Update For Episode #6728 October 24, 2008

The wedding dress worn by the late Queen of Hearts on her wonderful day in 1981.

Ministry of Plenty

Tina comes by to visit David in the middle of the day with a bottle of booze in one hand and a copy of Animal Farm in the other. They discuss the merits of the revolutionary ideologies hidden in the text of the book before Tina says; ‘Kiss me David, show me who’s boss’. David complies with this request in a good comradely fashion and gives her a bit of a snog. Tina then inquires if David is still a virgin. After much spluttering and blood rushing to his face David is adamant that he has had loads of girls, which of course makes Tina’s lie detector start to go off. After a bit more verbal sparring Tina lets David know that he can have her if he wants her, and makes her way upstairs, which of course sends David’s blood rushing to an area other than his face. (my cat got sick at this point, I almost did too)

Ministry of Truth

Steve runs into Nick in the alley behind the pub. Nick wonders what happend to Michelle and the DNA test, and Steve fills him in on th events of the past week. Of course this being a soap opera, at this exact moment Ryan comes round the corner and sees Steve and Nick talking to each other. Ryan realizes someone has been having him on and does a runner. Steve chases after him but is too old and slow, what with all the food and booze and cigarettes and exercise. Later in the pub Steve tells Michelle what has happened, and she bursts into action mode to go and find Ryan, and all the while Lauren is eavesdropping at the bar…

Ministry of Peace

Kev and Sal are getting ready for his sentencing hearing. Sophie gives her dad a good look bracelet, and Sal tells her she is a good daughter. (teary moment #1 for the smurfman) The three make their way to the courthouse.

Rosie goes by the butcher shop to get a roast to prepare for when the family comes home later in the day. Kirk wonders why she isn’t at court supporting her dad. Rosie tells Kirk to stick a joint of meat somewhere painful and stomps off.

At the courthouse the Websters are waiting in the hallway for Kev’s case to be called. Sophie recounts a tale of woe about one of her classmates, and Sal tells Sophie it is a bit of schadenfreude. (all that education is paying off) Ashley comes by to show his support for Kev and tells him that the two of them will be going for a pint at dinnertime.

When Kev is in the dock the magistrate reads the sentence, which turns out to be a prison sentence of 28 days, and he will be released after 14 days if he behaves. Kev looks devastated, Sal and Sophie are in tears. Kev shouts out to Sophie to look after her mom as he is led away. (teary moment#2 for the smurfman)

Back on the street Sean and Janice are walking down the street, Sean takes Jan’s arm and tells her that he will make a fag hag out of her yet. They see the Webster women arrive without Kevin and it is too good an opportunity for Jan the evil minx to pass up. She crosses the street and asks Sal what happened. Much caterwauling ensues, Sophie tries to attack Janice, who tells Sal ‘at least my fellow’s not in the nick’. Sal replies with the best line of the epiosde – ‘One look at you tonight and I bet he wishes he was’.

Rosie has a dinner ready and the table set when Sal and Sophie come in without Kevin. Rosie asks if he has gone to the pub. Sal doesn’t respond, but simply takes a place setting away from the table. (teary moment #3 for the smurfman)

Minstry of Love

Michelle and Maria are in the hallway at the hospital having a conversation about Liam and Carla, and if what Liam blurted out while unconscious was a random outburst or an indication of a deep unspoken love.

Maria gets a phone call from Carla, and she chooses not to answer.

Michelle and Liam have a good brother/sister conversation about life and love and feeling trapped because of a pregnancy. Liam asks if that was what it felt like with Dean. Throughout the conversation Michelle counsels patience, and Liam reamins adamant that he loves the socks off Maria.

Maria comes by the hospital later and finds out that Liam gets to go home that day, but when Carla calls Maria tells her that it will still be a few more days before he is released.

Back in Manchester Carla and Tony have gone for lunch at a posh tapas place. Carla is distracted as usual. (not sure why Tony puts up with her) Tony tells Carla he knows why Carla is so upset, which makes Cruella look guilty, like he has figured out that she is hot for Liam. However, it turns out that Tony thinks the accident with Liam has reminded Carla of what happened to Paul the previous year. Tony then gets called away on business and Carla is left ‘alone again’.

At the same time Maria is out shopping for a wedding dress in a delightfully quirky little dress shop. While she is trying on a dress she gets a call from Carla, who has just left the tapas bar. Maria tells there that there is still no difference in Liam’s condition, and she has to get off the phone, since she is not supoosed to be taking calls on the hospital ward. At this exact moment, it being a soap opera and all, Carla walks by the wedding dress shop and sees Maria there ensconsed in white. ‘That’s a funny looking hospital’ says Carla before she walks into the shop and tells Maria that she has some explaining to do.

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13 Responses to Update For Episode #6728 October 24, 2008

  1. geenee says:

    It never occurs to Maria to turn the cell phone off so she can talk to Liam – it’s a soap. Carla owns about 60% of the factory and anything else Paul had so perhaps that’s what makes her so attractive to Tony; it can’t be her warm personality.

