopper with a searchlight could have covered the whole region (including big fat ravines) much more quickly than people on foot.

    I think the woman rescuer was trying to buck Maria up – sort of the Search & Rescue equivalent of the WPC who shows up and makes endless cups of tea in all the British Cop mystery shows (Frost, Morse, etc.) that I have seen.


  13. Michigander Fan says:


    Yeah. He was. It’s never any good behaving like that to people who have your back, but it happens a lot. At least it does in my family.


  14. papasmurf1964 says:

    I would imagine the RAF/Search and Rescue people would gladly volunteer their time and services as a recruiting and advertising tool.

    I’m tempted to go to the Lake District and fling myself off a cliff to get rescued by Ally the mountain guide…meow

  15. Michigander Fan says:


    Just don’t bring your dog with you!


  16. pip says:

    MF, I also wondered why there was no chopper out at night searching with a searchlight or even an infrared heat detector. I also thought that search and rescue (on foot) generally doesn’t happen at night because of the risk of the rescuers becoming rescuees.

    geenee, I completelly understand why Maria called Michelle in the middle of the night. If it were my brother lying broken at the bottom of a ravine I’d want to know right away, and not be called hours later with potentially very bad news. It’s easier to steel yourself for the worst if you know the worst is coming.

  17. Mandy says:

    I’d want to know as well, as soon as possible. I too thought it was strange they didn’t have a better search and rescue team at night!

  18. TrudyC says:

    “They were like a bunch of 5 year old soccer players with Maria playing the role of the ball.” Hilarious! That’s exactly what they were like. Have they never heard the term “spread out”. I must admit, I loved watching the helicopter part. I thought it was quite fascinating. Not a job I’d want, being hung from a hovering helicopter by a piece of dental floss.

  19. geenee says:

    I was thinking there was nothing Michelle could do except worry and maybe it’s better to know the facts first before calling. On the other hand, if the guy was dead I suppose it’s like breaking it to her a bit at a time.

    This happened in my family when I wasn’t told about a serious accident my son-in-law had. My daughters thought: why worry her yet; let’s wait until we have some facts. Then I got a shocking e-mail asking how Rick was and he had been air-lifted out to a Toronto hospital. He is recovering now but it will take ages. I really don’t know whether it’s better to call or wait, but there’s always the chance that the probable worrier will find out from the news or someone else.

  20. kunzie says:

    I’m not sure I see Carla as a crush of Liam’s…I was reading something far deeper between the lines…I do think she rocks his world, and he hates it. I think he wants block it all out and poor Maria’s just caught in the wicked game ;-).

    Hard to know when / who to call in an emergency. When my mom was 60, she was my automatic first call. She helped, she knew how to deal. Now, at 80, with Parkinsons, she is far less sure of herself, more confused and more frightened if something happens to me. So I sometimes have to ask myself – can I handle this AND reassure her at the same time?

    I always find Michelle such a hypocrite when she lies. She really tore a strip off Steve early on for lying. And look at ‘er go!

  21. pip says:

    good point, kunzie, about Michelle and her lies.

    It is a fine line about who to call in an emergency. With your mom it sounds like she’s at an age when you just tell her what she needs to know. It can be so hard when our parents are no longer able to support us, and it becomes our role to protect them. It’s like a double whammy.

    I agree that Carla and Liam are in a love/hate relationship. I think they’re incredibly attracted to each other sexually, so they’re jealous of each other’s sexual partners, even though they don’t want the emotional relationship that goes along with the sex. For that reason it does seem really weird that Liam would be calling for his Carla. At that moment he’d be wanting emotional support, not that sweaty stuff.

  22. thebigseester says:


    Wow – I hope your SIL will be OK.

    The whole ide of who to call and and when is always tricky. I think Maria called Michelle because (a) they are friends, and so she knows Michelle (unlike some random sister of a guy you are dating) and (b) because she was lonely and scared and feeling powerless and guilty.

    Both of which I completely get.


  23. lovethestreet says:


    I just read the update and I must say you continue to astonish me with your brilliant wit. The hair products line had me laughing out loud…at work…when I was supposed to be doing something else…

    It occurs to me that I may be developing an addiction to this site:-)

  24. thebigseester says:


    Join the club. There are very few “must visit” sites in my world, but this is one of them. Days I don’t make time to visit and/or comment are rare indeed.

    Some of it is love of Corrie, but more than that really is the terrific writing of the various Canuckers and the comments of the blog buddies who visit the site regularly.

    And what’s more, I refuse to join a 12 Step Program – I’m in a good place with my addiction!


  25. pip says:

    Hear, hear! lovethestreet and thebigseester!

    This is a wonderful place. I remember when I first started watching Corrie there was no one to talk to about it because no one was interested. Then I learned about this site through an article on Corrie in the Reader’s Digest and I’m sure I’ve visited it every day!

    BTW, in my world it’s only an addiction if it negatively affects your life. Otherwise it’s a ‘passion’! 😉

  26. Glacia says:

    I can’t believe that RD article worked! LOL – the writer came to one of our pub nights.

    Glad to hear everyone’s enjoying the blog.

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