Update For Epiosde 6743 November 14, 2008


The Connors

The saga of Michelle and her genetic heritgae continues.

Steve and Ryan are sat in the back room of the pub working on the best man speech when Michelle comes by and tells Ryan that he needs some new shoes for the wedding, so they plan to do a bit of shopping and go for a curry afterwards. Steve points out that he too enjoys a good curry but Michelle chooses not to invite him along.

Steve makes hard work of doing the VAT (Value Added Tax) in the back room, repeatedly taking breaks to have a snack, because adding up sums makes him peckish. Liz notes that he did the same thing in his school days.

Alex calls Michelle while she is at work at the pub and tries to arrange a meeting that day, but Michelle has already made plans with Ryan. After a bit of thought, Michelle rings Alex back and leaves a message for him that maybe they should get together. Michelle then schmoozes Steve a bit and gets him to take Ryan shopping for his wedding ensemble, leaving her free for the afternoon.

Later in the pub Alex makes a surprise appearance, and he and Michelle have an awkwardish conversation in the back room. They make a bit of small talk, discuss her living arrangements, Alex decsribes the relationship he has had with Nick and Wendy, Michelle notices a mannerism he has that reminds her of Dean, and Michelle tells him how incredible she felt to see him walk into the pub.

Steve and Ryan return a bit earlier than expected, Ryan goes up to his room to try on his new glad rags, and Steve walks into the back room to find Michelle and Alex in conversation. Steve, ever the voice of reason in this scenario, wonders what Ryan would think if he had walked into the room just now.

Thankfully there were no tears or gnashing of teeth for a change.

The Grimshaws

Jason keeps trying to talk to Sarah on the phone. She keeps hanging up on him. Jason overhears Maria talking in the pub and discovers that Sarah is not coming back for the wedding that weekend like he thought she was. Jason is perturbed. Becky is there to console him again.

The Websters

Kevin and Tyrone are having a tea break when Sal and Sophie come by for a visit. Sophie points out that Rosie is still home in her pajamas and not getting ready for school. Kev, having a new perspective after his recent incarceration experience, thinks it might be best to let Rosie take responsibility for her actions. Sal is unimpressed and tells Kev and tells him he can get touchy feely in his own time and stomps off to the workplace.

Sal then proceeds to project her frustration on Becky in the cafe.

Rosie and Kevin are having a pleasant chat at The Rovers later, and have a mature, civilized discussion about what the future might hold for Rosie. Kev then asks – and surprises – his elder daughter by asking Rosie if she wants to go see a movie that evening. It turns out Kev hopes to spend one evening a week with Rosie, so he can really get to know her before she is out of the house for good one day.

No doubt the best bit of parenting skill the street has seen in a very long time.

The Mortons

Darryl continues his sad infatuation with Lauren, who continues to string him along. Mel tries to offer some sisterly advice to him while he cleans his up his boudoir, using an analogy of a cat and a labrador. No, it didn’t make any sense to me either. Darryl and Lauren end up running into Tina and David on the street and go on an unofficial double date together.

The Seniors

Rita and Emily stop round The Old Rectory to remind Jack of their lunch appointment, only to find him still clad in his pajamas. Rita tells him they are there to perform a ‘pincer movement’ on him, and then she and Emily break into a good cop bad cop routine, with Rita being the bad cop – of course. After a bit of back and forth Rita tells Jack they will pick him up at 1:00, so go and iron your pajamas.

The three go to the Italian for a lovely lunch and have a grand time together. Three cheers for Emily and Rita for sticking by an old friend in a difficult time.

Bits and Bobs

Dierdre and Liz plan a birthday party for Amy to be held at the Barlows.

Tyrone understands why he was not invited to the wedding Maria and Liam.

Dev is nowhere to be seen.

