Update – November 12, 2008 – I Can’t Stop Loving You

We open at the funeral where Jack was about to do his eulogy for Vera:

‘First time I asked our Vera to dance,’ he begins. ‘she said no. Week after I asked her again and I said, “I won’t be askin’ you a third time, this is your last chance.” Anyway she said, “Yes”. So that was more or less the start of it, we got married in 1957, we didn’t have a brass farthing between us. Well, we never had much. We had us ups and downs, I can’t deny that. For one thing, you wouldn’t believe me if I did. But we stuck at it. And really, when I look back, which I’ve been doing a lot over the last week, it’s as though there hasn’t been two lives, hers and mine. There’s been just the one that we shared and that’s the best kind of life you can have. But what I really wanted to say was, thanks Vera. Thank you love.’*

And with that said, and as Ray Charles’ ‘I Can’t Stop Loving You’ plays, our Vera is wheeled into the crematorium and just about everyone is crying.

Outside the church, Blanche quips, “Well, that’s another one gone. And before her husband too. You don’t expect that.”

Terry is talking to Rita and Emily, telling them that he’s living large in Wolverhampton, selling these new fangled mobile phones (they’re the future, I tells ya) and has a big flat as a result. Not so big, mind you, that Jack would want to live there now, you see. He’d probably hate Wolverhampton. Rita nods warily.

Kelly says she was worried Jack was going to drop dead right there. She wonders if they would cremate both at the same time.

“Oh, not right away,” Sally assures her.

Paul, meanwhile, expresses his fear that he’ll turn out like his father. Doubt it. Paul seems to genuinely care about people. Terry asks what Jack’s plans our now but Tyrone quickly says Jack is welcome to stay with him and Molly.

When they get back to the Rovers for the reception, Terry warns Jack not to sell the house because the money won’t last that long and no, he can’t come live with him.

In their booth, Vera is remembered by the factory girls as a woman with a gob bigger than Janice Battersby.

Terry tries to catch up with Paul.

“So, you’re a chef? That’s cool. Got any kids? No? You’re not gay, are you? Oh well, guess I’ll see you when the old man snuffs it. Bye!” And with another warning to Jack not to sell the house, Terry leaves.

Later, Jack tells Paul, Tyrone, and Molly that they shouldn’t mind what Terry says. He says they’re his family, not him, and he’ll still sell the house to Tyrone and Molly.

When they get home, Jack tells Paul that the funeral went just as Vera would have liked (save for a visit from her royal relatives, I imagine) but he should have gone first. Vera would have managed without him. Paul leaves him with a whiskey and his thoughts. The episode closes with Jack breaking down into tears.

I have something in both my eyes.

The Stories That Could Have Waited

Michelle lies and tells Wendy and Nick that Ryan wants nothing to do with them.

Lauren is playing Darryl like a fiddle.

Maria found out that Liam only came home from Brum because Tony showed up so she gets mad at Liam and…oh, just guess the rest, will ya?

*Thanks to corrie.net updates for the full text of that eulogy.


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22 Responses to Update – November 12, 2008 – I Can’t Stop Loving You

  1. Gayle says:

    John excellent update as always. I thought the funeral scenes were well done, particularly when the camera scanned the crowd. Diedre’s tears looked quite real as did Jack’s sobbing at the end.

    I agree we could have done without Michelle’ boring story line. I really wish they would wrap this thing up!

    It drives me crazy the way she deals with all of her personal problems during working hours. Just walks away from the bar into the back room!

    I was glad to see Terry back (not that I like him!) I have been a very long time viewer and remember his character very well, from the time Paul was concieved (next door teenage neighbour) through his marriage (while in custody for assault) fathering another son and then refusing to give Paul his kidney. Not a nice guy our Terry!

  2. missusmac says:

    Thank you so much for posting Jack’s eulogy. I missed it. Damn my husband’s 5oth birthday!! Made me miss Vera’s funeral.

    Loved Terry. He’s so…Terry. Loved Rita and Emily in conversation with Terry too. They had his number!

  3. haili says:

    Michelle lying about every little thing is aggravating. Why couldn’t she just say she changed her mind and called Wendy? The only possible thing that could interest me in this storyline is if the boys meet and talk. Will she ever give the letter to Ryan? I’ll admit that I’d probably steam it open and check it out before passing it on.

    Terry was true to form and I always enjoy the older actors on these occasions, though the factory girls were pretty natural too with their remarks and had me laughing. Another tearjerker though, when Jack broke down.

  4. debbie says:

    That scene with Sally and the factory girls is another example of why I love that actress who plays sally, Sally Whittaker.

