Update For Episode # 6733 October 31, 2008

Requiescat In Pace Vera Duckworth, our little swamp duck

Knickers in a Knot

Janice and Roger have a bit a domestic over the impending knicker party that Jan is allowing Vicki to host in the flat, without first consulting Roger about it. He is understandably a bit put out by this, wondering if it is his flat or if he is just a lodger. Jan does her best to change the venue of the party, and then buys Roger a pint after to work so they can talk things out.

Mr. and Mrs. Connor

The ongoing tension and sniping continues ad nauseum between Liam, Maria, and Carla. The only interesting bits here were the pefectly groomed pair of eyebrows sported by Carla, and the hotel getting the booking for their business trip wrong – instead of two separate single rooms they are registered in one room as the Connors, a mistake that Carla decides not to correct. No doubt something scandalous will develop as a result…

The Fish Wife

David is being pleasant with Audrey and Maria, which of course means he is up to something. Tina comes by the salon to take David away for the afternoon, and makes a less than favourable impression on Audrey. It seems the ‘smell’ in the salon makes Tina feel ill. A sure fire way to ingratiate yourself with the family Tina. The young lovebirds share some fries and have a chat about cars and who has had the worse step-father. Turns out David wins this debate. A while later Gail and Audrey are leaving the flat and bump into the young couple outside the door. Gail thinks about staying home and keeping an eye them but Audrey points out that she said she was going out already, and besides David and Tina could be doing the nasty in all sorts of places, so try not to worry too much.

The Prodigal Son

Michelle is in the back room at the pub with her head on the table. (some of her best acting thus far in my opinion) Ryan is still missing and she is beside herself with worry. Steve, as is his wont, offers to make her a bacon sandwich, before pointing out that Ryan is just acting out and is trying to teach Michelle a lesson. She decides to call the police again for any information, and some constables come by to tell her that there is still no news about the location of Ryan. Michelle decides to take matters into her own hands, and go and see Nick to determine if he is telling the truth about Ryan not being there. Steve, showing great patience, offers to come along and is barked at by Michelle again.

The Spiritual Home of Blackpool

Jack and Vera are taking a day trip to Blackpool to take some measurements at their new place in anticipation of moving into their dream home by the sea. Vera is a bit of a state with excitement, should she change her shoes? Did she bring her tablets? Does Jack have the measuring tape? With some encouragment from the rest of the household Jack and Vera make their way to the cab to take them to Blackpool.

Paul, showing he is not a complete cad, has found a black and white photo of his grandparents which he gets blown up and framed as a surprise gift. When he show the picture to Tyrone he comments on how Jack and Vera look ‘dead happy’.

When they return from Blackpool Vera is tired out and her feet are swollen. (turns out she was right about changing her shoes) Vera notices the picture on the table and she and Jack have a bit of a trip down memory lane. She tells Jack that she still loves him after all these years, and that he is the only man she has ever loved – and wants Jack to tell her the same. Jack, in his gruff fashion, tells Vera ‘noI’veneverlovedanybodyelsenowdoyoustillwantmetotakeyourshoesofforwhat?’ before going to The Rovers for a pint.

At the the pub Jack has a chat with Emily and Rita about the impending move to Blackpool, and how if he were on his own he would not be leaving, but what his beloved Vera wants, Vera gets. Tyrone tries to tempt Jack to stay for another pint but he turns him down, because he promised Vera he would home for his tea.

Jack leaves the pub and makes his way home to the one true love of his life, singing and dancing all the way. He steps into the flat and sees Vera in the chair looking like she is asleep, and he makes a joke about how a ten minute walk on the Blackpool promenade has tired her out. Jack makes his way into the kitchen and wonders why Vera has not started their tea yet. Vera remains motionless in the chair, and Jack gently tries to wake her up, to no avail. He gently puts his fingers onto her wrist and his worst fears are confirmed, his beloved swamp duck has passed away. Jack stumbles back against the counter, clutching his arms around him, muttering over and over again ‘you haven’t left Vera, you haven’t left’.