    Doesn’t that seem a bit excessive – sending Kevin to jail? Are they tougher on crime in England?

    I still hate what they’ve done to the Janice character. She seems much meaner than she used to be.

  2. lovethestreet says:

    You’re right. Janice does seem meaner than she used to be — but maybe she is worse with Sally, because she really does hate Sally for her pretentious behaviour. The scene did, however, give Sean a chance to utter the line “Oh Muriel, you’re terrible.” I love Sean. (He’s a self-proclaimed “tipsaholic”.)

    As for the courthouse scene, I’m with you, Papasmurf. Kevin is the best bloke on the street. The sentence is wrong, all wrong.

  3. Michigander Fan says:

    I loved the Muriel’s Wedding reference. That was mean of Janice, but I think it was spite for Sally, rather than actual ill wishes for Kevin.

    Maybe David will be slightly less psychotic now? He seems to have met his match in Tina. I kept thinking of Elsa Lanchester in The Bride of Frankenstein while I watched them. The two of them could really get up to some serious evil…

    Not sure, but if I was Maria, I would have told Carla that Liam and I were getting married and really rubbed her face in it? Why are you going to tell a truly stupid lie?


  4. Michigander Fan says:

    RE: Kevin and the Jailhouse Rock

    I cannot believe that the UK has sooo much extra room in its prison system as to jail middle aged men with jobs (and extenuating circumstances) who have no previous record. I mean, if it had been, say, Jim, I could see that, but really…

    Not sure where they are going with this, beyond “let’s continue to make Rosie feel crappy for her extremely poor choice”. Kinda reminds me of the teen horror movies – it’s always the couple that goes off to fool around in the woods that gets it!

    However, the scene where Sal and Sophie came home was a real tearjerker for me.


  5. pip says:

    I don’t know what the sentence would have been in Canada but the charge likely wouldn’t have been simple assault, it would have been assault causing bodily harm, since Kevin broke John’s cheek bone.

    Maybe Tony likes Carla because she’s good in bed. Isn’t it strange how so many of the relationships on the street are hard to swallow: John/Rosie, Liam/Maria, Vern/Liz/Derek, Jamie/Frankie, Steve/Moley (can’t remember her real name), Tyrone/Maria.

    I’ve never liked Janice, her only redeeming quality had been her love for Leanne.

  6. TrudyC says:

    I thought Sophie was fantastic in the courtroom scene. Her tears brought tears to my eyes. Great acting.

  7. geenee says:

    Sophie is getting a bit easier to understand. Maybe she’s making an effort to enunciate more clearly. I hope she continues as I do like her comments when I can hear them.

    Janice was nicer at first. She’s always been ignorant and mouthy but did work hard at keeping the family together and the bills paid when she was with Les, until he messed around and got unbearable, then took up with Cilla. She’s an interesting character if they would just not make her all bad.

    Kevin didn’t seem to have a lawyer to explain the extenuating circumstances but I guess he’ll be out soon. Maybe the actor needed a vacation.

  8. Gayle says:

    What I found hard to believe is why would Carla have Maria’s cell phone number? She obviously can’t stand the girl. I can understand her Liam’s number as they work together but Maria’s?

    Another thing that bugs me is anytime Michelle has a problem she just leaves work to deal with it. I guess because she is sleeping with the boss she gets away with it.

    I think the girl who plays Sophie is an excellent actress, her tears sure looked real. She could teach Michelle a thing or two about crying.

  9. kunzie says:

    I always wondered why they didn’t bother doing anything special with Diana’s hair on the big day. Just plopped that honkin’ veil on top of the David Cassidy cut.

    Carla has Maria’s number because of Liam.

    In my view, Rosie has not even begun to suffer enough; not solely for her “bad choices” but for her viciousl treatment of Sally…it is so immature to kick someone where they are weakest, and profoundly disrespectful if it’s your mother.

    Janice’s behaviour was expected…Sean, totally uncool! There’s another character with a mental age of 12. Stricken and self-absorbed yesterday, horrendously callous to someone else today. Goof.

  10. pip says:

    kunzie, I totally agree with you regarding Sean. I don’t understand why he allows himself to be drawn into Janice’s vicious attacks on his co-workers. If he’s not prepared to try to stop her then he should at least walk away from her.

    Poor Sally. Rosie was her golden girl and Sophie was the always-neglected ‘spare’. It’s nice to see her appreciating her younger daughter as she should be appreciated. I think Sophie has become more intelligible by speaking more loudly and drawing out her words. How can the members of one household have such completely different accents?

  11. geenee says:

    Just as I thought Sophie was getting better, I missed most of what she said tonight. It’s too bad as she looks perfect as Kevin’s daughter.

  12. corrierules says:

    Sophie Webster 4Eva! I was all ferklempt when 1)she gave her dad the good luck bracelet; 2) during the sentencing scene; 3) when she came home with Sal. It’s always such a pleasure to watch the Websters.

    It’s obviously National B***H Month in Weatherfield. Janice was a harridan, Carla, intrusive.

    The saleswoman in the bridal store was amusing, though.

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