    For her to reply to Kelly with “Not straight away” was HILARIOUS! It reminded me of the “I love a comfy boot, me” line or the time she called Bill and Audrey a couple of “randy geriatrics.”

    Her comedy skills are really under-used, I think.

  5. John says:

    I loved they way she did that line so much I had to include it. It was so understated, almost an aside, but just so funny.

    It’s funny how I start off hating some characters and then end up being one of their biggest fans. Sally is one of those people.

    I’ve read interviews with Sally Whittaker and she just comes off as totally cool.

  6. beanie says:

    Thank you John for printing the whole eulogy it was well done. I welcomed the chance to feel sad for Vera as she was always one of my faves. I couldn’t mourn her the first day with those big honkin’ VERA flowers and Elvis. Totally bizarre to me as is having a service at the crematorium. Do they do that here?

  7. Yanyan says:

    Hey Beanie – I, too, was a little disconcerted with the casket being zipped off into the crematorium right in front of everyone; I guess I’m used to the body being cremated first, then a service following.
    And those big honkin VERA flowers were bizarre!

  8. Michigander Fan says:

    I have seen that in other UK shows.

    Cultural differences, huh?

    One thing that’s always a little disconcerting to me is when they close a casket right in front of you – extremely emotional, you know?


  9. Yanyan says:

    Very. I want to be packed tightly inside an urn when my time comes. I don’t want any old biddies standing over me gossiping about who did my hair & make-up.

  10. eila says:


    Thanks for the write up, and for providing the full text of Jack’s eulogy. I missed it, due to work– and I have another shift on Sunday morning (arrgh).

    Thanks also for “oh, just guess the rest, will ya?” That’s just what I need to hear on that topic.

    I’d really appreciate it if Michelle, Maria and Carla were to go on leave of absence for a while. And they can take Lauren with them, while they’re at it.


    ps. Gayle, you haven’t forgetten Terry’s third son, our Brad, have you? (I wonder how long til he shows show up.)

  11. missusmac says:

    It struck me that this looked like the same church where Charlie the sexy scuzball was laid to rest. There was a particularly small crowd there, so I recall it!

    Did we not see Fred conveyor-belted to cremation too? Or was that Charlie?

  12. kunzie says:

    Fred got stuck momentarily.

  13. haili says:

    I think the crematorium is a different venue than the church, and isn’t that word “crematorium” creepy? When they do burials, they’re usually done from the church. I find it a bit horrifying to see the casket carried along those rollers towards the furnace.

    I think Fred was conveyor-belted because I remember how sick I was of his almost-widow carrying those ashes everywhere and leaving them on the bar at the Rovers. It took forever it seemed, for Ashley to finally be allowed to sprinkle them. My mind has gone blank trying to remember Shelley’s mother’s name.

  14. Yanyan says:

    Bev Unwin

  15. haili says:

    Thanks Yanyan. I was so sick of that urn everywhere that I must have blocked Bev from my memory.

  16. Yanyan says:

    Bev taught Michelle everything she knows about whining and whinging.

  17. elocin says:

    If anyone else is wondering more about Terry’s backstory, the wiki article doesn’t have any spoilers. I’ve only been watching since about 2000, so I didn’t really understand why he was so hated and the corrie.net profile is one line long. :)-

  18. pip says:

    I know everyone is sick and tired of Michelle (I am) but I have a wee question. It was either on this episode or the one that aired the following night that Michelle referred to herself as ‘Michelle Connor’ and I thought WTF? Why don’t you have the same last name as Dean (whatever that is). Did that strike anyone else as strange.

  19. haili says:

    I read someplace that Michelle and Dean were not married when they had Ryan (Alex), so Michelle and Ryan are Connors. They were supposed to have married later but she and Ryan kept the Connor name. It all seemed kind of hazy to me, like the writers hadn’t figured all this out yet but backtracked to fix it.

  20. pip says:

    Thanks, haili, I missed that!

    kunzie, did Fred really get stuck! LOL! I missed his funeral because we were away camping. I, unfortunately, did not miss most of Bev’s soggy moaning over dead-Fred’s ashes. I say I saw her crying a lot. (does anyone else miss Fred and his echo?)

  21. Joy says:

    Missusmac, I also loved how Rita replied to Terry’s claim to be “on the cutting edge” (due to his involvement with mobile phones) with a very understated but hilarious “You always were”.

  22. Joy says:

    As an aside, I loved the scarf that Leanne was wearing in the last couple of episodes. Looks like feathers!

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