A Video Response to John’s Update

I quite like strippers pretending to be pop stars…mainly because they remind me of that So You Think You  Can Dance ad with that boy who makes me lick the television screen.

At my spinning place the guy places this song and says, ‘Let this set the tone for your day, get energized, get angry.  BOOO YAH!’  

Also, screw stout, mon ami,  cider’s where it’s at.

For the amount of Strongbow I drink, if I had children they’d have shining gold colour hair that was the essence of MONEY baby, MONEY.

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5 Responses to A Video Response to John’s Update

  1. Gayle says:

    Do you mean Blake? He is gorgeous. As far as the show goes…Nico is very hot!

  2. glacia says:

    oh yeah, I mean Blake.

  3. John says:

    By the way, this was the Guinness ad I was going to use but thought it was sexist:

    Sexist because the woman in the ad isn’t offered any beer for all her hard work.

  4. glacia says:

    Why do I hear Ricky Gervais’s voice when you say ‘sexist’?

    That’s brilliant!

  5. kunzie says:

    Strongbow will never forgive me. I unearthed another pleasure on Friday night. I can’t stop thinking about it’s curious shyness…while I will always adore Strongbow’s bravado, I indulged in some Bulmer’s. Mmmmmm.

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