Update: Thursday November 13, 2008 – Free as a Bird

Gail and Jason

In the Kabin, Jason is buying a birthday card for Sarah, but for some reason doesn’t have her address in Italy.  Gail says she will get it for him.  Later, Gail takes Sarah’s address to Jason. She suggests he goes to Milan to figure it all Jason says that Sarah’s in the wrong, it’s her place to come home to him. (I agree with him here. She left him)

Kevin from the Clinker

At the Websters – Sophie is thrilled that her father is coming out of jail and wants to be there for him.  She wants to miss school – she is so cute.  Rosie says she wants to quit school and go back to work at Underworld.  Sally tells her it will be worse there. 

Kevin and Sally get out of the car and hugs Tyrone and Bill.  Rosie then meets him and just says, Hiya,”.  He smiles and hugs her. Kevin sees Jack and says he wishes he was at the funeral.  Jack tells him to think of Vera every time he sees snowdrops, because she always loved them. (Aww, soo sweet)

Kevin mentions that it is okay for Rosie to go back to Underworld. Sally is mortified. Rosie responds, “Mom, you’ve lost!” says Rosie. “Accept it.”  How about sending her to boarding school in Greenland?

Michelle and Alex

Another kefuffle with Michelle and Ryan picks up his coat and takes off. Not again?  Michelle chases after him, and outside gives him the letter that Nick left for him. Ryan gets annoyed and tears it in two.  Ryan says that he is NOT interested.  Gee, ya think?

Michelle admits to Steve that she was a snoop and read the letter that Nick wrote to Ryan.  Nick apologizes for being a stalker.

The tables are turned – and Michelle is outside a school and she calls out to Alex.  Michelle is telling Alex that she didn’t want to make things difficult, but she had to see him to make sure he was all right.  And give him her phone number and address.

Once again, Ryan is no where to be found.

Poor Jack

Jack arrives home – with the urn of Vera’s ashes. “Welcome home,” he says, and adds that he wishes she could talk back to him. He says that he’s sure she would have a suggestion to get him out of going to the pub with Rita and Emily. He smiles.  He decides to keep Vera on the mantelpiece for a while before scattering her ashes off of Blackpool pier.

In other News:

Liz and Vernon unleash their entrepreneurial spirit and think of buying a pub

Not real news: Carla is a cow to Maria and she runs off crying. Liam follows.

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7 Responses to Update: Thursday November 13, 2008 – Free as a Bird

  1. haili says:

    Loved the video and music.

    I thought it was kind of sweet that Kevin has decided to make a new start with Rosie. How Sally was dealing with her obviously wasn’t working and the rest of the world is against her.

    Michelle is just about as bad as Nick when it comes to stalking and sneaking around. Honesty seems to be the last thing that comes to her mind. I would hate to be working with her as she never does any work – but what else is new?

  2. Gayle says:

    Michelle is really getting on my nerves. She constantly runs out of the pub to deal with her personal problems. I am disappointed that Liz doesn’t say something about it.

  3. pip says:

    Loved the video! I haven’t heard that song in years.

    Michelle should check the definition of hypocrite in the dictionary because a picture of her is likely right beside it. After all her talk of ‘trust’ and ‘no lies’ to Steve, and making him leave the picture up in the bar for months of him kissing the transgendered woman she sneaks off behind Ryan and Steve’s back to see Alex. Puh-lease. She is such an unsympathetic character. I’m hoping she’ll crash and burn soon, and this whole sorry story line will come to an end.

  4. missusmac says:

    By applying a mom’s perspective, I can understand Michelle’s sudden but wrong, so very wrong, pursuit of Alex. Which is interesting, because Nick’s pursuit creeped me right out.

    Although I find Michelle annoying, this plotline has at least established Ryan as a real person to me. Most of the actors his age on the show have distinct personalities. He’s just been sullen background up until now.

  5. fondue123 says:

    I did think it highly inexplicable, even suspect, that Jaysun didn’t even have his wife’s address…that was weird, just weird.
    I guess this is Kevin making a “new start” with Rosie, and I guess it’s sweet, but I think it’s not going to work. For anyone. If I were him, and I’d just gotten out of prison for pulperizing my 17 year old daughter’s 30 year old boyfriend, I’d want to sit down and have a serious talk with her…what’s going on with you Rosie, seriously? Cuz the way she’s still behaving with her mother makes me think this has not been Rosie’s “moment of clarity”, in other words, I think she’s going to continue to be a stroppy little madam, and isn’t about to mature into a nice young woman any time soon.
    Michelle, please stop. Just stop.

  6. haili says:

    Rosie may not change her attitude but at least Kevin is trying to establish a bond where they can talk. What they’ve been doing hasn’t worked so far.

    I can totally understand Michelle wanting to get to know Alex, but she is such a lying sneak about it. It would be kinder to include Ryan or at least tell him about it.

    Jason is the sharpest knife in the drawer. He probably just let Sarah take care of those details like where they would be living.

  7. kunzie says:

    Missusmac said:

    “this plotline has at least established Ryan as a real person to me. Most of the actors his age on the show have distinct personalities. He’s just been sullen background up until now.”

    You are right, MM….now he’s sullen foreground.

    Maybe it’s different in Britain, but I was never allowed to be rude to adult friends or family. If I disliked them, I was at least required to be cordial. Ryan apparently isn’t.

    However, I thought that Steve acted like a nasty snot to Alex…he’s the adult and should show a little compassion!

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