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21 Responses to Update For Epiosde 6743 November 14, 2008

  1. corrierules says:

    Some comments:
    1) Photo is very adorable. awwww
    2) I hope Kevin plans to have another father-daughter night during the week, but with Sophie. It seems to me that little miss stroppy madam is being rewarded for her cow-ish ways. And if either of my daughters( 17 and 21 years old) spoke to me the way Rosie spoke to Sally, Mr. Corrierules would not be planning special treats for the culprit, harrumph! Quite the opposite, i assure you…..
    3)Is it me or do Alex and Michelle speak as if they’re flirting? very ick-inducing….
    4)On the plus side, casting of the two boys has been good at least from a looks point of view. Ryan looks like he could be Nick’s son and Alex looks like a Connor. I am still undecided if the acting is any good, however.
    5)Lovely scenes with Emily, Rita and Jack.

  2. lovethestreet says:

    Absolutely: Kevin should spend time with Sophie as well Rosie. The scene between the younger daughter and father discussing “life on the inside” was just great.

  3. Long time lurker says:

    Corrierules – It wasn’t just you. I also thought the Michelle-Alex time together seemed more like an awkward first date than biological mother-son meeting.

  4. haili says:

    I was so grateful that Michelle wasn’t crying, the conversation between her and Alex didn’t bother me. What bothers me is the sneaking around and lying, though (now that it’s been mentioned) it reminds me of 2 people having an extra-marital affair.

    I like the casting of the 2 boys. Corrie often does a nice job of having kids look like their parents. Terry, Paul and Jack look like they could be related, and Sophie and Kevin are perfectly cast.

    Kevin and Sophie always seemed to get along and have a closer tie than he and Rosie. It seems that he has to work on his relationship with Rosie. I still wish Sophie would practise pronunciation. I miss most of what she says.

  5. blueheadlights says:

    The exact thing I said to my husband while watching was “why is she acting like she’s having an affair with this kid” I think it must be her poor acting skills that make it seem that way. gross.

  6. missusmac says:

    Thank you! That’s what I was seeing too with Alex and Michelle: an awkward first date, and then Alex upset because the first boyfriend/husband/son still has her loyalty.

    Corrierules, no argument here! Kev came to the same conclusion Sally did in a way: that it’s up to her what she makes of her life. So now he’s treating her like an adult, someone he’d have a conversation with. Hopefully though, while he’s taking Rosie bowling, he’s taking Miss Sophie somehwere too on her own. If not, Rosie has been rewarded for being a cow.

  7. pip says:

    I agree with all the comments about the inappropriate sexual tension between Michelle and Alex. Ew.

    I think Sophie is becoming more understandable, she’s definitely speaking more loudly and enunciating.

    I’m definitely liking Liam more and more. He (unlike his sister) is doing everything he can to ensure Ryan feels part of the family. On the other hand, he can lie like a trooper to Maria about Carla.

  8. debbie says:

    I don’t understand why Michelle keeps lying. You would think that when Ryan went missing it would have taught her to try to tell the truth and be up-front.

  9. Piper says:

    I also echo the thoughts that the Michelle and Alex scenes are weird. She definitely is acting like a teenager with him and not a ‘mother’. I’m glad I’m not the only that picked up on that.

  10. kunzie says:

    Another viewpoint would be to take the Connors for what they are; a family of fairly weak people. Paul was deceitful and adulterous; Liam has no foresight or forethought; Michelle’s development seems suspended at age 18. They were all raised in the same house. The poor acting of Kim Ryder aside…maybe it’s a study in the damage weakness can, and has, caused.

    Regarding Kevin – in my mind, I think it’s likely that he already does spend one-on-one time with Sophie….I also don’t see one-on-one time with Rosie as a reward for Rosie; I think it’s a necessity.

    Add me to the list of the creeped-out re: Michelle & Alex.

  11. haili says:

    Good point. The Connors are weak and will lie about anything for silly reasons. Anything to save facing up to the truth or discussing things honestly. It must run in the family as they are all compulsive liars.

