Update #6730 Pop Goes The Weasel

"I Am Your Father."

"I Am Your Father"

All Around The Mulberry Bush

The morning of Ryan’s 16th birthday has dawned, finding him in much better humour. He’s received a cheque from the grand-units and is planning a party. Steve is curious to know if any “girlfriends” will attend…Ryan says no, just girls that are friends. At the bus stop, Ryan extends an invitation to Rosie to his sweet sixteen, which she squashes like a bug. Sophie explains, “She doesn’t go near men under the age of twenty-five.” Sophie and Kayley Morton offer to attend, but Ryan doesn’t want younger kids there, apparently.

Michelle is bearing up quite well, although strenuously avoiding Nick. When Lauren, arriving at the Rover’s’ for her shift, answers the phone to Nick, Michelle refuses to take the call. Nick is very displeased. Steve carps at Michelle to ring him back, thinking it’s just gonna get worse…Michelle claims she is tired of Nick calling the shots and setting the itinerary. She wonders how Nick would feel if she were upsetting Alex. Mainly, Michelle feels like she is being unfaithful to Ryan. 

At school’s end, in the dark, Ryan is making final party plans with Phil before setting off home. Nick appears, looking contrite and holding a birthday gift. Scared but in control, Ryan demands to know what Nick wants and why he’s been stalking him. He says that he’ll call the police, as his mother has filled him in on the cops’ intercession. “Is that what your mother told you?” Nick asks. Ryan pushes for answers, Nick urges him to ask his mum. “How do you know my name?” Ryan pursues. “The same way I know it’s your birthday. Ryan,” Nick concludes, “I am your father.”

The Monkey Chased the Weasel

Rosie and Sophie both want to join Sally to visit Kevin in the clink, but Sally insists they attend school. Sophie explains how horrible things are at school for her now, what with having a home-wrecking, teacher-loving tart for a sister. At the pub, Janice continues her Sally Webster slag-a-thon. Vicki comments: “I’m glad that something so awful can bring you such pleasure, Janice. Terrible for a nice man like Kevin.” Outside, Audrey runs into Sally in the street and offers her support, mentioning that Bill would love to go visit Kevin. Sal is interrupted by a call – there has been a disturbance at the school. Shortly thereafter, and looking like a pair of post-Acme-explosion Coyotes, the dishevelled Webster sisters are brought home for fighting. Apparently they succeeding in beating the snot out of each other. All I can say is, Soph, next time bring a sock full of quarters.

A Penny for a Spool of Thread, A Penny for an Easel

Aaah, if only.

Maria awakens, hot-to-trot with wedding plans. She is pleased that Liam will be at home so he can rest, take a hot bath and eat leftover stew begin creating the guest list. He wants to go to the factory and Maria balks. “You and ‘er are more alike than I first realized” declares Liam, meaning both his gals are bossy.

Maria is doing Violet’s hair as Violet remarks that she is brave, planning a rush wedding while pregnant. Maria wants to know if Violet will attend, and sit on her side, which she fears will be a little bare…Liam’s will be chock-full with half of Ireland. Maria begs off work early to organize her invitations…promising not to turn into “Bridezilla”. As soon as Bridezilla is out of sight, Liam hobbles out like a Thriller reject and begins shambling toward Underworld. On arrival, he enjoys some banter with the girls and Sean, joking that the thought of seeing them kept him going while lying on the mountainside. The staff speculate that Maria pushed him. Carla enters; her take is that he jumped rather than marry his pregnant airhead and be doomed to a lifetime of crackerjack-box sex. Okay, she didn’t say the crackerjack bit.

Maria returns home that evening to find Liam gone, three guesses where. She rushes over to the factory to see Carla ushering Liam out, and runs around Tony’s arriving car to take over. She chides Liam for straining himself and the girls struggle over Liam for a moment like a peanut-butter-stuffed Kong. He heads off home with Maria and Carla retreats into the factory with Tony.

That’s the Way the Money Goes

The Duckworths are breakfasting and break the news to Paul that their offer on the Blackpool bungalow has been accepted. Furthermore, Molly and Tyrone will be buying The Old Rectory. Vera assumes that Paul will be able to snuggle in with Ty & Molly, but Paul suspects he might be less than welcome. As Tyrone is working on Jamie’s cab, Molly brings him a tupperware lunch. No more Betty hot-pots…saving for the mortgage. Paul stops by the garage to ask that Tyrone and Molly continue to keep his secret from Vera. They agree and it’s understood that the discretion is for Vera’s benefit, not his.

Everybody now: "Pop Goes the Weasel!"

Pop Goes The Weasel

Having popped his cherry and encountered George Orwell, David has risen to the occasion by making eggy bread for breakfast. Gail seems dazed and amused by David’s new relationship. Gail wants to know if David and Tina are “going out”, and how often she’s been to the house, particularly in Gail’s absence. She seems more entertained than annoyed by the whole thing. “I’m just not used to you having a girlfriend,” she explains. 

