I Knew This Would Happen!

OKay, so last night I decided to stay up late…watch some Buffy, eat some shrimp, have a drinky-poo or two.  What could go wrong?

A 4:45 am wake up call from Wrex the bowl cat vis-a-vis walking on my head and screaming at the dog to get  her barking.

So I kind of knew that when I built the Pet Posting that I was going to be groggy enough to forget someone.

With my humblest apologies to a dog of the obvious highest calibre and patiences….I give you Toby.

Toby - the pissed

Toby - the pissed

Mrs. D. writes, ” This is my dog Toby.  She is Jack Russell and is incredibly pissed in this picture.  Toby doesn’t like  wearing hats, sweaters or costumes- she thinks that she is above that sort of thing.  However, we don’t care and stuff her into whatever we can find anyway.  LOL.  In this instance, one of her toys….’

And that’s one g.d. CUTE dog!  I hope you can forgive my slip up.

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2 Responses to I Knew This Would Happen!

  1. papasmurf1964 says:

    The wife of the goalkeeper on my soccer team has a Jack Russell. It took a leak on my bike once. Nice dog.

  2. Glacia says:

    Papa…behave, you cheeky monkey.

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