Monday November 17th – The Loving the One You’re With Update

UK Time – Friday February 1st 2008 – Episode 2


The episode opens in the back room at the Rovers where Michelle continues to carry on her off-spring affair with her bio son, Alex. She is a tough spot here as Ryan is upstairs. Ever the pillar of honesty and straight forwardness, Steve wants Alex out of the building before Ryan come downstairs. Alex, understandably very curious about who his father is, takes Steve for that man. Sadly, no, Steve isn’t you dad, but can you imagine the fun. The tragedies are just piling up for this young lad.

Alex gets rushed out the back door and just before Michelle goes to find him outside Ryan, her fake son, comes down the stairs talking about buttons and cufflinks. Michelle thinks of yet another totally implausible lie that she can easily get caught it as an excuse to go out.

Outside Michelle and Alex talk about the whole affair and she finally has to tell him that his bio-dad was named Dean, that he died in a car crash (she left out the fact that her brother drove him to his death in a drunk driving frenzy and then put his dead body in the driver’s seat so that he could take the blame for the crash) and that he walked on water, turned water into wine and raised a man from the dead. Before Alex leaves Michelle, afraid that she may not see him again, gives him a heart felt hug.

Before she goes back inside Ryan has discovered that his mother is not with Uncle Liam. She comes in and covers her absence with another lie about talking to Carla. Ryan is in his suit and Michelle is well touched

Steve is really disappointed in Michelle over Alex. He is tired of her lying and sneaking around and thinks that she should cut off all contact with Alex in loyalty to Ryan. That is totally unrealistic. Steve makes the stupid suggestion that Michelle no longer loves Ryan. She responds with a slap across the face and tells Steve that she had to explain to Alex that his biological father was dead and that this situation has put them all through the wringer.

Becky and Jason sitting at the Rovers t-a-l-k-i-n-g. I’m loving this. The pair chat. Well, it is more of a meeting of broken hearts. David comes by and comments that Jason doesn’t let the grass grow under his feet, but any “slapper” is a step up from Sarah. Jason jumps to Becky’s defense, but it’s Becky who strikes David down. Making me extremely happy, she grabs David by the scruff of his shirt and says “If you really want to find out what kind of bird I am, come to me after you’ve hit puberty.” Boy did I love that. Then she tells him that she can smell his fear. It was pretty awesome and I think David may watch his tongue from now on.

Afterward Becky notes that Jason jumped to her defense and not Sarah’s. Jason, tired of being in the pub suggests that they go elsewhere. The pair decides to go back to Jason’s place and down a bottle of wine, hangover be damned.

So, the two end up on the couch with a bottle of red wine between them. Somehow I knew from the beginning where this is going. Is it the wine, the cozy setting, the super hot Jason Grimshaw or the danger of getting caught by Jason’s mother just upstairs and likely in the bedroom right beside Jason’s? Now, THAT is hot.

The two have a conversation about happiness and Jason suggests that perhaps they can make each other happy. Interesting suggestion. Just as they finish the requisite pre-illicit sex bonding Jason’s phone rings. Sarah must have sort of sixth sense. Becky grabs the phone and holds it away from Jason – a move taken right out of my playbook. As Jason reaches across Becky’s body for the phone and misses Sarah’s call, Becky says, “Go on, make me happy.” Well done, Becky.

Back at the Rovers David and his stroppy girlfriend get busted by Liz for drinking in the pub with Darryl and Lauren. To me, this should get Lauren fired from her pub job, and if we’re lucky, a one way ticket over to the set of Emmerdale. Alas, that doesn’t happen. David does get thrown out, although.

In Other News

Someone kidnapped Violet and she went from sourpuss to sweetheart. Jamie is being darling to her and made her frozen lasagna – the actual key to my heart, and I’m not even kidding. Cook me frozen lasagna on a cold night when I get home late and I’m anybody’s

Sophie is pissed.

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7 Responses to Monday November 17th – The Loving the One You’re With Update

  1. missusmac says:

    I don’t think Lauren paid for the drinks either, which ticks me off again. Fire her smirking little face, now!

  2. Yanyan says:

    Lauren didn’t pay for her drinks, and Norris totally called her out on it!
    Speaking of Norris, I cracked up when he said to Sean, “Did you just call me luv?”

  3. pip says:

    If I were Sophie I’d be pissed, too. Kevin’s heart is in the right place, but you don’t set aside special time once a week for your problem child, meanwhile ignoring the good daughter who is completely devoted to you. Message from Kevin to Sophie: misbehave if you want my attention. Sally’s reaction in fuelling Sophie’s discontent was so wrong. Reassure her of her father’s love, and then have some serious words in private with Kevin later. For some reason I feel like Dear Abby.

    Loved Becky squashing David like a bug.

  4. kunzie says:

    Awesome update Debbie. Fun to read today. Working on my own. I keep asking the cat stuff.

  5. haili says:

    You can learn a lot from your cat. They do whatever they want and don’t care what anyone else thinks.

    Kevin needs to have a word with the good daughter and give her some special time too.

  6. David says:

    Great summary, but one misleading typo: …she grabs Jason by the scruff of his shirt and says “If you really want to find out what kind of bird I am, come to me after you’ve hit puberty.” It’s actually David she grabs.

  7. Mrs. D says:

    Poor Becky…. headed for heartbreak, methinks…

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