Obscure Historical Reference Of The Day


When Fiz and Roy were conversing last evening he made reference to a documentary on the ‘Roundheads’, which was the colloquial name given Puritan supporters of the Parliament during the English Civil War, and often associated with Oliver Cromwell in his struggle against Charles I. The name has something to do with their hairstyle, or so the story goes.

The Germans are often referred to as ‘Squareheads’, no doubt having to do with their long standing rivalry with the English, at least in penalty shoot outs at major tournaments.

The French, of course, are referred to as ‘Cheeseheads’ due to their inexplicable obsession with foul smelling cheese. The fact that people from the great state of Wisconsin are also known as cheeseheads is probably a historcal carryover from the days of French exploration, when the likes of Radisson, Groselliers, and Du Luth wandered around the headwaters of the Mississippi looking for someone to surrender to.

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3 Responses to Obscure Historical Reference Of The Day

  1. glacia says:

    Glacia wraps up a nice round of 3 year old brie to sent to Papa.

  2. John says:

    Mmmm…Rochefort, which I like almost as much as Danish Blue, but not nearly as much as English Stilton.

  3. Pantagruelle says:

    And of course, here in Canada, the French call the English “squareheads” too, or rather “des têtes carrées”.

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