Monday October 28, 2008 – The Claws Come Out Update

UK Time Friday January 11th – Episode 2

Oh no she dint

Oh no she di'nt

The episode opens with Maria shopping for a wedding dress. She’d look great in any style, I think. Carla comes into the shop and the two are in a verbal sparring match about Liam. I didn’t like Carla all that much before, I really can’t stand her now. Anyway, Carla is upset because Maria tells her that the wedding is scheduled. Carla asks why she is the last to know in this family. Maria informs her that she isn’t family. Carla slaps her and makes a comment about Maria being cruel because Carla is not part of the family because Paul is dead. Yes, that may be true, but now Carla is trying to jump her dead husband’s younger brother.

Anyway, Carla calls Maria a gold digger – which is totally off the mark – and leaves. Maria goes after her in the street, but I guess since they were in Manchester, we are spared the cat fight.

Later, Carla – looking like the poster child for when botox goes wrong – shows up at Liam’s with a casserole. I was surprised that Maria didn’t knock the casserole out of her hands and onto her coat because I would have.

However, it was pretty good because Carla tried, unsuccessfully, to get Liam to take her side with a very high school ‘Maria, why don’t you like me?’ Again, Maria’s reaction was curious to me as I would have said ‘because you are a disrespectful bitch and the next time you try to slap me I’ll grab you by the pony tail and make sure your next trip to the botox clinic will really be worth the money.’ But, I guess Maria took the high road, and it worked in her favour as Liam took her side and barely look at Carla twice.

Although Carla clearly noticed that Liam was not rushing to her defense she still plays like she is the one with the power in this situation. In the street Carla warns Maria that she needs to buckle up, because she is in for a bumpy ride. Yes, the line Betty Davis made famous in All About Eve. As this invites WAY too many age comparisons, Carla should choose her barbs more carefully.

Steve and Michelle are looking for Ryan and they finally find him at Roy’s making a stink about the lack of facilities for patrons who use wheelchairs. While Ryan makes a great point, this is clearly a defense mechanism as it is really unclear why he is so worked up.

Michelle gets him home and then feeds him more lies about why Steve was talking to his stalker. Because, lying to him the first time worked out super.

The Webster’s are having a real bad time of it now. Kevin has been locked away in jail. Sophie is at the table with lots of question and soon she, Sally and the Smurfman are awash in tears. Rosie is upstairs and comes down when the door bell goes. It’s Rita at the door and she has come by to lend some much needed moral support. Sally and Rita talk about Kevin, but also talk about Rosie and Rita advises Sally not to blame Rosie in all this. Rita makes the point that the relationship between Rosie and John was John’s misdoing and Kevin is in prison based on his own actions.

Sally begins to talk about her relationship with Rosie and how it has changed over the years. Later Sally and Rosie have a talk about their relationship and Sally tells Rosie that she and Kevin will not be rushing to protect her or help her anymore. I guess Rosie has to be more of a grown up now.

Over at the Duckworth’s Jack and Vera had a very big day. I guess the housing crisis in the US made a quick stop in Blackpool in January. The Duckworth’s bid 10 grand under asking for a cottage at 42 Pemberton Gardens. Of course, they will be renaming said house as soon as you please.


To make the move that much better, Molly and Tyrone have been to the bank and are now in the position to buy the rectory. It is a huge turning point on the street. But, the funny thing is that Vera thinks that Paul can still live there.

Over at the Platt’s Gail is stunned to see a young woman without pants come down her stairs. I’m shocked as well. I would never traipse around my boyfriend’s house without pants and offer to make his mother a brew, and I’m in my 30’s.

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9 Responses to Monday October 28, 2008 – The Claws Come Out Update

  1. Yanyan says:

    I have been with my boyfriend for 12 years. His mother is 83 years old. As far as she’s concerned, I was born with pants on.

  2. Mandy says:

    Yeah, I couldn’t BELIEVE that Maria even let Carla into the house. I would have slammed the door in the bitch’s face. I would have also told Liam the minute I got home about what happened and how she slapped me. Even if Liam does like Carla a little, I doubt he’d stand by and let Carla abuse his pregnant fiance. If I was Maria I’d really play it up and say I was scared Carla was going to hurt me or the unborn child… really make Liam sickened at the thought of her.

    Sometimes I just want to step into that television set and give the characters a good “This is what I’d do!” rant. And then FORCE them to do it!

  3. papasmurf1964 says:

    Good old school episode – women fighting, women lying, women naming their house, women consoling each other…fabulous

  4. eila says:

    My fave bit was when Tina came down the stairs and offered Gail tea, and Gail was so stunned that all she could say was “Milk, no sugar, please.” Takes a lot to make Gail shut up….

    That, and Vera deciding she wants a mobile phone. “I might take up texting.”

    I’m gonna miss the Duckies.


  5. pip says:

    Yes, it will be sad to see Jack and Vera go. Maybe Jack will be able to come back for a visit every now and then.

    What is Carla’s game? Does she really want Liam (if she does, she’s going about it in a strange way), or does she just not want him to have anyone else so she can continue to toy with him?

  6. geenee says:

    Cruella is a better name for Carla. She really has a mean, nasty streak. I doubt if she’d want to marry Liam herself, but doesn’t want Maria to have him. She just wants to have him lusting after her. I want to shake some of the characters too: Maria for not talking to Liam and telling about the slaps and Michelle for lying to Ryan.

    I’ll really miss the Duckworths and hope Tyrone and Molly settle in their house for a good long time.

  7. Gayle says:

    Why would Vera assume that Paul would live with Tyrone and Molly? They are “buying” the house not renting it. They are a young working couple startng out why would they want that creep hanging about? He is a trained chef why can’t he get his own place?

    I am really going to miss Vera.

  8. corrierules says:

    Anyone know why Vera would fret that her cellphone would be taken from her? Something about clap happy?

  9. John says:

    Vera was referring to “Happy Slapping” – a nasty trend in the UK where people with camera phones will pick a fight with a stranger who is then savagely beaten, record the beating, and then send it to YouTube.

    For a country with few guns, there sure can be a streak of viciousness over there.

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