Wee Willy Winky

In the grocery, Dev is holding court à la the Fisher King, dissing property-flippers, warning Molly that she’s entering the ranks of the house-poor, and warning Jamie and Vi that they’re entering the ranks of the baby-poor. 

Violet and Jamie are tossing about baby names, and Dev suggests “Money-Pit.” Or Weatherfield Wilson. Billy Baldwin would work, Willy Wilson would not. “It’s not really an issue…we’re not getting married” Jamie flips off. How romantic. Just slap Violet in the face with a raw hamburger why don’cha. King names are good, says Jamie. “Canute”, offers up Dev. The conversation continues out into the street, where Lauren slinks up behind to eavesdrop. Violet is less than thrilled but fills her in. Lauren wastes no time stirring the pot by later asking Sean if he’s thought what his son’s going to be called. She simpers that, if he wants to weigh in, he should quickly, since Vi and Jamie are already all over it.

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14 Responses to Update #6730 Pop Goes The Weasel

  1. geenee says:

    It was too predictable that Michelle’s lies would catch up with her. So far, this storyline has been a bore. The Duckworths’ household is exciting in comparison.

    Maria needs to get some gumption soon and have it out with Carla and Liam but that probably won’t happen, this being a soap. Carla reminds me of a spider waiting for the fly in that office.

    They haven’t really told us yet what happened to John. Is he waiting for some kind of hearing?

  2. Gayle says:

    Geenee, I agree with you regarding Michelle and her lies catching up with her. She treats Ryan like he is a five year old! The kid is 16!

    What I never understand is that the only kids on the street that work part-time are Chesney and Amber. The rest of them get everything they want from their parents. (Rosie “worked” in the summer that’s different).

  3. lovethestreet says:

    Great update, Kunzie.

  4. Michigander Fan says:

    “…looking like a pair of post-Acme-explosion Coyotes…”



  5. beanie says:

    Great update Kunzie. Love the graphics!

  6. eps says:

    I thought that Sophie or someone said that John was transferred to another school with the comment that it (probably”?) was an all boys school. Not much in the way of disciplinary action if that is, indeed, the extent of the school board’s response. Of course, they may have a difficult time keeping teachers with this lot of kids, e.g., Rosie, David.

  7. Modge says:

    Truly excellent update, Kunzie.

    The Devster sure changed his tune from the day before, didn’t he? First he was effusive in his encouragement that Molly & Ty buy property rather than renting; the next day he’s telling her what a stupid move it is. Huh?

  8. tanzie says:

    I think it was Amber at the bus stop that said that Stape was transferred to an all boys school. I was really distracted with this episode. Violet in the hair dressers: one minute her hair is all pinned up and Maria is straighting out the back, then its all down in her face, then part of it is pinned back up. Either Maria moves so fast it can’t be seen, or editing wasn’t on the ball. Maybe they were put to sleep with the whole Michelle/Ryan story line as well. Oh, and just my opinion, I liked how Molly looked before the weight loss.

  9. Mandy says:

    I agree, Tanzie. Now her face is a bit chubby and it looks weird on her thin body. Oh well, she is a gorgeous person and I like her character a lot.

    I like Sophie SO MUCH better than Rosie.

    I can only imagine how Ryan is going to feel, being lied to by Michelle and Steve. Worst thing is Steve didn’t WANT to lie to him but Michelle made him, but I doubt Ryan will see it that way. And Steve is so great with him it’s not fair.

  10. kunzie says:

    I think Ryan is really great with his disabled friend Phil. Michelle has at least raised a sensitive kid in that regard. I remember how mad being lied to made me as a young teen. I bet Ryan and Chez would get along well, if Ryan could see past the age difference. I will have to see Michelle handle something – anything – competently for me to be onside with her. Other than her grooming. If that was less-than -perfect maybe she’d look more human to me.

  11. Piper says:

    I noticed the bad editing in the salon as well. I even rewinded my PVR a few times to see what went wrong!

  12. geenee says:

    Dev just seems to be there as a background character trying to be funny – a shadow of his former self.

    I like Molly either weight.

    Gail is strangely quiet and subdued these days. I thought she’d be yelling her lungs out when Tina and David came down the stairs half-dressed.

  13. corrierules says:

    Tina is a funny character with lots of character. She is what Lauren tries to be, but fails. She will whip R’David into shape, mark my words.

    Carla needs to be put in her place. Nice to see the Dynasty writers have come out of retirement though. Much hissing, catfights and a slap (!) Ugh. Give me the Websters anyday.

    I agree with MF, Kunzie’s reference to Wile. E. Coyote was inspired!

  14. geenee says:

    Maria needs more training to keep up with the Dynasty characters. She seems to be no match for Carla when it comes to dirty tricks and nasty remarks – or those slaps that need returning.

    So far, I don’t mind Lauren that much. It’s Michelle and her constant whining and crying that’s bugging me. I want to slap her and tell her to snap out of it!

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