  12. barbee says:

    I’ve been thinking about Carla and the Connor clan. While they could be a family in the street tradtion, Carla isn’t a character of a type I ever remember seeing in the 27 years I’ve been watching. The Connors seem to be a tight-knit group, loyal to each other and good-looking to boot. However, they are weak, adulterous, whiney, lying folk. (Perfect soap fare, although Kim Ryder’s acting is sorely lacking.) Carla’s history as revealed in the show indicates a severely disfunctional family, growing up in a rough estate with a slag of a mother. She latched on to the Connors, not for love, but in a calculating move to improve her lot. She doesn’t appear to have a caring bone in her body, despite the few tears on Paul’s deathbed. Everything she does is coldly thought out with what seems to be a desire to make everyone miserable. Lusting after Liam to show up Maria (and to prey on Liam’s insecurity and reassure herself of her own attractiveness), hiring Rosie to rub Sally’s nose on the sewing room floor, “comforting” Wiki to keep her from talking about her friend’s Carla-caused death, her general rudeness to all and sundry and her ever-present air of superiority. Corrie has always been known for its gritty stories, as well as its humour and sometimes playful storylines. I’ve yet to see any of the latter in the Connor family plotlines and just wish the whole thing would end. More of Molly & Tyrone (perfect Corrie people), Rita (who rules), Norris & Emily, as well as more than fluff for Dev and Amber (Corrie gold there).
    Sorry for the rant, but it’s been really bugging me.

  13. Yanyan says:

    Agreed. 100 per cent.

  14. missusmac says:

    If we chant “More Dev and Amber”, do you think they will hear us in Manchester?

  15. haili says:

    Eileen, Fizz and Steve too.

    Carla reminds me of the young woman Mike was with who had the affair with his son. I forget her name but she coldly went after Mike for the money but had the affair with his son for “just a bit of fun.” Karen was pretty self-absorbed and nasty too.

  16. barbee says:

    I agree haili, those are some other faves. Becky and Roy, too – and quit dumbing down Kirk – he was at a perfectly simple level before. Even Linda and Karen had a vulnerable side, and provided some laughs. Carla just makes me sick, and Michelle makes me ick (re: Alex anyway).

  17. Gayle says:

    Barbee, right on! I have been a Corrie fan for over 30 years and Carla has been the nastiest woman ever. Even some of the rougher ladies had a good side. Carla has none.

    I am (like everyone else) getting so sick of Michelle and her constant wailing.

  18. eps says:

    Haili: Was that Linda?

    Michelle doesn’t really bother me. Now, those incredibly creepy ads re: stress and hair loss/the bank with all of the men with long hair and the Creep King who says”Howwwww mayyyyy I helpppp youuuuu?” We saw this twice in one ad break last night. Man, I really hate that. I am always tempted to scream to that couple, “RUN!”

  19. haili says:

    Yes it was Linda and she had no redeeming qualities that I can think of – a nasty piece of work IMO.

    Funny, I never noticed those ads as I automatically press the Mute button as soon as the ads come on. The ones I really hate are the crawls across the bottom of the screen while the most dramatic scenes are going on. Alec Trebec was sticking up into the Corrie scene last week! I’ve begun to boycott those shows they promote – not that anyone cares – but it makes me feel better!

  20. pip says:

    Barbee, I agree! I’d love to see more of Dev and Amber. Lloyd is great, too, we don’t see enough of him any more.

  21. glacia says:

    Okay, I’m going to come to Carla’s defense on one point. I don’t think she married into the family for money…she loved Paul. True she’s a nasty customer, but so was Paul. Also, don’t forget she was trying to build her own business and is working as a partner in the factory, not as a pay cheque collecting widow.

    As for the Connors, I think a lot of the way she acts comes from years of being the ‘auslander’ in their little family. I’ve got the ‘been there done that’ t-shirt to know how close knit familys that exclude the inlaws can really be quite nasty.

    Yeah, Carla’s a bitch with a capital ‘c’, but she loved Paul.

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