Update: Thursday October 30, 2006 – Ye Olde Rectory

Home Heist

At Duckworths residence, Vera sees Molly reading a home interior magazine. Molly tells her about the changes she’s thinking of making throughout the house. Vera’s does not seem pleased at the idea and prefers the “traditional’ look. Tyrone thinks about the money they will save. But Molly looks agitated.

Molly and Tyrone are having a coffee in the café and going over the changes they will make.  Tyrone tells her that they need to be “sensitive”.  Molly suggests they get rid of the stone cladding. Tyrone doesn’t see anything wrong with it.  Molly is perplexed, “You know sometimes you really scare me”  (My favourite line)

Vera is looking at Molly’s magazine and thinks that it’s full of funny post modern ideas.  Jack wants to know what the box is and Vera mentions she wants a jumble (garage) sale. He is upset at the thought about getting rid of his Newton and Ridley collectable ashtray. Vera asks if they are doing the right  thing, Jack says that everything changes.  “Not everything changes,” she smiles, “I’ll always be your collectable!” How cute.

Too Close for Comfort

Liam is thinking of going to work for a couple of hours. She doesn’t like the idea and reminds him that the doctor said – no work. (I love this doctor). He is bored and wants her to bring some files from Underworld. She inquires, what is so special about the place and he replies he misses the buzz.  And that someone has to keep Carla in check.

Maria goes to the factory to pick up the new clients file and she asks why Liam didn’t get them. (mm, because maybe he is in crutches…)


She said that she offered to come and get them.  “We couldn’t have him come to visit the big bad wolf, could we?” smirks Carla. “You look more like Grandma to me,” quips Maria. “Touche!” says Carla.

Liam is hobbling over the cobbles on his crutches, when he’s spotted by Carla who falls about laughing. He asks her if she’s seen Maria, and she tells him she came to the factory. Just then Ryan comes along, obviously on his way to school. “I thought I could trust you two!” says Ryan, and he’s cross that everyone knew about the situation but him. Carla tries to calm him down he walks off and tells them to stay away from him.

Maria arrives back to the house. Liam asks where she’s been, he’s been waiting for his paperwork. She tells him she went to Chorlton, she’d heard about a bakery there that makes gorgeous wedding cakes.

As she is telling Liam all about it when Carla comes out from the kitchen with mugs of tea in each hand. (She doesn’t know when to say away does she?) Maria, looking stunned, asks if she’s missing something. They tell her it’s a problem with Ryan and it is ‘family business’. Ouch. “Since I’m here,” says Carla to Liam, “we might as well get started together.” Liam looks at Maria, “An hour’s work, tops,” he says.


Dazed and Confused

Ryan goes into the Rovers where he is angry at Michelle and wonders when he was going to be told about everything and that he wants to go to school. He goes up to get changed.

Later, a woman walks into the Rovers and Wendy, Alex’s mom. Michelle gets upset and says she has nothing to say.  She tells her that Nick doesn’t know that she is there and she needs to talk. They proceed to the back room.

Wendy tells Michelle she remembers her from the hospital and about her relationship with Ryan. Michelle gets angry and asks why Nick has been obsessed over this. Wendy explains this whole situation has destroyed their marriage.

Michelle says she won’t contact Alex and as she leaves Wendy asks if she loves Ryan. “That’s the only truth that matters,” says Wendy, and leaves.

Once again, Ryan is missing he hasn’t been home and is two hours late. She phones around to find out he didn’t go to school that day. Liam then goes off to call the police as Michelle breaks down and sobs in Steve’s arms.

In Other News:


Lauren goes on a date with Darryl

Wiki/Vikki is starting a new business on the side



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7 Responses to Update: Thursday October 30, 2006 – Ye Olde Rectory

  1. Long time lurker says:

    I would lay odds that Ryan is over at Nick’s place, and now that Michelle and Wendy have agreed that Alex (aka Dean Jr.) doesn’t need to know, Ryan’s appearance at Nick’s home will soon blow that plan apart. Nick seems to be playing fast and loose with own son’s feelings; giving Ryan his address without Alex knowing any of what’s going on. Soon, they will have two shattered teenage boys to contend with.

  2. Gayle says:

    I think Nick is a complete jerk! What a mess he has made before having scientific proof that Ryan is his child. Having sad that I’m quickly tiring of Michelle’s poor acting skills. Does she ever work a full shift?

    I really like Vicki I think she is a real sweetheart. More class in her baby finger than Janice has in her entire body.

  3. lovethestreet says:

    Maria’s line to Carla — “you look more like Grandma to me” — was a good one. (?:How old is Carla supposed to be anyway?) Nonetheless, it’s like watching a kitten take on a cougar.

    It’s hard to see the Duckworths go, isn’t it?

  4. Piper says:

    I think I missed the Lauren and Darryl date. Was the scene actually shown on the weeknight CBC episode?

  5. pip says:

    If Wendy and Michelle think they can each just go back to playing happy families they must be living in a world where you make your problems go away by clapping your hands over your ears and saying in your best singsong voice ‘la, la, la, I’m not listening’. I can’t believe that neither of them honestly wants to know what her biological son is like (and don’t forget Alex is also the biological son of the dearly departed love of Michelle’s life Dean [peace be upon him]). Lurker, good point about Nick springing the news on Ryan and telling him where he lives when Alex doesn’t know what’s up. I guess this is supposed to be understandable because Nick never bonded with Alex (and so has no compassion for him). This story line is very disappointing.

    I do continue to enjoy the way Liam responds to Maria, though she’s a pain.

  6. geenee says:

    I want Steve to kick Michelle out and bring Wendy in! Though she’s living in la la land, she at least stays calm. I too find it hard to believe that neither one of those women want to get to know their biological sons, and Ryan’s probably visiting Alex to tell him everything!

    Maria can be a pain but she’s kind of likable compared to some other characters. Deep down, she knows Carla is trouble.

    LOL at Colin and Justin; the way they decorate is how not to IMO.

  7. RingRingHello says:

    Gayle Says:
    . . .I’m quickly tiring of Michelle’s poor acting skills. Does she ever work a full shift?
    LOL True dat!

    Bye Vera. You always rubbed me the wrong way but my heart breaks for Jack. :>(

    Bring on Terry!

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