A dignified and elegant departure for Vera, aka Elizabeth Dawn MBE, one of the iconic and beloved characters of the street.

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15 Responses to Update For Episode # 6733 October 31, 2008

  1. Gayle says:

    PapaSmurf, what a lovely photo!

  2. blueheadlights says:

    And then i cried and cried and sobbed and sobbed.

    lovely job corrie.

  3. barbie says:

    I cried too, I thought maybe the 3rd time I watched it I wouldn’t, but I did.
    I honestly feel like I’ve lost a friend
    You will be missed Vera

  4. pip says:

    Great update, papasmurf!

    Since I stay away from spoilers I totally didn’t see Vera’s death coming. So, so sad.

  5. geenee says:

    That’s a lovely photo of Vera. She will be missed and it will be a sad week on Corrie with her funeral coming up.

    Then there will no doubt be more bawling, barking and blubbering from Michelle and cruelty from Carla.

    I wondered about Vikki and her knicker party. Why would any of them buy underwear at a party when they can probably get them at cost from the factory?

  6. kunzie says:

    That is the most moved I have ever been by Corrie, watching Jack return home to find Vera. I felt almost like an intruder witnessing a very private moment. I felt so sorry for him.

    I have made this comment before, but for me it is the seniors that make the show. Witty, dry, flip, cheeky, tender, and with a world of living under their belts.

    Thanks and best wishes to Elizabeth Dawn; she will be truly missed.

  7. barbee says:

    I totally agree, Kunzie. Bill Tarmey was fantastic in this episode and the moment was so real. I watched it twice and cried both times. Reminded me of Hilda when Stan died. My daughter was about 4 at the time and she cried with me. These are the characters that resonate with me. Most of the younger ones, I can totally live without.
    The Michelle/Nick total lie-fest, and the Carla/Maria total bitch(Carla)-fest shouldn’t have even been in this episode. Michelle’s range is sooo limited and comparing her to Jack was very illuminating.

  8. Yanyan says:

    The older characters definitely make the show, with a few of the younger ones to show us that the torch is being passed. Steve, Tyrone, Eileen and Janice will no doubt be the Mike, Jack, Emily and Rita of the future.

  9. Michigander Fan says:

    I sobbed like a baby. I will miss Vera so much. I hope Liz Dawn’s health doesn’t continue to deteriorate.

    Bill Tarmey was incredible – I knew it was coming (stupid spoilers) but it was still gutwrenching.


  10. barbee says:

    Speaking of Janice, remember when Vera & Jack were the Battersbys of the street? Vera could be just as vicious and mean mouthed as Janice, but they both have a softer side. Hopefully Janice will become more like Vera as she ages and realizes all she has. Although it’s too late for her to have a Jack, I guess. I don’t see Roger sticking around for the long haul. Where’s Leanne lately? Wouldn’t she have figured in the panty party discussion as another flatmate?

  11. beanie says:

    Vera has always been one of my faves. I will miss her. Some years ago when Sally was doing knicker parties for Mike, Vera purchased something red,lacy and sexy. That night she told Jack it was for their “Christmas Boff” LOL

  12. eila says:

    I feel so upset about Vera’s passing. Poor Vera, and poor, poor Jack. That was a heartbreaking scene, when he hugged himself and pleaded with her not to be gone.

    I’m with those of you who can do without many of the ‘younger’ set and their whiny, bitchy ways. It’s the great character actors I like to see. Liz Dawn and Bill Tarmey are definitely two of these.



  13. lovethestreet says:

    I agree. Bill Tarmey’s performance was really touching.

  14. geenee says:

    I think this was the saddest death ever. Alma’s was a close second, then Mike – unless there are others I’ve forgotten. It just seemed very realistic the way they all gathered around Vera and then the hearse taking her away down the dark street.

  15. lovethestreet says:


    Yes, it was realistic, wasn’t it? In most soap operas, one character would find the other dead, then cry, then you’d jump to people making funeral arrangements or standing grave side.

    The arrival of the paramedics, the attempts to make tea, the everyday and ordinary things are what made it so sad…

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