Update: Tuesday November 4th, 2008 – Double Trouble


Steve persuades Michelle to send Ryan a text message to tell him how much she loves him and beg him to come back. Outside somewhere in Manchester…Ryan’s phone beeps. It is a text message and he starts to read it. He is standing next to a tree and reads the text. As he starts to read it – Alex happens to be there and sees him.

He comes up behind him and asks what he is up to. Ryan says his dad lives here then runs. Alex knocks him over and tells him to explain what is going on. Ryan says that his (Alex’s) is his dad. Ryan says he just found out then manages to get Alex off him and runs. Alex runs after him.

Alex chases after Ryan and pushes him against a wall. Ryan tells him they found out when he was sick. Ryan adds that a blood test proved he could not be their kid. Ryan starts to walk into the road away from Alex. Alex goes after him. At that moment a car comes and has to slam on its brakes in front of them.


Wedding Blues

Maria is working in the salon and hangs up the phone. She lets Audrey know that it was her mom and dad. She says they must be excited.  Maria says they booked a cruise and it’s the same week as the wedding and if they cancel they will lose their money. Audrey asks if she can postpone the wedding and wait till after the baby is born. Are you kidding me? Maria wants to get hitched ASAP.

Maria meets Liam in the Rovers. She tells him about the situation with her parents. He tells her that he would marry her tomorrow but Ryan who is best man is still missing. They sit down and Liam finally tells Maria the whole situation with Ryan. Jack comes in and Steve says the drinks are on him. Steve goes through the house as Michelle is on the phone and says Ryan been in an accident. She tells them she will be as soon as possible and then hugs Steve.

Panty Raid

The ladies are in the factory and they discuss Vikki’s new venture. Sally says she thinks Vikki is exploiting her mates. She says she didn’t hold a gun to their heads and force then to buy the underwear. Janice says Sally is a killjoy. I have to say that she is right in this case. Kelly asks if she makes any money (how rude) and Vikki says she made a profit. In the office, Liam says he is not going on the sales trip to Birmingham as he has more important things like Ryan on his mind. Carla says she is going.


Top 5 Things to do in Birmingham: England’s Second Largest City

1. Go for a Curry – over one hundred Indian restaurants

2. Visit the Bullring for some shopping therapy

3. Shopping at the German Christmas Market

4. Watch the Birmingham Ballet at the Hippodrome

5. Take in a show at the Alexandra, an exquisite Edwardian auditorium



That’s What Friends are For

Jack is at the table with a yummy English fry up. Paul says, if he can’t manage it, he understands. Tyrone proclaims he is not going to work. Jack says he is not having him lose a day’s pay and he can look after himself. Molly says they are not going to let him and then goes to get the door. Roy comes to pay his condolences. Roy says he can’t imagine what he is going through and says he had to call Hayley right away.

Norris and Rita come round. He puts his foot in it and says that if he is going to put a bit in the paper the cut off is the day before they go to print. Tyrone says he and Molly can help with that. Rita asks if he told Terry the news. He says he has left messages.

Outside Jack is with his pigeons. Liam comes out and says he is sorry for his loss. Jack nods. Liam says he knows how he feels and says he still thinks about Paul. Jack says he is not the only one who has lost someone. Liam says he bet it feels like it. Jack nods his head and Liam goes away with Ozzy.

Inside, Molly says everything with the newspaper is fine but want a date for the funeral. Tyrone thinks he is not ready. Paul says he will talk to him about it later.

Back inside, Jack rubs his hand up a picture of Vera and him. Paul comes in the room and tells him that Vera’s obituary will be in the paper tomorrow and asks if he had thought about the service for her. Jack reflects at the houses in Blackpool that he and Vera were going to buy and tells Paul there is no rush. Paul says he should phone the undertakers. Jack asks if he wants a pint. Paul says if he is up for it then he will come with him. Jack says good.

In other News:

Dan hits on Mel and Lauren.

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2 Responses to Update: Tuesday November 4th, 2008 – Double Trouble

  1. haili says:

    I foresee trouble when Carla finds out Vikki is selling knickers from another company.

    I imagine the last thing most people want at a time of grieving is a fry up. Let’s hope they get Jack to visit the undertaker soon and get the funeral over with.

    It’s understandable that Maria’s parents wouldn’t want to give up a cruise they’ve already paid for to go to the wedding. Surely it wouldn’t hurt to postpone it for another couple of weeks. Is Ryan old enough to be best man? I thought he would have to be of age to be a witness.

  2. Mandy says:

    That girl in the doublemint ad looks like Rosie.

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