Update: Thursday October 23, 2008 – I’m Not Bovvered

Lauren from The Catherine Tate Show

Steve is walking the dog at the hotel while Maria is on the phone to the hospital. Michelle then tells Maria to discuss the topic of Carla to Liam – but she is worried if there might be bad news.

Michelle and Ryan go to the hospital and leave Maria to rest at the hotel.

Liam finds Michelle and Ryan at his bedside. He asks where Maria is and is told she’s getting some sleep, she’s shattered, but will be in later. Michelle tells him that Carla wanted to come and see him. “Unplug me life support?”. Liam asks how the DNA test went – but she reveals that she didn’t take it.

Liam is thrilled to see Maria and she tells him that she thought she’d lost him.

While he was sleeping ….she’s booked the venue and the registrar! Liam looks rather shocked and she says that he can say no if he doesn’t want to. He looks away, obviously thinking hard.

Liam tells Maria he can’t see what the rush is, (this can’t be good news) she was the one who had wanted to wait. “But that was before,” she says, “I want to be your wife.” He sheepishly agrees to the new plans.

At the Platt household, Gail is about to leave for work – when David wanders downstairs. She comments that he’s wearing a nice shirt, it’s ‘with-it’ so, he tells her that he’s gone off it and he’s going to take it back to the shop. Lovely.

At the doctor’s office, the dark-haired chav brat is waiting for her appointment. She went for a coffee only to be told by Gail on her return that she’s now missed appointment. She tries to make another appointment but there isn’t one until next week.

“I’ll have gangrene in it by then!” she protests and asks for one for today. She calls Gail a “Power-crazed midget” She storms out, carrying her coffee and bumps into David who’s walking past, and throws her coffee on his shirt. They shout at each other for a moment or two, her moaning about the cost of the coffee he just caused her to lose. They glance at each other and ‘ta da’ they go off to get a coffee…(I hear cupid’s violin)

David is in the café with Tina. She informs him that she’s in a lot of pain, and shows him a very red, sore elbow. She then moans about the ‘midget receptionist’ at the doctor’s office. (This is true love) She needs a sick note for work she tells him, she works at the Pound Shop. Classic.

David walks Tina to the bus stop. He says he might give her a call tomorrow. Gail walks across the road on her way home from work. “What happened to your shirt?” she asks, seeing the large brown stain all down the front. He tells her a ‘mentalist’ attacked him. “What?” she says. “Chill out, Mum,” he says, grinning, “I’m not that bovvered!”

In Other News:

Carla has Liam on her mind

Tyrone and Molly consider buying a house

Kevin is making plans if he has to visit the slammer

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7 Responses to Update: Thursday October 23, 2008 – I’m Not Bovvered

  1. geenee says:

    So Liam has finally regained consciousness and now Maria wants to get married ASAP; never mind that he could take who-knows-how-long to recover! She is dumber than I thought if she thinks marriage will cure his lust for Carla and it will probably make him more attractive to her.

    Tina and David seem suited to each other and he actually seemed kind of human with her.

    Michelle seems glad of the diversion from Nick and the DNA test.

  2. eps says:

    Shows how much stronger a character Fizz has compared to Maria (or just about any woman on the street).

  3. pip says:

    I don’t understand why Maria said at one point (I think it was to Michelle), that she’s never been loved before. What about Tyrone???

    I agree Fizz is a lot stronger than Maria, however, if Fizz were pregnant with John’s baby I think she would have taken him back.

  4. geenee says:

    pip: I thought the same; Tyrone really loved her – but maybe it was puppy love. They were both pretty young at the time they first got together.

    Fizz would have taken John back if Rosie hadn’t walked in when she did. I could see her weakening.

  5. Michigander Fan says:

    Pip & Geenee,

    THAT IS EXACTLY what I shouted at the TV.

    Poor Tyrone…


  6. Michigander Fan says:

    Pip said: “I agree Fizz is a lot stronger than Maria, however, if Fizz were pregnant with John’s baby I think she would have taken him back.”

    Thanks a LOT for THAT, Pip. Now I feel sick.

    Fortunately for Fizz, the Snake’s little swimmers are as forceful as he is.

    But I’m still nauseous.


  7. missusmac says:

    Wow, someone who hates Gail more than David. And they have a Pound store in England, how cool is that? I didn’t know that.

    Good to see David almost human, and almost funny.

    Was anyone else finding it too weird that Michelle was giving out advice?! Helloooo! You’ve been lying to your son and doing nothing to find out the truth and get a DNA test. Yeah, you tell Maria to ask for the truth and clear everything up in her life.

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