Update: Thursday November 7th, 2008 – Nightmare on Corrie Street


The Platt’s Worst Nightmare – Richard Hillman

Tina arrives at the house and brought a horror DVD for them to watch. Right
behind her is Gail and wants to know what is the plan for dinner. (Yes, dinner without you..) She says she is going to lay low and do the
weekly shop.

The start to watch the movie and talk about the last time they were really
scared. Then it gets hot and heavy and Gail comes back. They jump up and adjust their clothing. Gail
asks David to help her bring in the groceries.

David leaves to take Tina to the bus. Gail apologies for interrupting. David
is adamant that nothing happened and they were just watching a film. Yeah,

Gail says she’s glad he’s found someone he likes, (more like fancies)
but warns him to be “careful”. She
adds, “But if you’re going to embark on an adult relationship…” she
starts to say, but he stops her. “No we’re not, Mum, and Friday’ll be
great!” and quickly leaves.

are you saying, that you don’t want to see them?” she says. “I
think that’s what I am saying, yes,” says Ryan.

House of Blues

Maria is busy planning the meal for their wedding reception. And is being
inundated with questions about what he needs of the trip to Birmingham. In the salon, Maria is on the phone sorting
out the flowers while Audrey does Lauren’s hair.

In the salon Maria is making more wedding plans David says he doesn’t know
why she is getting so worried, when everyone knows she is “Up the Duff”.

In the factory office, Maria takes the flower brochure into the factory to
discuss the prices with Liam. Carla looks up the hotel website. “Oh Liam,
you’re in luck,” she says, “you wanted a mini bar they’ve got them,
have a look at the website.” (What hotel in the world doesn’t overpriced
mini-beverages) “Not now, eh,” he replies.

Sally enters and asks Liam to look at her machine as it doesn’t seem to be
working. He tells Maria he’ll see her
in the Rovers at dinner time. As Maria starts to leave, Carla proceeds asks if
she’s ever thought about violets for the wedding.

“Violets?” asks Maria. “I read somewhere they’re supposed to
represent fidelity!” she replies.
Was she always this evil?

At dinnertime, Maria and Audrey are in the pub talking about flowers when
the lovely Carla comes in. Maria overhears Carla’s conversation with Lauren
about how she has to take it easy as she is gearing up to party during her trip
with Liam in Birmingham. Maria
continues her conversation with Audrey saying she doesn’t trust Carla and knows
that Liam is faithful.

In Other News:

Michelle is STILL worried about Ryan leaving her and if she wants to get to
know Alex.

Kelly is trying to get in on Vikki’s business. And fails.

Lauren blanks Darryl, until she gets a free kebab.

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7 Responses to Update: Thursday November 7th, 2008 – Nightmare on Corrie Street

  1. haili says:

    Someone said there should be lawsuits against the hospital and if it was an American soap there would be – for months and months. Since we have Michelle, it is serial crying etc. etc. I hope they get a move on with this storyline. It might not be half bad if we could see all the biological relatives together sorting things out.

    It’s pretty sad when one waits for a funeral to cheer things up!

  2. Mandy says:

    I’m kind of confused… Why did the first part of this update go from David to Ryan, and what is going on on Friday for David?

  3. pip says:

    I think there was a glitch in the upload, Mandy. Gail offered to make herself scarce on Friday so David and Trina could have some time to themselves.

    While it’s nice that David seems to be in a fairly normal relationship with Tina I find it pretty unbelievable that he could go from psychopath to normal teenager just by having one woman leave his life (Sarah) and another enter it (Tina). That just seems too easy.

    I’m betting Michelle is going to have second thoughts about her decision not to see Alex, and is going to see him without telling Ryan. Of course Ryan will find out and more wailing, gnashing of teeth and beating of breasts will ensue.

  4. haili says:

    pip: that sounds so like what Michelle would do! She promised no more lying but she will rationalize it; there will be ructions; she will cry some more. We never seem to get an episode without Michelle crying. I’m wondering if they have a stock crying scene they stick in as filler.

    As for David, I just enjoy seeing him smile and act normal for awhile. Maybe he’s enjoying being the center of attention now that Sarah and Beth are gone and just maybe psychos too need a rest!

  5. blueheadlghts says:

    I don’t think that David is now “normal” I just think his drive for sex is stronger (at the moment) then his drive for mayhem. If Tina dumps him or wrongs him I’d get ready for fireworks.

    I can’t stand Michelle. The storyline, like the Liam/Carla/Maria one is too American.

  6. pip says:

    Watch out, I think there’s a spoiler about Rosie next to the article on Les (I averted my eyes)!

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